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Miguel Alfonso R.

Mechanical engineering has been contributing a lot of things for our industry
since we can remember. They were the reason why our world has been developing
faster because of the machinery they build to make our lives much easier and
faster. I think they pioneered everything that we see in advance today. Mechanical
engineering principles are employed from wide range of industries such as
environment, manufacturing companies, aerospace, communication, bioengineering, petroleum and petrochemical technologies, etc.
Basically everything that we see today our great minds of the mechanical
engineers and I think they mission is to bring improving and quality life to world.
Widening and increasing the knowledge of engineering principles. They facilitate the
development, dissemination and application of engineering.
Mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves, including the human
body, a very complex machine. Mechanical engineers learn about materials, solid
and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation,
design, and manufacturing to understand mechanical systems. Specialized
mechanical engineering subjects include biomechanics, cartilage-tissue
engineering, energy conversion, laser-assisted materials processing, combustion,
MEMS, microfluidic devices, fracture mechanics, Nano mechanics, mechanisms,
micro power generation, tribology (friction and wear), and vibrations.
The breadth of the mechanical engineering discipline allows students a
variety of career options beyond some of the industries listed above. Regardless of
the particular path they envision for themselves after they graduate, their education
will have provided them with the creative thinking that allows them to design an
exciting product or system, the analytical tools to achieve their design goals, the
ability to overcome all constraints, and the teamwork needed to design, market,
and produce a system. These valuable skills could also launch a career in medicine,
law, consulting, management, banking, finance, and so on
As a mechanical engineering student, to help improve the society is my
ultimate goal. Making something that isnt made yet, and that has a positive benefit
on the world. When I become a mechanical engineer, I would like to focus on
robotics. Robots are versatile on performing anything, from task to applications.
They have a very big advantage than a human being; they are more precise and
consistent. They can finish the job much faster and manufacture times the normal
human work. They can work 24/7 because they dont require any rest or breaks.
Their performance also makes the companies rich because they can double the
profit margin. They also commit few mistakes than humans which saves time for the
company. They also benefit safety. It can save workers from difficult task, they can

work in hazardous conditions, such as different elements and weird chemicals, and
they are capable of bringing heavy loads without being tired or injured.