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Social Media Guide

Fourth Annual Johns Hopkins

Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference

During this years conference we will be utilizing a variety of

social media platforms to create a VIRTUAL SPACE to
encourage discussion and open dialogue about the
information presented at the conference. We hope this will
foster continued conversations between participants and those
who are unable to attend.

So what is the big deal?

Twitter has revolutionized social media
by making it simple for the world to
communicate in real time.

During the conference you can use it to:

Communicate with organizers (ask
questions, quote, etc.)
Discuss topic in real time with
Track trends in options
Share documents and get article
citations on the spot

Did you know?

Last year we virtually engaged over 12,500 individuals
via twitter in over 10 countries during the 3rd Annual
Critical Care Conference!

Your Social
Media Team
Questions? Send us a
tweet or email we are
happy to help!



How do I get started?

1) Sign up at
2) Create a profile with a name similar to
your own
a. KEEP IT SHORT! People only
have 140 characters to tweet at you
Click here to send a new tweet
so dont use em up on your name.
b. Upload a photo and fill in your bio
c. Find Friends, colleagues, and
Search for topics (using a #) or
attendees to follow (start with the
people using @
list at the end of this guide J )
3) When you are up and running it will look
like this:

Your profile information

Aliquam scelerisque
sagittis erat.

Your twitter feed the comments your

write and your follower write

Suggestions of
individuals similar to
you to follow

Helpful Hints
Think of tweeting as a cross
between text messaging, instant
messaging, and blogging.

The Lingo
Follow: By following someone on Twitter, you
will receive their tweets in your feed.
@person: A comment aimed at one user, but
visible to the public
DM = Direct Message: is sent privately to
another user (but you must follow one another
to do this)
RT or Retweeting: Sharing someone elses
post to your followers. You can quote it directly
or edit it. If you do it then becomes a MR or
Modified Retweet

Short and sweet:

Tweets are LIMITED TO 140
CHARACTERS so you will
quickly learn economy of
thought and word. Utilize
helpful punctuation like &,
shorten words, and utilize
websites like to
shorten your weblinks!

Hashtag: Words beginning with a # help you

find specific conversations. The # makes it

In this tweet: @TEDMED is quoting something another conference attendee (@alswrite) said, they are
marking it as part of the conversation #GreatChallenges

When Tweeting Include

Conference Hashtag:
For all conference
correspondence, follow us,
and tweet at:

Conference Speakers and Affiliates to Follow:

Dale Needham: @needhamdale

Michael Friedman: @mkfrdmn
Cristina Romagnoli @cuppaday
Johns Hopkins Rehab: @RehabHopkins
Johns Hopkins Medicine: @HopkinsMedicine
American Physical Therapy Association: @APTA
Acute Care APTA: @AcuteCarePT
American Thoracic Society: @ATSCommunity