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Which had been contributory for the replacement of the copper plumbing
lines with the aluminum alloy and corrosion steel tubing
a) The high fatigue factor
b) The heavy weight of the copper
c) The high cost element of the copper
d) All are correct
What are the major considerations, that the aluminum by & large has been
accepted for adoption for aircraft plumbing lines
a) Its lighter weight
b) The resistance to the
c) The ease of workability
d) No statements requires any
rectification *
(A) The Filing /scratching is the easiest way to distinguish between annealed
austenite and ferrite stainless steels (Magnetic test )
(B) Under test found Non- magnetic and exhibiting rapid action resulting in
greenish blue is the pure nickel.( Ni. Steel)
a) Only (A) is correct
b) Only (B) is correct
c) Both are correct
d) Both are incorrect
Parco Lubrizing is the chemical treatment given for ( 9A 183)
a) Aluminum parts
b) Magnesium parts
c) Iron & steel parts *
d) All are correct
Which treatment should be give to Titanium, after heat treatment
a) Stress relieving
b) Full annealing *(9A-201)
c) Thermal hardening
d) case hardening
The threads, which run parallel to the fabric, as it comes off the bolt, are
a) Warp*
b) Weft
c) Bias
d) Salvage
Why the steel is tempered after hardening (9A-211)
a) To increase the hardness & ductility
b) To increase the strength and decrease its internal stresses
c) To relieve its internal stresses & reduce its brittleness*
Which composite material has problem of corrosion
( composite )
a) Carbon / graphite *
b) Boron
c) Aramid
d) Glass fiber
The material, which is slightly magnetic in nature & exhibits greenish blue in rapid
action nitric acid test ( 9A- 99)
a) Monel*
b) Carbon steel
c) Pure nickel
d) 18-8 steel
Out of the following which synthetic material used for flexible hoses, has the
excellent resistance to the petroleum product ( 9A- 100)
b) Buna N*
c) Butyl
d) None is correct
To make ferrous to vastly superior (9A- 195)
a) Carbon is added with iron by 1.25 to 1.5 %
b) Carbon is added approximately up to 1%*
c) Copper is added to 0.5%
d) Ni & Cr are added by 0.5 & 0.75 %
The Aluminum alloys are more susceptible to corrosion if small % of -- is added (9A198)
a) Manganese
b) Copper *
c) Chromium d) Silicon
AN aluminum alloy bolts are marked as (9A-122)
a) The raised dash
b) The raised asterisk
c) Two raised dashes *
d) Raised Triangle
The hose material of which synthetic material is not affected by any type of unknown
fuel or petroleum product (9A- 102 )








a) Buna _ N
b) Neoprene
c) Butyl
d) None is correct *
In the a/c construction of stingers, bulk head skin etc. are generally made of
a) casting Aluminum alloy
b) wrought aluminum alloy *
c) Pure Aluminum
d) All as above (9A)
What is Austenite ( 9A)
a) Alloy of titanium
b) A solid solution in which carbon is dissolved at the elevated temperature *
c) During the heat treatment the carbon precipitate & the carbide particles to make
steel very hard
d) Titanium alloy crystal - C
Te plumbing line marked as PHDAN carry ( 9A- 103)
a) The fuel
b) Toxic material
c) Dangerous goods like oxygen & Freon* d) None is correct
Yellow line of fuel in the aircrafts indicates for fluid line (9A)
a) Lubrication *
b) Hydraulic
c) Fuel system
d) Both (a) & (b)
Which type of heat treatment is used for aluminum alloys (9A)
a) Solution heat treatment
b) Precipitation heat treatment
c) Annealing
d) All are correct *
The new piece of the tube being cut for the replacement, should be (9A-109)
a) Approximately 10 % larger than the length to be replaced*
b) Approximately 5 % larger than the length to be replaced
c) To avoid wastage, should be equal to the length to be replaced
The type of bolt, where only shear load occurs & no tensile load (9A)
a) Eye
b) Clevis *
c) Jo
d) Lock bolt
The metal tubing is sized by (9A)
a) Inside diameter measured by 1/8 inch
b) Outside Dia. measured by 1/32 inch
c) Inside diameter measured by 1/ 16 inch
d) Outside Dia. measured by 1/16 inch
The size of the flexible hoses is designated by ( 9A 102)
a) Its outside diameter
b) Its inside diameter
c) As in (a) & increased in 1/16 increments
d) As in (b) & increased in 1/16 increments *
The wrenches and spanners used in the aircraft maintenance are made of
a) Carbon steel (9A)
b) High carbon steel
c) Corrosion resistant steel
d) Chrome vanadium steel *
The property of the metal that it can be hammered, rolled or pressed with cracking is
called (9A)
a) Hardness
b) Toughness
c) Malleability*
d) Ductility
Which spark test gives straight & few sp..
a) High carbon steel
b) Medium carbon steel
c) Low carbon steel*
d) None is correct
The flaring tools used for aircraft tubing , should have their dies generally ground to
produce flare of ( 9A 111)
a) 35 to 37 degrees*
b) 30 to 32 degrees
c) 33 to 35 degrees
d) 45 to 50 degrees
The flexible hoses are used in the aircraft plumbing for (9A - 100)
a) To connect the Stationary parts with another stationary part
b) To connect the moving part with other stationary part*
c) To connect one moving part with another moving part
d) To connect the parts, which are not subjected to vibrations
Which type of cable are used in the aircraft for actuating the secondary & the engine
controls (9A-143)










a) 7 x 7*
b) 7 x 19
c) 7 x 12
d) None is correct
In the turn buckle, the end identified by a grove or knurl, has which type of threads
a) Right hand threads
b) Left hand Threads *
c) There are no threads, as it is push locked.
Which method is used to relieve the stress corrosion on stressed parts
a) Heating parts to a specific temperature in an annealing oven and then cooling
b) By compressive stress
c) Heating parts to a specific temperature in an annealing oven and then cooling
d) All are incorrect
Which composite has high tensile & low compressive strength
a) Boron
b) Kevlar
c) Aramid*
d) Fiber reinforced
Mark the odd pair out , regarding the colour coding of Aluminum alloys
a) 7075 Green ( 9A- 100)
b) 2024 Red*
c) 6053-Purple
d) 1100-Gray
The double flaring is generally not necessary in case of ( 9A- 111)
a) Copper tubing
b) Hard aluminum tubing
c) Steel tubing*
d) only (a) is incorrect
Identify the bolt head
( 9A 122)
a) AN Standard steel bolt
c) AN Standard steel bolt corrosion resistant

b) Special bolt
d) None is correct

Which of the following is the head of special bolt ( 9A- 122)
The aircraft bolts are fabricated from ( 9A- 122)
a) Cadmium or zinc plated corrosion resistant steel
b) Un- plated corrosion resistant steel
c) Anodized Aluminum alloys
d) All are correct *
The bolt head having no marking on the head is
a) The general purpose bolt
b) Low strength material bolt*
c) The high strength steel bolt
d) None is correct
Identify the bolt
( 9A- 122)
a) Eye bolt
b) The standard bolt c) The clevis bolt*
In the material specification 3000 series , the term3 indicates
(9Aa) That the principle alloying material is Aluminum
b) That the principle alloying material is Manganese*
c) That the principle alloying material is Silicon
d) That the principle alloying material is Copper
The nut AN 350 is tightened by ( 9A- 127)
a) By the general use spanner
b) By the torque spanner
c) Simply by fingers *
d) None is correct
MTCS regarding the Sheet spring nuts
a) These are used on supporting line clamps*
b) These are made from spring steel and are straightened before tightening
c) These type of nuts can be used as replacement at any location .
d) All statements are correct
The spark test is used for sorting out, which type of metals (9A-125)
a) The ferrous metals*
b) The non- ferrous metals




c) The composite materials

d) None is correct
Which of the following are Non self locking type nuts ( 9A-126)
a) The castle nut
b) Castellated shear nut
c) The light Hex nut
d) All are correct *
The casted aluminum alloy, designated as 355 -T 6 indicates (9A- 198A)
a) The composition of the alloy as indicated by T
b) Alloying number followed by T number
c) Both (a) and (b) are correct *
d) Only (a) is correct
Which compound is most suitable material for the flexible hose pipes to be with
hydraulic fluid SKYDROL
( 9A 100 )
a) Buna N
b) Neoprene
c) Buna - S
d) Butyl*
The hard ware term Rivnuts used in the aircrafts basically is (9A- 161)
a) The solid blind rivet
b) The hollow blind rivet*
c) The Dill Lok- rivet
d) Deutsch rivet
In the Lock bolt marked as ALPPHT88 , the alphabet H is for
a) The pin material
b) The head type
c) The class if fit*
d) None is correct