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WAR DEPARTMENT ‘The Adjutant Genoral's office Washington AG 314. 73 (RIES ees, 08-1 3UPIRCT: Organization History. TO: ‘niet, Historical Section, Army War College. at Revort is made of the ordering into active military service of the 2 States, the Headquarters and Headquarters Conpen; It is desired that any additional historical data be trans- direct to The Quartermaster General et the earliest practicable sate, and e copy sf setion taken be furnished t office. By order of the Secretary of War: (issibne Govord. Cony furnished vhe Quartermaster General. penvéeat {Ba WAT LOR. RESTRICTED : , LISE-07 UNITS, Cont'd 116th Ordnonec Nodiun Haintensneo Compa 2984 Orén-neo Nodiun Heintenanco Company S709bh, S7loth, B802¢, 3604tr, B009th, SaLOth end deLLth Qarternestor Track Oo Se 216th Signal Donot Company Z 165th Signal Photogrephic Cospény 899th Tani Destroyer Sat télion (Sel¢propélied) 28th Field Hospitel Ga0th and 638th Qartcrnaster Laundry Co:penies’ (Seni-Mobile) 984 Signal Battelion "25th Cheniecl Decontabinetion Conpeny BElst giarternastor Gacoline Supply Company 579th Signal Depot Company Leath end L79bh-Signel Repeir Coup 289th Ordianés Bese Depot Coupany 36 Antisireratt: Artilicry Searchlight Battalion Eeodquarte:s: énd Hecdquartere Conpeny, 72 Tank Destroyer Group 3284th md 968th “Quarternapter ‘Service Couppnies “! e mi-Mobile) 47th Qartemester beuhar; v 2783th end'2840th Bngincer Forestry Conpenies { 803th ahd /ZOL8th Qarternaster Bakery Companies 48th Flold Hospital 7 2 7A8th Enginocr Fetroican Distribution Coupeny Hondquerters rid Hondquarters: Battery) 17th Field Artillery‘ Group (Motorised) Hordquartore mnt Kedguartere Detachnent, 69th Ordnence Group 429th Wedicel Collecting Company |” Hoadqunrters end Hohdquarters Batteryy 18th Ficld Artillory Brigedo S8lst Motor Anbujence: Company * : Headquarters mg Headgiarters Gorpany)- 1th Arnored Group’ 228th Gonotat: Hospitel {2000-394} ene ‘ ~ 220th Gonerel’Hospi tal (1000Bed) LoLzth Engincer ‘Treativey’ Bridge Corphny. ; UiSth Antieireraft Artillory Gun Battalion (Semi-Mobile) (Type A) 2755th Enginocr Conbat Battelion 9th Chonicel Dopot’ Conbany 680th EnzincorTopogrnpiic, Company, ‘Corps 7Elst ieditAl Collecting” Company’ 5524 and 425th Motor Anbulence: Companies 375th Ordnance Koavy Autonotive liaintenence Company 429th Ordnancé Nediun Autonotive Maintenance Conpnny 5460th Ordnance Mediun Autonotive Maintenance Comvery AAdlst Qiertormaster Depot Company 228th Chenicel Base Depot Company en Hordquartere ond Headquarters Company, 659th’ En&indér’ Base Topographic Battelion 49lst Engineer Beso Equipacnt Coup: ny ‘legro enlisted personnel P: to Inclosure age 2 to Taclosure 1 eae ist oF wuizs 306th Station Fospitel (750-vea) *3a67th Quartermaster Truck Company 424th ant jginecr ruck Coap'nies 1875th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Conpany ¥390th ‘Bugineor Generel Service Roginent 8lst General Hospitel (1000 Bed) 593d Ordnance Ammunition Company gg5eth, *3859th, *3915th ond *39g4th Quarternaster Gasoline Supply Compenies Moeoth Quartornaster Laundry Conpeny 40th and #5934 quarternaster. Selvege Repair Géupenies ‘659th Fort Company : 19th Ghemicel Naintenence Conpeuiy 12th Treffic Regulation Group, Transportation Corps Group 8, Regulating Station, Transportation Corps. 973d, #9624 and.*4409th Quarternastor Service Conpanios *o57th, *ga96th and, *g900th Qurternaster Gasoline Supply Companies #41 4th" end *584th Port Conpanics : *254th, *324th, *625th and. "595th Port, Conpanios Lith end 24th Evacuation Hospitals, Seul-Mobile 20th ond sath Ficld Hospitals DU7th end 1a1st Antiaireraft Artillery Gun Battalions (Mobile) (Type 4) “763d Tank Battalion e Headquarters and Hondquarters Troop, Sd Cavalry Group, Mechanized Hendquarters-and Hecdquarters Battery, 68th Antieircraft Artillery Group 36th Field Artillery Battalion (Motorigea) (158mm Gun Tractor Drawn) ‘77th Field Artillery Bettelion (Motorized) (165nn Howitzer Truck Drawn) lst Fold Artillery Obscrvation Battalion <*agagth, “050th; #4051st, 9024, *390Rth, *3909tR, “Aasd, *s9EEth, *SI68th, ces mge86th and *3689th, Quarternaster Track Conprnics Bélst Quartermaster: Depot Company 106th Chemical Processing Company BSlst and 639th Anfieircraft Artillery Autonatic Weapons Battalions (Mobile) * 68th.fank Battalion gre Q95th Antiaircreft Artillery Autonatic Weopons Battalion (Mobile) S8BtH Gngincer Generel Service Reginent Lath Field Artillery Observation Battalion 12th Bvacuation Hospital (750-Bed), Hondquartere and Headquarters Battery, 18th Ficld Artillery Group (Motorized) ig3d Evacuation Hospital,-Seni-Mobile ‘422d Medical Collecting Gonpeny 3686h'Ordienee Heintenance Conpeny, Anticirorett ‘86254 Ordnonce Mediun Automotive Maintenance Co! Page 1 to Inclosure 1. oh 3 AP SWJECT: Activation of Units of the Organized Reserves (cont'd) 3. The 615th Counter Intellisence Corps Detachnent is reconstituted, redesignated as the 405th Strategic Intelligence Torn and allotted to the Organized Rescrvos. c 497th Engincer Heavy Shop’ Coripany‘is allotted to the Organized 6. Tho wite listed in the attached inclosure ere assigned and will de activated and organized as indicated, at the earliest practicable date. 7. The units listed in Colum 2 of the inclosure are entitled to the history of the units listed in Column 9, which wore inactivated on the gates shovn 8. Personnel will be provided fron sources available to you in accord- ance with the provisions of Scction VI of Inclosure 3 to reference letter. 9, Equipment willbe requisitioned in accordance with the provisions of Gircular No. 61, Var Departucnt, 1947,’ as anended. 10, Obligate funds to the extent necessary fron Organized Reserve allocations available to your hondquarters. 11. When the actions directed herein have been acconplished, a report indicating the dntes ond stations thereof will be subnitted to this office, Attention: AGAO-I, and the Cominding General, Ary Ground Forces. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY: oe 1 Inet Aajutent General Copies furnished: Commanding Goncral Arny Ground Forces Directors of Organization end Traininc, oS Personnel ané Administration, 6S Chicf, Historicel Division (80 copies) Quer térhnster Generel (Attn: Heraldic Section (80 copice) 1 2 3 ).— ay ; noe Authozizod Ste | Untt history fo which fen Deskenstion & Activated == Fim gb e ab cd thtlod (with cata of 3 Ie APRAation Assizment by Gi Iocation ststus to _Dste “ranges off WO Bi sgh activation) 3934 Gt tary bat ibm) (¢ Feimont, Wa A 10-500 10 Jan dS tem 1 0 19 14 39x OU Refrigerator Hh { ¢ coin Br : 1 Det (15 day'26) YS Least venue "(Second (Sosond pain lary Det (Hosp) rey Chmy Zanoevitie, Ohio” 4 10-500 10 dan 45 ‘Mone 2 0 DI. DeGth GE Refrigerator tote Belipee Laurdpy Go ( cola Br Det (20 Feb 46) ( + b5sth APU (Hype F) ( Meridien, Iss 4 12-605 18 Sep 45 None 1-0 12 13 7Bbth APU (1 Deo 45) U.S Fo oes, si-{ ‘ dian, lites 13. 456th APU° (Type! F) ¢ ¢ Hnowille, Tenn 4 12-605 18 Sop 45 None “1 0 12.19 7OTth APU (29 Hov 45), US Post Office, Knox( ville, Tenn ( ¢ aa5en Gi Lary Dot Goes) ¢ Hrewvitle, Tenn & 10-500." 20 den 45 Tone 20-15 WG _395th. GE Refrsgerator Tle Knoavitie aunties, (| ( coin 83 Det (28 Feb £6) a b a Le, He Ha ©, d2eth Trane-( ( Atlanta, Ga | S5-402T 7 May 45 1 2B 2 0 27° Habllg Dots au7th TO tre portation Hache Bn (13 Feb) Transport Div ( stor Weeds seoeta-{ i tion of Gs, Tne ( : vr. aang tae) Lee (Hose) Snewville, Tenn & 10-§00, 10 Jen 45 Nom 1 0 13 1, 4ABth.GE Refrigerator aL Knoaville Lauhdrios coln Br Det (30 Jan-é6) 400 Ny Gay Stroct —( ‘th Fourth Eaton Rouge, La & 5620-17 10 Feb 45 ono 26-2 107 135 Hail Coy 196th Baer face LOL Hgutla Cs, 402d nsx Ease be smy kory Dopot (23-tiar 46) Ia, Depertnent of igh ways 2 neh i \CTIVATED (CONT'D) SEOTION IT AFFILIATED UNITS (CONT'D) 1 2 3 4 - 6 7 8 a > c oa be off vO Bt 14. Ha & Hq & Sv Co, 836th ‘Third Amy ‘Third Army Atlanta, Ga A 5-416 27 dun 46 None UW 0 217 Engr Avn Bn ‘ (Georgia Branch, Associated @ Gen Contractors of America, Ine) 15. ist Counter Intelligence Third Army Third Amy Atlante, Ca A 30-500 24 Jan 44 1,2,3 3 1 3 Corps Det Cols 1; BL (Retail Credit Co) 16., 696th Qi Gasoline Sup Co Third Army Third Army Atlanta, Ga A 1077 = 21-Jun-45 Mone = 30122 (Standard O11 Company, 746 Warietta St, Wil we. M Lary Det (Hosp) (University Laundry) 19, 875th QI dry Det (Hosp) (Qodern Lary and Dry Cleaners) Hig & Eq Dot, 812th Trans~ portation Trk Bn (less Med Det) (NOMotorsGarziers..” Association) 21, 65th Gen Hosp (1000 bed) (Duke University School of Medicine) Third Amy © Third Army Third Amy © Third Amy Third Amy. Third Amy ‘Third Army Third Amy Page 3 ~ Inclosure 1 Chapel Hill, NC A 10-500 10 Jan 45 Mone 1 0 15 Colm Ed Wilmington, NO A 10-500 lOJn45 None 1 0 DB Colm EI Charlotte, NC © 10-56 3 May 44 1,2 4 0 0 Durham, NC © 8550 3 dul 44 1,2,3, 55 0 0 UNITS 70 BE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) SECTION IZ AFFILIATED UNITS (CONT'D) 4 5 6 7 a 9 a b © abo 4 ort WO EM Age my Third Army Atlanta, Ga A 5-416 27 dun 46 None 14 0 27 231 Hq & Ha & Sv Co, 836th Engr Avn Ba (31 Aug 46) my Third Army Atlanta, Ga A 30-500 24 Jan 44 1,2,3 3 1 3 7, 1018th Counter Golms Als BL Intelligence Corps Det (3 Dee 45) my Third Amy Atlanta, Ga A 10-77 2L-dun 45 None 3-12 125. “Ha, 5534 Ql Sv Co (20 Jun 48) EE ete i tage my Third Army my = Third Arny ry. Third Amy my Third Amy Chapel Hil, NC A 10-500 Colm Bd Wilmington, WO A 10-500 Colm BI Charlotte, NCC (10-56 Durham, NC © 84550 20 Jan 45 None 10 Jan 45 None 3 May 44 1,2 3 dul 44 1,2,3, 455 1 1 4 55 ° ° 0 BL B o 16 wu 4 588th GM Moss Dot (20 Jun 48) 589th Qi Mess Det (20 Jun 48) Hq & Hig Det, 286th QU En, Mobile (22 ov 45) 65th Gen Hosp (22 Sep 45) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of The Adjutant General Washington 25, D, ¢. AGAO-I S22 Org Res (50 Hoy 50)G3-4 | PL Docombor 1950 0: Conmanding General Third Aray Chie of Transportation san os RES RPMS, 2, If the minimum standards sot forth in AR 140-305 can be met, a training unit will bo organized in order that the plan outlined in the Chief of Arny Field Forces Civilien Components Menorendun iunber 6, 10 October 1950, may be acconplished, and affiliation egreenont with the Southorn Rail— way Syston, Washington, District of Columbia, amended accordingly. 3, Concarrently with inactivation, the unit is transferred to the con~ ‘vol of tho Dopartment of the Amy. 4, Records of the inactivated unit will’ bo disposed of by shipment to Commanding Officer, Kansas Clty Records Center, 601 Hardesty avenue, Kansas City 1, Missouri, Attontion: Field Rocords Divieion, in accordance with provisions of SR 345-920-1, 15 March 1949, as amended, 5. Personnel rendered surplus will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures, 6. Bquipment rendered excess will be disposed of in accordance with curront procedures, 7, Obligate funds to tho oxtent necessary from Orgenized Reserve allo~ cations available to your headquarters, 8, When the action directed herein has teen accomplished, reports indi~ the date and stati of vill bo subnitted to this office, Atten- tion: AGAO-I; tho Assictas Chief or StafZ, GZ, and the Ohief of Arny Flold Forces. BY ORDER OF THE =. Copies furnished! Ohiof of Army Held Forces Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (RB: 12-8/475) Chief of Military Eistory The Quartermaster Goneral