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Pre-conference Advisory No.

Welcome to #HELECON2015
As a pre-registered delegate to the first ZFF National Health Leaders Conference 2015, you will be able
to have full access to all the plenary and parallel sessions of the conference. In order to make your
participation worthwhile and productive, please go over this pre-conference advisory for important

What is the National Health Leaders Conference?

The National Health Leaders Conference (HELECON) is a 2-day gathering of ZFF partner LGUs,
including partners from government, academe and other non-government organizations,
during which discussions of relevant issues in the field of public health are conducted. There are
plenary sessions wherein key leaders at the national and local level are invited to discuss
current events and updates pertaining to their expertise in public health. There are also parallel
sessions where speakers from the front lines of public health specifically present existing
innovations and practices implemented in their area of work or coverage and share insights as
to how these practices have helped achieved better health outcomes.
The theme of HELECON2015 is Co-Creating the Future of Philippine Public Health. This is aptly
so for a first conference. The idea is for the participants and speakers to provide a vision for
Philippine public health from the perspectives of the leaders and front liners. Majority of the
speakers will be exemplary Mayors, Municipal Health Officers and Community leaders from ZFF
CHPP LGUs who will share with the audience what they think the future of Philippine Public
Health would be based on what they have currently started doing at present.

When is the Health Leaders

The HELECON2015 will be held on November
24-25, 2015 (Tuesday and Wednesday). The
Conference begins promptly at 9am
November 24 and sessions end at 5:30pm.
Registration opens at 7:00am. NOTE:NO

HELECON2015 at SMX Aura Convention Center

The HELECON2015 will be held at the SMX Aura Convention Center. It is located at McKinley
Parkway, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is located at Level 3 of SM Aura Premier. The
HELECON Plenary Sessions will be held at Function Room 2. It will also serve as one of the
rooms for the parallel sessions. Meeting Rooms 4,5 and 6 combined will serve as another room
for one of the parallel sessions.
Convention Center, it is
recommended that you
access the SM Aura
Premier Mall Entrance
facing the McKinley
Parkway. It is the only
entrance that will
allow you to enter the
Mall and proceed to
the Convention Center.
Landmarks: The Main Entrance along the McKinley Parkway is within the vicinity of

To go to SMX Aura Convention Center, use the escalators to

proceed to Level 3. Elevators are also available from the basement
parking area all the way to Level 3 where the SMX Aura Convention
Center is located. Parking slots are available on a first-come-firstserved basis subject to availability of parking spaces.

Ushers will guide you to

the right place.

SM Aura Premier Mall Hours start at 10am but the

HELECON2015 Registration starts as early as 7:30am.
Accessing the Convention Center requires entering the
Mall premises. Therefore, please be reminded that only
the Main Entrance facing McKinley Parkway will be
opened to delegates to the HELECON2015.

Proceed to the Registration Table: Make sure you have brought with you the printed
electronic-ticket that would look like this:

Show it to the ZFF staff at the Registration Table who will scan the ticket and will hand you your
I.D. and conference kit. Make sure that they give you also your meal stubs. Remember: only
thos who are pre-registered will be able ot receive meal stubs

Ushers will bring you to you seats. Some seats are reserved for specific guests. Your ushers will
guide you to your respective seat. We encourage you to take any available forward seat/table
so you can have a better view of the stage.

While waiting for the sesions, you can review ahead the progrma and based on your interest
start plotting which breakout sessions you will attend. Remember seats in the break out
sessions are limite due to smaller spaces of the rooms. Thus, seats are on a first-come firstserve basis in all the sessions of the conference. YOU may wish to take note of the
announcements being flashed on the screen during the start of the plenary: the
announcements include directions during emergency cases, vicinity map, etc.


Putting your cellphones on silent mode can help minimize distractions. Should you need to take
an important call, we canusher you to the lobby where you can take the call this is to ensure
that those who are listening to the sessions can focus on the topic/speeches. Coming on time
will allow us to immediately find a seat for you and will ensure that you wont miss out on the



The conference will be adopting a No Smoking Policy. There will be no areas within the premise of the
conference delegated for smoking.

Parallel Sessions
There will be parallel sessions in the afternoon of the conference. Depending on your
preference, you can choose which among the topics you would like to attend. Some parallel
sessions will have limited slots and they are available only on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please make sure to choose which among the topics you would like to attend during the parallel
sessions beforehand. A copy of the Conference Program will be given to you or you may check
them out already at our website

Documentation of Sessions
We will be uploading the powerpoint presentations of the speakers online and will be
downloadable should you wish to have a copy of the slides. They will be made available after
the Conference. Please keep yourself updated by regularly visiting our website:

Share. Like. Tweet. Post.

If you have access to your social media accounts, dont forget to update your facebook status,
tweet or post in Instagram about your attendance to the National Health Leaders Conference.
Dont forget to use the hashtag #HELECON2015. If your facebook posts, tweets and instagram
posts are Public, they might appear in our Public Tagboard which everyone can see especially if
you use the hashtag #HELECON2015. We encourage you to take pictures of your HELECON2015

As a pre-registered delegate, by now you should have received via email you ticket to the
conference. Dont forget to print it and bring it with you. Or if you have an event brite app in
your phone just make sure your soft copy or file of the ticket is stored in your phone so that you
can just show it at the registration tableYou may contact us directly via or +639176204964. Please make sure you confirm your
participation. We are looking forward to your participation in the plenary and parallel sessions.
We would like to make the sessions as informative and interactive as possible. We hope to see
you in all of the sessions of the 2-day conference actively participating and contributing to our
body of knowledge and stories that can inspire not only the present generation of leaders but
pave the way for the future health leaders.

See you at the #HELECON2015