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PBG 101

Example of Pseudo millet is

Albuminin heated aqueous solution.
Forages and pastures come under the heading..
Ragi Inflorescence is a


Example of green leaf manure isneem

Paddy has 6 stames (T ).
Botanical name of cowpea is Vigna unguiculata
( T ).

Man made cereal is Triticale (T


Female flower of Maize is ear or

cob. ( T ).

A substance which stimulates on chewing is

masticatory ( ).

Name the centre of origin of maize. MEXICO

Give the botanical name of sweet potato.
What is the botanical name of groundnut?
The fruit of cotton is termedboll
What is the economic importance of mustard?oil
Name the distinct root ring found in sugarcane.
Mention the types of root system in sugarcane.
What is hypanthium?
Write the botanical names for sugarcane and

Mention any two narcotics.tobacco ,gancha

Mention the botanical name &family of Finger

What is gynophore?

Write the name & family of Niger.

The primary centre of origin of rice issouth
east asia..
The father of the taxanomic botany is..
ZEINis the name of protien of maize.
Germination of Blackgram is.
The fruit of

Ragi is known as utricle

Sake is prepared from rice flour (


Monocots have tap root system (F


Lodicules are present in Cumbu (


Golden rice is rich in vitamin A ( T).

The primary centre of red gram in Brazil (
Rice is having three anthers (



The botanical name of rice is.(.orizya sativa)

The father of taxanomic botany is.

The clssification of HUTCHINSON was based

. Is psedorice.
.. is the putative parent of cultivated chickpea. in opening of flowers in cereals.
Norin8 genes are responsible for green
revolution in rice ( F)

Sorghum is the Queen of cereals ( F ).

The concept of origin was developed by vavilov
( T ).

The storability of small millets is very high ( T ).

The name of transgenic rice for high Vit, A is
Golden rice( T ).

The centre of origin of blackgram is


b)India c)Mexico d)Europe

Sorghum poisoning is due to




d)linoleic acid

The inflorescence of coconut is


b)receme c)cyme d)head

Man made cereal is Triticale

a)Triticum aestium

b)Triticale c)secale cereal

d)Triticum drum

Milling and polishing removes the

Vegetable cowpea is

b)ssp. Sininsis c)
ssp.sesquipedails d) ssp.cajanus

Appearance of..marks is the end of the

vegetative phase

Forages and pastures come under the heading..

Example of a green manure..

Botanical name of the pearl millet is.
Sunflower is a


POLLINATION.pollinated crop.

Agave is a .crop.
Economic part of tobacoo is..LEAVES
The chromosome of American cotton is..
Gingelly belongs to the family.
Redgram is a pulse crop ( T).
Mesta yield bast fibre (


Finger millet is a highly cross pollinated crop

( F).

Cumbu-Napier is a hybrid ( T ).
Pungam is a green manure plant (


Mention the family to which black cotton belongs


Give the economic part of cotton.boll/seed fibre

Give the economic use of sugarbeet obtain sugar
Mention one leguminous fodder crop cowpea
Give one latest variety in groundnut kubur
Write the botanical name of Agathi
Give an example of cereal


b) foxtailmillet c) horse gram

Crop which yield oil & protien

Redgram b) soyabean

c) cowpea

74. Cotton produes

o Seed fibre b) leaf fibre c) blast fibre

75. Mustard belongs to the family


b)crucifereae c)pedaliaceae

76. Diadelphous stamens are present in


b)cucurbitaceae c)hermaphrodite

Best eg. Of crop plant is.

Example of pseudo millet is..
Example of condiments is
Example of starch crop ismaize
A small dry indehiscent fruit in which the seed
coat is adhered is.

Embryo in maize is called as

All cereal crops have 3 stamens ( F ).
Oil content in rice bran is 10-12 %( T ).
Maize is he richest of the cereals for protien (F
Soyabean milk is extracted from seed (



Immature grain of kodo millet is poisonous (


The centre of origin of cultivated rice is..south

east asia

Botanical name of Kuthiravalli is

Teosinte differs from maize by means of..
Germination of Red gram is..
Hutchinsons clasification was based on.
Avarai has undesirable oudour (


Dee Gee Woo Gen was responsible for green

revolution in rice (T ).

Centre of origin of maize in India. mexico

Soyabean is the highest protien containing pulse
crop ( T ).

The root system of sorhum is taproot system

( F ).

The inflorescence of rice is panicle (T


The fruit of ragi known as pod (F


The process of removing the outer skin of paddy

is known as..hulling

The HCN is present in young plants of


b) rice c) pigeon pea d) sunflower

99. the most economical part of wheat is

o Stem b) leaves c)


d) flowers

100. Cumbu belongs to the family

Fabaceae b) asteraceae c) poaceae d) euphoiceae
101. Phyllotaxy is
Arrangement of leaves/arrangement of flowers
/arrangement of seeds

102. No. of anthers in cereals are (2, 3, 4&5).

Plumule in embryo is protected (scuttellum,
coleoptile, coleyorithiza)

103. T, Aestivum is a (diploid, tetraploid,

pentaploid, hexaploid)

104. In maize the male flower is called (tassel,

cob ear, and panicle)

105 In cumbu it is (protogyny, androgyny)

Fruit of ragi is (caryopsis, utricle, and grain)
106. T.Aestivum is a (2n, 4n, 6n, 8n)
Maize plant is (monoecious, dioecious,
hermorprodite, unisexual)

107. Storability of minor millets is (good, poor,

long, and short)

108. Radicle in embryo is protecte by (suctellum,

coleoptile, coleyorihiza, mesoptile)

109. Pulses are rich in (fat, CHO, oils, protien)

110. The inflorescence of rice rice is known as
(cyme, panicle, spathe, and drupe)

111. The stamens of soyabean are (diadelphous,

monodelphoustetradelphous, didynamous)

112, little millet is (a.Paspalem scrobiculatum

b.Panicum miliare c.Panicum miliaceum d.Setaria

113Vegetable cowpea is( a.Vigna ungiculata ssp.

Sinensis b.Vigna ungiculata sesquipedalis
c.Vigna ungiculata catagang d.Vigna ungiculata
ssp. Cajanus)

114. High lysine mutants of maize oare (a,

opaque b.Dee gee woo gene c.Norin)

115. Highest level of protein content among the

small millets are available in (a.Varagu b.samai
c.panivaragu d.kuthiraivalli)

116The centre of origin of cultivated rice

is..south east asia

116. Botanical name of Kuthiraivalli is

117Teosinte differs from maize by means

118Germination of Redgram is

What are arrows?

What is pegging?
What are essential oils?
What are masticatories?
What is ginning percentage?
What is caryopsis?
Write the botanical name of ginger?
Mention any two oil yeilding crops with botanical

What is monodelphous condition?

What is economic part of castor?

What is anthesis?
What is silk?
What do you mean by syngeniceous stamens?
What is the name of sugarcane?
What is racemose?
What is pericarp?
What is a ciliqua?
What is a biennial crop?
What is a complete flower?
Briefly describe about the inflorescence of

Write the classification of fibres and give one

example of each?

What is cumbu Napier hybrid?

Distinguish between pediceled and sessile spiklet
in Sorghum.

Mention different types pf botanical varities in


Write the scientific nme, chromosome number

and family for Bengal gram?

What is diadelphous and give examples.

What is Phyllotaxy?
Mention any two green leaf manure with
scientific name.

What is epipetalous and give examples.

Risen leaf of wheat is due to what?
What is the economic part of green gram?
What is the name of fruit of ragi?
Give an example for monoceous plant?

What is the name of protien of maize?

Which pulse crop is having the highest level of

Differentiate antogamy and allogamy

Write about KCN
Semi drying and non drying oils Fumitories and

Green manures and green leaf manures

Palm oil and kernal oil
Kabuli and desi type of Bengal gram
Flue cured and air cured tobacco
Define Urticle What is parboiling What are Spices
Define legume
Write the botanical names of the cultivated
species of cotton

What is pod corn

What are the cultivated species of paddy?
What do you mean by baking qualities of wheat?
What are the cultivated species of wheat?
Name two minor millets with their botanical

Which disease is prevented by sprouted


During polishing which nutritions layer of rice is


What is the economic part of soyabean?

Immature grains of which small millet poisonous?
Which is the centre of origin of fox tail?
Give the systemic position of cotton.

Describe the inflorescence in sunflower

Describe the pod development in groundnut
Describe the method of fibre extraction in jute.
Describe the inflorescence of sugarcane.
What is ginning percent? Explain.
Describe the floral parts of tobacco
Differentiate green and green leaf manure crops.
What are the minor millets? Mention the common
name, botanical name of few minor millet you
have studied.

Describe the classification of rice with particular

reference to races. Give example.

Differentiate green gram from black gram

Describe the classification of cotton and give one

example of each.

What is forage? List out important fodder and

forage crops you have studied.

Write the salient features of the family


Describe the inflorescence of Maize with a

labelled diagram?

Write the economic importance of groundnut and


Give the systemic position of Gingelly.

Mention two cereal fodders with common name
and botanical name?

Mention any four pulse crops with botanical


Describe the inflorescence of sugarcane with the

help of a neat diagram?

Write the common name, botanical name and

family of six fibre yielding crops.

Mention 5 crops belongings to the family

gramineae and write their botanical names and
economic importance.

Write the characteristics features of family

compositae and pedaliaceae