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Subtitle Edit Changelog

3.4.8 (2nd August 2015)

* NEW:
* Added support for Blu-ray TextST - thx Timo/ndjamena
* Added "Google it" to spell check dialog
* Updated Chinese Simplified translation - thx Leon
* Updated Danish translation
* Updated Croatian OCR fix replace list - thx diomed & xylographe
* Remove text for HI - "Remove if text contains" now allows multiple items se
parated by comma or semicolon - thx Jesper
* Added fix for invalid time codes in Avid (bug in Avid) - thx Xenophon
* All Google urls now uses https
* Fixed "Discard" message in OCR when pressing "OK" (regression from 3.4.7) thx Music Fan
* Fixed Blu-ray sup export with frame rate 23.976 (regression from 3.4.7) - t
hx Arjan
* Fixed remebered value from Tools -> Adjust all times (regression from 3.4.7
) - thx GH
* Fixed GT by using https - thx Sopor
* Fixed crash after using "Split" - thx Krystian
* Fix for large data inside "Sami" files - thx hhgyu
* Fix for font tags without quote/apos in "Advanced Substation Alpha" - thx h
* Now comboboxes from "Remove text for HI " should save/restore last used val
ue - thx Jesper
* Fixed several issues with format "CIP" output - thx Victor
* + Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe
3.4.7 (22th July 2015)
* NEW:
* Added (some) read support for PNS files
* Added (some) read support for Timeline files
* Added Croatian OCRFixReplaceList list [by diomed & xylographe]
* Added Serbian OCRFixReplaceList
* PAC now supports write of Chinese
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Hungarian translation - thx Jozo
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Finnish translation - thx Teijo S.
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* Updated Brazil translation - thx Igor
* Updated Croatian translation - thx diomed
* Updated many spell check dictionaries - thx ivandrofly
* Added drag-n-drop support in waveform batch generate - thx ThiefMaster
* Added drag-n-drop support for directories in "Batch convert" - thx ivandrof
* Persistent find history - thx vmb
* Show friendly message if user tries to load JPG file - thx ivandrofly
* Show friendly message if user tries to load a file containing only binary z
* Export to BDN XML/PNG now also supports 8-bit png files - thx franontanaya
* Export to Blu-ray sup now also supports full frame - thx oallouch
* Added two new fields for EBU regarding programme start time

* Fixed wrong styles in SSA - thx alundpeggybundy

* Fixed multiple blank lines added after editing SSA/ASS properties
* Fix in "Change casing" regarding "don't" - thx Chamallow
* Fixed missing last blank "Sami" end tag - thx domddol
* Fixed possible crash when importing vobsub in mkv files
* Fixed extra space after remove text for HI - thx ivandrofly/sbraz
* Minor fix for "Unknown subtitle format 42" - thx Carles
* Minor fix for italic in auto-translate - thx Shahrukh
* Fixed bug in "Remove text for HI" regarding italic/interjections - thx Thun
* Fixed bug in "Remove text for HI" regarding quotes - thx Thunderbolt8
* Export to images: Some fixes for alignment + full frame
* Don't load video when canceling mkv import - thx Andreas
* Avoid crash in "Plugins" (due to culture specific decimal separator) - thx
* Fixed bug reading YouTube sbv files - thx msl521
* Fixed support for Tesseract 3.03RC - thx YamashitaRen
* Fixed dead networking service (for networking sessions)
* Fix for italic support in span in TTML 1.0 - thx Mampfi
* Fix for (possible) "culture is not supported" crash when changing language
- thx XuTpuK
* Fixed bug in writing "Subtitle Editor Project" format - thx Christina
* Always re-number in batch convert - thx Ede123
* Fixed DCinema interop custom language setting - thx F-5
* Fixed some bugs in Karaoke/typewriter effect regarding tags - thx domddol
* + Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe
3.4.6 (29th March 2015)
* NEW:
* Added new subtitle formats (Sami YouTube and more)
* Added waveform text size/bold to UI
* Added filter to "Batch convert"
* Added new shortcut: Copy text from original to current - thx megasmile
* Added export functionality to "Statistics" window - thx Ivandrofly
* Added custom shortcut for toggle textbox auto-duration - thx Tony
* Added full frame option for export of FAB image script
* Added TGA output to export of images - thx jvind
* Added left/right margin to export of images - thx jvind
* Support for VobSub/Blu-ray sup input in command line convert - thx lafe
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
* Updated German/French translations - thx xylographe
* Updated Polish translation - thx admas
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Taskbar icon progress info for batch-convert/dvd-rip/matroska+TS-import
* Improved speed for "Auto-balance/unbreak lines" - thx Ivandrofly
* Improved speed for "Multiple replace"
* Fixed bugs in ASS/SSA loading - thx kotuwa
* Fixed bug in spell check with auto change casing of http - thx Ivandrofly
* Change language in "Spell check" dialog now loads correct language lists thx Sami
* Fixed missing rule for "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx Ivandrofly
* Fixed possible freeze in video player text - thx Mafu
* Fixed crash in "Merge lines with same time code" - thx Miguel
* Frame rate reading fix for format "Timed Text" - thx SwK


Keep line style when converting from "Timed Text" to ASS - thx SwK
Fixed Alt+Drag issue in waveform - thx Leon
Fixed selected+unfocused rows for RTL in list view - thx gold
Disabled native video player subtitles in MPlayer - thx larvanitis
Handle possible crash in "Batch convert" - thx Ivandrofly
"Multiple replace" remove line if only tag remains - thx Ivandrofly
Some fixes for "unknown subtitle 17" - thx Pedro
"Timed Text" now keeps separate text element div tags separate - thx Krysti


Some fixes for .chk files - thx Mark

Fixed bug in reading ASS/SSA from Matroska files
Can now read EBU STL files with only one line - thx Stefan
Fixed handling of bad Blu-ray sup files - thx The Snyper
Fixed typo in Brazilian translation - thx Rubens
Fixed bug in mplayer2 subtitle format - thx Maciek
Fixed bug preventing compare from working in "History" window - thx xylogra


* Fix for Advanced Substation Alpha loading - thx Vic
* Fix for unwanted play/pause by click in list view after hiding VLC - thx Iv
* + Many minor fixes from Ivandrofly and xylographe
3.4.5 (4th January 2015)
* NEW:
* Basic read support for Ayato + Unipac format + unknown format
* Import of DCinema subtitles from MXF files
* Preview with background image for image export - thx Christophe
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Batch convert now remembers format - thx MM
* Remove text for HI: Remove text before colon only if uppercase is now defau
lt - thx XhmikosR
* Waveform text should now be easier to read + borders should also be easier
to see
* Allow for custom res for FCP-xml-image export - thx Ben
* Import plain text now remembers split char - thx Yash
* Waveform/spectrogram was out of sync for mkv files
* Crash when reading multi-image Blu-ray sup files
* Export to images made weird "tails" for some letters/fonts - thx rebawest
* Possible bug when saving TTML files - thx Krystian
* Bug regarding "Remove dash in beginning of lines" - thx Robert
* Correct version number in Slovenian translation
* Fix for missed char after new line in PAC w16 - thx Max
* Fixed some bugs in split subtitle - thx kempniu
* Fixed mkv/mks support in "Batch convert" - thx Juan
* Fixed minor bug in Find-next - thx amerzone
* Fixed minor bug in Replace in source view
* Some fixes for "Remove text for HI" - thx Thunderbolt8
* Fix for "Split long lines" - thx XhmikosR
* Some fixes in waveform regarding lines with empty time codes
* "Multiple replace" lines left empty are now removed
3.4.4 (28th November 2014)
* NEW:
* Added export to EDL format + png (for Adobe Premiere) - thx Demian
* Added "forced" option in export for Blu-ray/VobSub/BDN-xml
* Added "/targetfps" parameter to command line conversion

* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
* Updated Mexican translation - thx paconaranjo
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Polish translation - thx Admas
* Updated Italian translation - thx SilverDrake
* Updated Chinese Simplified translation - thx larsenlouis/Leon
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Slovenian translation - thx Hawk
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated German translation - thx Siegwarth
* Export to images now remembers shadow width
* Display progress when reading Transport Stream files
* Compare window works again now - thx SimplyTheBOSS
* Changed duration via Waveform start/end is shown again - thx Quetsbeek/Mirk
* "Measurement converter" works again now - thx Quetsbeek
* Fixed possible crash when saving as "EBU STL" - thx MartinDelille
* Fixed encoding problems in online translate - thx jaroslav
* Don't merge short lines with music symbols - thx XhmikosR
* Bug in "Fix common OCR errors" regarding URL/uppercase - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed center alignment bug in export to images
* Some fixes for "Remove text for HI" - thx Thunderbolt8
* Fixed possible crash when working with SSA/ASS files
* Fixes for ALT + drag in waveform - thx Leon
* Minor fix for "unknown subtitle importer" (regarding tab)
* Fix for dialog in "auto break line" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed crash in ts parser - thx Marilson
* Fix for "remove dash" in "Fix common errors" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed bug when loading "multiple replace lists" - thx Ivandrofly
3.4.3 (11th October 2014)
* NEW:
* Added Thai translation - thx Bonfelder Strae
* MPC-HC can be now used as video player
* Choosing of output time code format in Timed Text 1.0 properties
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Turkish translation - thx Kaan
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* OCR fix replace list now has a "user" file
* Names etc list now has a "user" file
* NHunspell updated to latest version - thx alfaproject
* Improved "Fix invalid italic tags"
* Allows for "" input in Timed Text 1.0
* Better error messages when saving a file fails - thx Andrew
* Some performance improvements
* Fixed some typos + a few cases of incorrect casing
* Fixed subtitle drag-n-drop bug - thx Andrew
* Fixed crash in TS parser (reading AdaptationField) - thx SimplyTheBOSS
* Fixed large memory leak in "Fix common errors" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed bug in "frame-up-down-box" - thx Markus
* Fixed sometimes missing color in Blu-ray sup files - thx minhjirachi
* Fixed bug in undo when starting with no subtitle - thx Siegwarth

* Fixed font end tag in SSA/ASS - thx Milad

* Fixed bug in "Add missing dashes" + "remove unneeded spaces" - thx Andrew
* Fixed bug in "Fix missing spaces"
* Version number in Romanian translation so now it's possible to use it
* Removed batch-convert prompt asking for PAC encoding
* Fixed possible crash when opening a video file
* Fixed auto-br issue when split was made at a blank at "max length + 1" - th
x XhmikosR
* Fixed crash when last used spelling dictionary was deleted
* Fixed links for French, Polish, and Romanian spell check dictionaries
3.4.2 (7th September 2014)
* NEW:
* Added new subtitle format (200+ formats supported)
* Added some read support for CHK files
* Added "Plain text" to target format in "Batch convert" - thx Leon
* Added "Bold" checkbox to subtitle preview settings in video player
* Added new shortcuts
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Brazilian translation - thx Igor
* Updated German translation - thx Siegwarth
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Polish translation - thx admas
* Multiple replace - moving rules up/down now has effect instantly
* Allow "Merge selected lines" for more lines
* Save does not create a new hard link - thx xylographe/XhmikosR
* Minor performance improvements
* Added ".mxf" to list of known video formats - thx Haroldo
* Reverted "Frame rate conversion fix" from 3.4.1
* Fixed "Split line" button appear wrongly - thx Quetsbeek
* Changes to interjections now work instantly
* Detection of SSA/ASS tags in remove text for HI - thx Thunderbolt8
* Minor bug in "Fix missing period" - thx Joel
* It's now possible to turn "Check for updates" off
* Fixed issue with end-of-italics and SSA/ASS - thx John
* Fixed issue with "..." in "Fix common OCR errors" - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed issue regarding "Fix start with uppercase after paragraph" - thx Xhmi
* Fixed PAC reading (regarding W16)
* Fixed PAC reading (stopped before end of file in some files) - thx Massimo
* Fixed bad XML tag in Spanish OCR fix list - thx DavidGDFC
* Fixed "MicroDVD" sub compare - thx SimplyTheBOSS
* Fixed regular expression replace in main window - thx ivandrofly
* Fixed bug in "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx XhmikosR
* Can now load Norwegian Tesseract dictionary - thx Stian
3.4.1 (8th August 2014)
* NEW:
* Added new subtitle formats
* Can now import new time codes into OCR window - thx Music Fan
* Improved "Fix short display times" - thx Krystian
* Split line improvement regarding italic/dialog - thx moob
* Updated Chinese Traditional translation - thx BR

* Added ".avs" to list of known video formats - thx Peter

* Avid STL format detection improved
* Allow adding words to user dictionary with a length of 1 - thx Betsy25
* Spell check now has better suggestions for one letter words - thx Milad
* Fixed crash in Visual Sync when using VLC as video player
* Export to image based formats now uses font from SSA/ASS - thx mariner
* Do not lock explorer when dropping files (for OCR) in Subtitle Edit's main
list view - thx Jar
* Fixed dialog issue in "auto-break lines" - thx fred
* Frame rate conversion - fix for time based subs
* Fixed issue regarding showing current vs original texts on previews - thx K
* Fixed bug in break long lines - thx moob
* Fixed bug in export/boxing - thx mood
* Minor syntax coloring fix regarding 2+ lines - thx Joel
* "CSV 3" format should not load "SPRUCE STL" format - thx Adrian
* Added info about chars/sec to Statistics - thx Krystian
* Remember "Auto fix names where only casing differ" - thx Betsy25
* SCC format multi line italics now works - thx Shawn
3.4.0 (13th July 2014)
* NEW:
* Switched to .NET Framework 4.0 (from .NET Framework 2.0)
* Runs 64-bit on 64-bit operating systems (requires 64-bit codecs / player!)
* New subtitle formats
* New shortcuts
* Export to image based formats can now do boxing
* Export to image based formats, added 2k resolutions - thx Joseph
* New tool "Merge lines with same text"
* Spell check undo
* Check for updates
* Updated Spanish (Mexico) translation - thx pakitonaranjo
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Korean translation - thx domddol
* Updated German translation - thx Siegwarth
* Updated Polish translation - thx Admas
* Updated Russian translation - thx Leserg
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Bulgarian translation updated - thx Iavor
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek + minouhse
* Updated Hungarian translation - thx Zityi
* Updated Italian translation - thx SilverDrake
* Updated Finnish translation - thx Teijo
* Updated Romanian translation - thx Mircea
* Updated Swedish translation - thx Ted
* Updated Chinese translation - thx Leon
* Updated Greek translation - thx
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier
* Export to image based format now remembers most settings
* lways close  MI tags (except when end time=next start time)
* Merge selected lines in original - better handling of empty line
* DCinema interop - better use of "Effect" - thx gena
* Drag & drop support for subtitle comparer - thx ivandrofly
* Better time division in "plit long lines" - thx Joel

* Better splitting of dialogs in "plit long lines" - thx Joel

* Word lists improved - thx ivandrofly
* Ctrl+I now works better in text box - thx rebawest
* OCR via "image compare" now works again
* Fixed several bugs regarding Blu-ray sup export - thx mariner
* Fixed "Bridge gap in duration" when working with  / 
* Don't lock "settings.xml" when ubtitle Edit starts/exits - thx Doigt
* Fixed crash when exporting to DOT - thx Nguyen oang
* Fixed crash in "Fix short display times" - thx ivandrofly
* Fixed bug in batch convert regarding frame rate - thx Rasmus
* Minor fixes for auto-wrap while typing - thx ndrew
* Fixed possible crash in main window (typo in history timer)
* Fixed cut text in image export with right-align
* Fixed crash when doing OCR in batch
* everal fixes for "Fix common OCR errors" - thx matidio/Joel
* Fixed crash related to bad font tags in  /  - thx hhgyu
* Fixed error converting from DCinema interop to MPTE
* Load last line if blank when loading ubRip files - thx Leon
* pell check auto-fix names now actually works - thx Martin
3.3.15 (13th pril 2014)
* NEW:
* dded new subtitle formats (200+ formats supported!)
* Export to Vobub option " nti-aliasing with transparency" - thx CoOoL_BoY/m
* dded ZPosition setting for DCinema interop - thx Joseph
* dded fade up/down to DCinema interop properties - thx Raul
* dded shortcut for Tools -> "plit long lines" - thx John
* dded shortcut for ync -> "Change frame rate" - thx lfonso
* dded setting regarding "Fix short display times" - thx 1l3nc0r
* dded an "Update all" button for the plugin window
* dded UI setting for path to VLC portable
* dded export to DCinema interop/png - thx Joseph
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated orean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
* Updated Polish translation - thx dmas
* Updated rgentinian panish translation - thx walterh78
* Updated panish (Mexico) translation - thx pakitonaranjo
* TML encoding of  MI files is now again false by default
* Better reading of time codes of Blu-ray sup in mkv - thx Rach78
* Fixed Vobub writing compatibility with gpac/mp4box + handbrake - thx Ryan
* Minor fix for ass import from Matroska (mkv) files
* ome fixes for move word up/down - thx rebawest
* Delete custom export format now works - thx Leon
* Possible crash in OCR window - thx grfilho
* DCinema MPTE sometimes generated illegal frame numbers - thx knut
* Fixed possible crash when converting P C to TTML - thx Dan
* Fixed memory leak when running OCR via Tesseract
* Fixed possible error/crash when loading bad time codes - thx Juc
3.3.14 (23rd February 2014)
* NEW:

* dded lovenian translation - thx awk

* Updated orean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek
* Updated Bulgarian translation - thx Iavor
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* dded erbo-Croatian letter "" to P C file format - thx nenad
* Export to custom text format - dded "Delete" button - thx Leon
* Fixed crash in spell check - thx e257496
* Fixed issue where it was not possible to move border in waveform
* Fixed issue regarding alignment tags (like {\an8}) in Json - thx zatch
* Do not auto-break dialogs - thx pson
* Fix bug in "Fix OCR errors" regarding "...i" - thx another-user
* Fixed bug in "Multiple replace" regarding remembering old rules - thx lber
3.3.13 (8th February 2014)
* NEW:
* Compare window now has an option to "ignore line breaks" - thx rystian
* Compare window now has a "text change percent" - thx rystian
* Bridge gap in durations now have minimum display time - thx rystian
* New option for "Focus on mouse-over" for waveform/spectrogram - thx lansing
* New setting "Gap between subtitles"
* New subtitle formats
* French rules regarding "L" and apostrophe in spell check + OCR fix - thx Re
* "Fix common errors" toolbar button - thx Betsy25
* Updated orean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Chinese translation - thx Leon
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rcker
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Polish translation - thx dmas
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier
* Updated Italian translation - thx ilverDrake
* Many settings now remembered from "Export to image based format"
* Dropping a video file on empty waveform will now start extraction of wavefo
rm - thx Leon
* Better reading of CC files
* Better handling of apostrophe in spell check - thx Betsy25
* Better grouping of general settings in options
* dded setting for TML encoding text in  MI files (default on)
* Export to DOT, bottom margin + no spaces in file names - thx ndreas
* ave Unicode to NI, warning + also auto converts some symbols - thx impl
* Waveform/spectrogram: Moving start/end with LT down now always works - thx
* Waveform/spectrogram: Move border left/right now also always works even
when it's near next/prev border
* Fixed transparent background in "OCR window" regarding transport streams
* Now Vietnamese translation is actually shown in the "Choose language" dialog
* Timed Text - List view context menu "et language" had wrong text
* ubtitle preview can now show both font and italic for same text - thx Drago
* Fixed bug decoding DVB sub - thx aMvEL

* Fixed possible crash in OCR window (if no language is available)

* "OCR window" - Norwegian Bokml now works as spell check language
* Disabled saving of empty files
* Fixed bug in centering of exported images - thx minhjirachi
* Fixed crash in pell check - Get dictionaries (if no internet connection) thx rystian
* Fixed (sometimes) missing highlighting of word in spell check dialog - thx B
* Fixed bug where textbox lost connection with subtitle after "Replace" - thx
* Fixed issue in OCR regarding expand selection - thx Thomas
* Reset loaded image compare bitmaps after creating new OCR image set
* Freeze fix for "spt" subtitle format - thx Leif
* Fix a bug in "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx rebawest
* Fix a bug in waveform regarding LT + mouse end/start move in frame mode - t
hx rebawest
3.3.12 (12th January 2014)
* NEW:
* dded initial support for importing DVB subtitles from transport streams
* dded "File -> Import images"
* dded "Tools -> Merge lines with same text"
* Importing from plain text file, "One line is one subtitle" now has a
"Line break" option - thx drian
* dded XML subtitle format "FLVCoreCuePoints" - thx Jon
* dded some support for fxpxml 1.3
* dded link to inhala spell check dictionary
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Vietnamese translation - thx everytime
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier
* Updated orean translation - thx domddol
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Updated Croatian translation - thx Jozo Mari
* Now remembers RTL mode - thx FT Boy
* Export images from DVD now only shows relevant options
* Fix short durations will now see if line can start earlier - thx Daniel
* "File -> Import plain text" can now import from multiple files
* "ave as..." now remembers subtitle format
* Now detects Vobub/Blu-ray sup with wrong extension when opening a file
* Now gives nice error message when opening idx, rar or zip files
* French rules regarding spaces/!?:; in "Fix common errors" - thx Ren
* Compare window, now left list view will also sync - thx rystian
* Fixed bug in "Fix common errors: Remove hyphen" - thx honeybunny
* Fixed bug in "Remove text for I" issue - thx cipry15
* Fixed bug in " uto br" - thx XhmikosR
* plit up D-Cinema MTP to 2007 and 2010 versions - thx nut
* Missing outline/shadow in export images - thx minhjirachi
* Fixed some missing characters in P C format - thx drian
* Fixed some bugs in "YouTube Transcript" format - thx tony
* Fixed bug in reading of end-tags in  - thx Null
* "Delete" context menu in text box did not work - thx ivandrofly
3.3.11 (6th December 2013)
* NEW:
* dded "line height" to image export
* dded Vietnamese translation - thx everytime

* dded custom shortcut for vertical zoom out of waveform

* Updated Italian translation - thx ilverDrake
* Updated German translation - thx Christoph
* Updated Bulgarian translation - thx Iavor
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* dded .m4a file type to audio file types
* dded Chinese Traditional to Tesseract OCR dictionary list
* dded Polish spelling dictionary to download list
* " djust display durations" now allows down to 75% - thx Dennis
* "Restore auto-backup" window now displays number of bytes
* Now remembers last "Change casing" choice - thx anil
* Fixed audio waveform so it works better with VLC
* Fixed spectrogram sync
* Fixed spectrogram so it works with FFmpeg
* Dragging line in waveform in frames mode keeps duration - thx drian
* Fixed lovak spell check dictionary link
* tatus text after re-calculating display times fixed - thx Dennis
* Do not leave empty files in temp folder after extracting audio
* Export to image based formats: text in font tags now also gets shadow
* ome fixes for ".lrc" format - thx sialivi
3.3.10 (22nd November 2013)
* NEW:
* dded new subtitle formats
* dded option to control border-marker-hit-size in audio waveform
* dded option regarding spell check and single letters
* Ctrl+Backspace in text box now deletes word to the left - thx Ivandrofly
* Can now import FCP+image
* Updated Catalan translation - thx Juansa
* Updated Dutch translation - thx erman
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* OCR max. error% is now saved for Blu-ray - thx Zoltn
* More default values for  /  in options
* dded split long lines to "Batch convert" - thx menes
* dded support for multiple languages in Timed Text / DFXP - thx Laszlo
* Custom shortcuts can now use "ome" + "Back" (backspace) keys
* dded shortcut for "Insert after" in text box (default is lt+Insert)
* udio extraction can now be done with FFmpeg (see Options -> ettings)
* Italics/{\an8} now works for "oftNi" format - thx drian
* dd audio waveform - mkv/mp4 will ask for track if more than 1 (VLC only)
* F11 (et start time) sometimes kept duration - thx Rinus/Quetsbeek
* Cavana 890 now works with ebrew again - thx Yaniv
* Crash on bad images when using OCR via Tesseract + Modi - thx Barry
* Fix regarding italics in remove text for I - thx cipry15
* Now allows TML tags in  MI - thx estima
* Now possible to choose en-GB spell check in OCR window - thx Paul
* "Insert sub after current line" no longer inserts before current line
* Batch convert now works with more CC formats
* Import sub with matching time codes in OCR window
now works with other formats than RT - thx osgZach
* Fix for multi-line italics in pruce/DVD tudio pro - thx Damian
* Fixed bad link for panish spell check dictionary - thx Nils
* Minor fix for TB4 format - thx Leart
* udio mkv delays now might work when creating waveform


* dd to "Names/noise list" in spell check now uses word in textbox

(and not the original word)
* lignment now works when exporting to sub/idx - thx adrianbergonzi
* Changed VLC audio extraction parameters so it works better with ubtitle Ed
* Fixed bug in "Find double words" - thx Matt
* Command line convert does not prompt for P C code page - thx Ethan

3.3.9 (19th October 2013)

* NEW:
* dded new subtitle formats
* Edit -> Modify selection
* hortcuts keys Ctrl+up/down now move contents in
"Multi-Replace" list view - thx Ivandrofly
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Russian translation - thx ergey
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* Updated Bulgarian translation - thx Iavor
* Updated word lists - thx iegwarth
* Minor improvements for EBU open subtitling
* dded " llow overlap in waveform" as setting
* Large "Image compare" OCR databases now loads much faster - thx Zoltan
* Can now read Russian in Cavena 890
* Waveform generation now uses current audio track (VLC only atm)
* Open original subtitle now allows EBU/890/P C formats - thx ndreas
* "DCinema MPTE" format is now valid (uses xsd) - thx Wolfgang
* Improved italic fix - thx XhmikosR
* NCI C PT format can now also read version 1.2 files
* Pageup/Pagedown can now be used in custom shortcuts
* Crash in export of images - thx Eros U
* Crash in OCR via "Image compare" with large image databases - thx Zoltan
* Improved baseline in export of images - thx TXTEX
* Fixed duration (in some players) in Blu-ray sup export - thx TXTEX
* Fixed bug in  color - thx tuart
* Fixed some letters in Cavena 890 format - thx Calle
* ome fixes/improvements for "Unknown subtitle format importer"
* Fixed possible crash in TMPlayer format
* Read of YouTube nnotations time codes without "hour" - thx Joshu
* Fixed crash in spell check - thx Ruud
* Fixed erbian letters in P C format - thx rran
* Can now work with negative time codes in ubRip - thx alad
* Loading styles when importing  /  from Matroska files - thx the hulk/c
3.3.8 (1st eptember 2013)
* NEW:
* dded ungarian translation - thx Zityi
* dded a few new subtitle formats
* dded "Tools -> ort by -> tyle" - thx Mike
* When moving start/end in waveform and holding down the LT key will now
move border if the closest subtitle is less than 500 ms away - thx Leon
* Updated panish translation - thx pakitonaranjo
* Updated Polish translation - thx dmas
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert

* Updated Italian translation - thx Marco

* Updated implified Chinese translation - thx Leon
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* dded support for the Mori language in P C - thx Mark
* llow EBU TL with 23/29 fps - thx Raul/ ntonio
* Minor improvements to WebVTT + added WebVTT with line# - thx Benot
* Loading unknown subtitles now might work via generic parser
* Ctrl+V now allows import of up to 2000 lines (old limit was 500) - thx Leon
* EBU: dded "tandard Display Code" ("Open subtitling" or "Level 1/2 teletex
* Fix common errors: Fixed two bugs regarding panish " !?" - thx Mike
* Bug in getting result from plugin - thx erman
* Fix in "Unknown format 64" - thx Mark
* ome fixes for CC - thx Johan
* Converting  <-->  now keeps most inline styles - thx Mike
* Fix common errors: In "Remove empty lines" at top (in paragraph) the
before/after text was switched - thx ndreas
* Fixed some language tags - thx Marco/Leon
* Fixed problem in "Fix italic tags" - thx Mike
* Fixed bugs in " pply duration limits" - thx Mike
* When typing "&" ubtitle Edit would show "_" in the list view - thx Xhmikos
* llow regex search in empty string - thx vmb
* Fixed crash when loading sub from DVD - thx Cristiano
* Export to images now uses font size correctly
* Export to images can now render rabic (use "imple rendering")
* Bug in reading end time code in Gpac ttxt format - thx noMnoMnoM
* Better OCR of some yellow fonts - thx lbert
3.3.7 (3rd ugust 2013)
* NEW:
* dded panish (Mexico) translation - thx paconaranjo
* dded a few new subtitle formats
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier ramendi
* Updated Dutch translation - thx erman
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Updated German translation - thx iegwarth
* Moving subtitles in waveform will not allow overlap (unless
you hold down the shift key) - thx Leon
* dded "regular expression" option to ocr_replace_list - thx paconaranjo
* Waveform generator - pauses video before starting - thx fox
* Export to Blu-ray settings now saved - thx Minh
* Do not load plugins + subtitle formats when opening a sub - thx Orr
* Fixed slow loading of regular expressions in "Multiple replace" - thx TeDDy
* When opening an invalid Timed Text file an improved error will now be shown
* "*" will now be shown in the title bar if a subtitle has been changed
* Fixed crash/bugs in MicroDVD format - thx klm
* Fixed annoying crash when loading a subtitle from "source view"
* OCR - Change OCR fix language when changing spell check dictionary
* Fixed ebrew in P C files - thx Yaniv
* Fixed minor language detection bug regarding orean - thx oyt
* Fixed baseline horizontal alignment in Export to Blu-ray sup - thx TXTEX
* Fixed multi line color tags when outputting DCinema - thx lillian
* Fixed "line-breaks" in CV formats

* Fixed dead spell check download links (no more OpenOffice links)
* ome fixes for DCinema MTP - thx ndrew
* Fixed bug regarding decoding &aring; to - thx Jesper
3.3.6 (15th June 2013)
* NEW:
* Export to DOT format (image based) - thx ndreas
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Waveform generator - pauses video before starting - thx fox
* "elect current subtitle while playing" now works again
* PUMUX + FCP image export now uses 8bpp png images
* UP export (from OCR window) no longer crashes - thx
3.3.5 (8th June 2013)
* NEW:
* dded Chinese Traditional - thx B W N
* dded some new subtitle formats
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier ramendi
* Updated Dutch translation - thx Quetsbeek
* upport for color, size and font name in MicroDVD - thx imlyTheBO
* tart OCR if RT file contains only image file names
* dded Turkish letters to P C import/export - thx aydngur
* Updated Nunspell to - thx tmaierhofer
* Compare now show filename of current subtitle (if available)
* Can now download dictionaries directly from spell check + OCR windows
* Blu-ray sup image decoding no longer skips color 0 - thx matidio
* Better center alignment of second line in image export - thx George
* ubtitle timing in preview is now much more precise - thx Betsy25
* plit of subtitle now keep styles - thx yousuke
* ome output changes for Rhozet Marmonic - thx Itai
* Installer version can now list installed plugins
* Fixed bug in DCinema interop format regarding LoadFont URI - thx Radoslav
* Can now save " " (space) in multiple replace settings - thx dandomina
* Italian translation now active again (broken in 3.3.4)
* Clear suggestions in OCR now actually works
* OCR via image compare: Fixed correct index for guesses - thx Erik
* Fixed a bug in  format - thx Dave
* Fixed bug in "Fix uppercase I in lowercase words" - thx lberto
3.3.4 (9th pril 2013)
* NEW:
* dded a few new subtitle formats
* erbian translation (Latin) - thx Misa Forger
* Updated Polish translation - thx admas
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Updated Italian translation - thx Johnny B. Goode
* DVD ripping slightly faster now
* Improvements to change/fix casing regarding music symbols - thx DrJackson
* "Remove text for I" colors suspicious lines - thx lice
* Fixed plugin loader so it also works with installer version - thx Quetsbeek


Fix bug in "Remove text for I" - thx lice

Improvements/fixes in "Batch convert" - thx menes
"Batch convert" would only adjust time if ms was non-zero - thx rnaud
Fixed resize bug in "et sync point" - thx gege
Join/plit (advanced) now keep original subtitle format/style - thx Frisbee

3.3.3 (19th March 2013)

* NEW:
* dded a few new subtitle formats
* dded "return-from-fullscreen" button to fullscreen player - thx fox/Leszek
* dded Export to 3D alf-top/bottom - thx r0lZ
* Fix overlapping display times now smarter
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier ramendi
* Updated French translation - thx JM GBT
* Fix missing spaces now works better with italics - thx DrJackson
* dded EBU alignment tags ({\an1}..{\an9})
* dded "auto balance lines" to "Batch convert" - thx hacker
* dded scan folder + some mkv support to "Batch convert"
* Export to image based formats: bold tag support - thx moob
* Updated French OCR replace list - thx Bruno
* Fixed export to 3D ide-by-side to working 3D alf-side-by-side - thx r0lZ
* If no "Find" has been made, F3 will show "Find" window - thx fox
* fter closing " /  style designer", first style was applied
to all lines - thx vicgol/Xabier/Mike
* "et start time" (F11) now does not adjust the endtime - thx fox
* Fix overlapping display times now checks minimum duration
(and not only optimal duration) - thx Frisbee
*  /  - allow left margin up to 250 - thx vicgol
* llow key "space" in list view to toggle play/pause of video - thx Jakov
* llow key "space" in video fullscreen to toggle play/pause - thx fox
* Fixed bug in "Fix uppercase i inside lowercase word" - thx Kurt
3.3.2 (23 February 2013)
* NEW:
* Added a few new subtitle formats
* Italian translation - thx Johnny B. Goode
* Turkish translation - thx ada
* Can now export to Blu-ray sup/VobSub from OCR window
* Can save to VobSub from DVDRip "Choose language" window
* OCR: MUCH better OCR of italics when using Tesseract
* OCR: Added some detection of music symbols when using Tesseract
* Waveform now performs better when many lines are selected
* Waveform now has focused rectangle
* Network mode more stable (auto-restart)
* Updated Czech translation - thx Trottel
* Updated German translation - thx Christoph Kitsche
* Updated Portuguese translation - thx moob
* Remembers size of controls in main window better - thx George/Leszek
* SAMI format: HTML-decodes text + reads class attributes better
* Batch convert can now also "Fix common errors" and more - thx Adem
* Volume level is now remembered (no longer in settings) - thx fox
* Some improvements to language detection - thx fox/mihai
* Better import of SSA/ASS from Matroska files - thx Mike
* VobSub files created by Subtitle Edit now have better compatibility - thx G

* Possible crash + bug in "Fix common errors" on selected lines - thx Dan
* "Drag and drop" of large Blu-ray sup files - thx AT
* Minor fix in "Fix common errors -> Fix invalid italic tags" - thx azu
* List view height in "Set sync point" etc. with large font - thx fox
* Can now load ASS files with "[V4 Styles]" in header - thx Derek
* "Frame mode" no longer auto-changes duration/end-time - thx Gerard
3.3.1 (3rd February 2013)
* NEW:
* Added a few new subtitle formats (now 150 formats!)
* French translation - thx JM GBT
* German translation - thx Christoph Kitsche
* Greek translation - thx Menes
* Improved reading of bad SRT files - thx Ile
* Slow Timed Text 1.0 loading sped up
* Slightly improved reading of italics in timed text draft - thx Jean
* Export to png/xml now uses font styles from SSA/ASS
* Export images - better cropping
* Alignment tags now works for PAC format - thx Jussi
* Allows chars/sec down to 4 due to e.g. Japanese - thx dandomina
* No longer removes last lines in "Merge short lines" - thx Pax
* Some fixes for networking mode regarding insert/split - thx Dan
* Fixed possible crash in list view regarding syntax coloring
* Point sync no longer throws away SSA/ASS styling - thx Mike
* Fixed bug in Dutch translation - thx jan bruyndonckx
* Fixed bug in converting ASS to SSA
* Some fixes for xsubtitle - thx Ed
* File -> SSA/ASS properties - only update/add changed properties
3.3 (9th December 2012)
* NEW:
* Added column commands to list view context menu - thx Seungki
* Edit -> Reverse RTL start/end (fix punctuation)
* Easy import of auto-backup files (File -> Restore auto-backup...)
* Advanced Substation Alpha style viewer/creator (right click in list view)
* Timed Text style view/creator (right click in list view)
* File -> D-Cinema properties (for both SMTPE and interop)
* Can now display frames instead of milliseconds in main window
(see Options -> Settings)
* New setting in Options: "Max. chars/second"
* New settings in Options regarding "Min. duration" + "Max. duration"
* New settings in Options regarding syntax coloring
* Many new subtitle formats (now 140+ formats supported!)
* New settings in Options, center subtitle (in Subtitle Edit text boxes)
* Tools -> Join subtitles (merge of multiple parts)
* Tools -> Apply duration limits
* Tools -> Sort -> Text - chars/sec
* Main window list view context menu: Save selected lines as...
* Will now display any errors found in SubRip/MicroDVD/SSA/ASS on load
* File -> Statistics: Displays info about current subtitle
* Click on status bar in footer will now show status history
* "Fix common errors" item to fix Turkish ANSI letters to Unicode - thx Adem
* Support for D-Cinema SMPTE - thx Lillian
* Can now read NCI cap files - thx Ramon
* Added fullscreen icon to video player (in main window only) - thx Leszek

* Voikko spell check for Finnish - thx Harri + Ile

* Added guess time codes to waveform context menu
* Added Sync -> Adjust in percent - thx Ralf
* Subtitle beamer - thx Ralf
* Many new shortcuts
* Added "Remove line if all uppercase" to "Remove text for HI"
* Improved support for Advanced Substation Alpha (+ Substation Alpha)
* Improved support for SAMI (now two different formats + font color support)
* Added extra options for double click on list view line - thx Fredrik + TaeG
* Added extra options for export as text
* Added many new possible shortcut keys
* Find and replace, better undo, faster + a little UI - thx Adem
* Fix common errors -> Start with uppercase letter after colon/semicolon move
to separate fix item (no longer in "Start with uppercase after paragraph/pe
* Can now read Ulead format with positions - thx Steve
* Can now convert text subtitles in mkv/mks files via command line - thx the
* New command line conversion parameters: /list, /overwrite, /inputfolder
* File -> Export - can now choose custom video resolution + supports color
* Timed Text now allows for time codes in ticks - thx Allan
* Upgraded Tesseract to version 3.02.02
* Multiple replace: Changed RegEx to support back-references $1, $2 - thx Kur
* Auto-translate now works for English to Portuguese - thx w.tambley
* Shortcuts with numbers (0-9)
* Reading of Blu-ray sup with errors in image - thx Simon
* Fixed bug in parsing of Blu-ray sup files - thx e.patic82
* Reading of SAMI files with time codes in quotes - thx Josh
* Reading of Ulead files with position codes - thx Steve
* Reading of time codes + adjust with SCC format - thx Marquise
* Accents and tildes in Cheetah caption format - thx David
* Now always uses output folder in command line convert - thx the hulk
* Cropping of bottom images in File -> Export - thx moob
* Possible crash in OcrFixEngine - thx Ile
* Possible crash when importing VobSub from mkv files - thx Ile
* Can now read SCC with ";" in time code - thx Thane
* Crash when splitting an empty line - thx Pimmetje
* Fixed "Timed Text" time codes with comma in seconds - thx Steffan
* Fixed insert line via F9 or waveform in network mode - thx Martin
* Fixed crash in "Compare" - thx SimplyTheBOSS
* Fixed some bugs in "Remove interjections" - thx Pson
* Fixed possible crash when clicking on "Open" file
* Fixed frame rate calculated too high - thx Saulius
* Fixed missing last line in a couple of subtitle formats
* Minor fixes for "Change casing" + "Split long lines" - thx Marcio
* Timed Text 1.0 uses frames instead of milliseconds (if relevant) - thx Stef
* Auto-backup now also saves original subtitle - thx Trottel
3.2.8 (3rd
* NEW:
* Added
* Added
* Added

June 2012)
"Right to left" in Edit menu - also with configurable shortcut
several new subtitle formats
"Delete line(s)" context menu to OCR - thx Mario

* Updated Chinese translation - thx FeiXJ
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx Igor Rckert
* Updated Polish translation - thx Adam Malich
* Updated Romanian translation - thx DrJackson
* Better reading of Cavena 890 format - thx Victor
* Version number now includes the revision from SVN - thx XhmikosR
* Unfocused selection in list view now has more visible color - thx Adem
* Import of subs from mp4 files can now read closed captions - thx Zsolt
* Some new parameters to command line converting - thx Mateo
* Bug in line breaking - thx Renault
* Bug (skip of subtitles) in DVD sub ripping - thx kowenant/cipry
* Minor fix for Blu-ray sup reading
* Correct time codes in EBU when reading 24 fps
* HD DVD SUP lines are now re-numbered when importing for OCR
* Bug in waveform regarding new selection/right-click-menu
* Sets default encoding at start if no subtitle is loaded - thx TC
* Can now set single line max length to large values - thx cmaj135
* Removed flickering in subtitle list view when typing
* Fixed italics in .890 writing - thx victor
* Insert line before/after shortcuts - thx Omar
* Minor bug with fixing "I" inside lowercase word - thx Alberto
* New line in Encore format with tabs - thx Tim
* Minor bug in Remove interjections - thx Pson
* Crash when working with Advanced Sub Station Alpha styles
3.2.7 (14th April 2012)
* NEW:
* Added Finnish translation - thx Veikko
* Can now import binary Cheetah Caption subtitle format
* VLC audio extraction now generates smaller wave file - thx utocne
(transcoding parameters now in settings.xml)
* Added "Find text" to Point Sync + Set Sync Point - thx eMWu
* Unbreak/auto-break buttons now also work on selected lines - thx XhmikosR
* EBU STL now also accepts STL 2.4 (besides STL25/STL30) - Thx Axel
* Added shortcut for split line at cursor position - Thx Daniela
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier Aramendi
* Crash in "Fix common errors" - thx Dragan B
* New-line character in Final Cut Pro Xml format - thx Axel Schmidt
* Bug in "Import plain text" regarding "Auto split text"
* Crash in AutoBr line
* Crash/skip-subtitle-bug in VobSub reading - thx T.S.
* Crash when reading VobSub files with errors - thx Sofiaguy
* EBU STL format reading now skips user data - thx Peter
* Fixed crash in MPlayer due to unknown frame rate
3.2.6 (29th March 2012)
* NEW:
* Added new subtitle formats - now 100 formats supported
* Adjust mode improved a bit and also two new shortcuts - thx Deanna/Seamlik
* Focus correct list view line after merging/deleting - thx Verteller
* Minor improvements to OCR (missing "." with small fonts sometimes) - thx Ba


Fix overlapping time codes (regression from 3.2.4) - thx menes

PAC line numbers beyond 255 is now written correctly
First line in PAC files no longer messes up time-line/waveform - thx Peter
Second line alignment in export images in some cases - thx Juan
Fixed italics/bold in DVD Studio Pro format - thx Mikko

3.2.5 (18th March 2012)

* NEW:
* Added new subtitle formats (now 90+!)
* Improvements to Fix common errors - thx Trottel
* Optimized Fix Common OCR Errors
* Crash in fix common errors (remove unneeded spaces) - thx menes
* Merge selected lines with 2+ lines - thx Verteller
* Prompt for save changes when opening new sub (if changed) - thx Chris
* No save prompt if subtitle is not changed (but was) - thx XhmikosR
* Context menu normal/italic in OCR window - thx cipry
* Editing search type for "Multiple replace"
* Wrong positioning of some texts (mostly at startup) - thx Trottel
* Fix crash in image export (due to blank lines) - thx Mahdi
* Line-breaking now works better with font tags - thx Trottel/XhmikosR
* Moving subtitles in timeline (waveform/spectrogram) with mouse
is now fast again
3.2.4 (11th March 2012)
* NEW:
* Arabic translation - thx Zakaria Farah Abu Wael
* Export to VobSub format
* Added new subtitle formats (now ~90!)
* Added export to FAB image script
* Added import of XSub from divx files (use File -> Open)
* Updated Basque translation - thx Xabier Aramendi
* Export images alignment - thx Marcin
* Export images can now use bold font
* Many improvements to fix common errors - thx Majid
* Settings -> Word lists -> "OCR fix list" is now sorted - thx Majid
* Main window now lists all encodings
* Current pos in time line (waveform) does not jump when using VLC/MPlayer
* Subtitle text box now shows vertical scroll-bar when 3+ lines
* Go to next/prev sub (or double click in time line) will center selected
line in listview - thx Sean/vmb/Leszek
* Multiple replace can now move items up/down - thx Majid
* Improved support for the SCC format
* Optimized Fix Common Errors + startup
* Export to Blu-ray sup timestamps
* Crash in Visual Sync - thx XhmikosR
* Incorrect timestamps in MicroDVD format after using
"Set start time and offset the rest" + a few more buttons - thx whuras
* Bug in replace when showing original subtitle - thx Krystian
* Bug in auto break lines regarding italic tags - thx Majid
* Crash when merging lines (original sub) in some cases - thx Krystian
* Bug when saving frame rate with "," instead of "." - thx yannick
* Wrong time codes when appending frame based subs - thx Klos
* MPlayer works much better now, also on Linux.
(Use MPlayer2 for precise seeking)


Crash (memory leak) when exporting images from a VobSub - thx Pete
Bug in Fix common errors with uncheck fix quotes - thx jofafrazze
Bug in Import plain text when only non-English letters - thx Jasper
Now detects encoding when opening son files - thx Jrgen

3.2.3 (13th January 2012)

* NEW:
* Added Brazilian Portuguese translation - thx XXXXXXXXXX
* Added Italian translation - thx Maff
* Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation - thx Ricardo Perdigo
* Added Japanese translation - thx Nardog
* Added Spanish translation - thx m2s
* Support for subtitle AvidCaption format - thx Laszlo
* Support for F4 subtitle formats - thx Fred
* Export to Blu-ray sup format
* Updated Tesseract to 3.01
Now includes (some) italic detection + adds support for
Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and Thai
* Undo improved so it also works for textbox + redo (Ctrl+Y)
* Many new configurable shortcuts (e.g. for fullscreen video player)
* OCR tweaked a bit + Blu-ray sup files are processed faster
* TextBox with current subtitle now shows cursor position - thx Leszek
* Subtitle PAC format much improved - thx Peter
* Subtitle FCP format Xml improved - thx Ulrik
* Subtitle D-Cinema format improved - thx Karam
* Splitting of lines - Thx Trottel
* Auto break lines - thx Majid
* Some fixes for Fix common errors/Remove text for HI - thx Majid
* Optimized Fix Common Errors
* DirectShow can now also play audio-only files
* Fixed crash when setting Options - thx karmazyn
* Fixed crash in set color (or set font) - thx LEO33
* Fixed crash/freeze when loading large subtitle files - thx Ulrik
* Fixed bug when clicking in list view while running OCR - thx sialivi
* Fixed de-selecting text in textbox via single click - thx XhmikosR
* Fixed possible crash in spell check + German dictionary should work
* Fixed missing save/load of a fix common errors setting - thx menes
* Removed Microsoft translate as its useless with new quotas
* Fixed milliseconds in timed text - thx Calle
* Names with spaces now works in spell check - thx DrJackson
* Do not use frame rate if its zero (audio files) - thx dixie.fever
* Fixed possible crash when saving XML files - thx Peter
3.2.2 (19th October 2011)
* NEW:
* Added German translation - thx JW 301
* Added Greek translation - thx The Rabbit
* Some basic support for WebVTT subtitle format
* Some basic support for SCC subtitle format
* Updated Basque translation - thx xabier aramendi
* Improved drag-and-drop support in textbox - thx vmb
* Possible crash when saving ebu files
* Possible crash when fixing italics - thx StainlessS
* Issue #46: Fixed bug when editing time codes - thx mobo


Fixed memory leak in spell check - thx aMvEL

Fixed WinXP crash when OCRing Blu-ray/SON - thx edea
Can now actually use MPlayer2 on windows - thx rotulos1
Fixed a (rare) crash in change casing - fix names
Fixed a bug in Timed Text draft format - thx Thomas
Fix for using Chinese traditional Tesseract OCR dictionary

3.2 (8th October 2011)

* NEW:
* Can now display spectrogram (and/or waveform)
* Subtitle formats: D-Cinema, Cavena890, Timed Text 1.0, Captionate,
Flash XML, YouTube annotations and more
* Most important shortcuts in Options -> Settings
* Export bdn-xml/images + import/OCR bdn-xml/images
* Added "Point sync via other subtitle" - thx ioannis
* Tools -> Make empty translation from current subtitle - thx vmb
* Tools -> Show original text in audio/video previews - thx vmb
* Command line conversion between subtitle formats
(Example: subtitleedit /convert *.srt MicroDVD - thx Carl)
* Subtitle preview font size (below video player) is now available in
Options -> Settings
* Edit -> Select all
* List view context menu: Copy as text to clipboard
(you can also use Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V)
* Text box context menu -> Split line at cursor position - thx DrJackson
* Import + OCR of Blu-ray sup files inside Matroska files
* Now remembers undocked controls pos/size
* New customizable shortcut for Adjust mode:
Set current subtitle end time
at video pos, keep duration, and go to next sub (Shift+End, thx Bavo)
* Can now import subtitles from mp4/mv4 files
* OCR unknown words highlighting now works better - thx sialivi
* OCR image compare UI improved with "Edit last char" and much more
- thx Zoltan
* OCR image compare: Compare more effective + word breaking improved
* Merge short lines can now also merge lines ending with ".", "?",
or "!" (optional)
* Can now read Adobe Encore files starting with line numbers - thx Pier
* Advanced Sub Station Alpha (and SSA) now keeps original styles
- thx Rebecca
* Improved Remove text for HI - thx sialivi/aMvEL
* Undo now also works for original subtitle - thx Trottel
* Adjust all times did not work for MicroDVD - thx Wolf
* Fixed a bug in VobSub parser which could cause scrambled images
* Fixed a bug in VobSub parser so it no longer ignores custom
background color
* Fixed too much cropping for VobSub pictures
* Now removes empty Unicode white spaces from Google translate
* Crash when entering invalid text in source view - thx Frdric
* Fixed a few bugs in DVD Architect format + added another two
new variants - thx Jacob
* Fixed incorrect line-break in Microsoft Translate in last part of
sub - thx Jacob
* Fixed incorrect undo when working with waveform - thx Trottel/vmb
3.1 (3rd March 2011)

* NEW:
* Collaboration via the internet ("Networking", also has chat)
* Auto-backup (never, every minute, every 5th minute or every 15th minute) thx swedelandster
* Video player/controls/waveform can now be un-docked (e.g. for people with m
ultiple monitors)
* Spell check via Word (Options -> Settings:General -> Spell checker)
* Edit original subtitle
(Options -> Settings:General:Allow edit of original subtitle - thx Luis for
* Waveform control can adjust play rate (slow, normal, fast and very fast - V
LC player only)
* Ability to remember the last selected line when re-opening subtitles - thx
* Now remembers video file and original subtitle - thx Luis
* Support for the subtitle "QuickTime text" format (two variations) + Scenari
st + Adobe Encore
* Added "Chars/sec" info to textbox in main window - thx Kerensky
* Options to choose font color and background color (for list view/text-boxes
* Can now import VobSub subtitles embedded in Matroska (.mkv) files
(thx mosu for mkv info + thx hawk for testing)
* Waveform position can be locked at center via new "Center" button - thx Kry
* Can insert (a whole) subtitle after a line in the list view via context men
* Auto-suggest line splitting with button while typing - thx DrJackson
* Auto-wrap text while typing option - thx swedelandster
* Video menu will now have a "Choose audio track" if more than one audio trac
k exists
(only when using VLC as video player)
* Bulgarian translation - thx Ivo Ivanov
* Main window: Video player will now automatically move up beside subtitle if
waveform is
displayed + some resizing of controls allowed via splitters
* Context menu for subtitle textbox now has italic, bold, underline, font nam
e, and color
* Updated NHunspell (spell check component) to latest version (0.9.6)
* Synchronization Show earlier/later changed a bit, also added a shortcut (Ct
* Added a few buttons to "Multiple replace" which is now re-sizable - thx sia
* Moved video controls below subtitle preview (which now displays italic)
* Fix common OCR errors improved - thx aMvEL, sialivi, Alberto
* Remove text for HI can now also remove interjections - thx DrJackson
* Start/display time changes are now undo-able - thx Luis
* Subtitle preview on video player is more precise now (thx hawk), uses the f
ont from Settings
and bold (thx Leszek)
* "Point sync" can now also sync using only one sync point - thx tttoan
* VLC media player - mouse click now toggles play/pause
* Waveform: Fixed imprecise (out of sync) waveform data for some sample rates
* Fixed crash with waveform track bar - thx Christian
* A minor bug in initialization of waveform - thx Frederic
* Fixed several bugs regarding "large fonts" / higher dpi - thx Radbert
* Fixed memory leak in VobSub SubPicture class - thx Almogzt
* Fixed a bug that froze VLC after playing to end of video
* Missing line break in Sony DVD Architect w line numbers - thx Rosa

* A minor bug in Visual Sync, if end scene was after video length - thx tsieb
* OCR Fix Engine: Lines after "..." will no longer be changed to start with u
* Fixed bug in reading of SSA files ("," was removed) - thx Pter
* Fixed line breaking bug in MPL format - thx Przemek
* Fixed shortcuts for adjust commands Ctrl+Space/Shift+Space/F9/F10
3.0 (18th November 2010)
* NEW:
* Waveform control with many sync/replay/creation commands
(thx Kerensky for the feedback)
* Translator mode (Edit -> Show original subtitle) - thx DrJackson
* Added Microsoft translate
* Option to remove blank lines when opening a subtitle - thx honeybunny
* Can now read subtitles in the binary EBU format - thx corbin dallas/Iban
* Can now read/write Sony DVD Architect subtitle format - thx Mark/Zedopipo
* Setting "Font name" is possible via right-click menu in list view
* New cool installer - thx XhmikosR
* Layout changed - Translation helper + Create/adjust lines moved to main win
* Ripping subtitles from DVD should now have correct time codes
- thx JeanlDvd/DvdSubEdit + gioni666
* Ripping subtitles from DVD/VobSub files now has a an option to only OCR
"forced subtitles" - thx Rolf
* Ripping subtitles from VobSub files now has an option to use time codes
from idx file (now default)
* Updated Tesseract 2.x to 3.0
* Can now retrieve and install spell check dictionaries from the internet
(thx DrJackson for the idea, Jaime Olivares for zip unpack code & Pierre fo
r testing)
* "Compare subtitle" color high-lighting is now more like other compare progr
* Fix common errors - Fix alone lowercase "i" to "I" now works better close t
HTML tags (thx chamallow)
* Updated names list - thx chamallow
* "Google translate" window is now resizable - thx Kerensky
* Bold/italic/font tags now work better in SSA/ASS subtitles
* Icons are now external in the "Icons" folder - you can change them easily y
without re-compiling (thx 6205)
* New toolbar icons from with some customization - thx 6205
* Merge short lines now works with italic tags - thx honeybunny
* Importing subtitles from Matroska files will now correctly change the curre
encoding to UTF-8 (thx Jonathan)
* Numerous fixes in "Remove text for hearing impaired"
- thx sialivi, eMWu, honeybunny, aMvEL
* Tools -> Append subtitle without synchronizing - thx Les
* Bug in "Spell check -> Add to names/etc list" - thx dny238
* Crash in "Auto balance selected lines" - thx Jonathan
* Crash in "Replace all"
* Bug in "time control" - thx eMWu
* Resume spell check now works better - thx Kerensky
* Fixed occasional crash in Options - thx sialivi