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N o vembe r 2015

The Xaverian Missionaries USA

Christmas blessings
on all refugees

December 2015

 2—Death anniversary of
Fr. Graziano Rossato

The scene in the Archdiocese of Boston of Cardinal Sean O’Malley receiving a blessing from a Protestant minister speaks well of his interfaith and
ecumenical desires, which makes the
Xaverian Missionaries and the Cardinal kindred spirits in a way. He came
on November 8 to our shrine, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate and the close to a year of
retreats offered by confreres in Holliston on mission.

When the fall season comes around
our offices are quite busy with final
preparations for our mission banquets
from all our communities, as well as

appeal mailings.. Milwaukee held
their very successful banquet on
October 16, Holliston on October
17, and Wayne on October 4. It is
always wonderful to gather around
a meal and fellowship in support of
our missions.

 4—Death Anniversary of
Br. Eugene Cumerlato

 6—Birthday of Fr. Frank

 11—Death anniversary of
Fr. Gerard Furlan

 15—Birthday of Fr. Rocco

 17—Birthday of Fr. Mark

January 2016
On September 26 the first ecumenical event from our Mission
Media Office brought friends from
the Evangelical Lutheran Church of
America and others in a special
workshop focusing on social media
and evangelization. Seven Xaverians, including two of our sisters
attended. More than 40 were in

9—Death anniversary of
Fr. Natale Vaccari
19—Death anniversary of
Fr. Romano Rolli
22—Priesthood anniversary of Frs. Lalli and
28—Death anniversary of
Fr. Lino Pelerzi
29—Death anniversary of
Fr. Giobatta Mondin

I ss ue 147

P age 2

Scene of our Common Ground Conf

attendance. Meredith Gould,
author of Social Media Gospel
provided us with expert and accessible learning in this important field.

From October 1—4, the United
States Catholic Mission Congress took place in Houston,
Texas. Frs. Rocco, Adolph, and
Carl represented our congregation there. This important Catholic mission conference is convened every five years and organized by the Catholic Mission
Forum. CMF is an association of
10 agencies and associations
that represent lay and religious
mission, as well as commissions
from the conference of bishops.
The theme, Witnessing Mission:
Called to be Missionary Disciples, entailed plenary sessions
and specialized workshops.

On October 8, in collaboration
with the American Humanist
Association and Rutgers University, we organized a dialogue
conference between religious
believers, atheists, and humanists called COMMON GROUND.
Fr. Carl, along with Mary Aktay
and Wendy McNeill worked for

more than a year to develop
this conference as an extension
of our Common Ground Project
with the confreres of the UK
Region. Panel presentations,
dialogues and afternoon workshops explored our common
ground in a fulfilled life, ethics
and morality, community, and
justice and peace.

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma

CG Video resources are here.
CG Pictures are here.

The Parliament of World’s Religions 2015 was convened in
Salt Lake City, Utah from October 15—19. Four confreres represented us there: Frs. Carl,
Rocco, Michael, and Adolph.
The reflection we wrote in a
special edition of Crossroads is
available here. It is also on the
site of the General Direction in
the sharing section.

The dynamic duo at the Parliament

The Parliament was an extraordinary interfaith experience
where almost 10,000 people
from 80 nations and 50 faiths
gathered to look together at
some of the great challenges in
the world today, from climate
change to religious hate.
Although Christian presence
seemed weak in the Parliament
this time, the Catholic Church
was well represented by the
national association of ecumenical and interfaith officers of
dioceses nationwide.
The vital Catholic voice in interfaith and intercultural dialogue
is a big reason why we attended. The hope of faiths together
are vital for Catholics to know.

Meredith Gould at our workshop

Carl and Nadia Hassan on panel

C ro ssr oads

P age 3

Bulletin of the Provincial Council

We can happily announce
that the visa of Fr. Senno
was approved and we look
forward to joining us soon.
He will be part of the shrine
team in Holliston.

Fr. Petrus Nugroho, who is
in Beijing, is applying for a
visa to study English in our
region. If all goes well he
will begin in late January
with our Holliston community.

The General Direction is
organizing a two week
training in social media in
Tavernerio in late January.
Our region will be represented by Fr. Puopolo.

Fr. Chudy, Davitti and Mary
Aktay will be going to Scotland in the last week of November to participate in our
Common Ground Project
there. We will also have a
conversation on how we can
work together more.

Fr. Carl Chudy, SX
Office of the Provincial
12 Helene Court
Wayne, New Jersey 08046

tend an Elder Summit organized by Maryknoll and
the Archdiocese of New
York, and attended by other religious communities. It
will be the start of a conversation on how we can
collaborate on resources
for the needs of our elderly

The council organized the
preparation process for our
upcoming provincial chapter. The provincial will send
out a letter of introduction
to this plus two papers that
were prepared for our
The new edition of the Employee’s Handbook is almost ready. We expect to
release it in the middle of
January. There some important changes in it.
Frs. Lalli and Chudy will at-

The General Direction
gave us permission to undertake once again some
prudent investments in the
region. The council discussed the need for policy
to guide us. Three friends
from the Lay Advisory
Board will constitute an
Investment Advisory Committee to assist. We hope
to have some clarity by
The council talked over
activities for the Jubilee of
Mercy. The shrine is organizing an interesting program. Other communities
are urged to consider this.



November 17 –19 Elder Care
Summit, Maryknoll
November 27—29 Common
Ground Gathering, Scotland
December 14—18 Visit of Provincial to Franklin
January 5—6 2016 Provincial
council in Franklin
January 24—28 CMSM Leadership Gathering Tucson, AZ
February 14—19 CMSM National Board Tucson, AZ
Februrary 22—23 Executive
Board of the USCCB National
March 3—6 National Advisory
Board of the USCCB
March 14—15 Provincial Council and Communications Board
in Wayne.