Title. Introduction. Objectives. Methodology.




5. Operations. 6. Revenues. 7. U.S.P. 8. Feasibility report. 9. Analysis of study of the Management.




Fisheries business is a business of versatility nature from different point of view it proved to be a best business in this globalize world. As it is early said it is of versatility nature so it encompass all class of people. From profit point of view fisheries business is a best business. Profit can be earn by selling even small and big fish. So fish can be taken out of lake or pond when there is necessities of money. So “Lake is a bank not a tank”. In this business investment is less and profit is just like compound interest because fresh and big fishes prices are always more. Experience business man engage in it all around the year and always earn huge profit. From employment point of view it is one of the best business engage in creating employment opportunity to society. People who are engage in ice and net, in transportation of fish, selling of fish, fish seed production, transportation of fish seed, lime, fertilizer etc get ample of opportunity because of fisheries business generate lots of employment opportunity to them. From diet point of view it is healthful and digestive. Amount of protein in it is more in comparison to other non vegetarian food and at the same time it is cheap in comparision with other. So that it is easily accessable to all section of people. Some fishes like Clarius Batrachus (Mangur) and

Heteropneustes,fossilis(singhi) contain less fat and ample of protein and iron so this is being advice by doctor to patients who have anemia and who are just freed from disease. In fish oil there is one Amino Acid named Omega-3 fatty acid which has capability to lessen fats. That is why it is advised to patient of high blood pressure and heart disease to eat fish. In India in a Survey done by world health organization the need of fish as food per year is 11kg but a people in a year gets only 9 kg. So there is difference of two kg per head, which can be fulfill. So here we can get advantage to build our business. Contribution of Fisheries business in GDP is 1.2% which can be increase by engage in production of fish scientifically and with proper technique. According to the survey and information which I gathered say that people who are engage in fisheries business are not in a planned way or properly. So here we can take advantage by setting this business and raising it to corporate level. According the survey in 2001-2002 the total fish production was 6.13 million ton. The increase rate of fish is 4.11% per year. India is seventh largest country engaged in fish production. So we can get advantage here by engaging our business in exporting also as our fish are greatly being demanded in foreign. Thus by establishing the fisheries as a business we will be able to add to the development of our country as from the point of view of production per hectare our country’s production is very low in comparison to china.

In India very few people who are engaged in this business diversify it.

and have

mission and vision to take this business up to the corporate level and By the application of management technique of Planning, Organizing, Directing, Staffing & controlling. We are going to target the all segment of market keeping in mind the food habits of people, their need and interest. Segmentation of Market according to income and population and supply of fish like Katla and Rehu which is prefer by high income group and major Carp like Silver Carp, Grass Carp and Common Carp etc to middle class of people who some time prefer Rehu Katla also. As foreign major carp like silver carp grass carp and common carp is being slold in the market is in 40 per kg(Whole sale)According to Rate determine by Govt which is less than market rate. To reach to the each section of people marketing Segmentation is very much necessary. Developing product into brand is very necessary to reach to the corporate level. So by satisfying the consumer needs and making it loyal by slowly and steadly establishing in the taste of consumer is very necessary to develop product into brand . As our tag line is fresh and alive which signifies our product and differentiate it from the market. Consumer always search fresh and alive. And if it is positioned to consumer that our product is fresh and alive ( as people are not

getting it from market). Our product will sold in the market as a hot cake. So positioning of our product in market as Fresh and Alive will help in developing our product as brand. As our main competitor is fishes coming from Andra Pradesh are being supplied (packed in ice). So here we would be able to compete and defeat our competitor through ideology of Fresh and Alive.

The main objective of any business is to earn profit. So as it applies to our business also.

Every business has their objectives to reach their goal. It is the process by which human and non-human resources of the organization are utilized for the achievement of certain objectives which are as follows: a. Maximum result with maximum effort- Every business has main motive is to earn more profit. Here we seek to secure maximum effort and resources. It is basically concerned with utilizing the human and material resources available to an enterprise for deriving the best possible result.

b. Higher efficiency- Here we organize the resources of the production in such way that wastage of time, money and efforts is minimized. As a result the productivity of the resources is increased. So employee would be able to produce more then the expectation with better quality.

lake taken on lease

Nursery lake


Stocking lake


Set up The site is well connected with road. Local transport is available over there. Availability of removal of waste.

There is favorable condition for fisheries Land purchased is one acre and constructed lake on it cost RS 28 lakh Office 1.5lakh Motor 80 thousand Boring + paloder 3.22lakh all the expenses are shown by Trading and p/l a/c and Balance sheet

particular TO TO TO TO TO TO opening stock purchase fish food diesel electricity gross profit c/d 8,000 120,000 10,000 6,000 576,000 720,000 TO TO TO TO salary transportation miscellaneous ex provision for bad debts 180,000 120,000 20,000 20,000 50,000 196,000 586,000 586,000 BY gross profit b/d BY income from sale of soil 720,000 576,000 10,000 amount BY sales: cash credit 240,000 480,000 720,000 particular amount

TO royalty TO net profit

LIABILITIES capital add: n/p 35,00,000 1,96,000 36,96,000 AMOUNT land office motor fish container fan licenses cash boat preliminary ex boring ex+payloder ASSETS AMOUNT 28,00,000 150,000 80,000 30,000 1,000 10,000 3,01,000 2,000 322,000





720,000 196,000 524,000


30, 73,000 =5.86 = 5Yrs 9 mth appx 524,000

DR PARTICULAR bal b/d soil sales AMOUNT 35,00,000 BY BY 10,000 BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY BY PARTICULAR land a/c boring ex tube well house container plodder ex electricity chg. diesel fish food fish seeds salary to eng salary to watchman salary to fisherman boat royalty licence fan transportation misslenenious

CR AMOUNT 28,00,000 1,12,000 80,000 1,50,000 30,000 2,10,000 6,000 10,000 120,000 8,000 10,000 8,000 6,000 2,000 100,000 10,000 1,000 120,000 120,000






KATLA:The head of this fish is bigger than that of its body. In the initial stage of its growth it feeds mainly on algae but at the later stage it feeds on water plants. In 5 to 7 months it grows upto 1.5 to 2 k.g. If left it can grow upto 45 k.g.

ROHU:The head of this fish is some what pointed and smaller in comparison to its body. The scale of this fish is faded red in color. It mainly feeds on algae and small water plants. It grows up to 800 to 900 grams in 5 to 7 months.

SILVER CARP:The head of this fish is bended upwards. Its scale is of silver in color. Its origin is Hong Kong and Japan. It mainly feeds on algae and small water plants. It can grow up to 1 to 1.5 k.g. in 5 to 7 months.


This fish is long and slim in size. And the head of this fish is wide and mouth is somewhat spherical in shape. Initially it feeds on small water plants small fishes mosquito larva etc. but later on it feeds on hydrilla, leaves of baggage, napier grass etc. In 5 to 7 months it grows up to 4 to 5 k.g. So this fish is very economical. It is also said that if you are feeding single grass carp you are feeding four fishes.

COMMON CARP:It is of three types namely mirror carp, leather carp, and scale carp. It is also of Chinese origin. Its head is small but the body is fat. This fish is omnivores i.e. it feeds on larvae of insects and water plants.

Since the main aim of our business is to serve our fish to every class of customer. So our unique selling proposition is to serve Fresh and Alive fishes at low prices. The demand of alive fishes in Patna and other places of Bihar are very high. That is why the normal selling rate of KATLA and ROHU in Patna is 100 to 120 rupees per k.g. Every year Bihar imports fishes from Andhra Pradesh amounting to 250 crores. This is a very big amount. And these fishes are stored in ice and

they are lacking in taste. They are also sold at 60 to 70 rupees per k.g. so we our main competitor are the fishes of Andhra. We will compete with them in the field of taste and freshness. In patna rajapur market, boring road chouraha fish market, danapur fish market are the big places of attraction of the customers. From our fish farm these places are nearby.


The analysis of a problem to determine if it can be solved effectively. The operational economical and technical aspects are part of the study. Results of the study determine whether the solution should be implemented. Our business has ample opportunity in the market. It is not only confined to PATNA but its

scope is very wide. . The scope of this business is very positive and healthy. This business definitely developed into robust business.
a. Survey shows that its demand will never go down as

population is increasing day by day. b. Because we never compromise with quality so we would be able to retain customer for long run.


Management:- “Management is a process which involves
planning organizing, staffing, directing and controlling” The management of our manufacturing unit constitute of three person.

Ravindra kr Rawani who will handle financial and production aspect of business. Rakesh Bhardwaj who will look after the production and human resources department Susant Ambuj who will look after the production department & marketing Satish Tiwari who is responsible for production & marketing.




Here we will utilize all resource such as men, money, material, machines, method for the purpose of producing goods and services required by the society. Our management will work like this:-





MARKET PENETRATION:As a producer we will offer to the distributors as well as retailers that if they will order large amount of fishes then the transportation cost will be worn by us. Also we will supply the fishes at lower prices than that of competitors by keeping our margin low. We will also distribute some gifts to the distributors and retailers who will be our regular customers or loyal customers.

MARKET DEVELOPMENT:We will find new channels of distribution of the fishes where the demand is more outside Patna such as Muzaffarpur, bakhtiyarpur, Hajipur, Munger, Bhagalpur. We will provide fresh and alive fishes to the customers instead of the ice fishes supplied from Andhra-Pradesh.

After two or three years of our business we will do aquarium business to attract those customers who love to decorate their homes with these beautiful fishes.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMET:Initially we are concentrating only on big fishes such as ROHU, KATLA etc. but after one year of our business we will also produce small fishes which are of high demand such as BACHWA,PATYA etc. to attract those customers who love to eat small fishes. We will be in profit also because retail rate of BACHWA fish is around 100 to 120 rupees. And that of PATYA fish is around 200 to 250 rupees per k.g.

DIVERSIFICATION:We will do related diversification by opening aquarium business in future. We will do it so by importing colored and beautiful fishes and opening retail shops related to it. We will do forward vertical integration by opening retail chain stores for selling of fishes along with the production of fishes. We will also open restaurants in future serving different types of fishes in future. This will be the first restaurant in Bihar which will serve different items based on fishes.

MARKETING STRATEGY SEGMENTING:We will segment the market of Patna into three parts namely East, west and central part.

It is process starts with planning.

For utilizing labour capital materials, machines and methods effectively and efficiently for producing goods and services required by the society. The management of our manufacturing unit will take care of each and every aspect minutely with ultimate aim is to get profit by producing goods and services for society. Physical Distribution:- Here we will apply physical distribution method to explore opportunity for improving customer service and reducing costs. Our efficient distribution can increase profitability by increasing sales and reducing costs. Here we will use the slogan “The better one serves the better one gets in return” so for use the designing of physical distribution actually means providing customer satisfaction at the same time balancing distribution cost. Some time both wouldn’t happen but we would try to maintain both part. Our main focus behind it would be to retain customer forever. So we will try to maintain equilibrium between the customer satisfaction and low distribution cost.

PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE A new product progresses through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline. This sequence is known as the product life cycle and is associated with changes in the marketing situation, thus impacting the marketing strategy and the marketing mix. The product revenue and profits can be plotted as a function of the lifecycle stages as shown in the graph below

Introduction stage In the introduction stage, we will build product awareness and develop market for the product.
• •

Product branding and quality level is established. Pricing may be low penetration pricing to build market share rapidly, or high skim pricing to recover development costs.

Distribution is selective until consumers show acceptance of the product. Promotion is aimed at innovators and early adopters. Marketing communications seeks to build product awareness and to educate potential consumers about the product Growth stage

In the growth stage, we will seeks to build brand preference and increase market share.
• •

Product quality and additional features is maintained. Pricing is maintained as business will enjoys increasing demand with little competition . Distribution channels are added as demand increases and customers accept the product. Promotion is aimed at a broader audience.

Maturity stage At maturity, the strong growth in sales diminishes, Competitions may appear with similar products. The primary objective at this point is to defend market share while maximizing profit.

Product features may be enhanced to differentiate the product from that of competitors. Pricing may be lower because of the new competition. Distribution becomes more intensive and incentives may be offered to encourage preference over competing products. Promotion emphasize product differentiation.

• •

Decline stage As sales decline, we have several options: • We will maintain the product, possibly rejuvenating it by adding new features and finding new uses. • Harvest the product, reduce costs and continue to offer it, possibly to a loyal niche segment.


Last but not least whole the member is dedicated after having long survey to carry on the business efficiently and effectively Thanking you

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