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Reflection 1

September 15



1. Goal Setting 2. Strategies 3. Experience


Reflection 1
Goal Setting
These are the goals I have thought about for a long time, but am now writing them
out to visualize exactly what it is I would like to achieve in my life.
For this semester my goal is to get all As, I cannot let myself accept anything less
than the best grades in order to raise my gpa. My second goal is to get my bachelors degree in
Software and Information Systems with honors. My third goal is to get my minors in
Management Information Systems.
My career goals are to work for a bank. I would like to work with financial
information systems, as well as working with investments. My long term career goals are to
work for or create an international non-profit organization that develops strategies and
implement them to help developing countries economically, financially, and their
My personal goals are to get married within in the next couple of years, In order to get
married, I need to gain, and earn trust. I would like to deserve more, and show others that I
deserve to earn more respect. As well as for others to view me more as independent, and
strong woman, by seeing that I am no longer a child. Stop being selfish, and manipulative,
but empathize more with others, instead of for my own personal gain. Accepting things I
cannot change is extremely important for me to do. An example is knowing when to stop or
avoid an argument, instead of continuing to try to prove my point. Trying to make things
better by continuing to talk, and try to persuade others to see my point of view, is an area
where I need to work on also.

Strategies that I need to obtain pursue within me. As well as processing them within
my mind to achieve my goals are: Being more calm, and reserved. Instead of being over
excited, or very sad I need to be more independent, not relying on others for so much, but
instead figure out myself what I need to do to get what I need. No means no. One of the
hardest things for me is to accept the word no. The strategy I need to implement is to accept
it, and walk away.
External strategies that I need to work on are: Being more involved at school, such as
joining organizations that will help me learn more skills, and broaden my network of contacts.
Exercising more in the mornings, to energize me for the day, this will help my mind get more
focused on what I need to do for the day. Planning out my day by making a better schedule,
and following through on the tasks that I set for myself. Every chance that comes for me to
argue or whine, and be upset. I do the exact opposite, and instead stop talking, and be kind.
Make more of an effort to help my family when they need it, and ask for it. Not when I feel
like I need to be involved in their life, or when I want to help, not knowing if they actually
want it. Go to SI tutoring sessions, as well as individual tutoring to make sure Im
understanding concepts in my courses, and get more practice. I feel these internal and
external strategies will help me greatly in achieving my goals.

Reflection 1
From my own experience, and many failures, I can envision my list of goals that only keep
growing. I have learned from so much pain, and very bad relationships with my family, and with
those who I most care about to understand what I need to start doing, and stop doing to achieve
peace. I know from experience that I have been doing the opposite of all of my goals, and so they
gave me terrible results, and a lot of unhappiness. Also from reading, and talking to many people
about their success, and how they got there is why I know that my goals and strategies should be
successful if I follow through on them.