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1.1 Background of the Research

English is one of the foreign languages which is being studied and learnt by

the students in Indonesia. Generally, it is studied not only to help the students or

learners to master this language in spoken and written but also to understand the

books, magazines, newspapers and other information sources which were written in

English. Students have to study this language because it has been a part of


One of these problems faced by Indonesian students in studying English is

dealing with grammar. In term of English teaching, grammar is one of the

components which support other skills such as listening, speaking, reading and

writing. On the other hand, the students learning English should know some words as

basic foundation for the language learning.

For many years, language teaching was used as a means helping learners to

develop language competence. It helped students in mastering the sounds, words

grammar and patterns of English. The idea was that by studying the bits and the

pieces of language, students could eventually put them all together and communicate.

In the context of Indonesia, English as a foreign language is a compulsory

subject to be taught in all schools from junior high to senior high schools (with being

offered as a general course in universities). Even in a number of elementary schools,

English is offered as an elective subject or local curricular content.

In teaching and learning English at school as state in National curriculum, the

purpose of teaching and learning English is to enable students to master the four

language skills, they are: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Beside these four

skills, grammar is one of the most important elements that must be learnt in English.

Richard in Nunan (1945: 56) provides one of the characteristics of communication

competence including knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of language.

Grammar is important because the language, it is impossible for us to talk

without using it. Grammar names the types of words and phrases that make up

sentences not only in English but in any language as well. As human beings, we can

put sentences together even as children, we can all do grammar. But to be able to talk

about how sentences are built, about the types of words and phrases that make up

sentences, one have to know about grammar.

Teaching and learning process of English grammar can be uninterested for

the teacher and the students. It doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. Most people

when they hear the word grammar think lots of useless, boring rules that they were

forced to learn in school. An attractive alternative in teaching grammar with games

will still be as effective way. The role of language games and activities in foreign

language classroom has been assumed in recent years a position of increasing


The effective teacher realizes that such games and activities are very efficient

way to improve teaching and to make language learning more enjoyable. Language

games should be part of every foreign language course because the games are strong

motivation device, requiring the students to reflect the material continually while

enjoying the practice (Kressel, 1985:66).


Based on the explanation above the writer thinks that it is reasonable enough

to be the reason why the writer is interested to do a collaborative classroom action

research under the title improving students’ ability in mastering grammar through

Board game to the second year students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur.

1.2 Problem of the Research

Related to background of the research, the main problem of this reseach is

formulated into the following questions:

1. Can board game improve the students’ ability in mastering grammar to the

second year students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur?

2. How is the reaction of the second year students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur in

learning grammar through board game?

I.3 Purpose of the Research

Based on the problem above the writer has some aim of the research as


1. To know whether board game can improve the students’ ability in mastering

grammar to the second years students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur.

2. To find out how reaction of the second year students of SMP Negeri 2

Makmur in learning grammar through board game.

I.4 Significance of the Research

This research is hope can give meaningful knowledge both for theoretical and
practical concerns.

1. Theoretically, the research will give reasonable benefit in describing the

mastering of grammar through board game, especially to the second year

students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur.

2. Practically, the finding of the research is expected to the teacher can give a

priority measures in teaching grammar. Meanwhile for the students, they are

hoped to be able to improve their ability in mastering grammar, so that they

can understand and use English well.

I.5 Scope of the Research

In implementing this research, the researcher only focuses on the using board

game as the technique of teaching grammar especially simple past tense to the

second year students of SMP Negeri 2 Makmur in academic year of 2009/2010.

I.6 Definition of Key Terms

The writer includes some definition of key term to support the readers

understanding this thesis easily. They are as follow:

1. Improving is changing thing to be better or perfect by effort


2. Grammar is the study and description of the inflexions and other formal

features of a language by which one communicates the relationships between

spoken or written words. In other word, grammar is the system of a language

(Khan, In this research, it means that the

component of English language that is taught to the students through board



3. Board game is activity in the classroom with rules a goal and element of fun

(Hedfield: 1984: 27). In this case, board games can be adapted for all age

groups, proficiency levels, and content. Be sure to check the language and

keep it at a level that students are comfortable with.