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Case 1:15-cv-20782-JEM Document 176-2 Entered on FLSD Docket 11/12/2015 Page 3 of 5

Melendres Contempt Exhibits - P Exhibit 2531

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Frld.Jy, NPif(;mh??.t 14. 2014 7:$0 Mv1
.leny Shll:ridan SHfR!fFX




PN: Re!ip<;nse
C~~rtification.cf_E:t."!f~o!Cli'ltk:m..otD.-t;;_l3Nov2014.pdf; All'OOOOJ..hl:m


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F-rom: Thvrnas Drak~~ tca~Hr.<~;l~~:~1:t~~\f~~h;~f.~l1t~hut~~n~~t:j

Sent: Friday, Nnvel-r1!x!r 14, 2014 6:32 AN
To: ,fkian f''1atk!c:wkz ~ SHERIFFX
Subject~ Rospom:e

Good .n:orningl
Kirk \Vlebe and l arc l~rQviding: y;:.n.t a summary (attached) of ;,mi dala <tnd!iOI.l a.n.a.lysis <.lf alleg~:d. "key
cint:1"'designed to rrrovt~ th<~ snurce'Oi c~:~e.

i\11 he: i'm~; d\:>1'lt:' 1:~

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of ~Jl.:ail iKUresst::$, rw.rm~s, phone ml.tnbGr of bt\Lh

in.dividui1is and busi.nessc(l and ~1lN of framed tl.P informatkn, data and code HUT NO .PROOF OF '\VHENCE
THEY CAME and ~t \'ihok lot of taketi t~:nd ii:ade up d<Jcmn~mts 8-nd anulysis.

M ELC198093

Case 1:15-cv-20782-JEM Document 176-2 Entered on FLSD Docket 11/12/2015 Page 4 of 5

Melendres Contempt Exhibits - P Exhibit 2531

0-n tJ .1:->:kn.::~:rnbet -2014, at t3~~0 Nt.Son Cowt -wr~strn~nst~H~ t~1fJ 2.1-153~ . .t Kkk
VViehe end Thotnas A. Dnlks, both former <W<;<ioyees of tile Na.tional Se<':lwity 1'/:}t'lncf,

ti#ch havl-ng ~nany -ye$1$ t~f expeflant~ m the nwtt:ef df deta _anafysl:t tz~r inteM~gtMlcB
pmduot.on purposes, met wlth invee(tgMor Mike Z!llb mnd tlntr.tXIVe Bnan Msd\iewk2 '1f
lh<> Mork<>pil CwrJy (itt} Sheriffs (lfflcB tt) examiHl certain dab aff;;ged tn mited
tMrtiill r\lsuiiS of the dm!Kk!s1\ne cdltwtbn o! a iarge vo!ome or Bn<\lil Md telephtme
<;ommtn'!lt~aticns <'lnd oocorrwn: file~ ob!akled ttom Comf111$fd!!IJW(Vii'Drk$ and pfiv'*"
di!l<llm'l:-es of latgetilii nrgan1zat\lfl$ durinti th!\ mld-200tl's frwn a poin! in t!W swe of
Marytmx:L Mr, Zl>lb ;~nd Mr, Mackiewicz have <ili<ltt~d thalme tJala origin<>tB<l with

Dmmls Mont'[?nmery~ a .svbject nf an

on-g~ng .M-aricop~A $~riffs. lr-r~~11_$Hgatlon,

Mr. WiBlm and Mr.. DmkB exaRiined lt<~ cont\mt of <lPP'm~imetBli 45 !ligh-
t;apqdty <:>>:Klrnal computar diiv~Js b ascattNn whclhii> iany of !hi~ dW stor1 on th~
drhhok5 wodd MfiBct or r>thG!WiMl r<NBW opratlol'lS involving ds!'ldt~stine acceM to, aN1
cc!lechon of, favl clala fh~m n-H~jo:r nwt~ork -~k~~s (or $t:1)i ot:ht.i:r soutw) t~*:rrylr~g or ~.:W)ring
11 V(Wic~y ,;.~f nHJrf4;r'tl Pl:lGkBt~bf,isr:;=;d and diij:liai ror:nm=tmh)atit~ng gu1 os ~f?H~B ort~)k;~l-h<:ma ct\ts or- t:~~t~-llir ~~\~tronk::aHY:~ba$~ :accounts bdt;t:!:(iiH-fJ tp AnMth~an uaen::;_

ThfJ ~Mt~w -e_x-r:tmi=n~d :eonslstt <..lf l-iS-ts t.Jl' lhe cornrm,mlcatiohs- OOdress:t$ t)r
compe-nie:.s. iJMt orgafli?..~tkJ~t5 foc..~_tad at vaik::us aodras-set.:; wtthin "th$
Vn~t=*fl:t:.i Stm~~~:;, Tfw ddves 6tso ':onia~n a hlgh vci3HrnB cfll'!CorcHn@-t::~-nt th~~ A~ ~h:a::=e~;}t~
tah?:visb:t'j r~0tv~oi~c f'-l~r, \Vi&b~? ~nd. Mr- Drake. ;e:dsc~ ftAJnd >:and comrnon
fAicnJs.t~H. z)=J.Mratl'f~il s~t~tern -mes., its 1<\~-11 aX> a nutrHJe-r (~f prppfi:eta-ry <&nd open--tio-urcB


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Amonn- thP alkrmBd appHcattons Bxw.nif'}U!:>~t w~~re. thntn pur-ported C t~cde. Whits
aB-SDci:UMd With th~ NEt~'s-TtH-N 1lH.ZE:AD nn(~ TNAJL8-LAZEH Prt)~~r<1ms.
Up<m ~'lnalyt!nn k~-K~ n:)ttnat and ~~vt~J~ts aasocta1wcl with-h:!JS$ -pftrticvtar progr:Jtrt:~ t~n<~
(J!b&r ddm ali&ged:y t:omir<W fmrn dattifed sourcaa, Mr. WklJe mn<l Mr, brahJ
en-e~otmtt.:~-rmj no_n~on\;enHon~l t<(Ktihg kwma1$ J~d c:k.1Stficat!On CB-$ats nl)t resi'ZmtMng
typk~~~l govotn=m*Jnt practice, ~n fact, Jhethree coct~ m~s--\<\-<:e-t~~ aelua~~yfakt~ ~nd 'ffarnod
tQ k>ak !ik(~- Nwl GX1B- but C!'1..Jti~t~ cut-?md-past~~j: from imlpp:c~W of -e~ihs-Nn-g t~,_.~t%} m~JdW up
ff(>r.n ~>bnd~H=d (;ode tmlt$:t r-ra;:Hnes, v}d&.\~ <Jev-llYS prn~~ssit)@ t.""">-de _8:f!d AciivB- X k<"ik~.<P
8nd brtY~vset- c:odi1, Gommf.HitS-_ war$ n~A k~ trw pn~per syrrfa..~ or fok)V"st'Bd s~nndBtt.l
~%.u:n\'r:=z c_Offllt~Pt~Jfl& and Vf'eiT;- (~~0;':116~ m.1d sirnpty-m~nu1:actLH't~i;} W m-ake lhent kx>k rt~~L
For ~~x~~tr:if/0, one ~)f h~t~ fik~~~ h:I'Jd J; l'XJfYiHtf;Mtt_~tf~r:tict1- thil: TRAUJ3LA.l-bH progtt1ttl
fk>rn th-u- ~hXlB-2C10 tkne.Jt:r11ne whe-n Tf.-:.AUJ3LJQ:EH. VlB~ ah~rx}om:tti: ui NS/~ ifi ?Ooo_ ~n


Case 1:15-cv-20782-JEM Document 176-2 Entered on FLSD Docket 11/12/2015 Page 5 of 5

Melendres Contempt Exhibits - P Exhibit 2531

sunvnary, lhese wnoll)' fake files aid nm consist ol acluill sofuwm cadi.! from at1y of the
NSA ;xogwms noied.

Finally, 1'1k Wiebe anti Mr. Orako mmrnined printed rnaiefials allegectl)' wribm by
rAl'lda!s of the I.JS.. Grwemmant in particular the CIA and other organi:n!lkms. Again,
ihere is waa 110 evidt){K:e sugg&stkm or teVillUlfi that thil <,k1curnonts <Jxamlnect c<Jm&
1mm any senaitlvJ~ $(Jtrwe or ware obtained thr<:'Ui.Jhsent.otive access m<)thods Invoking
Bpeciilc sollWBre and relevant mwt<~data that W!l!Jki anabls !tle collection a~t! procosMnp
of nelwork--hBSed or Moret! data.
\ftJ"t! ln- particdar note- th~ complete lm:d<. c:f ra~{ dBta files: (or any O-tl'lfH' SU}J.~H)rHnp
t1Viditnt:tt in tht::J= Mes pn::ni~::h~d)' that woukJ= be-_ sxpecw~o~ if ~W-ct! data h<!td been h~.uvt'.lsted
through earid-estln(1 ,;Jt.:c_ess to d~git~~ il'-iformstio~,

ln ~ummm), tilis h3iter t:l!lrtifkw, that to ti'l best of Mt, Wiebe's and Mr. thak</;;
knoW?ed}]~, cf lhfl datm ex~mlne-Q reve:.a~~ t)r other~~-$$ svpports the oa:~;;sartlon th:o::1t
th0 data ccr:!air>ed on t!W hard dfi~z examined te<~u!ted trom the dard;:mlina zx>Heetion
-and proc~.sslng ofth-odetn dig~t~J-r.=BtwtJrk commw1lcatlons untJ ts. instead~ avldtH1te of
.an outright -and ketduhnt t:on perpetrated on ttte g=ovt~rmnent f:Ct p-emona-1 gain ~~n-d