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oe WAR DEPARTMENT ‘The Adjutant General's Office =~ ae December 10, 1982. SUBTEST: Organisation Eietory. Tor Chief, Historical Section, Arg Var College. Rey tat ie ae paaeny 2. Tt 4e desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster Generel at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Adjutant General. Copy furnished: ‘The Quartermaster Generel . LIST OF UNITS (Cont!) Headquerte codquartors Battery, 28d Ficld Artillery Group (fotori zea) Hendquerterg*ond Headquarters Detachment, 66th Modical Group 33th ifediesl Clearing Company 499th, 500th end 678th Medical Coliceting Companies : 479th, 554th, S61st, 5624, 563d, 571st end 5724 Motor Anbulance Companies S29th, S3lst, 334th, 339th and S4¢th Quartermaster Dopot Companics "433d, 845th, *846th, 3920th, Selsth *3877th, *3898th, GO38th and 3953d rnastor endquarters ¢ juarters Detachment, 884 ond 616th Quartornastor Battalions, Mob: Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 516th Quartormster Group Headquarters and Hoadquarters Detachment, “64th and 187th Ordnance Battalions 176th, 319th and 977th Ordnance Depot Companies 254th, SA99th, S44let, S456th, SHLSth, Glet and S64th Ordnance Nediua dutonotive Maintenaneo Companies BSlst and 353d Ordnance Maintenance Companies, Antiaircraft “S8lst, *5e4th, “586th, *S87th, *SE9th, *GOSth, *607th, 6léth, SSlst, “639th, teartn, G82a ond’ 690th Orénence Jnmini tion Conpanies 4anth, 452d, 455th, 457th, 460th, 4624, 467th and 46Sth Ordnance Evacuation Companies So6th, 5224 ond 546th Ordnance Heawy Maintenance Coupanies, Fielé Army Beth, 4424, 446th, 449th, 493d, 496th, B54th, B76th, 896th, 908th, I1Bth, 920th, Saict, 9224, 924th, 970th, 93a and Sélith Ordnance Heavy Autonotive Maintenance Compenics S4th ond 94th Signel Battalions zngth and 590th Signal Depot Companies 25 Si gsal Zepets Oompeny Slst Chonical Processing Company 111th Chemical Processing Company , 66th, 2254 ond 229th Chonical Baso Depot Conpenios “84th, “16let and *165th Chomical Smoke Gcnorator Companies 344th Engineer Goneral Service Regiment (less band) Headquarters tnd Hecdquerters Company, 408th Engineer Service Battalion 4aath, 710th and 711th Engineer Base Depot Companies eo7th, 7e4th and 1379th Engineer Potroloum Distribution Companies 1090th Engincer Utilities Company 599th ond 1600th Engineer Utilities Detachnents (4000 nan) Met, S024, SOSth, 417th, 4zlst, 425th, 492d and 595th Military Police Eecort Guard Companies 64th Military Police Company (ripe ¢) 380th Military Police Battalion (21) 228th Military Police Prisoner of War Processing Platoon 7th, 28th, 53d, 93d and 95th General Hospitals (1000 bed) 624 and 217th General Hospitals (1500 bed) 2084 Gencrel Hospital (2000 bea) 93d Medical Gas Treatment Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Detachnent, 5534 and 554th Composite Service Groups Headquarters and Headquarters Detechnent, 272d Ordnance Service Battalion ‘Negro enlisted personnel. Page 2, incl, 1 RESTRICTED RESTRICTED Contra) Headquartors ond Headquarters Detachnent, 247th, 251st and 257th Ordnonce ottalions (includes attached Kedical) Ba5th, S251st, 3252d and 327th Ordnance Base Dopot Compenics 62rd Sranance Base Automotive Heintonanee Battalion (includes attached Medicel) 6NLst Ordnoneo Base Armament Meintenance Battalion (includes attached Kedical) 6024, 601th end GOBth Ordnance Base Lrmanent Maintenaneo Battalions (Cineludes ettached Medical) ldath, 1évth, 149th, 45Lst and 497th Ordnance Motor Vehicle Assosbly Conpenics (Portable) 425th, 9458 and *3077th Ordnance Motor Vehicle Distributing Compenics Hondquarters md Herdquarters Detachnont, *260th, “2724, *529th, *S34th ond 535th Quartornastor Battalions (includes attached Medicel) -Headquartors ond Headquartors Detachnent, 4254th ond 4257th Quartermaster Service Battalions eadquerters ond Headquarters Detachamt, 40Let, 4024 end 4258th Quartermaster Sorvico Battalions 68th Quartermaster Refrigeration Company (Fixed) *4226th Quarternastor Sterilization Compeny 427th, *4226th, 4234bh and 4236th Quartermaster Sterilization Companies 30934 Quertornester Supply Detachnont s954th, “956th, “957th, “958th, “966th, I67th, “987th, *9BAth, *990th, *3197th, *Soeth, S205th, S207%h, Moscth,'*4059th, “Acs1st, *4osea, “085th, “goaath, *4os9th, *4cooth, “4001+, alzeth, Ma1zoth, *aiaiot, d1i2a, a14cth, *aséth, *4147th, “Aldeth, *41924, "4l9ath, *4196tn, *Al97th, “407th, *s10Bth ond *4453d Quartermaster Sorvico Conpanios S27th, *3683d, SeBlst, *2869th, B9ZLet, 392d, Gith, BWth, geist, gV45th, Sea7th, 3848th, BOSlet and 39524 Quartermaster Truck Companies (Hea 097th and S098th Qhartermaster Supply Platoon LIST OF WITS (Gon sand Headquarters Detachment, *386th, "485d, “490th, “494th, “499th, “sooth, "S024, *Sléth, Seth, *o2ith ona *525tn Tranqportation Corps Port Battalions (imeludos attachod Kedical and Capplain) “178th, “176th, “177th, *17Bth, 1s5th, 187th, “192d, “1934, "212th, *zlsth, frnatn, testn, to2za, “dest, Azzotn, *zo9m, “200m, *209m, *250th, ‘o4let, “255th, *259th, *260th, *261st, *262d, *265th, *270th, *271st, s272d, *273d, “307th, *30o9th, *323d, *OSth, “411th, *Al2th, *alsta, *a1sth, “4isth, *417th, *418th, “529th, “558th, “570th, *S7lst, #5724, *5734, “S8lst, “647th, *657th, “675th, 676th, 677th, 678th,and 679th Transportation Corps Port Companies “B21st_end 822d Tronsportation Co: hibian Ty ; an Station ‘Negro enlisted porsonnel. 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