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1. As per Ethiopian Public procurement and disposal authority (PPDA) the threshold amount
for international competitive bidding for procurement goods is limited to how much Birr?
A. 50,000,000 ETB and above
B. 10,000,000ETB and above
C. 2,500,000 ETB and above
D. 7,000,000 ETB and above
2. As per Ethiopian Public procurement and disposal authority (PPDA) the threshold amount
for national competitive bidding for procurement consultancy is limited to how much Birr?
A. between Birr 500,000 and Birr 10,000,000
B. between Birr 2,000,000 and Birr 50,000,000
C. between Birr 400,000 and Birr 7,000,000
D. between Birr 300,000 and Birr 2,500,000
3. Of the following identify the incorrect statement about the industrial and government
A. The fundamental objective in both is to identify series of needed material and to
acquire them as economical as possible.
B. Both government and commercial entities are concerned with buying the six rights of
C. In both Purchases utilizes professional technique and model method.
D. All
E. None
4. According to the Ethiopian public procurement Proclamation No. 649/2009, on article 30
rejection of bids, proposals and quotation will be held in all of the following except:
A. There is proof of error in the procurement proceeding which could affect the outcome of the bid;

B. It is ascertained that the procurement has no use in enabling the public body to obtain
a better technical or economic advantage.
C. Bidders fail to meet the minimum criteria set forth in the bid document;
D. The minimum price offered in the bid does not match with the market price circulated
by the Agency.
E. All
F. None

5. Procurement and Disposal Unit is responsible for all of the following except:
A. Advertisement and invitations for bids;
B. Confirmation of availability of funds
C. Preparation of bidding documents
D. Receipts and opening of bids;
6. From the Dimensions of quality which one is not correctly matched:
A. Performance- the primary functions of the product or service.

B. Reliability- the probability of failure with in specified period of time.

C. Perceived quality- the quality in the eyes of the customer.
D. Conformance- meeting the specification.
E. All
F. None
7. One of the following auction methods is used to raise fund at charity event?
A) Duch Auction
B) Straight sale
C) Yankee
D) Silent Auction
E) Reverse Auction
8. Which one of the following is wrong regarding application of domestic margin of preference
according to WB procurement policy?
A) The commercially recognized final product (manufactured goods) must be
substantially different from components in basic characteristics.
B) The domestic bid must be qualified irrespective of the nationality of bidder.
C) The domestic bid should have domestic value in the manufacturing cost not less
than 30% of ex-factory price of the product offered.
D) The margin of preference should be added to the CIF price of foreign bids.
E) None of the above
9. Which one of the following condition is appropriate to apply National Competitive Bidding
(NCB) for procurement of construction and/or works contract?
A) A threshold lower than the ICB as set by government: 50,000,000.00 ETB
B) The availability of the product in domestic market at a competitive price.
C) The existence of unmanageable number of suppliers available in the market.
D) The availability of 45 and/or more time just to deliver the work.
E) A and B
F) F All of the above

10. If the consultancy service do not require the professionals special competency, the
appropriate method of supplier selection is----------------A) Least price based selection
B) Competency based selection
C) Direct contracting
D) Budget category based selection
E) Quality of work based selection
11. One of the following procurement methods is particularly used to consultancy service
A) Request For Proposal (RFP)
B) Expression of Interest (EOI)
C) Direct Contracting
D) Restricted bidding
E) None of the above

12. Assume that Arisi University wants to purchase office furniture, and accessories of office
equipments. The total contract value is 94,000.00 ETB before VAT. Both furniture and
equipments must be urgently delivered within eight (8) days because five managers are
coming right after a weak to fill a vacant position. Given the above information, which
procurement method is appropriate according to Ethiopian PP Proclamation no 649/2009?
A) Restricted Bidding
B) Pro forma and/or Request for Quotation (RFQ)
C) Negotiated Procedure and/or Direct Contracting
D) National Competitive Bidding (NCB)
E) A and C
13. In situation such as emergency, goods with proprietary nature, additional works to a
preceding contract and meeting urgent demands in travel, which procurement method is
permitted according to Ethiopian PP Proclamation no 649/2009?
A) Restricted Bidding
B) Negotiated Procedure or Direct contracting
C) National Competitive Bidding (NCB)
D) Pro forma or shopping
E) Request For Proposal (RFP)
14. In procurement of consultancy services, which activity comes first?
A) Issuing Request for Proposal
B) Requesting Expression of Interest
C) Short listing among the potential bidders
D) Negotiating over the contract
E) Evaluation of received Proposals

15. In pro forma or Request for Quotation method, which one of the following area/s require a
special care by the Procurement personnel?
A) Clarity of specification
B) Size disparity and/or size of competing firms
C) A need for physical observation
D) All
E) None of the above
16. One of the following is not part of Bidding Forms in the Standard Bidding Document
(SBD) of PP?
A) Bid Submission Sheet
B) Price schedule for goods and related services
C) Bid security form
D) Manufacturers Authorization
E) None of the above
17. A bidding document issued by Procurement Entity (PE) to inform potential bidders about
Procurement opportunities is
A) Instruction To Bidder (ITB)
B) Invitation For Bidder (IFB)

C) Standard Bidding Document (SBD)

D) Notification of Award
E) None of the above
18. An amount of money submitted by the potential bidder as a guarantee or assurance of
signing a contract if awarded is termed as
A) Bid security
B) Bid bond
C) Performance bond
D) Bid validity
E) All
19. Choose the incorrect statement out?
Shorter bid validity period results in rejection of bids
A bidder has the right to refuse the time extension request by PE
The bid bond of refused bidder is not forfeited
Clarification of bidding document is given solely for the one requested so.
None of the above
20. The bid security specifically bid bond is forfeited when:
A) The bidder withdraws during the validity period
B) The bidder fails to sign contractual agreement
C) The bidder fails to submit performance bond
D) The bidder is not willing to accept the correction of its bid price
E) All
21. Which one of the following is not a necessary condition to use Short list suppliers in
Restricted Bidding?
A) A list of suppliers obtained for not more than a year
B) A list developed by Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED)
C) A list that contain adequate information about suppliers
D) Published contract notice on PPA website
E) None of the above
22. When the price of the winning bid is significantly higher than the price obtained by the PE
market survey, PE can reject all bids.
A. True
B. false
1. Write down the steps required in open bid (NCB & ICB)?
2. What are the Professional ethics expected of persons engaged in public procurement.
3. According to the Ethiopian public procurement Proclamation 649/2009 on Article 33: list
explain six methods of procurement shall be used in public procurement:
4. What is two stage bidding and state the conditions under which two stages are used?