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Pre-exam procedures
Test preparation
1. Exam creation must be completed by instructor at least 1 week in advance of exam date
2. If the instructor is able to self-serve on the creation of the exam in UBC Connect using the Test
creation tool, they should let Learning Services know a week in advance upon completion of
the online test so that Learning Services can check it over for any errors and settings issues
3. If the instructor wishes to delegate the creation of the online exam to Learning Services, then
they must provide Learning Services, specifically Maga Kijak, our assessment specialist, with
an .RTF file of the exam at least one week prior to the exam date following the proper format
for import into Respondus (see attachment outlining Respondus template requirements)
4. It is strongly recommended that the instructor or TA prepare an Online Exam cover sheet that
students will sign at the beginning of the exam stating they agree to the online exam rules and
procedures, indicating their name, date and any other information necessary for due process
during the exam.
Online Technical Pre-test Implementation
1. Students must be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date that they must complete an
online technical pre-test on Connect to insure their laptops are in working order and up to date
in order to complete the exam successfully. Instructors or TAs are recommended to use the
Announcements tool in Connect to send out a notification in Connect and via email in order
that all students are notified.
2. Students should complete the Online Technical Pre-test set up by Learning Services within two
weeks prior to the exam date.
3. Students should notify their instructors and/or Learning Services if they encounter any issues
with completing the online technical pre-test.
4. The Online Technical Pre-test should be constructed in such a way that sample questions
reflect the diversity of questions to be given on the exam (i.e. if there are short answers and
multiple choice questions on the exam, there should be a sample of these questions on the
Room bookings
1. Instructors must insure that the UGO reserve rooms that are capable of hosting an online
exam (i.e. 1) enough power outlets for students to plug their laptops in if they need power
during the exam and 2) wireless facilities to provide access to the internet).
1. Instructors must insure that they have been allotted enough invigilators on the date of the
exam to insure that student screens will be adequately monitored during the exam.
2. Recommendations for invigilator allotment per classroom: 1 invigilator per 50 students

3. Invigilators should be send the Invigilator Instructions .pdf document outlining their
responsibilities during the online exam
4. Invigilators should all be informed in advance which room they will meet in on the day of the
exam, and when (ideally 45 minutes before start of exam)
A&D Students
1. The instructor must work with the UGO to insure that A&D students are accommodated for the
exam. The UGO will work with Learning Services to insure that the online exam in Connect
displays the correct settings to accommodate those students

Exam Procedures (on the day of the exam)

1. Instructors and TA are recommended to show up at a previously agreed upon exam room
location with Invigilators and Learning Services staff at least 45 minutes prior to the beginning
of the exam start time.
2. Learning Services staff will bring passwords to display on the Doc Cam as well as online exam
instructions to display to students as they enter the exam room.
3. Instructors are responsible for the printing and distribution, in coordination with invigilators, of
all exam paperwork.
4. Learning Services will insure that the exam folder in the Connect course will open 20 minutes
prior to the exam starting, and will set the display of the exam itself to show 10 minutes prior to
the exam starting
5. Invigilators or LS staff will reveal the exam password on the doc cam to students at the exact
time the exam is scheduled to start.
6. Learning Services will be on site to monitor any service disruption, including and Connect
application issues or wireless problems, and will contact appropriate authorities accordingly in
the event of a disruption (i.e. UBC IT, UBC wireless services)
7. Students will not be allowed to begin the exam if they arrive 30 minutes or more late for the
exam, in accordance with UBC exam policies.
8. In the event that students are caught going to any site on the internet not authorized by the
instructor, the instructor will decide whether they will discontinue the exam at that time or face
other consequences.
9. Invigilators will write the time the students completed the exam on their exam sign-up sheet in
the event that students finish earlier than 15 minutes before the end of the exam.
10. Students will not be permitted to exit the exam room within 15 minutes from the end of the
exam end time.
11. Learning Services will verify via the UBC Connect course Grade Center whether all exams
have been successfully submitted at the end of the exam time.