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The UnPerversion Part 2 Correction of Perception

It is amazing how men and women will spend so much time combing and spraying
their hair to make it so perfect and just radiant and beautiful. Spend many hours
and dollars to color it and keep it and style it so that it looks its absolute best.
Yet....let one hair fall from that beautiful radiant place to your plate of food and
suddenly it is Ewwwww and Oh My Goodness and yuck! What causes this to become
so yucky all of a sudden? One Word, "Misplaced". We call it as "Something is OUT of
Place". Something that was once a member of the hair family resting atop our
beautiful head, has suddenly fallen from its first estate and has become something
so yucky and vile and disgusting.
Does this make you think of a something or a someone we have heard of before in
the Bible, that was beautiful and radiant, then fell from its lofty estate?
We say a buzzard is a nasty bird and it is associated with disgust and you never find
anyone painting a beautiful picture of a buzzard. No one claims to be a buzzard
watcher. Yet if God had not made the buzzard, the Earth would stink alot more
often and dead bodies and maybe diseases would be more rampant. Like the
garbage man, his job is not glorious, but very needy, but we do not glorify the
garbage man do we? No we glorify the Public Officials and the Celebrities and Rich
who create the garbage. Yet we see for life to exist, there has to be a garbage
collector and disposer.
Potatoes are a wonderful food. One of my favorites. I even like to eat them raw
sometimes. I love the way they feel in my hand and the smell of the fresh dirt when
just picked. However let that potato rot and you will have one of the worse smells
you have ever smelt in your life.
We have fire for heat, and Light. We cook with it, we see by it, we use it for many
things. It is invaluable to life to function. A necessity. Yet we see it can also be used
for bad things, like forest fires and for burning things. It can kill and destroy, if
misused and misplaced.
We know of what we call good snakes that eat what we call the bad ones. We say
the ones that do not have a deadly poison, to be good in that they eat the ones
with the poison. Yet we find it is from the poison of a deadly viper comes the
antidote for the poison itself.
The answer is always there within the problem. Sometimes it is just something is
We say in dealing with others, we just have a "misunderstanding". See some
thought or understanding is "Out of Place". Then once the two talk it over and
explain things, then suddenly the misunderstanding is gone because the thought is
now in the proper place.

We say Evil is such and we try in our feeble ways to rid the earth of evil. Yet we see
Evil is a "Necessity" else we would never know Good without it. We hold to one
persistent train of thought that we esteem to be good and right and by doing so we
upset the "Balance" of the entire system. We have to have Fire regardless of its
use. We have to have buzzards to clean the dead, we have to have the salt in the
ocean to keep down the dead and rot and stench, as the salt is a purifier.
We say it is wrong to kill another person. Yet as society goes we kill those we deem
guilty of crimes, yet when we do it for that purpose killing is ok. If I shoot a man to
death, I am guilty of murder, If I shoot him while He is breaking into my house, I
am not guilty but simply in self defense. So we see killing is killing regardless of
when it is done, however it must be done in its proper place and setting. In other
words my purpose and intent for killing must be in the right or proper place, else it
is considered evil.
If a husband has relations with his wife, it is right, pure, good and proper. If he has
relations with your wife it is evil and wrong. If he has relations outside of the holy
bond of matrimony it is wrong, yet in marriage it is well. So we say it is not
relations itself that is bad, except when it is "misplaced". We say in todays society
that incest is evil, yet we all got here by the act of incest,as there was nobody else
to repopulate the earth except the brothers and sisters from Adam and Eve. In
many circles of the rich and royalty it is still practiced for the bloodlines to be kept
pure they actually will allow incest in some form or degree to happen. It is amazing
that to stop a fire from spreading and destroying one of the best defenses is to
start another fire to meet it head on and cause it to burn itself out.
In light of the afore mentioned things you have read, they all have a purpose to
relay a thought to your mind. Remember this common precept that is so
misunderstood, yet it holds an astounding revelation within its grasp. The Word tells
us, "Nothing is Unclean or Evil of itself". Think about that simple short statement
and consider it on a broad deeper level of thought and stretch it out like a blanket
and lay it over all of the things we as humanity call evil and perverted and wrong.
Nothing is truly evil or unclean of itself. Not relations, not killing, not a buzzard, not
rot or anything else. Nothing is evil. Nothing is unclean. Do you see it? Where then
is the problem? "Misplacement", Misunderstanding, or it is "Out of Place". And who
is the ones that do not understand and that constantly misplace things, and
misunderstand so much and so often? Humans do. We are the problem and we are
the answer.
In the carnal mind everything is misplaced. Everything is out of order. Satan has
turned the world upside down and perverted it. The negative is the perverted life in
the film. The actual picture itself developed from the negative is the positive. Man is
born in the opposite image of God, He is the negative. God is a Spirit, Man is born a
Flesh. God is good, man is born with the nature to do evil. This is why God said to

use the "Rod of Correction" on the child. This rod corrects the misplacement within
the child. It also places a mental barrier within the child of the consequence so that
it does not desire to return to the same place of rebellion. The child upon rebelling
is simply in a state of misunderstanding. There is something it is not understanding
correctly or properly. Sometimes words will not work to correct the disorder so the
rod is needed. See how the rod brings about the correction of the perception?
So what is Satan? He is the Mental and Spiritual Misperception, Misconception,
Misunderstanding of all that is right and proper and good and decent and of God.
He is the void and without form that has need of the Light of the Rod of Correction
to form the darkness into the proper image according to the Faith and Mind of God.
The Lord said, I form the Light and I Create the Darkness. God is Light and Man is
Darkness. Man is the negative that must capture the Light of Understanding and by
doing so He automatically holds these truths in the carnal mind thus He holds them
in Unrighteousness and in Unbelief. He changes the truths revealed to Him into a lie
automatically because it is his nature to misunderstand. God cannot develop the
picture without the negative first. See, there had to be a fall first, for
comprehension to take place and that first round of comprehension had to be the
darkness first. It had to be the negative first. This explains why the Law had to
come first and why Grace seemingly folds up the Law and lays it away. The Law
made no allowances, yet Grace makes all allowances,so it seems.
This is why a person must be born again! In their first birth they are the dark
negative, they are Satan. However by passing through the blood process of Calvary,
then everything is put in its proper place in the Mind of God and out comes the
Positive of the Image of the Son of God. So in Satans Mind is perverseness and
everything is out of order and out of place, it is the nature of that mind to rebel and
to misunderstand and lead astray and to kill and burn and rape and maim and be a
destroyer of good and mercy and morals and decency. In the Mind of the Lord it is
for things to be made whole again, to be healed and to live and be blessed and to
prosper. For things to be in their proper place and perspective.
This proves evil exist but in the mind of man. It has never existed in the Mind of
God. Inn the garden God separated the Light from the Darkness, by separating the
Minds of Adam and Eve from one another. In that Eve is what produces the Child or
the Positive Image, then She must have been the dark negative fro it to be
processed from. We find this is true as through her weakness she heeds unto the
serpent, or her own mind. Lean not unto thine own understanding Eve. For your
mind is a lesser mind and reflecting mind and it is not the real mind or true mind.
Do not give into the desires and lust of the Mind of The Flesh, for in the day you eat
from that mind, all things will be out of order and misplaced and you will no longer
see nor understand and you will die, from the lack of true knowledge. See the
answer is within the same as the problem. Christ in our inner man the answer,
warring against the Mind of Satan in the Outer man which is the problem. We must
be born again. We choose daily which one we serve.

So how do we "unpervert" that which we have esteemed as perverted? By the Mind

of the Lord. To the "Pure in Heart, all things are pure", and again, "The PURE in
heart shall see God". So is the unperversion on this wise, that if my heart is pure I
can then go lay with another mans wife or with my own children? Absolutely NOT!
The Unperversion is seeing with the Pure Mind that all things have their proper
place and that those things are never to be misunderstood or misplaced. With a
pure heart I see the purpose of relations to be only with my wife of holy matrimony.
I see that relations and the act thereof is to be hidden and kept secret from the
children,so as to protect their innocent minds until they have matured to the place
where they will not misunderstand or misplace the purpose of relations and use it
against that which is its God intended purpose outside of holy marriage. So we see
how we unpervert the perverted, is that there is no such thing as perversion in the
Mind of the Lord, only in the Mind of Man. We see the fall caused a great mind of
perversion and misunderstanding and misplacement in all things that veiled the
truth and veiled God from our sites. We see when we have the Mind of the Lord that
through Holiness and through Divine Revelation all things are placed back in their
proper perspective according to the Mind of God and we are now in Heaven.
Perception is Key.
Give the more earnest heed in how that you hear and in what you hear. How you
perceive and what you perceive becomes your faith and your faith is your State of
Being. Your State of Being determines where you are, In Heaven or in Hell. Your
State of Being determines your eternal dwelling. Jesus was in Heaven already as
Heaven was His State of Being and He seen everything in its proper perspective and
dwelled in the Mind of all things in their proper place according to the Mind of God,
thus Heaven. Sinners who are not born again are constantly living in the state of
misunderstanding and then liking that place. They do not see anything in its proper
place but it is always out of place, except to them. To them perversion is the norm.
To molest the children, to adulterate their neighbors wife, to steal from their
neighbor to kill their neighbor etc. They live in hell, that is their state of being. They
are Satan and they are in Hell, and their is never no rest to them, for they can
never find the truth in that mind for their is no truth their, it is a bottomless pit of
ever learning perversions but never coming to the proper place of truth.
We will, if the Lord permits, to go into more of this and see other illustrations of
How God used the perversion of man to hide such wondrous things. When one sees
the Mind of the Lord in all things then the heart is pure, made so by faith in the
Word and thus is changes and rearranges the perversion of such stories and things
and places and puts them in their proper places so we see the hidden God in all
things. May God Bless You!
PHN/11/11/2015/ HHI,SC,USA

Thank You,

Patrick Nichols