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“It seems like Dan and I are metaphysical aura-trash projectors,” says Joe, anchored by a pithy, feral expression, which looks beyond objects — as though he is channeling his description from a source outside of fractaled self-consciousness.

“ It seems like our music mostly emits from our eyes but masked by our... what is that word? What is it when you’re really uncoordinated?”

While Joe himself is not verbally remiss, his articulative powers — remarkably strong — rely on a fluidity that can at times defy lingual convention, in favor of abstraction. He finds the word he was looking for, which is strangely obvious: “...clumsy. Clumsy. Clumsy instrument juggling juggles.”


by Alexa Shapiro
There is a silence, and Joe turns off the speaker on his phone. I can only hear one end of the conversation, now. Joe seems to have realized that Dan has one more thing to add. He turns the speaker back on. Dan’s gnomish voice gurgles sweetly from the other side, and adds one more influence to his list: “...love!”
Pregnant & zecki am sun use computers, guitars and their minds to create electronic compositions that explore the nature of the spirit. They take a break from the capital city to tour the Pacific Northwest this month. for more information: myspace.com/lostlamp

Dan, who answers via telephone, is at first reluctant to explain what his music is about. He offers, with vagueness uncharacteristic to him, “it’s light... lighthearted... I don’t know.” He seems suspicious of my intentions, but soon sucks away into a charming wave of glossolalia. “Dotchikarima. Ochikarima-sensation. Sensation. Don’t you see? We’re all living in the dotchikarima. Sensation. Sensation.” The impetus of word-chaos excites the wave into finding its ocean, and he continues: “It’s about rainbows, boners, goats, waterfalls, eyelashes, rocks, dirt, pine needles, needles, eyeglasses, sore throats, curly hair, straight hair, straight or gay, CD rainbow reflections, universal temples, happiness, sadness, eternity, bathtubs, yarn, mermaids, dolphins, the color blue... red, purple, light shades of yellow... Alexa, Joe, Daniel, Andy.... no. No, no, no, stop. I’m done.”

Downtown Crocker Art Museum 216 O Street  Boasts one of the state’s  premier collections of  California art, worldrenowned Old Master  drawings, and significant  holdings of Asian art and  international ceramics. Temple Coffee Smith Gallery 1014 10th Street  1020 11th Street # 100  Paintings by Jim Marxen.  Sacramento’s largest  Second Saturday reception  gallery offering fine art  May 10 6-10pm including contemporary,  landscapes and custom  framing.


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Sacramento Art Complex


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Artist’s & Studios

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Solomon Dubnick Gallery• ry alle st  G mpe nix  Te oe Ph alleria •  G Zanzibar Tribal Art• •  ti • Bows & Arrows tra t 19 • a S en i ee elic rtm off • F Apa l C u • So ld  O

n Ja ara ibe r • S y T od t  • B es lty m W leria a  Re inu a tin  Plat za G aller r • Ma  Ra l G  La  Hal  Mc • n • io  Un •

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miDtown 20th Street Gallery Barton Gallery 911 20th Street  1723 I Street  “The Feminine Perspective.”  Works by Gregory Barton,  Leslie Pratt & ceramic  Earl Boley and Gilbert  panties and objects by  Amavisca on display. Emma Luna. Body Tribe Fitness 1600 H Lofts 920 21st Street  1600 H Street  Fitness studio featuring  Artwork of Jennifer Wolfe.  local artists and live music. Reception 6pm to 9pm  Bows & Arrows Artfox 1712 L Street  2213 N Street  “Notable Lantern Eve” by  Large-format watercolors  Richard St. Ofle & Graciela  by owner Lawrence Fox. Guardado. Music by Agent  Ribbons & Sherman Baker. Apartment 19 1903 1/2 Capitol Avenue  Cuffs European-style boutique  2523 J Street #101  salon. Stylist James  Artworks by Melissa  Wilkinson. Arendt. Live music by  original punks The Pizzas. B Sakata Garo 923 20th Street  Deep May 6–May 31 Artists  2030 H Street  Abstract art by Katherine  “Of Heaven and  Sherwood and Jeff Adams. Earth” Paintings by  Rachel J. Miller. Felicia Strati 1901 Capitol Avenue  Passports to Europe.  Fashions from Italy and  Greece. Galleria Tempest 1801 L Street  Furniture by Gale Hart  and digital prints by  Tom McKeith.  La Raza Galeria Posada 1022 22nd Street  Contemporary collection  celebrating Chicano,  Latino and Native art and  culture. Lush Salon 2000 I Street  Paintings by  Johnathan Blair McMartin Realty 2031 K Street Suite 100  Park Your Art 6-10pm.  www.park-your-art.com

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Old Soul Coffee 1716 L Street  Premiere coffee roasters  hosting live music and  showcase emerging artists. Phoenix Framing & Gallery 1801 L Street #211  A unique look at  Sacramento architecture  by Dirk Dusharme.

Upper Playground 2524 J Street  Solomon Dubnick Gallery Hip hop and skateboarding  1050 20th Street # 130  themed photography and art. Mark Bryan, oil on canvas,  Zanzibar Trading Co satirical look at politics  and sexuality. John deWit,  1731 L Street  Platinum West Gallery sculptor, showing abstract  Fairly traded native  1018 22nd St  handicrafts, tribal artifacts,  glass works. Exhibition of collodion wet  African and Asian art. plate images.

SaraJane & Co. 908 21st Street  Music by DJ Billy Lane,  Sister Crayon, Kenny  Beasley, & Jason Cooper.  Artworks by Annie Owens  & Amos Oaks.

Union Hall Gallery 2126 K Street  Artwork of faculty and  staff from American  River College

Phone: 916-443-2057

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we ry Q Street  G nd r / rt e  A ou  F nn ry i rt  Sk ra • A ios ela mpo tud m te a S • P Con  S  ery 1200 ll •  Ga el  p p • A
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Axis Gallery •Coventry and Center for    • Contemporary Art • so • no er y eli  Re At ria le Ga

15th Street

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SouthSiDe 1200 S Gallery & Studios 1200 S Street  New artists Marsha Kilian & Suzanne  McClelland. Paintings by Patris. Local  wineries pouring. Figurative pieces,  original oils and California landscapes. Appel Gallery 931 T Street  Sacramento’s only dedicated fine art  photography gallery. Featuring works by  Dirk Van Denderen. Art Foundry 1021 R Street  Phil Linhares curates the May exhibition  of Jerry Ross Barrish entitled “Bronze  and Plastic.” Atelier  1617 16th street  Sacramento’s home of high fashion.  Clothing by Threaded Heart, Naik Fur  and Lindsay Rickman. Axis Gallery 1517 19th Street  Boyd Gavin, oil on canvas.  Bricka Bracka 2114 P Street  Sculptor Dave Brochier aluminum  kinetic sculptures. Pamela Skinner / Gwenna Howard Contemporary Art  723 S Street  Sculpture & paintings by Mike Riegel  and Erik Gonzales. oaK ParK 40 Acres Art Gallery 3428 3rd Avenue  Best of Sac High 2008  April 15 - May 31, 2008 Brickhouse Art Studios 2837 36th Street  Contemporary fine art gallery surrounded  by ten working art studios, south of  Broadway. Tangent Gallery 2900 Franklin Boulevard  Short Center  May 10

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• Bricka Bracka and  Revolution Wines




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Fran klin  Bou leva rd
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Brickhouse  Art Studios 40 Acres •  Art Gallery •


ven nd A




The best in fine and contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists from the greater Sacramento area.

9 11 2 0th Street
Open Tuesday thru Saturday Noon to 5pm Second Saturday Reception: 6pm to 9pm Parking behind gallery



You a r e i n v i t e d t o t h e
of the

2110 K Street

Sacramento Art Complex
Saturday May 10 6–9 p.m.
& the Grand Opening of

Grand Opening

Smith Gallery Midtown P a m e l a S kinner

Art & Artists

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MIKE RIEGEL Aestusestus, Concre t e a n d S t e e l Scul pture, 2008

E R I K G O N Z A L E S Diving Bell, acrylic, latex, charcoal, g r a p h i t e o n c a n vas. 68”X53” 2008