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1-Student A:PATIENT

Problem: you have flu

Duration:2 days
Previous medication:you took some aspirin.

2-Student A:PATIENT

Problem:you have a bad cut

Duration:you cut yourself this morning
Previous medication: none.

3-Student A:PATIENT
Problem:you have diarrhoea
Duration:you have had it for three days
Previous medication:you have taken some pills that you
bought , but they dindt do any improvement.

4-Student A:PATIENT
Problem:You sprained your ankle
Duration: You sprained this morning
Previous medication:you took a painkiller

5-Student A:PATIENT

Problem:you have indigestion

Duration:you have had it for three weeks
Previous medication:you have been taking some antiacid but it hasnt helped at all.

6-Student A:PATIENT

Problem:you have a rash along your arms and legs

Duration:you have had it for five days
Previous medication:you have put some cream on them

7-Student A:PATIENT
Problem:you have constipation
Duration:you have had it for two weeks
Previous medication:none.

8-Student A:PATIENT

Problem:your head and your back ache to

Duration:since yesterday
Symptoms:you feel tires and you started coughing.
Previous medication:none

9-Student A:PATIENT

Problem:you have a rash on your arm .

Duration:since yesterday.
Symptoms:it started on your arm but this morning you
woke up and it spread on your shoulder too.
Previous medication:none.

10-Student A:PATIENT
Problem:you have high blood pressure
Duration:you usually suffer from this but since
yesterday you cannot stop it.
Previous medication:none

1-Student B:DOCTOR
When? Previous medication?
Prescribe:antiviral medication.Three times daily after
Extra advice:rest and drink plenty of liquid.
2-Student B:DOCTOR.
When? Previous medication?
Precribe:an antibacterial oinment.Apply three times
Extra avdice:Wash carefully with mild soap.
3-Student B:DOCTOR
When?Previous medication?
Prescribe:some medicine.Take twice a day.
Extra advice:Drink a lot of liquidand avoid dairy
4-Student B:DOCTOR
Problem:Sprained ankle
When? Previous medication?
Prescribe:painkillers whenever you have the pain
Extra advice:Keep your foot elevated,and put ice on
it for 24 hs.
5-Student B:DOCTOR
When?Previous medication?
Prescribe:antacid.Take after meals.
Extra avdice:avoid spicy food.
6-Student B:DOCTOR
When?Previous medication?
Prescribe:an oinment.Apply four times a day.
Extra avdice:Avoid scratching your skin ans use as
little soap as possible.
7-Student B:DOCTOR
When?Previous medication?Other symptoms?
Prescribe:laxative.Take every morning when you wake
Extra avdice:get some exercise,and eat more fruits
and vegetables.
8-Student B:DOCTOR
When?Previous medication?Other symptoms?
Prescribe:take soem aspirins and take a blood test
Extra avdice:rest and come back when you have the
results of the blood test.

9-Student B:DOCTOR
Problem:a rash due to some allergy
When?Previous medication?
Prescribe:an oinment.Take a blood test.
Extra avdice:come back with the results of the blood
test and avoid scratching.Use as little soap as
10-Student B:DOCTOR
Problem:blood pressure
When?Previous medication?
Prescribe:take some pills averey 3 hours.And test
your pressure every hour.
Extra avdice:loose some weight, cut down salt and
alcohol.Come back if it continuous without