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Confirmed by SC insider:

Poli - Antonio Nachura

Labor - Vicente Veloso
Civil - Maria Theresa Arcega
Crim - Teodoro Jumamil
Ethics - Efren dela Cruz

E. Sandoval Tips:
1. Yung issue ng us and china na dumaan sa manmade island ng china, sabi ni sandoval,
highseas daw yun res communes tapos yung mga pwedeng iexercise under res communes:
freedom of navigation
Freedom sa mining
Laying of cables
Scientific research
2. Issue ni grace poe
Maquiling case v. Manzano case
3. Diplomats v. Consul depende sa immunity na granted sa kanila.
Internal v external self-determination
Ombudsman Act -Secs 21, 24, 14, 27
-relate to Sec 40, LGC
-EXCEPTION: Lingating v Comelec
Election protest v quo warranto
Loong v comelec
Miranda v abaya
Maquiling v comelec
Mercado v manzano
Vidal v comelec (en banc, de castro ponente)
-Sandoval Preweek Lecture:
Territorial sea v contiguous zone v eez
Baselines law in re: scarborough shoal -res communes, freedom of navigation and overflight
absolute v functional immunity (liang v pp)
Jurisdiction of ICC, principle of complementarity
BBL - Art X, Secs 1, 15, 18
Prov of north cotabato case in re:associated state

Forecast Dean Albano:

1.Doctrine of constitutional supremacy
2. Nuisance candidates
3. Intergenerational responsibility to preserve our natural resources to promote
4. Separation of church and state
5. Incorporation theory (laws)
6. Immunity of state from suit
7. Separation of powers
8. Non-delegation of powers
9. 3 departments. (know the qualifications and powers of each)
10. Pres. Power (concentrate on appointment, pardoning and appropriating powers)
12. powers of the judiciary/ removal
13. Confirmation of COA

Justice Herrera's tips.

Recognizance act
Administrative matter 12-11-2
Poli tips
Ra 9225
Sec 77 & 78 OEC
Japzon v. Comelec
Maquiling v. Comelec
Lucy torres case in relation to sec 77 oec

Labor: veloso of labor was a former labor law examiner

already. 2009.
Board topnotcher engg. Hired as project manager sa construction. Regular or proj ee?
Attys fees, can PAO collect sa union?
Whats the basis of the Brent doctrine?
- Dealt with each other on more or less equal terms
Kelan commence employment ng ofw? Kelan perfection ng contract nila?
Yun interest rates: di ba it's 6% na. But for reimbursement of placement fees ng ofw na
naloko-12% pa din. Pag unexpired portion of the contract: 6% yun.
Prescription: money claims:3 yrs. Backwages:10 yrs
Kaya 10yrs kasi in the form of indemnity na yun for illegal dismissal. By express provision of
law,migrant workers act.

Disability claims of ofw. Occupational and non occu.

Kelan solidarily liable yun corpo officer.
Company- may nagbubuo ng union. Nadiscover ng company, pinadala kung saan saan mga
union leaders. Pwede ba magstrike on ulp?
Mode of appeal from VA to CA. Period?
- R43 (petition for review; 15D)
Kelan in favor sa labor ang doubt in evidentiary matters.
Immorality when sya ground for dismissal?
labor law
lab rel,
social legis
migrant worker.
Requisites mgmt prerogative.
Difference ng regular ee sa casual. reg ee-necessary desirable sa main business. CAsualincidental. But if more than 1year na,regular na sya by period of service. Labor tips re justice

Tax: elizabeth M; Cta justice.

remedies and uplc

Rem: atty. oliver pantaleon.

civ pro and rem prof.
Fave topics:
judgment on pleadings and
summary judgments,