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Kingston SSD Firmware Update Procedure

for Light System Manager (Item Number 103-000015-03)

Kingston, the solid-state drive vendor for the Philips Color Kinetics Light System Manager (LSM)
Ethernet lighting controller, has released a firmware update that resolves a potential issue with
the solid-state drive. While the issue affects only a small percentage of drives, we recommend
running the firmware update to prevent possible drive failure. (Visit the Kingston website for
additional details on the issue, at
Back up your show data:
1. We strongly recommended that you fetch all configuration files from the Light System
Engine (LSE) prior to updating the solid-state drive firmware. This ensures that you have
a current backup of your show data should an error occur during the firmware update.
Create a bootable USB drive with the firmware update files:
1. Download the Kingston SSD firmware updater and HP USB Boot Disk utility from
2. Unzip all downloaded files and folders.
3. Install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool application.
4. Right-click the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool application and select Run as
administrator from the pop-up menu.

Philips Color Kinetics

3 Burlington Woods Drive
Burlington, MA 01803

5. Insert a USB flash drive into the computer.

WARNING: This procedure erases all files on the flash drive.
6. Select your flash drive from the Device drop-down list, select FAT from the File System
drop-down list, and check Create a DOS Startup Disk.

7. Select the using DOS system files located at: radio button, and click the button to
navigate to the DosBootFiles directory that you unzipped earlier.
8. Click Start to prepare the USB flash drive.
9. Copy the contents of the KingstonSSDUpdater folder to the root folder of the USB
flash drive.
Configure the LSE BIOS to boot from USB:
1. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the LSE.
2. Power down the LSE and plug in your prepared USB flash drive.
3. Power on the LSE while pressing and holding the Delete key to enter the BIOS setup.
4. Use the arrow keys to select Boot > Hard Disk Drives. Press Enter.
5. Select 1st Drive > USB.
6. Press ESC. Select Exit > Save Changes and Exit to restart the LSE.

Update the solid-state drive firmware:

1. When the LSE restarts, the Kingston firmware update utility appears. If the firmware is
up to date, skip to step 5 to restart the LSE.
2. Press Y, then Enter to accept the license agreement.
3. Press Y, then Enter to begin the firmware update process.
WARNING: DO NOT interrupt the firmware update process.
4. Once the update is complete, the Please eject CD and reboot PC prompt appears.
5. Remove the USB flash drive from the LSE. Press and hold the power button until the
LSE powers down.
6. Disconnect the monitor and keyboard. Press the power button to restart the LSE.