(A/N okay so I know that I took the names from True Blood but come on I can't make up all the

names!!! lol =D enjoy!) Bpov: Its been 100 years since Edward left me; 100 years since I met the

new love of my life Godric and its been 100 years since he agreed to make me vampirarla. And no I have not spelt the name the wrong. Vampirarla's are much stonger than vampires and have more powers than them. Also we do not sparkle in the sun unlike the gay vampire's. We have fangs and snow white skin and if the sun does come out we will be fine nothing will happen. We also sleep but not for very long about 4 hours a day that is really all we need. Now let me talk more about my angel, Godric. He has longish dark brown hair and has silver eyes that I just get lost in. He is just a bit taller than me. He looks 19 years old but has been a vampirarla for

400 years. And he has the power to hide his scent and others close to him. There is 8 of us in our coven me, Godric, Bill who is the head of the coven with his mate, Sookie. Then there is Eric who is like my big crazy brother and his mate Pam. Also there is Jason who is the youngster with his mate Jessica. Bill is the oldest of our coven he is 600 years old but looks like he is about 25. He has short black hair with dark green eyes. He changed all of us apart from me and Pam who was turned by Eric. Bill can be really mean when he wants to be but prefers to be kind and loving towards us. His power is to read

minds. Sookie is the second oldest at 560 years old but really looks like she is 23. She has long blond hair that goes just below her shoulders. Sookie is the kindest out of all of us and is like our mother. Her power is to create fire out of no where. Eric is the thrid oldest at 550 years old but really looks like he is 20. He has longest blond hair with yellow eyes. His power is to get into peoples minds and change their memory and make them do whatever he wants. Eric is more of the ladies man even though he is madly in love with Pam he still gets the ladies before he kills them its his favourite way to get his food.

Oh yeah did I not mention that we drink human blood? We have the choice to drink animal blood but why? I mean we were made to drink blood so why should we starve the animal within us. Pam is 530 years old but was made when she was 19. She has dirty blond hair that goes to her waist and lilac eyes. She always wants to be the center of attention and loves to shop with me and Jessica. Pam's power is to conrol the elements. Jason is the youngest boy out of all of us at the age of 80 years old but looks like he is 16. He has short dark blond hair with orange eyes. He is the joker out of everyone and

is always trying to prank one of his brothers. Jason's power is to become invisable which helps with his pranking. Jessica is the youngest girl out of all of us she is 50 years old but looks like she is 15. She has strawberry blond hair that goes to her waist with pink eyes. She is always annoying people with wanting to give them a make over or wanting to take them shopping. Her power is that she is physic. She reminds me a lot of my old best friend...Alice. Then there is me, Bella Marie Compton. I have long black hair with red eyes. I am the total opposite of what I used to be when

I was human. I am no longer shy and love to go shopping and dress in the most revealing clothes posible. I also love to play with my food. When I am out hunting I love to hear my victams scream for their life whilst I drain them dry. My power is the most dangerous of all my family put together. I can take a vampirarla or vampire's power from them by just simply looking at them. So I have all my familys powers and I have one of my own which is I am a mental shield which means no one can mess with my head. Right now me and my family were living in Scotland up in the highlands in a small village called Malaig. We live just outside the

village surounded by trees in a big mansion. It is really gothic since we are proud to be vamparla's the walls are painted blood red whilst the carpet and furniture is black and so is the ceiling. Me and Godric were lying in our king sized bed just staring at eachothers eyes after having a very sexual time not minutes before. "I love you." His voice always gave me the shivers. "As I love you." I leaned over and gave him a very passionate kiss on the lips before falling asleep in his arms. (A/N plz tell me if u want me 2 continue I hope u all liked it.

Plzz comment, rate and subscride!!!) ~chloe~

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