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Screen Media

Screening Media

As the premier manufacturer of stainless steel, carbon steel, polyurethane, rubber and woven wire screening systems,
FLSmidth offer the most comprehensive and innovative range of MeshcapeTM screen surface media including:

Wedge Wire
Fully welded centrifuge baskets
Screen baskets
Flat panels
Sieve bends
Custom screen panels
Water intake screens
Water well screens
Intertank screens
Trommel screens

PIPOTM Two modular screen
PIPOTM Three modular system
Continuous slot
Tension mat
Trommel screen panels
Custom designed panels
KOKOTM modular systems
BPS modular systems
Clipper sieve bend panels

Combination and
specialty products
Poly Ripple
PIPOTM wedge wire

Perforated Plate
Round, square, hexagon and slotted
slots and rectangular aperture
Plate thickness - 0.5mm to 16mm
Available in Pipo Two modular, BPS,
bolt-in-panels and tensionable
screen forms

Moulded modular screening
Punched rubber tension mats

Woven Wire
Stainless steel
Exotic materials
Wire conveyor belts
Vibro OptimaxTM

FLSmidth provide on-site technical
assistance during installation,
maintenance or repairs at your mine
or quarry.

Specialised services include:

Process optimisation
Specialty product development
Screen surfaces audit
Screen system and component

Identification of abnormal wear

patterns and recommendation
of corrective action
Product performance analysis
Technical assistance
Apertures list

MeshcapeTM Woven Wire Screen Cloths

FLSmidth have a wide range of woven

wire screen cloths - the most versatile
and common screening medium in the
mining and aggregate industry.
There are two types of woven wire
screen cloths based on manufacture

Woven Wire Screen Cloth

Woven Wire Screens:

manufactured in Vibro OptimaxTM
wire, AISI 304, 316, BMS and GMS.

Woven Wire Mesh: manufactured

in AISI 304, 316 and BMS. AISI 304
is the normal for stock purposes to
160 mesh, after which AISI316.

Woven Wire Mesh Cloth

Ideal for

Scalping operations
Classification coarse
and fine screening
Mineral processing
Aggregate processing

Aperture Types

Long slot
Double shute
Triple shute
Poly-Ripple (Square and TRIA)
Piano wire/Harp screens
Square Harp
Flat Top

Features and Benefits

Standard aperture sizes from

0.0254mm to 200mm
Variety of wire sizes and
weaving patterns
Range of weaves for
different duties
TRIA and Square Harp use a
unique wire pattern for difficult
to screen materials
Reduces blinding and pegging in
difficult screening applications

MeshcapeTM Woven Wire Square Harp

MeshcapeTM Woven Wire Square Harp
Screen Cloths are made with stainless
steel, Vibro OptimaxTM and other exotic
materials and are manufactured using
round wires. The wires are woven,
forming a wave pattern with transverse
wire clusters holding the wires together
to provide excellent open area for peak
Square Harp has excellent open area and
is ideal for applications where pegging
and blinding of apertures are an issue.

Size (mm)

Diameter (mm)
























Ordering woven wire

When ordering woven wire, specify the
following for best results:
Over hooks
Overall length
Length of hooks (if overlap)
Aperture Size
Wire diameter
Metal (e.g. Vibro OptimaxTM or
stainless steel)

Poly Ripple - Square and TRIA

MeshcapeTM Poly Ripple
Screen Panel
Poly Ripple (Polyurethane Vibro
OptimaxTM) panels are screens with
non-woven wires bound together
by polyurethane bands to reduce, or
even eliminate blinding and pegging
of screen surfaces.

Ideal For

Sand and gravel

Mineral processing

Features and Benefits

The polyurethane bands are located

above the bucker bars creating a
flat surface in which the wires can
move independently. The flat, more
active screen surface reduces
build-up and increases throughput,
virtually eliminating the need to
shut down for screen cleaning.

Reduces or eliminates blinding

and pegging
Light weight screens
Polyurethane edge strips - no
sharp edges
Easier and safer to handle
Quickly installed
Manufactured with tension hooks
Field performance comparisons show
that on a wet day, Poly Ripple screens
will approach dry-day production of
conventional woven wire screens

Poly-Ripple is used in both civil

aggregate and mining screening
FLSmidth TIRO panels are an
extension of the Poly Ripple panel in
which smaller panels are snapped
onto the support frame of the

TIRO Panel One

Poly Ripple Screen Panel

The flat more active screen surface

reduces build up and increases
throughput virtually eliminating the
need to shut down a screen for
TIRO is a safe, highly efficient, non
pegging, non blinding modular wire
screening system. Only worn panels
need to be replaced, they are lighter
and easier to handle than traditional
woven wire screens.

TIRO Panel Two

Ideal For

Mineral processing

Aggregate industry



Features and Benefits

Rectangular wires (not round) to improve

wear results and provide higher
open area
Only worn panels require replacement
Screen panels much smaller than a
full-hooked screen panel
Screen panels are lighter and safer for
maintenance teams
Easy replacement - carried out with a
lever and mallet

Woven Wire Mesh

FLSmidth woven wire mesh is a

woven textile made of metallic
material flexible enough to be
woven into a variety of shapes and
All materials are woven from wire as
thick as 1.6 diameter to 0.016
diameter - finer than a human hair.
State of the art equipment and a
team of qualified experts
manufacture wire screens, wire
mesh and wire mesh products are
suitable for all applications.


Steel - spring steel, bright

and galvanised mild steels
Stainless steel - chromium
steel, nickel chromium
steel and nickel chromium
molybdenum steel and
heat resisting steel
Non-ferrous metal aluminium, nickel, MONELMetal, phosphor bronze,
brass and copper
Special materials titanium, hastelloy and
many others

Manufacturing Process

Woven Wire Mesh Products

Standard rolls
Roll sections
Sheets with fixed dimensions
Hooked screens
Fabricated parts
Filter candles discs
Round sieves
Extruder screens

Plasma welding
Many others

MeshcapeTM Bolted Pin System

The MeshcapeTM Bolted Pin System

(BPS) is a modular polyurethane
screening surface to meet present
and future demands of the
crushing industry.
They are available in rubber,
polyurethane, perforated plate,
wedge wire and wire screen

Bolted Pin System

A mushroom shaped bush that is
spigoted into the disc top frame and
L bolted into position securely
latches the panel to the frame
allowing high G force operation of

Features and Benefits

Ideal for

Mining and quarrying

industry screening
Drain and rinse

the machine. The bolted assembly

negates the need for over size pins or
sleeves that become necessary when
utilising the traditional
pin system.
Deflector caps
A dome shaped deflector cap is secured
into a groove in the panel to protect the
L bolt assembly and acts as a deflector.
International patent PCT/ZA/00/00027
South Africa patent - BPS 993662
Disc Top Frame 994719

Secure fixing method to operate on screening machines in the range of

4.8 to 10 G force or more
High open area for best production capacity per machine size
Cost effective and efficient
User friendly system is a holistic approach to the screen deck where the
screen frame is an integral part of the screening surface
Fixing grommet bolted to disc top stringer frame onto which the high
open area spring steel reinforced panels are latched
Dual function deflector cap positioned over the bolt extension to seal the
fixing assembly whilst acting as a deflector of the material
being screened
Panels create the largest practical open area, where the aperture
configuration allows, offset apertures are incorporated to ensure the best
probability of screening by preventing highway fast track of
the product

Polyurethane Tension Mats

FLSmidth offer a comprehensive

range of Polyurethane Tension Mats.
Polyurethane exhibits the elasticity
of rubber and provides significant
advantages for applications when
used as a screening surface.

Polyurethane Tension Mat

The distinct advantage polyurethane

mats have over rubber is the
accuracy of the cast apertures and
resistance to sliding abrasion (longer
wearing). Polyurethane tension mats
allow for more precise screening
compared to the punched apertures
in rubber.

Features and Benefits


Mineral processing
Aggregate processing

Fully cast screen cloth available in both slotted and square apertures
Thicknesses of 10mm, 20mm to 30mm
Reinforced using stainless steel hooks - tough durability
Screen cloths custom designed to suit light, medium or heavy
duty application
Minimised pegging and blinding
Frequency of scheduled stoppages caused by screening surface
failure reduced

Rubber Screening Systems

FLSmidth Rubber Screening

Systems compliment woven wire
and polyurethane screens and can
be used in tension mat, modular or
special heavy duty steel backed

Modular Rubber Screening System

Our rubber screening systems have

been specifically developed to
provide maximum screening
performance and resistance to
damage by cuts and abrasion. Our
panels come in a range of standard
modules and configurations or can
be engineered to suit specific

They are designed to withstand the

most aggressive environments.
Punched Rubber Tension Mats
Thinner cloths
Thickness of 0.04in/3mm to
Single-ply fabric reinforcement
Thicker cloths
Thickness of 0.8in/20mm to
Two layers


Punched Rubber Tension Mat

Moulded Modular
Screening Systems
FLSmidth manufacture moulded
modular rubber screening systems
from a range of premium high
strength rubber formulations. The
systems perform well in wet
environments with reduced pegging
and blinding in high moisture

Ideal For

Mining and aggregate industry

Mineral processing

Features and Benefits

Used in tension mat, modular or special heavy duty steel

backed formats
Fully moulded and modular
Available in PIPOTM Two system and one-foot square modules
Tough and resilient fabrication
High resistance to cutting and gouging
Excellent performance in extreme temperatures
High abrasion and impact resistance
Noise minimisation


Perforated Plate

Perforated materials have been used

for screening and sorting for as long
as, if not longer than, woven wire
screen cloth. Manufacturing a
perforated plate involves cold
punching sheets with an
arrangement of holes in various
shapes, sizes and patterns.
Perforated sheets can be
manufactured with the following
types of holes in a wide variety of

Subject to the material type,

thickness, aperture type and the size
of the plate, FLSmidth can produce:
Perforated plates from 0.5 up
to 20mm thick
Aperture sizes varying from
0.50mm to 90mm
The latest relevant international
specifications pertaining to aperture
sizes on all manufactured perforated
materials are applied including:
BS 1449
BS 1669
BS 7613
ISO 10630

Preforated Plate

Ideal for

Sand and gravel

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Industrial applications

Features and Benefits

Strong and durable

Smooth topped and resistant to winding, aging and corrosion
Locally manufactured
Available in almost any type of material e.g. high carbon, stainless
steel, mild steel and other alloys
Available in a full range of thicknesses
Custom designed with expert technical advice


Wire Conveyor Belts

Wire Conveyor Belts were

introduced to fulfil the need of
transporting large quantities of
items through conditions that were
beyond the capabilities of traditional
conveyor belts.
FLSmidth provides unmatched
leadership in the manufacturing of
wire belts. They are field-proven and
have been involved in the South
African market for over 75 years.
They are ideal for applications in
automated or semi-automated
processes that operate with
temperatures ranging from -80c to

Ideal for

Food processing
Industrial applications
Mining application
Agricultural applications


AISI 304
AISI 316
AISI 310
AISI 314
Incolloy DS

Features and Benefits

Withstand temperatures from

-80 up to 1,200 C
Open area allowing effective
drainage and the flow of hot or
cold air and steam
Resistant to corrosion and
acid attacks
Flexible configurations in a wide
range of materials
Good strength to weight ratio
Cost effective


Wedge Wire Screens

FLSmidth Wedge Wire Screens are

available in a range of wire profiles
and material grades to enhance
operational efficiency.
The wedge wires unique wedgeshaped wires are designed to
enhance efficiency by providing
increasingly large, open areas that
allow materials to flow through the
screen. One of the great advantages
of the wedge wire design is that it
substantially reduces blinding and

Intertank Screen

Wedge-shaped wires provide
large open areas allowing

Industries using
wedge wire

The unique wedge shape of the profile wire

reduces material blinding and pegging.



Coal processing
Mineral benefication
Sand and gravel
Pulp and paper
Wood products
Iron ore
Food processing
Grain processing
Animal feeds

material to flow through the

Reduces pegging and blinding
Custom made to flat and
curved shapes, cylinders and
Manufactured according to slot
size (0.2mm to 20mm)
Large selection of profile wires
- varying head widths, heights
and relief angles
Variety of support rods catering to light and heavy
Selection of stainless steel
graded panels including high
corrosion resistant grades

Equipment using
wedge wire

Vibrating equipment
Carbon screens
Intertank screens
Kemix screens
Stationary and vibrating
Centrifuge dryers
Screw conveyors
Noise control flumes
Pressure sieves
Tank bottoms
Floor grates
Pipeline strainers
Ion exchange vessels


Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screens

FLSmidth Wedge Wire Sieve

Bend Screens can be custom
made and designed for
applications in a wide range of
industries. Used to separate
solids from liquids, the curved
screen of a sieve bend provides
greater capacity than flat wedge
screens due to increased
gravitational forces on material
flowing against the curve. Sieve
Bend Screens are also known as
side hill screens, parabolic
screens, run down screens,
gravity screens and DSM screens.
At FLSmidth, our high quality
sieve bend screens consist of a
concave curved profile wire
screen mounted in a frame with
the screen openings either
perpendicular or parallel to the
flow. We can supply both

Ideal For

Mineral processing
Coal washing plants
Fish processing
Fruit juice processes
Pulp and paper mills
Sewage treatment
Sugar mills
Surface water intakes
Corn wet milling
Coal preparation
Gold recovery

complete wedge wire sieve bend units

or replacement wedge wire sieve bend
screens to suit your existing unit.
MeshcapeTM also offers a polyurethane
solution, a polyurethane modular
clipper sieve bend screen.
Custom made to any size ranging
up to 3000mm in width and
arc length
Made at any slot size ranging from
0.2mm to 20mm
Large selection of profile wires
available with varying head widths,
heights and relief angles to
achieve the best dewatering
performance to service life ratio
Variety of support rods available to
cater for light and heavy loads
Panels available in a variety of
stainless steel grades including high
corrosion resistant grades

Features and Benefits

Energy efficient operation with no moving parts and no energy input

Quiet operation with no mechanical or electrical vibrations
Can be used for sizing solid particles down to 0.2mm (0.008)
Profile wire screen resists clogging by near-size particles
Stainless steel construction ensures a long, corrosion-free installation
Screens can be replaced in 10 minutes with no special tools
Customised design and sizing to your specific applications
Polyurethane modular clipper sieve bend screen


Wedge Wire Trommel Screen

FLSmidth Wedge Wire Trommel

Screens are highly efficient
cylindrical rotating wedge wire
screens used to separate solids from
liquids or solids from solids.
The flow of material is fed into the
inside of the drum and the screen
where the centrifuge rotating action
forces any particles smaller than the
slot size through the screen and any
particles larger than the slot size off
the end of the screen.
Trommel Screen

The wedge shape of the profile

wires help minimise pegging and
blinding. FLSmidth supplies
complete trommel units, including a
motor and base frame, or a
replacement screen for existing

Wedge Wire Trommel Screen

Ideal for

Sugar industry
Fruit processing industry
Mineral processing
Sewerage treatment
Fertilizer processing
Water treatment

Features and Benefits

Long lasting stainless steel

Higher flow capacities
Lower capital cost and maintenance
Rotating screen available in a range of sizes, profile wires, apertures
and material grades to suit every application


Centrifuge Baskets

FLSmidth provide high quality,

robust centrifuge baskets to an
exceptional standard. Our Wedge
Wire baskets are manufactured
using high quality stainless steel
Wedge Wire and carbon steel
flanges and frames. The unique
performance-enhanced designs
combine specially selected wedge
wire profiles with our field proven
support frame and stringent
manufacturing standards. The
combination of high quality
materials, accurate apertures and
maximum open areas ensures that
our centrifuge baskets provide you
with optimum dewatering and low
wear characteristics.

Fully welded
Diameters ranging from 600mm
to 1750mm
Baskets built to any slot size which
typically range from 0.2mm
to 1.0mm
A variety of profiles wires with
varying head widths and relief
angles for the best dewatering
performance to service-life ratio
Special surface coatings available
on request to enhance the life of
the baskets

FLSmidth is the original equipment

manufacturer of centrifuge
machines. We have the unique
opportunity to test, develop and
optimise centrifuge baskets so that
a solid performance is delivered in
service. When it comes to centrifuge
baskets, FLSmidth sets the standard.

Ideal For

Coal industry dewatering both

fine coal and coarse coal
Salt industry
Chemical industry
Fertiliser industry

Features and Benefits

High open area

Precise slot openings
Maximum design flexibility
Stronger and more durable than other products
Economical and easy to install
Dynamically balanced for smooth operation and protection of your
centrifuge machines.


XIF Aperture

The XIFTM Screen Panel is an

advanced design modular
polyurethane screen with a unique
combination of cross and in flow
apertures, allowing a closer
placement of the apertures and
providing one of the highest relative
open areas available in the world
The patented XIF is the worlds most
advanced and efficient polyurethane
screen panel. It specially designed
for fine aperture applications, is
hard wearing and comes on all our
standard modular clip systems.

XIFTM Aperture Screen

Ideal for

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Coal processing

Aperture sizes in 0.5mm,
0.63mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm,
1.25mm, 1.4mm or 2.0mm
Custom aperture sizes available
Standard dimensions of 305mm
x 305mm (1ft x 1ft) or 610mm
x 305mm (2ft x 1ft)

Features and Benefits

Up to 30% greater open area providing substantially increased throughput

Minimal pegging
Superior efficiency in media recovery
Significantly lower moisture level on discharge
High wear resistance
Increased operating life


Continuous Slot Aperture Panel

The Continuous Slot Panel is one of

the highest open area, fine aperture
modular screen panel in the world
today, combining the advantages of
the long wear life characteristics of
polyurethane with the high open
area pattern of profile wire.

Continuous Slot Aperture Panels

Open area, or ratio of apertures to

total panel surface area, is of crucial
importance to screen users at a time
when plants are upgrading capacity
to increase profitability and
maximizing screen performance.
Open area for the continuous slot
pattern is about 40 to 50 percent
greater than standard polyurethane
modular panels of the same
aperture, which means greater
throughput through the same
screen or alternatively much better
quality of the screen products for
the same feed.

In fine apertures, deviation from

tolerance can lead to reduced recovery,
large losses of valuable screen product
and reduce plant profit.
Continuous slot panels have +/-10 m
standard deviation over the specified
aperture size.
Field tested over a period of two years in
a number of coal screens, continuous
slot panels can be used in any fine
aperture (less than 0.06 in. / 1.5 mm)
screening application. Continuous Slot is
compatible with horizontal or banana
type screen decks and is ideally suited for
dewatering, de-sliming fine classification
and drain/rinse heavy media recovery
The Continuous Slot Aperture design is
compatible with the PIPOTM Two and
PIPOTM Three modular systems.

Continuous Slot Aperture Panels

Ideal for

Hard rock mining

Aggregate industry
Coal processing
Fine sizing
Drain and rinse screening

Features and Benefits

Up to 30% greater open area providing substantially increased

Superior efficiency in media recovery
Significantly lower moisture level on discharge
High wear resistance
Increased operating life


LUDODECK Signature Apertures

manufacture a number of unique
special purpose apertures to your
applications. Included in this range
are our:
Small aperture series that
features square apertures of
0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2 mm
These apertures are ideally
suited for trash and carbon
screening duties in gold
processing applications
WS apertures that feature high
open area combined with an
aperture design that is flexible and
resists pegging. The WS aperture is
available in a range of aperture sizes
to suit your particular duty. The WS
aperture is available in a range of
apertures from 5.0mm up to

panel resistant to pegging and

blinding, this aperture has been
successful in difficult applications
including iron, copper and gold ore
screening applications. The
boomerang aperture is available in a
range of apertures from 5.0mm up
to 30.0mm.
FLSmidth signature series apertures
are some of the most advanced and
efficient polyurethane screen panel
aperture systems in the world. They
are specially designed for difficult
applications and hard wearing.
These apertures are available in all
our standard modular panels sizes
such as 305 x 305 mm and 610 x
305 modulars systems and across
our extensive range of clipping and
pinning hold range arrangements.

Boomerang aperture series is a high

open area aperture designed to
provide elasticity and flexibility to
the screen panel surface making the


Ideal For

Hard rock mining

Aggregate industry
Coal processing
Drain and rinse screening
Mineral processing

Custom aperture sizes available

Standard dimensions of 305mm x 305mm (1ft x 1ft) or 610mm x
305mm (2ft x 1ft)
Available in PIPO Two modular screen panel systems or PIPO Three
BPS and all standard pin and sleeve configurations.
Customised polymer formulations to enhance performance and
wear life


PIPOTM Two Modular Screen Panel

The PIPOTM design allows panels to be
installed and un-installed by clipping and
un-clipping them to and from a series of
clip rails mounted in the vibrating screen.
The main features of PIPO wedge wire
panels are ease of installation and a
shortened maintenance change out.
FLSmidth Ludowici PIPO, or Push In, Pull
Out Two Panels are available in
polyurethane, wedge wire and perforated
plate configurations.

Ideal For

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Drain and rinse

Features and Benefits

Modules can be flat, ramp, cross dam and deflectors

Variety of profile wires from our extensive range with the aperture of
your choice
Profile wires can be supplied in a variety of stainless steel grades
Hard chromed options to increase the wear life of the panel
Polyurethane comes in a variety of apetures, models and sizes
Square apertures from 0.8mm to 50mm
Slotted apertures from 0.4mm to 25mm
Polyurethane panels can be made in a number of hardnesses from 80
Duro Shore A to 95 Duro Shore A


PIPOTM Three Modular Screen Panel

FLSmidth next generation PIPOTM
Three modular screen panels system
is the most economical consumable
in todays market.

PIPOTM Three Modular Panel

The FLSmidth engineering team

have built upon the advantages of
the innovative PIPO push in, pull
out system. Using a support
structure that clips into PIPO Two
intermediate rails, PIPO Three is a
removable working screening
surface. By separating the internal
reinforcement and the screening
surface, only the top section is
replaced while the structural
support remains in the machine to
be used again, reducing the cost of
screen maintenance.
The separated reinforcement and

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Drain and rinse

PIPO Three is available with varied
configurations including:
Efficient, accurate screening
from 0.5-25mm
Custom designed screen
Apertures available in square,
slotted, hexagonal and unique
boomerang patterns

Features and Benefits

Ideal for

skin gives the mat a live surface,

reducing or eliminating blinding
entirely. This means the open area is
maximised for the life of the deck
without costly and time consuming
wash down and sticky, moist feeds
with high clay can still be screened.

Modules can be flat, ramp, cross dam and deflectors

Polyurethane comes in a variety of apetures, models and sizes

Polyurethane panels can be made in a number of hardnesses from
80 Duro Shore A to 95 Duro Shore A


PIPOTM Two Perforated

Plate Panels

FLSmidth PIPOTM, or push in, pull

out, panels are designed to make
the installation
of heavy perforated screen
surfaces easy.
Perforated cross tension screen
surfaces are typically heavy, difficult
to handle and unsafe to install.

FLSmidth has overcome these

problems with the utilisation of the
modular screen panel concept.
The PIPO design combines a
perforated steel screening surface
and polyurethane to provide the clip
down system.

Ideal for

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Coal processing

The panels are installed and un-installed

by clipping and un-clipping them to and
from a series of clip rails mounted in the
vibrating screen.

Features and Benefits

Panels are lighter and much easier to handle than cross tension hooked mats
Panels are smaller and safer for installation and maintenance
Only worn panels require replacement, not whole screen surfaces
Variety of standard perforated plate screen surface materials and
aperture shapes
Available in a wide range of apertures


KOKO Modular Panel Systems

The KOKO knock on, knock out

modular panel system is the worlds
most advanced and efficient
screen panel.
The FLSmidth KOKO system delivers
the functional and economical
advantages of a removable
screening surface module for screen
decks with a one-foot-square
formatted support frame.
It has a KOKO pin securing system
that stays in place in the polyencased panel support structure,
enabling fast and simple panel
change outs.

Ideal for

Mineral processing
Aggregate industry
Coal processing

Features and Benefits

Lightest replacement screen element available in this format

Open area equal or better than any one-foot-square system
Simplest, safest and most effective change-out replacement process
Easy changeover from other pin systems
Lowest ongoing unit costs


Harp Screens

Harp Screens are used for difficult

materials, where blinding and pegging
make screening with square mesh
limiting. They screen sticky and damp
materials, where screening with a woven
mesh would not be possible.
Harp Screens will generally screen at
double the rate of the equivalent
aperture woven wire and can be fitted to
any end-tensioned vibrating screen,
without modification to the screen body.

Cross Wire Harp Screen

Features and Benefits

Ideal for

Minerals processing
Aggregate industry
Difficult applications
where blinding and
pegging reduce
screening efficiency

Cross Harp Wire Screen

A Cross Harp Wire Screen (piano screen)
is made up of single strands of straight,
highly tensioned wire, connected at
either end of the screen with a sheet
metal hook. Spacer strips sit over the
top of capping rubbers to maintain
correct aperture. This produces a long,
uninterrupted slot between the capping

Higher open area than standard woven wire

Apertures from 0.10 to 1.26 inches (2.5mm 32mm)
Available in a range of wire gauges
Assists with sticky, moist or near size material to pass through the screen
Increases throughput by 20% to 60%
Provides a flatter surface
Lighter screen cloth reduces manual handling injuries

warranties (express or implied), and information and data contained in this brochure are for general reference only and may change at any time.

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