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Upgrade the technology

infrastructure, replace
outdated computers,
and purchase additional
computer devices for
student use.

Construct McDonough
High & Middle Schools, a
distribution center, and
purchase land for
future growth.

Make necessary renovations

and repairs on school facilities
throughout the school system.

Construct a new facility on the

north end of the county, and
renovate the current facility.

Purchase new buses.

Construct a multipurpose/
secondary gym at each high

Install synthetic turf fields

and rubberized tracks at all
high schools, and install
athletic field lighting at
three middle schools.

Construct an access
connector between Academy
for Advanced Studies to
Southern Crescent Technical
College to support dual
Construct/renovate central office facilities to
support maintenance, technology, and
instructional services.
Complete energy management projects for cost
savings on utilities.

When will the E-SPLOST V / Bond Referendum be held?

Voters will cast their ballots on March 1, 2016. This is the date of Georgias Presidential Preference

Early voting for this election will begin February 8, 2016.

The deadline to register to vote in this election is February 1, 2016. For assistance, contact the
Henry County Board of Elections Office at 770-288-6448.

What is an E-SPLOST?

The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Education, also known as an E-SPLOST, is a 1 cent
sales tax on all retail sales in Henry County.

The E-SPLOST is a sales tax, not a property tax. Anyone who makes a purchase in Henry County,
including visitors, contributes to the support of local schools.

By law, an E-SPLOST can only be used for certain capital projects that support local schools. Such
funds cannot be used for the day-to-day operational expenses of a school system and cannot be
used for salaries and benefits for employees.

Is the proposed E-SPLOST a new tax? How long would the E-SPLOST be in effect?

This would NOT be a new or additional tax. The current sales tax will NOT increase.

If Henry County voters approve, the current 1 cent sales tax for schools would be continued for
another five years. The current E-SPLOST will expire at the end of 2017.

The first Henry County E-SPLOST was approved by voters in 1997. Voters passed the current
E-SPLOST in 2011.

How is a General Obligation Bond used? Will approval to sell bonds cause my taxes to increase?

The selling of bonds is a way for the Henry County Board of Education to obtain needed funding
ahead of the collection of E-SPLOST sales tax, allowing the school system to immediately begin
work on capital projects.

How will funds be used if voters approve a continuation of the 1 cent sales tax for education?

See other side of flyer for details.