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The placement of Moon in Aries Zodiac wont bring much of the changes in its

appearance as it wont effect much upon the persona of the natives of this
enclosure but do give some of the visible amendments.
The presence of Moon in Aries enclosure would let the strength of natives stay in
the appearance of ruling planet Mars but would bestow them some of the
softness and blend of emotions inside as Aries of this placement would appear
quiet different from others on account of their quiet flexible persona.
The influence of Moon in Aries would bring moral and pure mind along with some
of the mature understanding to be able to move a bit when required. While on the
other hand, Moon could enhance the restlessness in the natives besides making
them more free living.

The placement Sun in the Virgo enhances the sharpness of mind and eyes in the
natives as they would become more learned and scholarly, their creativity would
also get a good a boost along with more artistic hands. On the other hand, their
eye would become keener towards sharp ends and more critical. Their sharp
minds would analyze more and better now.
The influence of Sun in Virgo would also increase their outer charm and
generosity of soul but would also make them stricter towards sincerity and
discipline which could make them appear harsh at times. The presence of Sun
might reduce their inner sensitivity to some extent and would make them more
practical in approach.
The presence of Sun in Virgo would develop both the sensitive and harsh side of
the native and in the end would lead them towards more balanced personas from
the rest of the Virgo natives

The placement of planet Mars in Gemini could bring some of the adverse effects
upon the lives of the natives due to the negative relationship of Mars with the
ruling planet Mercury of Gemini enclosure.
The influence of Mars in Gemini could intensify the instability of mind besides
making them much vulnerable from inside which altogether could also lead them
towards the path of immorality and deceit. This combination could turn them as
much ignorant personals.
The influence of Mars could make these natives lack at the intellectual side
besides turning them tactless and peevish.

The placement of Mercury in Virgo Zodiac brings the planet in the most pleasant
appearance on account of being in his own arena besides which it is the place of
exaltation of Virgo with its maximum degree at 15. This altogether will bring the
planet Mercury in a potent position.
The presence of Mercury in his exaltation place would bestow the person beauty
and charm along with strong intellect and wisdom. These individuals
having Mercury in Virgo are believed to be bestowed with more stronger
eloquence besides being refined personas. The natives of this part are truly open
minded and generous but are highly organized and holding morals.
The personas of this placement of Mercury in Virgo are believed to be more free
living and exploring in their attitude. They are highly fantastical and creative
individuals and are perceived to be inclined towards art. The natives of this
enclosure are vigorous and vivacious personas
The placement of the planet Saturn in Cancer zodiac would bring the planet in a
unpleasant faade on account of Saturn being sharing a natural enmity with the
ruling planet Moon of Cancer enclosure. This would bring much of negative
impact upon the portrait of Cancer arena.
The natives of this combination of Saturn in Cancer are perceived to be quiet self
centered with weak composure of mind but over self believe and desire to
dominate. These people could also turn in the immoral path of wickedness and
cunningness due to being very liable to malice because of their high sensitivity
and malleability.
The impact of Saturn in Cancer would make them stubborn at attitude besides
which these personals are believed to be comfort and pleasure seeking. The
individuals of this arena would lead a poor path in life besides facing much

The placement of Venus in Libra zodiac would keep the planet with most of its
potency and domination on account of being in his own arena which will bring
much of the Venus impact upon the natives of this combination. This could be
either positive or negative at variant aspects but would maintain a balance in
The natives of this enclosure having Venus in Libra would be more generous and
kind at heart and would stay benevolent in the path of morals besides possessing
a high fantastical and creative blend in their attitude as they could be seen as
being involved in the aspects of art.

These individuals having Venus in Libra carry a strong intellect and

understanding and are the people of morals and righteousness. These personals
are the people of revere and are proud of the self and are perceived to follow a
successful life.

The placement of Rahu in Cancer zodiac would bring some of the adverse
effects upon the Cancer portrait on account of the shadow planet being the
natural enemy of the ruling planet Moon of Cancer arena. The potent Rahu would
rule over the fragile Cancer with all of its negativity.
The influence of Rahu in Cancer would enhance the inner vulnerability of Cancer
natives besides making them more fragile from inside which would further
enhance their crave for security while on the other part these people would
possess a unstable and fluctuating mind. The natives of this combination could
easily be taken towards any direction.
On the other hand, they would become extremely protective and possessive of
their loved ones. These individuals of Rahu in Cancer are perceived to lack at the
practical understanding which is the main reason behind the hurdles of their life
path but they always approach life with a serious attitude.
The placement of Saturn in Capricorn zodiac would not bring much of the
changes in the portrait but would bring the planet with its complete dominance on
account of its being in his own arena that is Capricorn. The natives of this
enclosure would get more stronger impact of their ruling planet.
The natives of this arena having Saturn in Capricorn would be stronger at mind
along with the strong intellect and intelligence for which they could be seen as
learned personals upon land. besides this, they are potent personalities who lead
a satisfactory life with the blend of harmony and peace.
The impact of Saturn in Capricorn would turn them quiet self centered with
suspicious eye and would make them quiet more detached from those around
and harsh in their approach. These people could be covetous and more
revengeful besides which they carry a peevish attitude which altogether could
end in melancholy.
The placement of Ketu in Capricorn zodiac would bring the planet in a quiet
unpleased appearance on account of Ketu being the natural enemy of ruling
planet Saturn of Capricorn enclosure due to which Ketu would not possess much
of potency and dominance but would reflect some of the negativity upon the
Capricorn portrait.

The natives of this combination of Ketu in Capricorn would be quiet stronger at

mind and would be more reserved in their attitude besides which they would be
quiet detached personas for being much practical in their approach towards life.
The natives of this platter would pursue a dissatisfied life path along with
fluctuations in life.
The influence of Ketu in Capricorn would turn them quiet self centered and would
incline them towards materialistic life. The natives of this platter could also turn
callous and deceit at times if needed. These people could be seen as leaders
upon land.

The 12th of Vedic chart represents:

12th house of Vedic chart explores the image of financial losses in the life
of native.
It makes a clear picture of the process of vanishing and decaying in the
economical front of the person.
It emphasize on the lavish expenditure of the money on unnecessary
Twelfth house of Vedic chart reveals the reason for the loss of casket to
some extend.
It predicts the possibilities of confinement in miserable conditions or
12th house of Vedic chart also gives us an idea about the nature of
spending money on prohibited matters of the native.
It informs us about the possibilities of wastage of money through
12th of Vedic chart tells us about the height of luxury the individual would
enjoy in his life span.
It presents the possibility of being at the peak of the luxury and at the
bottom of the same sea as well.
Twelfth house of Vedic chart predicts the presence of flight to foreign
lands written in the fortune of the person.
It tells us about the status of the sex life of a person.
12th house of Vedic chart gives us an idea of the possibilities of loss of
spouse in the early times.
It also predicts the exile of the soul from the human body.
Health problems explained by this house are related to sleep disorders,
mental imbalance, feet, left eye, death.

Other points decided by the 12th house of Vedic chart are Loss and
impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses,
drudgery and deception, investments, donations, charities, separation from
family, going to far away places, sorrow and sin, misery and misfortune, poverty,
imprisonment, secret enemies, confinement in hospital, association, fraud,
scandal, disgrace, secret sorrows, success through occult affairs, the feet, the
left eye, the left ear, comforts of bed, debts, life in a foreign place and Moksha
(final salvation).
The Sun is the most auspicious presence in the celestial arena which provides
pleasing impacts upon the natives life as it will provide good path of life.
Presence of Sun in the 12th house would bring good heights of career & finance
to the person besides which there will be a balance in between the income and
The natives born with Sun in their 12th house would be reserve personas who
would always need their space as they feel secure & strong within that. They are
the true seekers of peace and wish to live in an harmonious environment. They
wont be friends with everyone around but will share a peaceful bond with the
society and in professional arena while on the other part, they would be more
satisfied in solitude but they do believe in keeping many people in good relation
but they are not among the social animals.
The natives of this placement of Sun in 12th bhava would give great endeavor
and hard work at every place & aspect throughout their life path besides which
they will provide variant services to those around while on the most positive side
of it, they will get recognized and admired for all of their efforts & services. Apart
from this, these natives of having Surya in twelfth bhava carry a leading
approach and personality wherever the stand and move from.
They believe in possessing strong understanding and perceiving the depths of
worthy aspects. They will look towards reaching the intellectual & wiser heights
rather than craving towards the center stage and all lights upon them. Their calm
appearance wont let their real core come out in the public or should say in front
of any one for which only very rare people would be aware of their real one.
The placement of Ketu in the 2nd bhava would bring goodness of wealth and
family life to the native besides this, the placement of Venus & Mercury together
in the 2nd bhava would bring admirable heights of success in business &
finances. On the other hand, the malefic placement of Sun in the twelfth house
would bring financial losses and bitter relations with the authority people along
with an unstable & depressive path of life. Besides this, any malefic placement in
the ascendant would result in lack of peace from the natives life as he/she wont
even able to have a peaceful sleep.

The natives of this placement having Sun in 12th house should always possess a
courtyard within the house and should stay true & pure from the core throughout
the life path. He/She having Surya intwelfth bhava should stay involved in
spiritual aspects and should learn to forgive others even to enemies as that will
benefit them. They should keep a Chakki inside the house.
The 7th house of birth horoscope represents:

7th house of birth horoscope is referred as descendent.

This emphasizes mainly on the status of pleasure in marital life of a
The pleasure from the marital relationship is also indicated by this house
It reveals the strength of relationship with the partner.
Seventh house of birth horoscope also depicts the betray and adultery the
native could confront in his or her love life.
It also tells us about fidelity and loyalty the person would be paying and
getting in the relationship.
7th house of birth horoscope gives us a fragrance of bestow and devotion
coming out of the breath of the person.
It explores the possibilities of getting swayed or deviated from the path of
Seventh house of birth horoscope depicts the possibilities of success,
growth and profit the native would have in the partnerships in the
It has an impact on the sweetness of the fruits he or she would have out of
his cross farming.
It explores the level of fidelity and commitment in the business
partnerships the person would have.
7th house of birth horoscope gives us an idea about his or her being
dedicated towards his profession and partnerships.
Through this way, it also tells us about the progress of the person.
It tells us about the chances of loss of memory in the life span.
It also informs us about the recovery of lost wealth.
Seventh house of birth horoscope reveals about the journeys to foreign
lands and distant places.
Health problems represented by this house are regarding lower urinary
tract, semen, seminal vesicle, urethra.

Other points decided by the Seventh house of birth horoscope are House of
union or earthly ties, legal bondage, partner in life (wife or husband), partner in
business, conjugal life, influence in foreign countries and reputation achieved
there, sexual life, marital relations, danger to life, marakasthana (house of death).

The Moon is the divine giver of emotions and immense softness at the core for
which the arrival of Moon in 7th house would also bring sentiments and
gentleness to the aspects of this house. Besides this, Moon would bring trueness
and beauty to the natives life. The natives born in this placement having Moon in
7th house are believed to be very much sensitive from the core and specially for
their relationships as they will be very much loving in their attitude and would be
very much attached to their loved ones. These people would make strong
relations and would leave deep impacts upon others through their affectionate
attitude but they are quiet hasty in relationships. Besides this, they possess a
hidden crave for love and to be in a intimate relationship for which love &
marriage is very important part of their life and could be perceived as the need of
their core.
These people having Chandra in seventh bhava are truly sincere and devoted
towards their relationships for which they are believed to be bestowed with deep
and lovely relationships and a beautiful conjugal path. The marriage will be a way
to fill the emotional blanks in the natives life. These natives with Moon in 7th
bhava really need some true souls around to protect & support their inner core
and so on to lead a blissful and peaceful life. These natives having Chandra in
7th bhava would be the ocean of emotional strength for those who need in the
family as well as in their outer surrounding. These natives would be truly
fantastical and spiritual from the core.
The seventh house belongs to planet Venus and Mercury for which it would get
impacted by the planetary placements of this planets. Besides this, if the Sun
would get placed in the first house then, it will affect the placement of Moon
towards the positive direction and would bring pleasing benefits form the relatives
to the native. Besides this, the native would be blessed with educational heights
along with strong affluence. These natives would always be strong at the part of
finance though they might not have lumps of property. The natives of this
placement of Chandra in seventh house should stay obedient and truly devoted
towards their mother to avoid the adverse impacts. These natives should not
marry in the 24th yr of your life as it would bring a lot of problems in their conjugal
path. These people should never sell milk or water as a business or for earning
profit and should not burn milk for khoya. The spouse of the native should bring
silver & rice from his/her parents in an equal amount of her/his weight.

The 9th house of zodiac charts represents:

Ninth house of zodiac charts emphasizes on the spiritual and

philosophical front of the native.
It has a greater impact on height of devotion and belief a person have on
omnipresence of the almighty.

9th house of zodiac charts tell us about the level of fantasy and
visualization in the individual.
This house also reveals the level of spirituality in the person.
It tells us about his or her inclination towards the sacred rituals and
People having strong 9th house are often seen to opt the roles of sages
and preachers.
Ninth house of zodiac charts depicts the possibilities of the native for
foreign and distant journeys to a greater extend.
It has a great influence on the chances of the person to accompany the
flying mysteries.
9th house of zodiac charts explores the strength of the luck of the person
to reach his or her destiny.
Ninth house of zodiac charts informs us about his or her level of fortune.
To gives us an idea about his karmas of the present birth.
This house could depict the deeds of the person which would either thrust
up their soul towards the sky or plunge towards the ground.
9th house of zodiac charts relates to some of the health problems such as
of thighs and hips.

Other points decided by the ninth house of zodiac charts are House of Faith,
wisdom and divine worship; fortune or luck (bhagya), philosophy, religious and
philosophical beliefs, meditation, intuition and forethought, places of worship,
sacrifices and charity, father, preceptor (Guru), teaching, Dhanna, grandchildren,
dreams and visions, knees; communication with spirits, long journeys, voyage,
air travel, higher education, foreign travel.

The planet Mars is a well known potent celestial presence which holds a lot of
vigor for which it appears both positive as well as negative at different times. The
placement of Mars in the 9th house would bring a strong core to the person as
making him/her truly dynamic personalities with birth. The natives of this
placement of Mars in 9th house would be truly strong from the core for which
they would carry enough self believe to triumph over the world but it could be at
extreme at times which could be quiet harmful at some places. They are full of
ideas and are efficient enough to express them as well but these people should
avoid compelling their perception over others and should also listen to those
around them. These people having mangal in ninth house carry dominating
personalities with a blend of vivacious persona for which they are liked and
followed by many around but they lack the patience in their approach and could
become very restless at times when things doesnt move according to them as
they are not much flexible in their attitude though adaptable to variant
surroundings. These natives will prefer to have companions of lively and

interesting personalities. The natives of this placement are born explorers who
would take risks of unveiling lurked arenas and bringing out new ways. There is
no place of fear in their mind. Besides this, they are lovers of traveling and strong
believe upon spiritual and philosophical aspects as well. These people could also
be seen as being involved in sports arena.
The 9th house is ruled by planet Jupiter who shares a friendly relation with the
planet Mars as making this placement quiet auspicious for bringing positive
results to the natives. This placement would be like a divine blessing for the
people born under this. The natives brothers wife would be fortunate for the
person and the native would receive truly positive results and great happiness at
home if he/she would stay in a joint family as keeping all the brothers near. They
would have equal number of brothers to his/her fathers brothers. The natives of
this placement of Mars in ninth house would reach great heights upon land and
that is in a very early age as they are perceived to attain powerful administrative
places till the age of 28yrs. He/she would be fortunate enough to attain great
profits as specially in the trade of things associated with warfare. They would
possess good respect and wealth upon land and are believe to lead a good life
though there would be some obstacles in the path. The natives of this placement
having mangal in ninth house should pay respect and services to the elders and
specially to brothers and should pay honest services to the brothers wife. These
natives having mangal in 9th house should keep their believe upon their culture
and primitive beliefs and should follow them as it would be very beneficial for
them. they should confer rice, milk and jaggery at sacred places of worship.
The planet Mercury is one of the auspicious planetary placements in the
horoscope chart as it brings most of the goodness in human life. The arrival of
Mercury in 12th house would bring a very significant presence of the emotional
side in the approach toward life and there will be some what difficult balance in
between the expenditure & income of these natives.
The natives of this placement having Mercury in 12th house do carry a part of
their intellect in their thoughts but most of their decisions gets impacted from their
emotional blend for which their path could have some fluctuations at times. They
are quiet reserved with their inner beliefs and would rarely share their ideas as
they are shy enough to express and converse in the public. Their inner conflict
between emotions and logic could make things appear complex at times. Those
born in this placement ofMercury in twelfth house are curious to learn but would
find their path quiet harsh and would require to give a lot for growing ahead
which could further make them quiet weak from mental composure and self
belief. The natives of this placement are advised to follow their mature and
practical vision to stay safe and strong in this path as their inner bewilderment
could lead them towards wrong decisions and harmed by untrue people. They
could be quite irritating at times and could behave stubborn at unreasonable

The presence of Mercury in 12th house would cause much mental fluctuations to
the person and that could be till the extent of loosing sleep and lack of peace in
mind. These natives would be quiet prone to headache and worries. The
placement of Saturn here along with the Mercury in twelfth house would improve
the results of this house besides which if Mercury & Sun would also get placed
here than the outcome would be truly positive of this combination. The
daughters, sisters, fathers sister and niece of the native would be adversely
affected and would remain unhappy till the time they would live in the natives
house. These natives having Budh in twelfth bhava should not get married in the
25th year of their birth as that will harm the wife as well as father of the person
and they should stay away from speculation. The natives of this placement
should wear a ring of stainless steel and should always put a tikal of Kesar over
head and should keep visiting the sacred places and stay involved in religious
aspects. They should throw an empty pitcher in the river and should always
consult other wiser & trusted people before approaching any new direction and
taking any new prospect.
The Fifth house of astrology birth chart represents:
5th house of astrology birth chart emphasizes on the intellect and
mental caliber and strength of the native.
It explores the height of intelligence of the person to become a leader
of masses.
It tells us about the autocratic and teaching capacity of an individual.
Fifth house of astrology birth chart reveals the attitude of the person
towards life to some extend.
It informs us about the ability of learning and knowledge of the native.
People endowed with powerful fifth house are generally those placed
at higher positions or profiles in the society.
Having good placement of fifth house also helps in getting higher
studies and scholarships.
Fifth house of astrology birth chart also gives us the information about
the progeny of the native and problems relating to it.
It depicts the level of emotions in the person.
It reveals the romantic front of an individual and his or her height of
urge for love.

People having strong 5th house are more inclined towards

speculation, fascination and leisure activities.
It explores the creative front of the person and his interest towards the
It informs us about the capability of an individual to express his views
and inner self in front of others.
5th house of astrology birth chart represents the character of the native
as well.
it also emphasis on the acquisitions through wife.
5th house of astrology birth chart also depicts the level of luck a
person has.
It also reveals the presence of spirituality in the person to some
Fifth house of astrology birth chart is affected by our karmas of past
lives to some extend.
Health issues represented by this house are about heart, liver, gall
bladder, stomach, pancreas i.e. most of the digestive organs of our body.

Other points decided by the astrology chart Fifth house of astrology birth
chart are Progeny (children), inclinations, pleasure, artistic talent, recreation,
amusement, sports, romance, competitive activities like cards, crosswords,
lottery, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals,
mantra-tantra, religions mindedness, high learning and wisdom, intelligence,
enormous riches, spiritual practice etc.
The planet Jupiter or Brihaspati is well believed positive celestial presence for
which it brings pleasing results here in this placement as well. People born in this
placement of Jupiter in 5th house would carry a wiser and learned approach
towards life and would be very calm from the core and this will be the only
strength which would make them triumph upon life.
The natives of this placement of Brihaspati in fifth bhava are believed to lead a
very pleasing and positive life which would be adorned with success and
prosperity. Besides which these people would carry a pure and true core and
would be loyal in their relationships.

They would be quiet humanitarian and could get somewhat involved in social
services and could pursue related professions like teaching, ministry and could
also be in entertainment and artistic arena for being endowed with creativity.
These natives having Jupiter in 5th house carry a truly warm and affectionate
attitude towards everyone around besides which they would be very much loving
to children and romantic in intimate relations. These people would see a vivid
growth after the birth of son and there would be more growth with the birth of
more son.
Apart from this, the placement of planet Mercury, Venus and Rahu in 2nd, 9th,
11th or 12th bhava will result in the malefic effects from Jupiter, Sun and ketu
while the placement of Sun, Ketu and Jupiter in fifth house will bring mixed
The natives of this placement of Jupiter in fifth house should offer services to
priests and saints and should never accept donations or gifts. They should stay
loyal and should pay services to the needy as this will bring pleasing results from
the Jupiter.