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According to the recent research of a British Standards Institute, 47% of the organizations fail to clear

the ISO certification due to poor documentation system. An improved Engineering Change
Notice/Engineering Change Order (ECN/ECO) process and the ISO 9000 certificate can help in the
reduction of cost, improvement in the productivity, betterment in process control, proper documentation
of processes, greater quality awareness from employees and reduction in product rejection.
A robust document control process invariably lies at the heart of any compliant quality management
system; almost every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny
of documented evidence. With this in mind, it becomes apparent that the ongoing maintenance of an
efficient document management system must not be overlooked.
A suitable document control procedure must be implemented to define the controls needed to; approve,
review, update, identify changes, identify revision status and provide access. The document control
procedure must clearly define the scope, purpose, method and responsibilities required to implement
these parameters.
In order to comply with the document control clause, it is essential that all personnel understand what
type of documents should be controlled and more importantly, how this control should be exercised.
To get the most out of your document control procedure, it must communicate the steps necessary to
ensure that staff and other users of the organization, involved in documentation, understand what they
must do in order to manage that information effectively and efficiently.

Provide world class quality, consistently

Innovate new process for enhanced quality
Ensure security & confidentiality
Provide cost effective service in least turnaround time
Adopt and adapt to new technology

"We really appreciate the excellent service and continued level of effort your
employees have provided. Keep up good work."

Departmental managers should always be responsible for promoting good document and record
management practices in their area whilst supporting overall compliance to the document control

Samuel R Cathey | Technical Manager | Tennessee Valley Authority

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Faster Delivery via Skilled workforce

Pinnacle has pioneered the Global delivery model with the Houston, Texas office fully supported by
world class production facilities in India & UAE. Our proven methods and communication process
enables our team to seamlessly work with your team making the geographical distance meaningless.
We have more than 500 employees with diverse expertise and backgrounds like graduate engineers,
diploma engineers, ITIs, general graduates and other non-technical support personnel.
Over the last 12 years, we have converted over 2 Million paper drawings to accurate CAD drawings.
Our sophisticated technology and global presence ensures fast turnarounds, consistently. As reported
by clients this has reduced their project time by a whopping 40 - 60%!

Technical Advantage though State-of-the-art Technology campus

Get Innovative and cost-effective solutions in lesser time for increased in-house productivity and better
documentation. We use cutting edge technology and specialize to work on diverse CAD software
platforms to adapt to our client's software environment and system.
Our 280,000 sq. ft. fully owned Technology Campus is situated in India houses state of the art
production facility with latest work stations, plotters, meeting rooms with smart boards, in-house R&D
department and training facility. Employees have accesses to Cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool,
sports and recreation facilities within the campus. These facilities give us an edge in attracting the best
talents in the business.

State-of-the-art Campus

Production Floor

Our production facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our Quality Assurance Process is being headed by
personnel having more than a decade of experience in Quality Management. This helps us to deliver
International quality output, consistently.

Data Security and Non-Disclosure

CISCO fire walls at the edge with antivirus, anti-spam, IPS production and Network access control,
protect internet security. All workstation are protected by the latest SYMANTEC antivirus.
ISO certified security policy to ensure optimum data security.

Quality Certification

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Legacy Drawing Conversion Service

Power plants generating power from coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind, etc. should consider
preservation of their old legacy drawings. Pinnacle Infotech specializes in complete CAD Solution for
the Power Generation & Distribution Companies around the globe. We employ heads up manual redraw
process. We do not use any Auto-Vectorization software for conversion process. The Converted files
are Editable, Dimensionally Accurate with editable Text & Multi-Layered.

Conversion of P&ID
P&ID are required for getting a clear view of various types of instruments/components (such as tanks,
pumps and valves) and lines (such as pipe lines and signal lines). Our experienced draftsmen are well
versed with basics of P&ID which helps them generate accurate output to CAD while conversion

P&ID : Input Sample

P&ID : Output Sample

Conversion of Electrical Transmission drawings

The electrical transmission system is more complex and dynamic than other utility systems, such as
water or natural gas. Electricity flows from power plants, through transformers and transmission lines,
to substations, distribution lines, and then finally to the electricity consumer. The electric system is
highly interconnected. It is very important that such drawings should be accurate and updated often as

Redlining : Input Sample

Redlining : Output Sample

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Constant maintenance and upgrades keep happening and making sure the changes are well documented.
Continuous updates to drawings are very important for the same reason and can be time consuming.
Our technical team is well versed at understanding redline mark-up and making updates to drawings.

Redlining : Input Sample

Redlining : Output Sample

3D Modeling
We create distinct 3D Architectural Models with a realistic touch for projects in different fields of
Engineering. We have professional, experienced and skilled team of 3D Artists who create high quality
and customized photorealistic models as per client requirements. They create photorealistic models by
applying the appropriate real life like materials, textures, colors, lighting and shadows to the models;
and produce appropriate environment around it.

3D Model Sample : Power Station

3D Model Sample : Power Station

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping & analyzing things
that exist and events that happen on earth. GIS technology integrates common database
operations such as query and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic
analysis benefits offered by maps.
We specialize in undertaking GIS contracting services like GIS conversion, GIS Mapping,
Digital Image Processing, Conversion of manual maps to GIS etc.
I wanted to thank you and express my satisfaction with the CAD conversion services you
have provided to our electric utility in the past. We have been very pleased with the quality
and accuracy of your work, specially the quick turnaround time and fantastic prices.
I will definitely recommend Pinnacle Infotech to anyone with Cad conversion needs.

Geo Space Mapping

Homayoun Bozorgmehri | Project Manager | Burbank Water & Power

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New job
with Specs




Team Formation &

Specs Review

of Work



Screen Check

"Pinnacle Infotech has done a great job converting our TIF drawings into DWG format.
Turnaround time is quick."

Plot Check

Carrie Mahin | Engineering Assistant | Dakota Gasification Company

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How much does it cost to convert a scan to AutoCAD dwg??

We offer easy to understand fixed sheet based pricing [Ex D-size (24 x 36); E-size (30 x 42)].
We are open for discounts on bulk ordering for 50+ files. There are no other hidden costs like set-up
fees, file handling fees etc.
We have other pricing options too which can be discussed depending on your requirements.

We have our own CAD standards, can you match them?

By default we convert files using our in-house developed simple and easy to understand CAD
Standards. Yes, we can follow your CAD standards since we redraft the drawings from scratch.
You can send us your CAD drawings with CAD standards or you may also send CAD Manuals. Our
team is well versed with popular industry based CAD Standards.

How do we transfer drawings to you for conversion?

The best suggested way is sending us scanned images of your paper drawings. They can be in any
graphic format, such as TIFF, PDF etc. We will provide with Free and secured FTP space for
transfer of larger files. Paper drawings can also be couriered to our office.

What is the turnaround time? Can we expect next working day delivery?
Our turnaround times are the best in this Industry, thanks to our huge team of experienced
engineers and CAD professionals. Smaller orders of 1 to 10 files can be delivered within 72 hours
or less. We have special next working day delivery service where you can get CAD files converted
by Tuesday Noon even if you place an order by the end of Monday.

What quality assurance can you provide?

We are so confident of our services that we offer free One Year Warranty. We will correct any
mistake found in our work for a period of one year for no additional cost. We have ISO certified
production facility where production is process driven. We have multiple layers of QC process to
ensure best quality output.

How secured is my data? What security measures do you have?

We have taken various measures to ensure that your data is secured.

And many more.

We can also sign Non Disclosure Agreement if needed.

I think ya'll do a fantastic job, quality of work is second to none that I've dealt with and
every thing is completed in a timely manner. Again we have been very pleased with your
services and hope to do more business with you soon.

Limited Internet access on production floors

No USB drives or CD/DVD writing capability on workstations.
Access control system to prevent unauthorized entry.

Skip Jefcoat | Sr. Designer | BASF

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Pinnacle Infotech Inc.

6161 Savoy Drive #1125,
Houston, TX 77036
Toll Free : 888 876 8783
Phone : 713 780 2135
Fax : 713 780 8784
Email :
Contact : Todd [Biswanath Todi]

Lecco, Italy
Durgapur, India

Houston, TX, USA

Dubai, UAE

Kolkata, India

"The drawings that Pinnacle has converted from PDF and TIF format for us are
outstanding. They did what I asked in a timely manor. They updated several of our
drawings at the same time with no issues to speak of."
Michael Pierson | Combustion Turbine Specialist | GDF SUEZ Energy Generation NA, Inc.