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Social Platform Cheat Sheet

Need to

Whos On


Most established social

channel; broad reach
in US & global. Very
advanced targeting;
paid ads necessary.

Everyone, with a majority

A fairly wide audience,
of Millennial users living in
with pops in:
U.S., India & Brazil.
Tech, Marketing,
However, teens are using
African American,
it less, and differently
Entertainment, Politics
(more for networking)
1.55 Billion

Go-to social network for

many demos. Browsing
the feed; keeping up with
friends; sharing
How People
news/photos; sharing &
Use It
discovering content;
planning events. Also
used for customer

How Brands
Use It


What It Can

Major KPIs

Very well established

w/ strong ad products
& potential for wide
reach, though
audience is more niche

320 Million
Many are spectators
rather than active
participants, discovering
content, articles & news.
Others use it for 1:1
engagement with friends,
peers, celebrities &
brands. Lots of customer
service inquiries.

Facebook made
community growth a
priority on IG. Very high
engagement rates
relative to other channels.
70 M photos /day

Huge opportunity for

search (81% increase YoY
platform searches,
and for businesses (2/3 of
content saved from Pinners
comes from businesses)
,80% mobile activity.

Started by a high
school dropout; now
owned by Yahoo.
Blogging platform for
the creative set.

Millennials (72%),
GenX (58%), and
teens 14-17 (81.9%)

Millennial parents,
Millennials, teens, and
early adopters.
Audience is getting
more mainstream.

Mostly US, women 2554, but has made a

strides to diversify
including 40% reach of
Millennials online and
influx of male users.

Teens and Millennials.

56% users are 18-34.
Popular amongst the
fashion, art,
entertainment, food &
creative set.

Early adopters,
Millennials and teens.
Hardcore content

1 Billion

400 Million

100 Million a new record

achieved this quarter

N/A - Tumblr tracks

audience based on blog
network & dashboard

Est. 200 Million Vines


Owned by Google.
2nd most popular
search engine. 6
billion hours of video
viewed per month.

Watching videos,
uploading videos,
following video
creators (now
celebrities in their
own right).

Publish high quality

visual content, often an
extension of brand
campaigns. Elicit
engagement from fans
& non-fans. Can do
very robust demo &
interest targeting.
Increasingly as a
sounding board for
customer service.

Real-time participation in
cultural events. Publish
high quality visual & text
based content. Ask
questions & have 1:1
conversation with
consumers & influencers.
Host Twitter chats &
parties. Respond to
customer service inquiries.

Video, strong visuals

(print quality) with less
than 20% text on image;
link and carousel ads

140 character limit

Text based, image
content, videos & GIFs

Short & long form


Yes - Robust

Yes - Robust

Yes - Robust

Brand Equity
Purchase Intent

Brand Equity
Purchase Intent

Trial (Mainly Entertainment)

Traffic (for Publishers)
Reach New Audiences

Trial (Mainly Entertainment)

Traffic (for Publishers)
Reach New Audiences

Impressions, Video Views

CTR, CPE, CPF, Likes,
Comments, Shares

Retweets, @replies, Likes,

Followers, Impressions,
Hashtag use

* Updated November 2015

73% of Pinners use

Showcasing their lives in
Curating & creating
Pinterest to plan for the
unique, artsy, or
content that provides a
adorable ways. Lots of
window into their
selfies and food. Getting
personalities, interests,
Discovering new things &
inspired by what others
etc. Riffing on pop
products; getting inspired;
are sharing, including
culture, trends, humor,
planning their lives and
friends, brands &
etc. Following others
who inspire them.

Distribute TV
commercials and other
video content, and
Publish high quality
create unique webphotographic and video
based video content.
content & engage with
Leverage influencers to
fans. Leverage
create video content.
influencers to create
Paid media - pre-roll,
branded content.
banners, in-video,
TrueView etc.

Brand Equity
Purchase Intent

Trial (Mainly Entertainment)

Reach New Audiences
Video Views,
Video Completion
Rate, Likes,

Strong visuals - artistically

created, specific look &
feel with filters
15-second looped videos,
ink and carousel

Yes Getting robust

Brand Equity
Brand Engagement
Purchase Intent

Publish high quality

content with rich,
keyword focused
descriptions & vertical
imagery. Integrate
Pinterest button on
website & optimize web
content, Create rich &
promoted pins to make
content more

Maintain branded
Tumblr page & curate
experience through
reblogs & original
content. Engage with
Tumblr influencers. Some
convergence with
Yahoo advertising.

Strong vertical visuals with

Text, photo, quote,
links back to (& pulled from)
link, chat, audio,
brand website and strong
video. Photos and GIFS
with keywords for search
tend to perform best.

Owned by Twitter.
Launched the shortform video craze. Very
influencer driven.
Nearly all mobile.

Consuming &
sometimes creating
fun, interesting 6second videos.
Following influential
content creators.

Mobile app, catering to

Questionable value as
the <25 demo. Expiring
a social network but
images & videos, 24
not irrelevant. Mostly
hour stories and a
used to bolster SEO.
Discover tab
Over 2.2 Billion G+
profiles b/c anyone with
a Gmail account has a
profile. However, few
actually interact with
content on the

4-6 Million
Often used for
promoting ones
personal businesses
or career.
following brand

Creating 6-second
videos - one-offs or,
increasingly, whole
storylines in 6-sec
episodes. Leverage
influencers to create
brand content.

Less commonly
used as a content
distribution channel,
and when it is, its
used mainly by
publishers or tech

13-34 year olds,

nearly 100MM daily
active Snapchatters
and growing

200 Million

1:1 photo/video
messages that expire
after 24 hours. Daily
storytelling to friends via
24-hour story feature.
Access publication
sourced stories

Behind the scenes,

exclusive content.
Content must be
entertaining, organic,
and on the fly.
Working with
influencers to
engage fans.

6-second videos

Text-based content.
Can include visuals,
videos & links back to
brand website

Images, videos,
drawings, emojis,


Yes - Thru Google

Yes Discover, Stories,

Geofilters, Lenses

Yes Robust with

Buyable Pins

Yes Getting more


Brand Equity
Brand Engagement
Purchase Intent

Brand Equity
Brand Engagement

Brand Equity
Brand Engagement

Search Optimization

Brand Equity
Brand Engagement
Young Audiences

Impressions, Follows,
Clicks, Views, ER

Revines, Comments,
Loops (# of times
video is played)

Clicks, Comments

Views, Screenshots,
Replays, Filter Usage,
Filter Impressions

Likes, Reach, Impressions,

Impressions, Clicks,
Eng. Rate, Hashtag use, Repins, Likes, Comments,
Clicks, CPC