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most beneficial to provide vitamins to high risk pregnant mothers in the area
to protect, sit baby up
Coagulation disorders
The highest priority in this situation is to determine if the client has taken the drug Zoviarax,
because Acyclovir has been associated with birth defects
5. Continue to monitor the clients labor progress
6. Beractant (SURVANTA) 100mg/kg per endotracheal tube
7. How many diapers does the infant wet daily?
8. Uterine Tetany
9. Keep suction equipment available at all times
10. Dry the infant under a warming unit
11. pulse increases is normal
12. Leaking of fluid from the vagina
13. crying
14. Supervision of the renovation of an old house the family just purchased due to teratogen
15. When I urinate I should tighten those muscles and stop the flow of urine for 10 seconds and
repeat this 5 to 10 times
16. Monitor for congestive heart failure
17. A cervical laceration
18. Perform fundal massage until firm
19. A 38-week multigravida with biophysical profile score of 4 out of 8
20. Observe for CNS infection related to sac trauma
21. mostly likely to use paint thinners
22. high blood pressure, blurred vision, headache, Proteinuria, Abdominal pain
23. mother exhibiting delusional thoughts
24. pulse increase is normal
25. nurse should turn off the Pitocin infusion first
26. Assist the client to sharply flex her thighs up against the abdomen
27. Document finding in infant record
28. Postpartum psychosis
29. Signs and symptoms of recurrence
30. Cheese, green salad, fruit
31. Abdominal pain and bright red bleeding
32. Perform a sterile vaginal exam
33. full dilation and effacement at 11:45 am
34. watch BP
35. Calcium gluconate
36. normal and will disappear
37. Fern test
38. check glucose level
39. supplemental formula feedings
40. Make sure patient has units of blood available
How to assess fetal lungs for maturity
2:1 Lecithin-Sphingomyelin Ratio
41. [-]#s are above the ischial spine and [+]#s are below
42. Placing hands inside the vaginal canal and repositioning the baby for delivery
43. Change the mom position, stop the pitocin, give O2, and call the HCP
44. 7-10 is good

4-6 is moderate resuscitative measures

1-3 mostly dead
45. WBC of 25,000
46. Caput succedaneum
47. Cephalohematoma
48. Mouth first then nostrils
49. vitamin k
50. Vastus lateralis
51. Abruption placenta
52. Placenta previa
53. Pre-eclampsia
54. Eclampsia
55. Oral hypoglycemics