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1. Introduction
2. Definition
3. Background
4. Symptoms
5. Statistics
6. Users Active in social networks
7. Advantages and disadvantages of social networks
8. Conclusion
9. References

Social networking is a phenomenon here to stay and that would foster the
relationship and contact with people. In these we can get an answer within
seconds, hundreds of people likely have knowledge on a specific topic and can be
kilometers away and used to exchange simple messages or share knowledge of a
However, it is believed that the new generations today are facing new ways of the
mind or "psychopathological developments", so it is not considered an addiction to
stay so long in the network.
Addiction to social networks still is not known as a disease, but there are clinics in
the world specializing in the control of this disorder, which is considered a social
problem that affects about 40% of the "Internet" users the main virtual networks,
explains Dr. Federico Tonioni Italian specialists of these clinics.

The popular term called "social network" are social structures formed by people,
who are or can be related as friendship, kinship, common interests and knowledge.
The word "network" is a set of roads, telegraph or power lines, bonds and so on.
The term "social" is relative to the company or a company. This leads to the union
of these two terms as the most important objective to believe what we know as
social network.
Social networking is not so recent, have a history that began after 1995 with the
creation of the first social networks and this allows the initiation of a new era of
social communication through the network; promotions in 2002 begin to appear in
articles on the Internet on networks of friends online.
Several have been the aims that have driven the creation of social networks over
time. Since 1997 until today the most representative has been to design a meeting
place for thousands of people who have common interests.
3.1. The most used social networks and its main characteristics
Youtube: Transmtete yourself through videos.
Facebook: Contact the people you love.
Twitter: Say it in 140 characters.
Yahoo Answers: Answers Question and discover.
Hi5: Your friends, your world.
MySpace: News instantly.
Metroflog: Add to Favorites.
Badoo: Uses the popular "emoticons"
Orkut: Social network promoting Google.

Studies published by The, website featuring technology innovations and its
study of social networks in Mexico continue to increase their use, although its
growth is determined as such "recommendation" or users are using the network to
find most of his friends, family and acquaintances.
At least it is considered that 70% of Internet users in Mexico are active users in at
least in one of these social networks.
As for the symptoms that could be affected:
Review Facebook every day, several times a day, or all day.
Their mentality is to filter everything through the social network, such as power sharing,
promoting, marketing approach or spread staff, labor, and social information.
Update your status, profile, photos, etc., often to friends and labels for reviews.
The hours of rest have been reduced by two hours or more.
The hours pass before you realize you have not done anything except surfing on Facebook,
Twitter, My Space, among others.
So-called "addicted" (in the vast majority under age 25) in 18% of these can only be
disconnected just a couple of hours.
Daily figures the most recognized social networks today worldwide visits report high rates
registered users.
Recent studies of these networks are reaching more than 200 million registered users on Twitter
are published daily and 110 million tweets, about 76, 388 tweets per minute.
Another of these social networks like Facebook, their numbers are even higher, as it has over 52
million active users and these, will doubling every six months. The numbers are constantly
increasing the number of 250 thousand new registered users every day.
In Mexico, these sites are visited by about 2.5 million users monthly.


The social network with more users in Mexico increased in the past year, Facebook
is not as Hi-5 still has more active users at present, although the difference is
minimal, and is about to be the site of the most visited network in this country.
A table is displayed, which contains information on the percentage of registered
and currently active users, based on the most recent studies in early 2011.
They could take into account many advantages and disadvantages of this, then
mention the most important.
Social networks are here to stay and you can serve a lot to create professional
contacts, business and profitable relationships.
The rules of Internet marketing have evolved. This "hook" people with ease of
communication and some advertising is key to be where people are present, this
makes advertising costs are not as high, but we also spread too much information
of this kind on the Internet.
These social networks, met with useful functions and citizen liaison link where
you can report more quickly about local news
It is possible to become dependent on these social networks.
The loss of privacy is a major drawback of these blogs because they fall into
"publish" on personal business in which anyone could see them. This can prove a
serious problem about identity theft or defamation.
20% of students who use Facebook have lowered their school grades, while 79%
deny that is true.
more depressive comments on the status of young people who show positive
The social network on the internet only and is difficult to live socially as it should


After completing this work with a deep analysis of research data above, it
could come to this conclusion: social networks are here to facilitate
communication between society, enrich our cultures with communication
around the world and likewise eliminate long distances with our relatives or
acquaintances, giving good use to this social networks have not come to
this great problem of dependence on social networks presented today in the

young society gradually.

Still can not give a final diagnosis on the "mental" if it seizes the networked
society, but could not even relate to the term addiction to dependence but as

social networks.
In my opinion not bad to use social networks or the Internet, for the
advantages, just have to know how to use, eg for homework or to talk to
people who are elsewhere in the world. The overuse of social networks
creates dependency and isolation.


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