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Applications Programmer/Analyst at Wells Fargo Level

1. How long have you worked in this job?

a. 8 months (Since April 2014)


How long have your worked for this organization?

a. Same as above

3. What are your major duties and responsibilities?

a. Take requirements from the business side and implement
develop it and program it.
b. peer code reviews
c. make sure different environments set up are in sync, cohesion,
testing, and production environment
d. weekly meetings on project progress
e. -initiatives that start from IT side on how to make processes
more reliable.

Who is your immediate supervisor? What is his/her title?

a. The head of the FIST development team, reports to the
director of technology for the charlotte wells fargo
trading floor office.


What do you perceive to be the major rewards of your job?

a. -being in contact with people who are very experienced.
b. everyday seems like a new day on the job


What do you like most about your work?

a. Learning something new everyday


What are the major frustrations in this job?

a. Lack of processes, a lot of things can be automated but
companies arent willing to invest in them.
b. A lot of the same issues come up, other teams not
coordinating, so things end up breaking in production.
c. Common coding practices are not practiced, people like doing
what theyve been doing for 10 years
d. -A lot of bottlenecks in the company, the bigger the company
the slower things move.
a. Small minor changes can take up to months
to be changed in production.


What are the most frequently recurring problems in your

a. Not enough coordination and effective
communication techniques within teams.


Is your job better or worse now than it was a few years

ago? Why?
a. Better, because of growth, and experience. Learning more, and
being able to be more effective in meetings with others asking
you questions, came along way when before he was the one
asking the questions, now he is being asked those questions.

10. What job in the organization would you prefer above your
a. No job in the IT, but to take that experience to have a consulting

b. To take this experience and use it for the business side, Because
IT and Business are working directly together.
11. Do you have any long-term goals?
a. To have own consulting company.
b. Continue with current company of investing application.

12. How did you become interested in this career?

a. The field was blowing up, department of labor said it was going
to grow 70%, and not necessarily having the passion for IT, but
having the comfort of doing it, and being very good at IT.
13. How did you prepare yourself for this job? How did your
education help?
a. Previous experiences and learning a lot on my own.
b. Doing outside projects, and a lot of personal time learning the
next new language,
c. A lot was learned outside of school.
14. What advice would you give to someone interested in this
a. To pursue a lot more on your own, and work on outside projects.
15. Who else could I talk to in this field?
a. Director of west server side, Kevin Keating who does
recruitment for all of UNCC.