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Romeo & Juliet Production Notebook

All work should be typed, with the exception that blocking, directing and acting notes which are written
directly on your script. These are individual assignments.

Directors Responsibilities
1. Romeo and Juliet Image Board Assignment.
2. Your script with all blocking and directing noteswhat a line means, any props you want the
actors to use, etc. You should also indicate any cuts you made to the script, and your reason for
making those cuts.
3. A cover and table of contents for your Production Notebook. Table of Contents should include
a list of your actors, the parts they play, and any additional duties they fulfilled.

Lead Actors Responsibilities

1. A 1-page paper analyzing your character and their objectives and tactics in the scene: What kind
of person is your character? What does your character want? Why do they want it? How are
they going to get what they want? How do your characters actions in this scene affect the rest of
the play? Be as specific as possible and remember that the higher the stakes, the better the
scene. Use at least 2 quotes from your scene to support your answers.
2. Your script, with blocking, text notes (paraphrasing, line interpretations, tone, etc.).
3. A one-page reflection of the rehearsal and performance process. Questions to answer:
o Were you happy with your role? Why or why not?
o How did you share creative ideas with your director and other actors?
o How did you learn your lines? Was it difficult?
o Were you pleased with your groups performance? Why or why not?
o Did this process help you better understand they play? Why or why not?

Supporting Actors Responsibilities

Complete #s 1, 2, and 3 from above and one of the following:
o Stage Manager: Sketch the scenes set and provide a list of the props used and why each
prop was important to the directors concept. Create sketches of costumes for each
character in the scene and explain how costume choices distinguish characters and relate to
the directors concept. List music used (or that could be used), and explain why it was chosen
(how it relates to the directors concept).
o Dramaturge: Briefly research the time period of your scene and write a one-page paper
(with Works Cited) making connections between the social or political environment of that
time period and the action of your scene. For example, if your scene is set in the 1920s, how
do that periods attitudes about women and family affect Juliets choices and actions?
o House Manager: Create a detailed program for your scene including the names and brief
biographies of each cast member (and director) and a summary of the action of the plot of
your scene and the directors main theme.
Item number 1 (Image Board for directors; character analysis for actors) is due Friday, May 29.
You must be ready to perform your scene (or show your film) on Monday, June 8.
All remaining components of the Production Notebook are due on Wednesday, June 10.
Due to the nature of this assignment, late work will not be accepted.