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"My father was a carpenter and
addicted to metamphetamine. He sold shabu (crystal meth) on the side,” he continued.
The young boy recounted the events: His
father, after being on shabu for several days, came
home and fought with his mother.
“He punched and then stabbed her in the
stomach with a knife,” Rayjon said. “Realizing
what he did, he then turned the knife on himself.
Both died in front of my eyes that day.”
Rayjon and his siblings got some help to
understand what had happened. He continued
going to school but dropped out after getting into
a fight with a classmate. His older brother followed suit.
“When I left school, I joined a gang where
we sold things like mobile phones and scavenged
for plastic bottles and electric wire in garbage
piles,” Rayjon admitted. “We sold recyclable
materials to junk shops to get money for food and
sometimes for rugby (sniffing glue). I still have
flashbacks and get easily upset when I think about
my parents.”
Meanwhile, in another part of the Metro are
a pair of siblings getting through an equally tough
childhood as Rayjon’s.
They are Rosenda and Jobert, they are
among the several children born to poor parents
living under the NAIA overpass in between two
very busy roads.
Rosenda is 17, has one child and is expecting
a second one. She takes care of her 8-year-old
brother Jobert. Their mother left them to be with
another man, while their father is nowhere to be

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s
How Poverty Affects Street Children 1
Board of Directors


Financial Statement


Grants for 2015


Fundraisers 5
PIA Thanks



How Poverty Affects
Street Children
By Amélie van den Brink



have 6 siblings and no parents," 12-year-old
Rayjon*said in Filipino.

Fall 2015

Their mother is mentally unstable and
sometimes visits them. It is uncertain how they
eat aside from the food provided by a non-governmental organization twice a week.
Whenever she can afford it, Rosenda buys a
pail of water for P5 to bathe Jobert and herself.
They also use that water to wash clothes and
cook meals. Every night, they sleep on a wornout mattress they found in the dump.

Under the Rugs

Rayjon and Rosenda’s stories sound like perfect scripts for a Hollywood horror film, but all
these are a Philippine reality.
Their lives are only among the several other
unheard stories of Filipino children. They are
often pushed under the rug because it sounds all
too familiar in this country.
Rayjon and Rosenda are among the thousands of street children who roam Manila’s landscape day and night, often growing up in violent
and harsh conditions, receiving little support for
a better future.
Instead of enjoying their youth, Rayjon and
Rosenda act as their siblings’ providers and pro-

tectors. Along the way, the two are forgetting
their dreams of becoming a nurse or a teacher
because they don’t have the psychological time to
Surviving abject poverty often supersedes
the need for psychological healing.
Unsurprisingly, the combination of untreated psychological trauma and poverty creates a
perpetual cycle of “psychological poverty". This
complex phenomenon is in need of much attention from communities and policymakers since
the future of the Philippines will depend on its
ability to foster the healthy development of the
poor and the coming generations.

Child Protection

Poverty means not having enough money to
meet basic needs, including food, clothing, and
shelter. Children living in poverty do not access
such needs essential for early learning, self-regulation, and brain organization.
Although the Philippines has child labor
laws meant to protect children’s rights, poor law
enforcement has allowed some parents to rely on
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Philippine International Aid

How Poverty Affects...
2015 Board of Directors
and Officers
Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Founder and Chair
Carlos Y. Abaya
Leopoldo R. Briones, Treasurer
Sonia T. Delen, Secretary
Teddy Diaz De Rivera
Shirley B. Dimapilis
Dr. Edmundo B. Duldulao
J.D. Estella
Isagani F. Laguisma
James T. Lim, Executive Director
Ben R. Olivas
Lyra Rufino-Maceda
Regina Manzana-Sawhney
Elaine R. Serina, Ph.D.
France M. Viana
Chonette Zagala
Raymond Virata, Administrative Assistant

Financial Statement
Philippine International Aid
Statement of Revenues
and Expenditures

For the year ended December 31, 2014
Fundraising Income
Other Revenue

$ 274,665

Total Revenues

$ 415,005

Fundraising Expenses
Office Expenses

$ 54,808

Total Expenditures

$ 59,780


$ 370,826


- $ 15,601

Fund Balance 1/1/14
(Note 1)

$ 252,311

Fund Balance 12/31/14

$ 236,710

Note 1 – The amount of $132,220 is committed and considered
Note 2 – The organization is incorporated in the State of
California. It enjoys Federal Tax Exempt status under Section
501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax I.D. Number

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their children for money. Some children are
forced to beg in the streets, some sell sampaguita,
and others prostitute themselves just to help their
families make ends meet.
In time, they get caught in the “tangle of
pathology – a combination of absent parents, low
educational attainment, unemployment, and
delinquency,” as noted by Princeton University
professor Johannes Haushofer. But at what price?
All these could create unsafe conditions for
any child to grow up in and leave profound
immediate and long-term effects on their overall
development. In the immediate sense, as early as
age two, children experience developmental
delays, increasing the likelihood of lower school
achievement grade retention, and chances of
dropping out.
They may also encounter more subsequent
emotional and behavioral problems such as poor
peer relations, conduct disorder, depression, and
delinquency. Further, children growing up with a
parent addicted to drugs or alcohol could develop
the same patterns of compulsive behaviors and
have several co-occurring issues including neglect,
emotional, physical or sexual abuse.
Incest is believed to be twice as likely among
children of alcoholics.
These children tend to need psychological
intervention and end up in the penal systems.
Why? Because their childhood stress was more
than their brain and body could process at the
Their parents who should have been helping
them fix problems were often the ones causing it.
Some parents are also overwhelmed with their
own problems, they forget to care for their children. The impact of such family arrangements
could be observed from one generation to the
When stress is not properly dealt with, it
could accumulate in the form of negative emotions, leading to sadness and anger. Sadness, a
symptom of depression, can decrease anyone’s
ability to make smart long-term decisions, including seeking good health and education.
Without these, one is exposed to more trauma and personal violence. It is a vicious circle
where poverty could be linked to greater rates of
mental illness, and in some cases, certain kinds of
mental illness could be linked to a greater likelihood of living in poverty.

Breaking the Cycle

To break this vicious cycle of poverty, the


first step is to admit that poverty is also psychological. The second step is to admit that it
requires psychological solutions. Third, the solution needs to start with poor families, they are the
beginning and the end of the problem. And finally, the government’s funding priorities must be
In the Philippines, funding is currently
being directed at individual families who fit certain criteria under specific poverty-reduction programs such as the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino
Program, also known as the Conditional Cash
Transfer (CCT) Program.
Despite its promising figures and its
emblematic “no one gets left behind” policy, the
CCT money simply isn't enough and isn't reaching deeply enough, as seen in the cases of Rosenda and Jobert who continue to live on the streets
because they can’t afford housing.
Funding needs to be reversed: it needs to go
to treatment and recovery programs in poorly
invested barangays where a majority of street children and street families reside. Simply relying on
individual government conditional handouts and
NGO programs create another cycle of dependency. The money shouldn’t be stopped but other
services need to be added on top of that.
Such programs should consider problems
like lack of parental involvement, mental health
issues, substance abuse, the at-risk-youth. Possible activities include expressive arts therapy,
counseling, and stronger social services.
In doing so, the youth will not only feel
financially supported, but they will also have the
self-confidence necessary to reach their fullest
potentials as the country’s ticket to a better
future. Then children like Rayjon and Rosenda
could rewrite their own stories and begin new
ones with a clean slate. 
*Rayjon is a pseudonym
Amélie van den Brink is an Art Psychotherapist and
Consultant from the Netherlands-Burkina Faso. She
obtained her Master’s degree from New York University in Art Therapy and has worked in both the
public and private sectors of mental health as well as
in education. She provides psychosocial support and
training for children affected by natural and manmade disasters around the world, including post-Typhoon Hagupit relief in Can-Avid, Philippines. In
private practice, she specializes in treating children
and adolescents with special needs and incorporates
evidence-based trauma interventions with at-riskyouth.
Reprinted with permission from
Philippine International Aid

Grants for 2015


or its 29th year, the Philippine International Aid Board approved grants Catholic Ministry to Deaf People, Inc.(CMDP)
of $276,300 for various programs benefitting disadvantaged youth in the
Funding of $10,000 provides scholarships to 75 deaf and hearing-impaired
Philippines and in the San Francisco Bay Area. The following is a summa- students.
ry of the programs and the grants given. For more information on each of theprograms, please visit our website at
Cameleon Association
A renewable grant of $2,500 sends two disadvantaged students in Iloilo to

Alay Kapwa Daycare Program

Child Alert Mindanao


PIA’s grant of $8,000 provides 210 at-risk youths in the Davao area
access to vocational and technical training.

End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of
Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT), Philippines
A grant of $7,000 provides educational assistance to 50 children who are
victims of abuse and/or commercial trafficking.

Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry
PIA’s grant of $10,000 provides education to 50 children who are in need of
special protection because many of the children have been sexually abused.

Off the Streets – Off to School Scholarship Program

PIA's grant of $12,000 supports Alay Kapwa’s educational
services for 320 children in Paliparan (2 centers) and
General Trias (2 centers) in Cavite and 4 centers in Cebu.

Association Compassion Asian Youth, Inc. (ACAY)



PIA sponsor Dr. Ann Bess Chanco (right) and her colleagues
prepared a Christmas party for her sponsored child and the
60 scholars under Christ the King Parish.

A total of 844 students were enrolled for the school year 2014-2015 in
various public schools in Metro Manila. This increased to 1,100 for school year
2015-2016. The following have graduated from college:
2014-2015 College Graduates
1. Jonalyn Victorio, National Teacher College, B.S. Psychology, OLOSFI
2. Margarette Miranda, Unibersidad de Manila, B.S. Public Administration, Resurrection of Our Lord Parish
Bukid Kabataan Center
3. Pat Victor Agrade, EARIST, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, OLCP
Located in General Trias, Cavite, this facility received a grant for $9,000 4. Marjon Andrade, PUP, BS Business Administration, OLCP
for educational and psychological services to 64 children who are survivors of 5. Marian Garcia, QC Polytechnic University, B.S. Information Technology, OLCP
physical and sexual abuse, abandonment and/or neglect.
6. Maricara Landangan, PUP, B.S. Biology, OLCP
7. Marc Edmar Martinez, PUP, A.B. Masscom, OLCP
A grant of $6,000 provided psychological testing for 100
boys and 20 girls and a program for indigenous, young Aetas
in Bangkal, Bataan.

Philippine International Aid


Grants for 2015
8. Rona Angelica Carpio, Unibersidad de Manila, B.S. HRM, Sta. Cruz Parish
9. Gladys Ladera, Rizal Technological University, BSE Major in English, PILS
10. Benjamon Tomas Ladera, Rizal Technological University of the Philippines,
B.S Psychology
11. Jesty Blue Banes, Lyceum of the Philippines, B.S. Tourism
12. Aira Kwin Cuizon. Taguig City University, B.S. Civil Engineering, Sto. Niño

Open Heart Foundation Worldwide

People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development (PREDA)
A renewal of $5,000 provides educational assistance to 25 children rescued from sexual trafficking.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Alabang Foundation
A renewed grant of $5,000 provides educational assistance to 415 children,
replacement and repair of school materials, supplemental funding for daily classroom supplies and cost of living allowance for 15 teachers.

PIA approved a grant of $5,000 for 17 talented college and 3 high school
students in various fields such as Education, Civil Engineering, Business Tanglaw Buhay Center
Administration and Human Resource Management.
PIA approved an educational grant of $6,000 to help 25 victims and survivors of sexual trafficking in Zamboanga Cty.

T’Boli School of Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions
in Southern Cotabato

Classrooms in a Typhoon-ravaged Area



A grant of $3,000 provided for school fees of 160 children
and contributions to the community owned-school which
was established to incorporate the T’boli culture in the curriculum.

United States

A grant of $20,000 funded the construction of a two-classroom building in Carigara, Leyte, an area hit badly by
Typhoon Yolanda. PIA partnered with PhilAm Life
Foundation, the Philippine Stock Exchange and Give2Asia on
this project.

Philippine International Aid - U.S. Scholarship Fund
To provide college assistance to deserving Filipino Americans in California, PIA approved a grant of $10,000 for the school year 2015-2016. Wells
Fargo and PG&E are contributors to this fund. For eligibility and selection
criteria, please visit our website at




This year's scholars are:
Joshua Balajadia: Moreno Valley College, Environmental Engineering
Chance Bisquera: Harvey Mudd College, Engineering
Anabell Gimena: University of California, Santa Cruz; Human Biology
with a minor in Sociology
Jerica Manuel: University of Southern California, Computer Science
Faye Marie Tesoro: University of California, Los Angeles; Biochemistry
Jordan Villaros: University of California, Davis; Biological Sciences

Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS, Inc.)


PIA's grant of $5,000 provides for the enrollment of 5 Filipino students
in RAMS, Inc.'s Peer Specialist Mental Health Certificate Course. n
Philippine International Aid


Giving Hope To The Children
PIA's 2014 fundraiser, "Giving Hope to
Children" raised around $138,900 for
its benficiaries. Held at the Hyatt
Embarcadero in San Francisco last
November 23, 2014, the event featured Philippine-based Rustan's famed
resident designer Criselda Lontok
(fourth from right). The fashion show
charity was hosted by veteran journalists Lloyd LaCuesta and Veronica dela

The Anna Del Rosario
Memorial Fund
The family and friends of longtime PIA
volunteer Anna del Rosario chose to honor her
memory by raising money for Philippine International Aid. The Anna del Rosario Memorial
Fund raised nearly $9,000.

Send Kids To School Golf

PIA’s golf tournament was held at Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa, California last June
6. The tournament netted $9,000 from 130

Giving Hope To The Children II
Philippine International Aid (PIA),
together with Philippine Airlines, Wells Fargo,


PIA Volunteers at the Send Kids To
School Golf Tournament at Chardonnay Golf Course in Napa, California and Cora and Pablo Tellez,
presents “Giving Hope to the Children II,” a luncheon fashion show fundraiser on Sunday,
November 22, 2014 at Hyatt Embarcadero
featuring the designs of John Ablaza and his Rizialiana Collection. The event also features a
Christmas bazaar and auction. Crooner Mitch
Franco is this year's featured guest performer.


or tickets, participation and more information on any of these events, please visit our
website, or call our office at

Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco.

Bukas Palad Concert

Our second golf tournament will be at
Chardonnay Golf Club on Saturday, June 26,

The Bukas Palad Music Ministry is a community of young Filipinos who create and perform original Filipino religious music. Well loved
praise songs such as "Hindi Kita Malilimutan",
"Tanging Yaman", "Sa 'Yo Lamang", "Anima
Christi", and "I Will Sing Forever" are Bukas Palad
hits. Concert on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at the St.
Philippine International Aid

John Ablaza with Filipina beauty queen
Shamcey Supsup

Send Kids to School
Golf Tournament II

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Join a special pilgrimage trip to the Holy
Land with Fr. Rey Culaba from October 30 to
November 8, 2016. This spiritual journey
includes visits to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv in Israel and

a post-tour to Jordan. Couples will have the
opportunity to renew wedding vows in Cana. For
more information, visit:
pilgrimage-to-the-holy-land.html 

PIA Thanks
List of 2014 Contributors

(based on payments received by December 31, 2014)
Guardian Angel

$30,000 and above
Tina and Jerry Gutierrez
DLA Piper Foundation


$20,000 - $29,999
Mona Lisa Yuchengco


$10,000 - $19,999
The Joseph R. McMicking Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Annabelle Yuchengco

Community Backer
$5,000 - $9,999

Eliza D. Duerme
Katrina Montinola
Ben and Rose Olivas
Tellez Family Foundation
United Way


$3,000 - $4,999
Teddy and Jeanine De Rivera
Manny and Lyra Maceda
Consuelo H. McHugh
John and Susan Ocampo
SEI Giving Fund
Elaine R. Serina
United Way California Capital Region


$1,000 - $2,999
Alex and Babsy Abela
ABS-CBN International
Agnes Y. Alikpala, M.D.
ANX Home Healthcare
Dado and Maria Banatao
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Marilen B. Bernardo
Better Homes Real Estate
Leopoldo and Eloisa Briones
California State Automobile
Chevron Texaco Employee
Matching Fund
Commune Hotels and Resorts, LLC
Polly and Cielito Cortez
Sonia T. Delen
Shirley B. Dimapilis
Erlinda Dizon, M.D.
Edmundo and Tanya Duldulao
Maya Ong Escudero
Poch and Nina Estella
Elizabeth J. Esteva


Fil-Am Association of Foster City
Ruth and Gareth Hill
Hotel Tomo Investors, LLC
Kabuki Fund, LP
Margaret Lapiz
James and Cay Lim
Helen Limcaoco
Rafael C. Lumanlan
Zenaida Mallari
Soledad Manaay-Hayden
Mission Steuart Hotel Partners
Manuel Monzon
Zinnia Orosa
Philippine Association of
University Women
Cris and Evelyn Raimundo
Maria T. Roque
Linda Salvador
Melissa D. Saulog
Regina and Rohit Sawhney
Eliseo and Norma Serina
SJ Engineers
Mitchel Stark
Sophia Starnes
George and Barbara Sycip
Tancinco Law Offices
Thomasians, USA
Toppings Din Corporation
UBS Employee Giving Program
UPS Employee Giving
USA Gateway, Inc.
Cesar and Suzette Veluz
France M. Viana
Victor N. Villagracia


$500 - $999
Carlos Miguel Y. Abaya
Jose and Maria Albano
Jason Alexander
Dan and Linda Altamirano
Maria L. Amora
Anne Hunt Archer
Leilani Vinegas Atis
Malou Babilonia
George and Frieda Baker
Marie Bernardo
Evangeline Cononizado Buell
Maria Angela Castro
Dae Advertising
Eric Joel Gatchalian
Joyce and Archie Ibardolasa
Edward and Nena Ick
Inquirer Interactive Marketing
Kaiser Permanente Employee
Ken and Lupita Kashiwahara
Helena Leiner Katz
Michael and Racquel Koken
Nate and Mary Lane
Pilar Lazaro
Charlene and Christopher Leong
Carlos and Charles Manese
Marivic C. Agoncillo DDS, Inc.

Mark T. Ng
James E. Norton
Daniel Oh
Victoria T. Perez
Plantation Associates, LLC
Rebarts Interiors
Susan Po Rufino
Ray B. Riess
Bess T. Roces
Judith Romanenkov
Maria Sabado
Mario A. Santos
Bernadette Sy
Jauw and Dada Tan
Anthony L. Villanueva, M.D.
Leopoldine Von Muhlfeld
Wells Fargo Community
Support Campaign
Ma. Luisa S. Yujuico
Johann and Cherimel Yuzon


$300 - $499
A. R. Bernard Corporation
About Uniform and Beyond
Ana and Cesar Alegria
Oscar and Margarita Alvarado
Wendy Andong
Richard and Wilma Andrews
Azucena L. Arguelles, M.D.
Arkipelago Books
AT & T Employee Contribution
Auntie Em's Fine Foods
Ronald Banks
Craig Barlow
Francisca and Ana Belo
Lourdes Ramirez Beltran, DMD
Bradley Bertalan
Bunso Breads
Frederic C. Calindas
Sherman and Ria Calinga
Maryles V. Casto
Norma C. Catajan, M.D.
Jose Luis Cervero and Myrna Goble
Armando and Esther Chavez
The Coffee Adventure Company
Emil and Magdalena De Guzman
Maximo De Los Reyes
J. Lamberto De La Cruz
Delphi Consumer Insights/
Theresa Schnabel
Evelyn and John Dilsaver
Flor Duncan
Diane Sharp Dwyer
Simmone Fichtner and David Lewin
Fil-Am Friendship Network
Therese Finnegan
Erlinda T. Galeon
Corinna A. Gamez
Prudence Gaspar
General Reinsurance Corporation
Giggles and Grins Dental Care
Denise Gonzalez
Michael and Patricia Gonzalez
Victoria Hall

Julieta Hudson
Celestial Ison
Andrew Javellana
Philomena King
Joann Kyle
Isagani F. Laguisma
Felicidad G. Lao-Domingo
Laurel Inn
Aurora and Eric Linak
Mila and Ernie Llorente
Luvican, Inc.
Jeffrey Manalang
Dr. Rosanna Marquez
Theresa S. Martinez
Marita Mayer
Lorna H. Mello
Evelyn Melone
Gloria Melone
Josefina R. Mendoza
Joan Mersch
Maximo and Patria Natividad
Rona Nicolas
Catherine Oledan
Lourdes Olivares-Agcaoili, M.D.
Jennifer Olney and Brian Douglass
OUM & Co., LLP
Anjenell and Romulo Perdon
Concepcion S. Peterson
Maria Puletti
The Reyes Family Trust
Marie Rivera-Yip
Ruben and Daisy Rodriguez
Bart and Rebecca San Diego
San Francisco Premier Lions Club
Danilo Santiago, M.D.
Edmundo A. Somoza, M.D.
Agnes S. Strandberg
Streamline Funding, Inc.
Peter and Jessica Tcherepnine
Cora M. Tellez
Union Bank of California
Employee Contributions
Lea Ver
Saysamone Vongkoth
Waterfront Hotel
Steven Woo
Zarate Dulany Law


$100 - $299
Louie Abad
Miriam Abrigo
ABS-CBN Foundation
Carmencita A. Agcaoili
Alma Agtane
Susan J. Aguado
Claire Allphin
Marianne Almajose
Rosita Almario
Jeffrey Amante
Joseph Anonuevo
Bruce and Alva Appel
Conchita Applegate
Gary and Ingrid Apter

Philippine International Aid

Eliseo Argamaso
Jaime and Cecilia Ascalon
Ana Aspinall
Edward and Lorna Austria
Drs. Eugenio and Trinidad Balbuena
Karen Baquizal
Evelyn Barido
Victor and Aida Barrios
Kavoos Bassiri
Gener Bautista
Cecilia Bella
Carlos Benaducci
Marwan Benhabib
Reginald Bernabe
Oscar Bernardino
Amy Bernardo
Cecilia and Eugenio Bernardo
Dolores Bernardo
Isabel Bernardo
Patrick J. Boland
Wilma Bontuyan-Maniago, M.D.
Arlene Boro
Richard and Susana Breneman
Peter L. Brion, M.D.
Susan Brissenden-Smith
Alexander M. Brown
Catherine Buan
Nelly Buan
Jacqueline Bueno
Milagros Buenviaje, M.D.
Barbara K. Bundy
Margaret G. Burke
Lucia C. Cabreros, M.D.
Radi Calalang
Myrna Canizares
Benito and Ofelia Capuyan
Rizalina Catanayag
Jennifer Centeno-Grullon
Lucy Chadwick
Ann Bess Chanco
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Sarah Jane F. Cobb
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Winston and Pam Damarillo
Antonia David-Wright
Maria A. De Guzman
Danilo and Lydia De La Cruz
Regina De Vera
Tony Dee
Honor and Evangeline Del Castillo
Manzel De La Cruz
Mercie Del Rosario
Felicito H. Desuasido
Lourdes Diaz
Alejandro Alvarado Diesta
Clarissa Dimacali
Suzette C. Donnelly
Romilee Perdon Dougherty
Christina M. Dunham
Elaine Ellinson
Fe and Marico Enriquez
Roger F. Espiritu
Carmen F. Esteva
Rosemarie Fernandez
Joseph Ferrer
Wilma Ferrer

Philippine International Aid

Erin Fightmaster
Fil-Am Club of Holy Name Church
Filipina Women's Network
Dana Floro
Flour Foundation Employee Giving
Dulce Franke
Irva Fuchigami
Judy Trota Fuentabella
William P. Fuller, IV
Kevin Gabayan
Maria Soledad Gabriel
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Dennie Guerrero
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Save A Tahanan, Inc.
Akemi L. Schapira
Richard and Lourdes Scheerer
George Schuck
Carol Sebastian-Goretti
Enna R. Serina
Eugene Serina
SF-Manila Sister City Committee
Jack and Robin Simke
Brenda Valencia Simson
Eleanor Sison
Cynthia Sixt
Birger Stamperdahl
Lada Stankovic
Brenton Stutler
Carissa Suarez

Rupert and Maria Suarez
Juanita Tamayo Lott
Gisselda and Eutiquio Tan
Reynaldo and Luzviminda Tan
Lili Tarachand
Arnel and Vivian Tecson
Rosalina Tecson
The Hauser Family Foundation
Vicky Ting
Rosalina Tinitigan
Virginia Tobias
Julina Togonon
Emmanuel Topacio
Noe and Cora Tuason
Lorenzo Ursua
F. J. Valen, M.D.
Juan Valladares
Maria P. Vanderburgh
Irwin Ver
Arille Jeriza Virrey
Milagros R. Vizcarra
Ronald V. Wagner
Ethel A. Ward
Angela M. Watts
Karen S. Webb
Ron West
Vanessa Wilson
Maria L. Yabut
Ligaya Yadao
Jan Yanehiro
Alexander and Cristina Yap
Christopher Yap
Dr. Dely Young-Cu
Celine L. Young
Mary Jennifer Rose D. Zabarte
Jesus Zapanta
Isidro Zarraga
Maria T. Zuschlag


Below $100
Rosario Angeles
Christine Araneta
Fernando and Elvira Aryan
Virginia Belenzo
Ana Sanchez Bensurto
Borneo M. Santos, Jr.
Catalina Bugayong
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Employee Giving
Ramon and Rosalina David
Ligaya De La Cruz
Josephine and Roberto Dizon
Robert Estella
Leslie Fullerton-Pacis
Regina Guggenheim
MACY's East Employee Giving
Gary Munoz
Ederlinda and Ricardo Noble
Alfredo P. Patiag
PG&E Campaign for the Community
Daisy Mae and Leodegardo Quitoriano
Letty Quizon
Agnes and Michael Rosales
Rui Tang Wu and Shao Ping Lai
Armando and Annalisa Santiago
Geraldine Solon
Daniel Tan
United Way of Southeastern
Maria Y. Urquhart
Vivianne Verceluz
Katerina Villanueva
Patricia P. Yadao n




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