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proud sponsor of the filipina womens network

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M e s s a g e f r o m T H E P RES I D E N T
“Never doubt that a small, group Filipina Summit in Washington, DC. These relentlessly dedicated
of thoughtful, committed citizens They answered the call of Pinay women are modeling Pinay Power
can change the world.” Power 2012 by committing as we imagined it. They took on the
– Margaret Mead infectious energy and passion in selection process seriously providing
identifying the womentors of the a critical pathway for successful

argaret Mead’s famous next generation of Filipina American women who care about
quote captures the leaders. Amid a flurry of phone calls advancement, achievement, and
and emails, they launched significance. Pinay Power carries . . . . ♥ . . . .
painstaking work of the
FWN 100 Selection Committee impassioned recommendations for on with this year’s FWN 100.
their selections, reminding us all Changing our paradigm. Building Message from the President 03
2009. Under the extraordinary and
masterful leadership of Lt. Col. that this year’s group of influential our future in our adopted country. Message from the FWN Chair 03
Shirley Raguindin, these women will change the face of I am in awe of these women. I
power in America. am moved by their selection and the Message from the FW 100
extraordinary women – all FWN Selection Committee Chair 03
100 awardees for 2007 – reviewed Their collaborative spirit carried caliber of the next group of 100
on as they shared the selection Influential Filipina Women. The About FWN 04
hundreds of nominations from
19 states across the U.S., initiated responsibility with members of the dream conceived in 2006 continues. FWN Leadership Summit 05
continuing conversations with Seattle-based Filipino American Can’t wait for 2012.
Association of Certified Public Mabuhay ang mga Filipina! Summit Learning Tracks 06
Marily Mondejar nominees, and deliberated via
Accountants who tabulated the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women 08
President, Filipina Women’s Network teleconference every week for the
last five months. No ego, no fuss, no selection data. Teaming up with Selection Committee Speaks 18
muss. Remarkably many of them another FilAm organization
embodies true bayanihan spirit. Womantoring Circles 21
have met only once – at the 2007
FWN 100 Time Capsule 22

M e s s a g e FRO M T H E F W N B OAR D C H A I R . . . . . . . .


his year the Filipina commitment come from a blood On behalf of the FWN Board
Women’s Network is line of warriors (mandirigma), I wish to express our deepest EDITORIAL TEAM
honoring another 100 heroines (bayani), healers respect and gratitude for the
exceptional Pinay leaders adding (babaylan), her-storians and divine tremendous work of this year’s Publi sher
to the collective potential of the nurturers. And it is here, at the Selection Committee. These
100 Most Influential Filipinas of beginning of a new century, that high-performing Pinays have FRANKLIN RICARTE
2007 and together they will fuel we will attempt to combine that become a coterie of asset hunters Edi tor
the mission of FWN’s Pinay Power collective potential synergy of 200 whose strong desire to identify
2012. Most Influential Filipinas to raise the Pinay doers and movers of Copy Edi tor
All of these Filipinas have the bar of excellence onto the this country has become their
excelled in their own fields next generation. newfound passion. They beamed A l S . P erez
of profession and they have What a world class act it is to the searchlight throughout the
developed a higher purpose in influence, in small or big ways, to nation (all the way to Hawaii),
Chair, FWN Board D r . B ambi L orica
their life’s journey upon which bring about human transformation screened nominations, pored
being a mentor to another Filipina and to be the champions of through testaments of greatness G L O R I A T. C A O I L E
is anchored. change. Together we Filipinas and found what they were done, mabuhay! at salamat! to
I found it in our history that the will create the legacy of our looking for – this year’s 100 Most the esteemed 2009 Selection LILIA VILLANUEVA
Filipina’s unstoppable passion and womanhood! Influential Filipinas. For a job well Committee. shirley raguindin

f r o m T h e F W N 1 0 0 SE L E C T I O N C O M M I T T EE
. . . . ♥ . . . .

t is with great pleasure that I such high success. achieve a higher level of role modeling,
welcome you to the 6th Annual This year we saw many notable mentorship and guidance for the next FWN Board
Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) and remarkable Filipinas making amaz- generation of leaders to follow.
Leadership Summit and Gala event.  I ing strides and continue to achieve Again I cannot express the pro- Al perez
am very proud of the detailed planning significant accomplishments; however found thanks to the selection commitee DR. bambi lorica
by the selection committee that shaped only 100 were selected. The 100 Most and steering committee members for elena mangahas
this year’s event. I am confident that Influential Filipina Women in the US without their dedication and commit-
you will find it to be fun, informative Award is a “working recognition” ment, this event would not be the suc- Genevieve Jopanda
and professionally valuable. One of award, and is a key initiative to FWN’s cess that it is today. Likewise a warm DR. JENNIFER ONG
SHIRLEY RAGUINDIN our highlights is the awards ceremony strategic plan, “Pinay Power 2012,” to “Mahalo” to the awardees’ nominators JOSEPHINE ROMERO
Lt. Col., Arizona Air National Guard, to honor and recognize the 100 Most double the number of Filipina leaders and the employers, family and friends
Marily Mondejar
State Diversity Coordinator; Influential Filipinas in the US. This year in the US by 2012. This leadership that are here today – thank you for be-
we experienced an overwhelming award is a reminder to each awardee ing a part of this groundbreaking event maya ONG escudero
Chair, FWN 100 Selection Committee
response and our committee was able that the destination in life is not the and on behalf of FWN, I look forward to NINA NGUYEN LAGAC
to accomplish this daunting task with award, but to continue to sustain and renewed partnerships in the future. PEARL PARMELEE

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Filipina Women’s Network
P. O. Box 192143
San Francisco, CA 94119
Phone: 415. 278. 9410
Fax: 415. 839. 6741
Twitter@filipinawomen Fundraising Events, Corporate Sponsorships and Naming Opportunities
Partner with the Filipina Women’s Network and support Filipina women, America’s
Mission Statement
Established in 2001, FWN’s untapped source for leadership and talent.
mission is to enhance public
perceptions of Filipina women’s
capacities to lead, change biases
against Filipina women’s FILIPINA WOMEN “Kaibigan ng FWN” Filipina Women’s
leadership abilities and build the AGAINST VIOLENCE Community Partner Fund Network Magazine
Campaign to end violence against Filipina women Endow research projects and educational programs Annual publication about the nuances of Filipina
Filipina community’s pipeline of and girls in collaboration with Eve Ensler’s V-Day about the Filipina American experience. Call culture, empowerment articles, career strategies
qualified leaders, to increase the organization. 415.278.9410 for naming opportunities and for and highlighting the accomplishments of Filipina
odds that some will rise to the sponsorships. women in the U.S. Publication date: Annually in the
President position in all sectors. All-Filipina women benefit production of “The Fall. To place an ad, call 415.278.9410.
Vagina Monolgues” (TVM) performed in English and Power Lunch: Remarkable
FWN achieves its mission through Filipino (“Usaping Puki”). Presented in March Filipina Women FWN Professional
public education forums that annually in celebration of Women’s History Month. Make ME a Filipina Millionaire Forum Development Series
heighten Filipina women’s Recent benefit productions held in San Francisco, In support of Make Mine a Million $$$$$$ Business, The series is based on the 12 Life Challenges for
visibility, research on Filipina New York and Washington, DC. a program of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Empowerment adapted from the work of Schein,
women’s issues, leadership, skill Independence, Filipina entrepreneurs will share Farren, Hudson and Kaye. FWN workshops and
COUNCIL OF REMARKABLE their journey – how they reached their first million seminars are designed around these life areas which
building and career development FILIPINA WOMEN dollars in business, as they work their passion, represent the diverse needs of FWN members.
programs for Filipina women, and Womantoring Circles – creating a community of achieve their dream and share their prosperity with Workshop facilitators are invited specialists who
influencing popular culture. Filipinas helping each other succeed and cultivating those who need it. contribute their knowledge for the advancement
future community leaders. Sponsor a womantoring and development of FWN members and Filipina
Goals 2010 circle. Call 415. 278. 9410. FILIPINA VOICES: Changing women. The Professional Development Series can be
Increase financial assistance the Face of Power in taken by anyone regardless of education, work
capabilities to ensure that FWN V-Diaries: Anti-Violence America experience, age or life situation.
educational programs and events Resource Guide Our speakers will engage us in conversation and
are accessible to Filipina women Annual publication designed to provide a voice for story-telling a la “The View”: FILIPINA SALO SALO
of all socio-economic domestic violence survivors and Filipina women • Being Filipina savvy in the workplace: more, ADOBO CRAWL
and girls in abusive situations including a resource better, faster In collaboration with highly acclaimed restaurants
backgrounds. list of domestic violence agencies, shelters, legal • Developing a purposeful career or business: and food organizations who serve authentic Filipino
and counseling services and law enforcement what about family/personal life? and Filipino-inspired dishes, the Filipina Women’s
Increase FWN’s network of Filipina offices. Publication date: Annually in March. • Culture, leadership, presence: how to play Network (FWN) cordially invite you to embark on a
women business owners and Call 415.278.9410 to place an ad. the game year-round culinary adventure celebrating the many
those employed in corporations, • Lessons from the trenches: flavorful and exotic ingredients, cultural and
government and nonprofit Filipina Women Who words of wisdom regional influences, cooking and dining traditions
organizations and utilize the Could Be President • The state of the world: of Philippine cuisine. In 2009, each restaurant
database as a leadership pipeline Emerging Leaders program for Filipina women. how it affects our families and communities highlighted its unique recipe of the “adobo” dish.
for corporate visibility. Building the Filipina community’s pipeline of
qualified leaders, to increase the odds that some
will rise to the position of president in all sectors.
Endow the Filipina Leadership
Development and Womantoring
Sponsor a “presidential candidate.” »»
Call 415. 278. 9410.
Generate operating funds for the
establishment of a national »» Twitter@filipinawomen
headquarters and research library
to house our historical collection How to reach the Filipina Women’s Network • P. O. Box 192143, San Francisco, CA 94119 • Phone: 415 / 278. 9410 • Fax: 415 / 839. 6741 •
documenting the achievements of www.Filipina Womens • • Twitter @filipinawomen. The views and opinions of advertisers and contribu-
Filipina women in the U.S. tors expressed in this publication do not necessarily state or reflect those of Filipina Women’s Network. © 2009 Filipina Women’s Network. All Rights Reserved.
No part of this publication may be published without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

4 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

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Filipina Women’s Network

P I N AY P O W E R 2 0 1 2 : F I L I P I N A A C T I O N N O W !


Whether you’re an
entrepreneur, student,
career changer, homemaker,
new or re-entering the
workplace, up-and-coming
supervisor, seasoned
manager, or top executive,
the Filipina Summit has a
place for you. FWN provides
tools to improve life skills,
career competencies, and

30 1 Thriving in
capacities for leadership challenges at both the national and
effectiveness – thinking OCTOB E R global level.
Turbulent Times
strategically, acting – N OV E M B E R Filipina women are resilient. We Many of the challenges are rooted
decisively, and influencing {2009} in cultural values and beliefs that drive
are constantly growing, transforming,
others. Focusing on real how we respond to issues, issues that
innovating, and changing as we secure
life, business, and career need thoughtful solutions. We feel a
our place in the world.
advancement experiences About the Filipina The Filipina Summit’s theme for sense of urgency to come together,
from practitioners, corporate Leadership Summit 2009 was deliberately chosen to signal explore how we can help move societies
managers, and community Filipina Women’s Network’s annual and organizations toward resolution
the contributions that Filipina women
leaders along with Filipina Leadership Summit is the and, where needed, reconciliation.
can make to the world at a time when
peer-to-peer networking are leading national forum of its kind. There are conflicts mired in years of
many institutions and social systems are
the distinguishing features Filipina professionals-decision makers cultural misunderstanding and mistrust.
broken. Our goal is to bring together
of FWN meetings. in leading industries – gather to learn There are long standing inequities that
a diversity of professionals who are
the latest developments for multicultural beg for attention. There are political
committed to enhancing our bi-cultural
professionals in the U.S. workplace and divisions and economic pressures that
strengths and to discuss groundbreaking
make the connections that will advance need resolution.
solutions to the inherent intercultural
their businesses and professional Filipina Action Now will move us
issues that exist. We face many
careers. closer to Pinay Power 2012.


FWNMag_A_4_5.indd 3 10/28/09 9:00:53 AM
THURSDAY ABOUT FILIPINAS IN MOTION: Filipinas in Finance & 2)  Public Service
PEER CIRLCES Administration » Chair:  Dr. Jennifer Ong, API Caucus
These are small discussion groups of » Sonia Delen, Senior Vice President,
Filipina women in similar fields and Banc of America Leasing, Run Filipina Run: Filipina Women Who
professional areas of expertise. Each group Bank of America Merrill Lynch Could Be President (panel of Filipina
has a Discussion Leader who will facilitate » Judy Arteche Carr, Managing Electeds)
the flow of ideas and ensure participant Director, Arteche Global Group » Moderator:  Ruth Uy Asmundson, PhD,
sharing and empowerment. Topics will Mayor, City of Davis, California
cover career strategies, real-life stories Filipinas in Healthcare
(triumphs, struggles, accomplishments), » Laarni San Juan, Public Health Nurse, » Joanne del Rosario, Mayor, City of
an insider’s perspective on how Filipinas San Mateo County Colma (California) 
navigate their unique workplaces, and » Norma Panahon, m.d., Medical Topic:  What does it take to engage the
best practices on how to “arrive, survive, Director, Buffalo Psychiatric Center next generation of Filipina politicians?
and thrive” in the world of work. These Filipinas in the Food Industry » Lorraine R. Inouye, (D) former
small group discussions will provide an » Lorrie Reynoso, Chef Instructor, Senator for District 1 (Hawaii)
environment to restart thought processes Institute for Culinary Education Topic:  What it takes to win
and expand thinking. Registered summit » Brenda Buenviaje, Chef/Owner,
attendees can join any group of their Brenda’s French Soul Food » Lynn Finnegan, (R) House Republican
choice. » Evelyn Bunoan, Master Chef / Leader, Representative for District 32
Restauranteur & TV Host (Hawaii) (Invited)
Topic:  Preparing to run – political
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, Filipinas in Law
consultants, fundraising, constituent
career changer, homemaker, new or » Rose Zimmerman, City Attorney, issues and skill sets
re-entering the workplace, up-and-coming City of Daly City
supervisor, seasoned manager, or top » Carina Castañeda, Law Offices of » Gertrude Gregorio, PhD, Dean,
executive, Filipinas in Motion has a place Carina Castañeda Foothill College; President, School
for you. FWN provides tools to improve Board, New Haven Unified School
life skills, career competencies, and capaci- Filipinas in Management District, (invited)
ties for leadership effectiveness – thinking » Rebecca Delgado, Vice President, Topic:  Being Filipina in the political
strategically, acting decisively, and Community Relations & Gov’t Affairs, field
influencing others. Focusing on real Academy of Art University
life, business, and career advancement » Dr. Patricia Espiritu Halagao,
experiences from practitioners, corporate Associate Professor, College of Educa- 3)  M a n a g e m e n t
managers, and community leaders. tion, University of Hawaii; Global Teach
» Panel Chair:  PS1 Lorna Mae
Filipinas in the Arts Filipinas in Uniform & Devera, USN, Asian American/Pacific
» Judy Romanenkov, Artist, Government Islander Diversity Outreach Lead
JBMR Paintings » Lt. Col. Shirley Raguindin, Arizona
Filipina Leaders in the U.S. Military: 
» Dr. Priscilla Magante Quinn, National Guard
Advancing Women in a Traditionally
Educator » Captain Raquel Cruz Bono,
Filipina Women’s Network Chief of Staff, Deputy Director, TRICARE Male-Dominated Industry
Filipinas in Successful Careers Management Activity, Medical Corps, » CAPP Raquel Bono, US Navy
and Life Transitions US Navy
» Cora Tellez, Founder and Chief » Lt. Col. Shirley Raguindin,
P I N AY P O W E R 2 0 1 2 : F I L I P I N A A C T I O N N O W ! Executive Officer, Sterling HSA Filipinas in Nonprofit, Faith & Air National Guard
» Zeny Cunanan, President & CEO,  Community Organizations » Major Marlene Decelle,
» Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal,
Galaxy Global Corporation Army National Guard
DAY ONE 1 Filipinas in Communications
Greater Echo Elysian Neighborhood
Council, Los Angeles
» Susie Quesada, Marketing Manager, » Maria Banatao, Principal, Banatao 4)  M a n a g e m e n t
Friday, October 30, 2009 Learning Sessions Ramar Foods International Family Filipino American Education
8:30 am – 4:00 pm Being Corporate Savvy: The “Unwritten
» Nerissa Fernandez, Public Relations, Fund
Claremont Hotel Club, Berkeley, California 1 ) F i l i p i n a s i n M ot i on : Rules” of an Organization. What You Don’t
ABS-CBN International
Peer Circles Filipinas in Politics Know Can Hurt Your Career 
Full Summit and Friday-only Daily Rate We begin the Filipina Summit with getting Filipinas in Education » Joanne F. Del Rosario, Mayor,
Registration & Check-in to know your peers at breakfast. Join » Eleonor Castillo, PhD Candidate,  » Moderator:  Denise Miles,
Town of Colma, California Vice President, Social Responsibility
the Peer Circle of your choice. Four University of Maryland, College Park » Lorraine Inouye, State Senator,
Keynote opportunities to network with peers – » Thelma Boac, Principal, Silver Creek Hawaii (former)
Group, Wells Fargo
Filipina Leadership: Action NOW you may join a different group each time: High School Topic: Building your credibility
Ruthe Catolico Ashley, Esq. Filipinas in Science & Technology » Mivic Hirose, President & CEO,
Chair, Presidential Advisory Council Filipina Entrepreneurs » Dely Alcantara, Senior Research
Friday, October 30 Laguna Honda Hospital
on Diversity, American Bar Association » Sol Manaay, Founder and CEO, Scientist, Bureau of Business and
7:30 am – 9:00 am @ breakfast Topic:  How to Build Effective
Founding President & CEO, Calfornia ALL CARE ON CALL, INC. Economic
» Lita Abele, President & CEO, Coalitions
Saturday, October 31 Research, University of New Mexico
Presentation 7:30 am – 9:00 am @ breakfast
U.S. Lumber » Dr. Nini Bautista, Chair of the Board, » Rose Zimmerman, City Attorney,
Profile of Asian Women in the 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm @ lunch Carolinas Asian Chamber of Commerce City of Daly City
Workplace and Why CEDAW is Topic:  Gender Issues in the Workplace
Critical to Filipina Women’s Issues Sunday, November 1
Emily Murase, PhD » Cora Tellez, Founder and Chief
8:00 am – 9:00 am @ brunch Schedules, speakers and programs subject to change. Executive Officer, Sterling HSA
Executive Director, Department on the Updated conference Schedules will be available during
Status of Women, San Francisco, CA Topic:  As I See It: The Future for
the Summit at the Registration Desk. Filipina Women
6 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

FWNMag_A_6_7.indd 2 10/28/09 9:07:49 AM
5)  e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p
The Road to Entrepreneuring 
» Moderator:  Mila Josue,
Health and Wellness Educator, NAT DAY TWO 2 2)  My Life
» Chair: Mila Josue, Health and
5 )  P u b l i c S e r v i c e
Getting Appointed to Boards &
Program Director, American College
SATURday, October 31, 2009 Wellness Educator, NAT Program Commissions
» Moderator:  Josephine Romero, of Nursing
8:30 am – 6:00 pm Director, American College of Nursing » Chair: Dr. Jennifer Ong, API Caucus
Trade Commissioner, Philippine Trade » Gloria Caoile, Survivor, Asian Pacific
and Investment Center, Consulate Gen- » Musical performance by » Ruth Uy Asmundson, PhD, Mayor,
Labor Alliance, Senior Political Director, Saturday-only Daily Rate Registration
eral of the Philippines in San Francisco Rosie Josue – “Superwoman” City of Davis, California
100 Most Influential Filipina Women & Check-in
» Judy Arteche Carr, Managing (2007) Topic:  Mayoral considerations
Health and Happiness: Embodying Well- for appointments to boards and
Director, Arteche Global Group Summit Weavers – It’s a Beautiful Day!
» Shirley Orille Brasis, Survivor, ness to Optimum – Mind… Body… and commissions.
» Susie Quesada, Marketing City College of San Francisco, College Spirit. A practical experiential approach » Lorena Hernandez, Commissioner,
Manager, Ramar Foods International of Relations and Outreach, Nominee Learning Sessions to wholeness annd renewal (comfortable California Student Aid Commission,
100 Most Influential Filipina Women, outfit is recommended for movement) Topic:  Seeking appointments at the
» Delle Sering Fojas, President & CEO, 2009 1) Filipinas in Motion:
Seven Seven Softwares (77 Soft) P e e r C i r c l e s Co n t i n u e s » Moderator: Bambi Lorica, md, state level: how to get on the “hot
» Marlina Gonzales, Survivor, Pediatrician list,” how to prepare, and how to get
» Maryles Casto, President, Casto Art Educator, Producer of InterMedia Join the Peer Circle of your choice.  selected
Travel (Invited) Opportunities to network with peers – » Gertrude Gregorio, Dean of Adap-
Arts of Minnesota and International » Alice Lai-Bitker, Supervisor,
you may join a different group each time: tive Learning Division, Service Manager
Film Festivals, Pan-Asian Artist District 3, Alameda County
(for students with disabilities, veterans,
6)  M Y L I F E » Jei Africa, PsyD, mscp, Guest Saturday, October 31 and older  adults), Foothill College; Topic:  Getting appointed at the county
Speaker, Health Disparities Manager, 7:30 am – 9:00 am @ breakfast Board President of New Haven School level
Survivors, Pathways, Healing and Transfor- San Mateo County Health System 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm @ lunch District » Vida Benavides, Principal,
mations. A heart to breast talk, shame to State/Local and Multicultural Practice,
sharing, recovery to renewal  Sunday, November 1 » Rosie Abriam, Entrepreneur, Software
8:00 am – 9:00 am @ brunch Dewey Square Group (DSG)
Engineer, Photonics, Kali, Gura-5th Topic:  Expanding our influence. How
Degree, President & CEO, The Center to get appointed at the federal level:
for APA Women where to look, how to get included
» Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton, and what’s available out there.
The First Filipina IBA Super Bantam
Weight Champion of the World
6)  Public Service
Womentoring Circles: Strategies to build
3) Management the Filipina community’s pipeline of
Negotiation Skills for Filipina Women qualified leaders, to increase the odds that
some will rise to the president position in
» Timothy M. Dayonot, Professor, all sectors.
U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business
» Panney Wei, Broadcaster and Writer

4) My Life
7) My Life
Cultural Myths, Perceptions, Behaviors: 
We Are Who We Are – Personal Presence: Communication
Skills Training
» Linda Akutagawa, Senior VP of
» Marjorie Singer, Cross Cultural
Resource and Business Development,
Faciliator and Coach
Leadership Education for Asian
Professionals, LEAP
8) Management
Paying Forward: Developing Filipina
Leaders Today – Strategic Mentoring vs
» Marjorie Singer, Cross Cultural
Faciliator and Coach

9) Entrepreneurship
Discover and Develop Your Brand &
» Panney Wei, Broadcaster and Writer

10) My Life
“Kwentuhan” – Cultural Collisions & Tales
of the Ghost (Filipina Halloween outfit,
»» continued on p20


FWNMag_A_6_7.indd 3 10/28/09 10:57:39 AM
The management and
employees of ATSSI,
LNG Properties and CMSC
Norma Padua Edar
and the other
99 Most Influential Filipina
Women in the U.S. in 2009.
We are equal opportunity
employers and employ a very
diverse and disadvantaged
group of people in the
SF Bay Area.


FWNMag_A_10_11.indd 3 10/28/09 9:33:19 AM
Isabelita M. Abele Jei Africa Jennifer H. Ong Jessica Cox
Builders & Emerging Leaders Innovators & Thought Leaders Builders & Emerging Leaders Nicole

On behalf of the Denise Miles Parrenas, Asian American studies and labor
PUNZALAN MANAGEMENT, INC. • In successful run for Vice President of the migration professor
Young Democrats of America in 2003, received
and our family, we congratulate the highest endorsements by then-Democratic Dr. Jennifer H. Ong
Ms. Fe O. Punzalan, RNBC, MSN, PHN House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi and San • Recipient of the Optometrist of the Year award
as one of Filipina Women’s Network’s  Francisco Mayor Willie Brown of the Alameda Contra Costa Counties
• Was promoted to Assistant Vice President and Optometric Society
100 Most Influential Women in the U.S. later to Vice President within her first five years • Statewide Treasurer for the Asian Pacific
Awardee for 2009. at Wells Fargo Islander Caucus of the California Democratic Party
..... • Vice President of the League of Women Voters
Silver Star • Silver Punzalan II Gel Santos Relos Eden Area
Flitcrest House • Flintcrest House II • Anchors the first daily nationwide and
worldwide newscast delivering the news and Katherine Abriam-Yago, Ed.D., r.n.
408-270-6005 • 408-592-6183 • First Filipino tenured full professor and
issues to Filipinos in North America, the
Philippines and the whole world through The Personnel Committee Chairperson in the School
Filipino Channel of Nursing at San Jose State University
• Honored for her outstanding work as television • First to write in the nursing literature on the
and radio host, anchorperson, writer, producer topic of mentoring as a retention strategy for
and director of public affairs, talk and educational ethnic minority students
programs in the Philippines and the U.S. • First to write in the nursing literature on the
• Chosen by the U.S. Information Agency to topic of using the Cummins Model as a
represent the Philippines in the Multi-Regional framework to teach English as a second
Meeting on Public Journalism; awarded language nursing students
Permanent Resident Status by the U.S.
Immigration Service as an Alien with Katrina R. Abarcar
Extraordinary Ability • Helped overturn the deportation and secured
immigrant status for Melca Salvador, a Filipina
Isabelita M. Abele caregiver in Canada
• President and CEO of U.S. Lumber, Inc., a • Organized action in an international campaign
successful minority-owned lumber and building that raised public awareness and countered the
materials company that is a regional leader in sales negative impact global economic policies have
• As leader in a non-traditional woman-owned had on developing countries worldwide
firm, has been recognized with several • Organized the Emergency Human Rights
outstanding national, regional, and local business Summit on the Philippines, which opposes
awards, including New Jerseys 50 Best Women in politically motivated executions and other human
Business and The International Alliance for rights abuses in the Philippines
Women World of Difference 100
Maria V. H. Amutan
Jannah Vanessa Arivan Manansala • Motivated leader of professional, instructional
• Provides zealous advocacy on behalf of unions and curriculum development for the Special
and working people at Weinberg, Roger and Education Staff and ongoing resource
Rosenfled, the largest labor-side law firm in the and support for special needs students and
West Coast their families
• During law school, led team of translators and • Over 25 years of Filipino community service
interviewers in gathering plaintiffs throughout involvement with youth and young adults
Oil on canvas. “Green Roof Making,” 24” x 30”. Northern California for successful class action at the high school, college, state-wide and
This painting has bee acquired by FWN member Sol Manaay. against California supermarkets national levels
• Served as teaching assistant to Rhacel • Positive Filipina and woman of color role
model for high school and college students

12 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

FWNmag_A_12_13.indd 2 10/28/09 9:40:54 AM
Jian Iza Custodio Zapata Joanne F. del Rosario Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal Judy Arteche-Carr Julina E. Togonon Katherine Abriam-Yago Kathleen Davenport Katrina R. Abarcar
Behind the Scenes Leaders Policymakers & Visionaries Policymakers & Visionaries Founders & Pioneers Innovators & Thought Leaders Builders & Emerging Leaders Behind the Scenes Leaders Builders & Emerging Leaders

Lenore RS Lim
Innovators & Thought Leaders
Captain Raquel Cruz Bono, mc, usn Stephanie Ong Stillman organizations and agencies community newspaper in the U.S.
• First female to complete the General Surgery • Co-founder of Hope Road Consulting, a • Honored as Woman Warrior of the Year by the • Serves on the boards of Search to Involve
residency program at Eastern Virginia Graduate political consulting and public relations firm that Pacific Asian American Women Bay area Coalition Pilipino Americans (SIPA), New America Media LA
School of Medicine had a 100% win record in the 2008 season and has been inducted into the San Mateo Advisory Board and ABS-CBN Foundation USA
• Deployed to first Gulf War as a trauma Hope Road ran the historic campaigns in San County Women’s Hall of Fame • She is proudest of her role as Mommy to her
surgeon to oversee Casualty Receiving at Francisco of Hydra Mendoza, the first Filipina three wonderful daughters – Christina, Carina
Fleet Hospital Five in Saudi Arabia to be elected and Steve Ngo, the first Vietnamese Analisa Balares and Catherine
• Commanding Officer for Naval Hospital to be elected • Social entrepreneur and CEO of the media
Jacksonville, the Navy’s fourth largest hospital • Ran the successful Vote Hope campaign, an group and leadership community Womensphere Delle Sering-Fojas
independent campaign to support Barack Obama Selected by the New Leaders Council as one of • Co-founded Seven Seven Softwares, Inc.
Raquel R. Redondiez in the California Primary its 40 Under 40 New Leaders Award winner in opening the door for Filipino IT professionals
• Founded the Filipino Community Center America in 2009 to showcase their potential in prestigious
of San Francisco Valerie Pozon-de Leon, dds    • Recognized by CBS Radio/1010Wins as its Wall Street firms
• Pioneered policy to improve the lives of • CMCP Dental Volunteer for the past five years Tomorrow’s Newsmaker Award Winner for • Initiated marketing the country to two of the
women and children, such as Paid Parental Leave • Provides free mouthgards to Serra High School Business largest call center companies in the U.S. Results
and Paid Sick Leave ordinances in San Francisco sports program of her initiative and innovation can now be seen
• Led effort to Rebuild Bessie Carmichael • In a process of establishing the Dental Carina Castañeda today all over the Philippines, the present day call
Elementary School (the only elementary in the Assisting School to help those who were laid off • L.A. District Attorney for 10 years; worked on center hub of Asia
U.S. with K-8 Filipino bilingual classes) and to from their jobs hundreds of cases in several locations and have
build the adjacent Victoria Manalo Draves Park been involved in more than 100 jury trials Ethel Luzario
• Opened the only Filipina-owned criminal • Co-Founder of the nonprofit The 3000 Club,
Rebecca Delgado Rottman FOUNDERS & PIONEERS defense firm in the U.S. a food rescue and medical reclamation
• Vice President, Community Relations & • Legal columnist for Philippine News, enabling • International Relations Chair for Lions Club
Government Affairs at the Academy of Adélamar Novino Alcántara, Ph.D. readers from all over the world to contact her for in Arizona (2008-2010) and Past President of
Art University • 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award: Award legal matters or inquiries Phoenix Phil-Am Lions Club, heading two eye
• First Filipina woman elected to San Francisco given by the Rio Grande Filipino American cataract surgical missions to Mexico and the
Democratic County Central Committee, 12th National Historical Society. Since its founding in Cora Oriel Philippines (2007-2008)
A.D.; served two terms as Second Vice Chair 1998, only two Lifetime Achievement Awards • President & Executive Editor of Asian Journal • President of Philippine American Chamber
Community Activist & Executive Board Members have been given. Group of Companies. The Asian Journal is the of Commerce of Arizona, 2008-2009 and
with political and non-profit organizations such • 2004 Governor’s Award for Outstanding largest and most respected Filipino-American 2003-2004
as Filipino Task Force On AIDS, Filipino American New Mexico Women: An annual award given
Council, Filipino American Democratic Party, to 20 New Mexico women for their commitment
Asian Pacific Democratic Club including current to improve the status of women and girls
Chair of the Educational Sub-Committee of San • 2001 Frank J. Miranda Human Rights Bridge
Francisco Department of Public Works’ Graffiti Award: The most prestigious human rights
Advisory Board award given by the City of Albuquerque Human
Rights Board
Rowena Verdan-Beduya
• Facilitated successful survey outcomes from Alice Bulos
state and federal regulatory agencies as a director • Advocate for seniors and women by her
of nursing, a regional director of clinical operations numerous activities including the an appointment
and a vice president of clinical operations to the Federal Council on the Aging by former
• Employed and mentored numerous Filipino President Clinton and delegate to the White
and non-Filipino nurses and caregivers to House Conference On The Aging
become better nurses • Commissioner for the San Mateo County
• Used experience and training to successfully Commission on the Status of Women and the
help patients survive life-threatening emergencies Health Plan of San Mateo County. Served as a
Board Member for numerous community


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Maria Zenaida
Fernandez Cunanan
........... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

14 FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK | w w w. Fi l i p i n a Wo m e n s N e t w o r k . o r g

FWNmag_A_14_15.indd 2 10/28/09 9:49:52 AM
extraordinary efforts
Achieving great things in any community takes courage,
�.��x�.��� vision and tremendous effort. What each of us does can
make life better for everyone.
Denise Miles, congratulations on being honored as one
of the ��� Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S.
� ���� Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
All rights reserved. Member FDIC. (������_�����)

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Womantoring Circles productive mentoring relationship.
This also includes defining personal
and professional goals and craft
by Lt. Col. Sh irley R ag uin din members (possible mentees) of a plan to meet those goals and to

a group, organization or profession. model and advocate competence,
resident Franklin Delano It is the principal means for the communication, social and leadership
Roosevelt said: “When it organization and its members to skills and community service.
comes to making a decision, share, encourage and inculcate the To access our new FWN men-
the best decision is the right professional values and attributes torship website for Womantoring
one. The next best decision is the associated with being a successful Circles, go to www.filipinawomens
new skills.
wrong one. The worst decision is to contributor to society. The end state It is important
• Develop the full potential of each
do nothing at all.” is developing desired and necessary that you subscribe to the Forum so
We have been figuratively tapped values, attributes and skills, in those you can receive updates.
• Promote a sense of satisfaction
on the shoulder to do a very special providing mentorship and those The challenge in using our new
that comes from helping another
thing as FWN’s 100 Most Influential receiving and benefiting from it. website is that it is designed as
person to learn, grow and
Filipina Women. We were recognized It is intended to develop and main- a member management tool –
as leaders in our areas of expertise tain a cohort of highly competent really to benefit those who are active
• Enable the passing of technical
and tasked to provide increased current and future Filipina women members.
and ethical knowledge gained
awareness and growth to Filipinas leaders to serve not just in our com- Once you update your information,
from years of professional
nationwide. munities but in our career fields and we will utilize this site as a discussion
Mentoring is a primary mission and our nation. The following are benefits forum on your progress as mentors.
core value of the Filipina Women’s of mentorship: This will include questionnaires as
In order to meet the objectives of
Network. The concept of mentoring is • Increase self-awareness and well as building relationships for
FWN’s mentorship goals, we need
a way of capitalizing on the wisdom personal growth. protégés to advance to management
to assess the needs of mentors and
and insights of role models and/ • Enhance career development levels, as examples.
mentees, provide competent and
or experienced individuals, who are and options. Let’s find a way to be inclusive and
available mentorship and establish
committed to supporting the devel- • Promote job satisfaction. begin mentorship today!
and cultivate a personal, positive and
opment and success of associates or • Develop new ideas and


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