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Madison, WI 53719

Career Summary

Procurement Specialist Office Administrator

Supply Chain
Brand Management
Content Marketer

Multilingual and multicultural

Initiating change from an
undiscovered angle
Emotionally intelligent approach
Excellence at understanding the
dynamics of relationships
Purposeful and reliable
Commitment to the people and
ideas I promote
Sophisticated and elegant presence

Captivating the audience,

energizing my message
Meticulous and circumspect tactic
Bringing order to office chaotic
Profound and tactful observation
Earning loyalty as a consistent
and familiar presence
Loyal and devoted dedication
Making decisions that benefit the

Key Skills

Basic accounting
Brand management
Business writing
Contract negotiation
Planning and forecasting
Research and analysis
Supply chain management
Strategy development
Purchasing and
Vendor, inventory

Data analysis
Phone etiquette
Team building and
Interviews and on boarding
Entrepreneurship and
Computer proficiency
Customer service
Public speaking
Project management
Problem solving

Office administration
Organizing meetings and
Arranging travels
Appointment management
Spreadsheets, databases
Office, Excel and
Grammar, spelling and
Email marketing
Financial reports

Work Experience
Manager (Lancme/L'Oreal International; Elizabeth Arden)

(October 2010 2015)

Reorganized business process to achieve at the highest levels sales increase and optimized
documentation to drive it through completion in the shortest time by anticipating clients desires,
successfully coping with chaotic situations, fast pace and constant change.
Designed and developed a new way of client experience through remarkable phone etiquette
skills and effective appointment system.
Built a base of dedicated customers by creating positive memories of being treated with respect
and non-intrusive attention. 70% customer loyalty increase
Passionately presented new products and strongly promoted existing ones. 20% revenue
Trained and coached new staff members. Shared the best techniques and helped to assimilate
into the customer service culture to exceed the quality standard set by the management.

MOTHERCARE, TRANS EURO TRADING LTD, Minsk, Belarus (August 2008 August 2010)
Procurement Specialist
Effectively maintained rhythmic and uninterrupted supply of goods from warehouse to stores by
leading several major improvements in the process.
Proficiently made orders of assortment product of other brands from local suppliers and
MOTHERCARE brand from the head office in England due to a strong supply chain training.
Had been recognized by senior management with several rewards for an outstanding personal
and team performance, and unique innovative contributions to the company.
Assisted with research and evaluation, selection and negotiation of terms for a wide variety of
goods by defining new documentation standards and establishing new procedures to further
improve quality of office work.
Trained many high-performing sales teams by creating an open environment and forging lasting
relationships built on trust and respect.
MOTHERCARE, TRANS EURO TRADING LTD, Minsk, Belarus (August 2007 August 2008)
Sales Associate
Drove sales up by quick identification of customers needs and wants, and merchandise supply.
Built customer goodwill through perfect service and unobtrusive selling.
Contributed to the improvement of the interior dcor by advantageous placement of stores
Academic Qualifications
Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus 2009
Master of Arts degree in English
Bachelors degree - Language Education (English) 3. 41 GPA
Completion of additional high school level work
Associates degree - Education with specialization in Language Instruction (English) 3.56 GPA
Russian, Belarusian: native language.
English: fluent speaking, reading and writing.
Spanish: fluent speaking, intermediate reading, writing and improving.
Turkish: intermediate speaking, reading; basic writing and improving.
Work Related Training


Supply Chain Management
Purchase order creation and price imputation
Retail Merchandising


English Language Teacher | YMCA | February 2008
Professional Referees
Deborah M. Gugel | Assistant to the Chair | Physician Recruiter | University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine | (608) 445-3224 |
Michael Skvortsov | General Director | TRANS EURO TRADING LTD