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Aerodynamics and instruments


The function of the slat & flaps

a) To increase the speed of the aircrafts
b) To decrease the take off and the landing runs
c) As in (b) and are used for high speed operations *
d) As in (b) and reduce the fuel consumption.
Q.2 In the steady & level flight, if the angle of attack increases
a) lift increases *
b) drag increases
c) lift increases & drag decreases
d) lift & drag both decrease
In the straight & level flight , the dynamic pressure created on the tip
of the nose of the a/c is
a) Maximum
b) Minimum
c) zero*
d) None
In the Pitot static system, the static pressure is sensed at two points
by placing the pitots on either side of fuselage
a) Eliminates the position error
b) Freedom from ice protection
Eliminates the static & instrument error
d) Both (a) & (b) are
correct *
ATA codes for hydraulic, Pneumatic, fire protection system and the
engine indicating systems are
a) 29, 26,39 , 77
b) 29,36,26,77*
c) 36, 26, 29 , 79
d) 27., 71, 29 , 36
The fatigue is caused due to
a) Long hours of working
b) Emotional stress
c) Noise
d) All are correct *
The static charge wicks are mentioned in
a) Chapter 22
b) Chapter 23
c) Chapter 24*
d) Chapter 25
The elevator is used for
a) For the lateral control
b) Rotate the a/c about lateral
c) establish the a/c about lateral axis d) Both (b) & (c) are correct *
a) In nacelle it is measured from the either forward/ backward from
the front spar of wing and is perpendicular to the designated water line
b)The water line measures height in inches in parallel to the HP
c) Butt line measures the width from left to right & parallel to center
d) All are correct
Q.10 MTCS regarding the thermocouples
a) Sensing the hot & cold for the due temperature variation
b) It acts as a transducer
c) Both (a) & (b) *
Q.11 The angle of incidence is defined as
a) Angle between the longitudinal axis and the relative wind
b) Angle between the longitudinal axis & the chord line *
c) Angle between the chord line & wind
Q.12 What necessary information is available in the blue print ( drawing )
fro cutting threads
a) TPI, Major dia, size & type of the thread
b) size and shape of the thread
c) Both *
Q.13 The lift and drag depend on
a) Shape of the aerofoil

b) The Square of velocity &

c) The angle of attack

d) All are correct *
Q.14 The control surfaces which are mounted on the wings & operate along
with aileron are
a) The balance panels
b) The balance tabs
c) The spoilers *
d) None is correct
Q.15 The instrument panels are usually shock mounted to absorb
a) Low frequency low amplitude
b) High frequency low
c) Low frequency high amplitude * d) Any of above
Q.16 The precision instruments are re calibrated at regular intervals in the
a) Having normal environment but controlled temperature
b) Having air conditioned & dust proof environment*
c) Having filtration system of particles 5 to 10
Q.17 The working of piston engine is based on
a) Boyles law
b) Brayton law
c) Charles law
d) Both (a) &
( c) *
Q.18 The Gyro having freedom of rotation in all three directions is
a) The space or free gyro*
b) The tied gyro
c) The earth gyro
d) The rate gyro
Q.19 The purpose of the vortex generator is
a) High speed characteristics of the wing surfaces
b) Low speed characteristics of the tail surfaces
c) It is not used for the tail surfaces d) Both (a) & (b) are correct *
Q.20 The Ventral fins are used for
a) Longitudinal stability
b) Lateral stability
c) Directional stability *
d) None
Q.21 Which unit of the landing gear is used for wheel alignment
a) The torque link *
b) The shock strut
c) Drag brace
Q.22 The primary controls are
a) Aileron , Elevator , Slots
b) Aileron , Elevator , Rudder *
c) Aileron , Elevator , Spoilers
d) No combination is correct
Q.23 What can be the effect of under inflation of a/c wheels
a) The creep or slip of the wheels
b) Tube valves can shear off
c) Uneven wear at or near the edge of tread
d) All*
Q.24 The small aircrafts are
a) Tied down after every flight *
b) Tied down as per atmospheric conditions
c) Tied down after the all the flights , at the end of day.
Q.25 Which drag does not contribute to the lift
a) Induced
b) Interference
c) Parasite*
Q.26 The elevator is used for
a) For the lateral control
b) Rotate a/c around lateral axis
c) Establish a/c about lateral axis
d) both b & c*
Q.27 The mechanical efficiency of the piston engine depends on
a) Engine speed
b) Fuel used
c) Mean effective pressure*
d) Air fuel mixture ration
Q.28 What is the correct definition of the Angle of attack
a) The acute angle between the aircraft longitudinal axis and the chord
line at which the aerofoil is mounted on the aircraft
b) The horizontal acute angle between the symmetry of the aircraft







and the wind direction from which it touches the aircraft

c) The acute angle between the chord line and the relative wind
d) All are correct
The secondary purpose of the spoiler is
a) To be effective for the lateral control
b) To be helpful in the application of the brakes *
c) None of above is correct
In the Ed , the line indicating the position of the alternate position of
the part or relative position of the missing part is called
a) Hidden line
b) Phantom line *
c) Dashed line
The VHF frequency range is
a) 300 to 3000 MHz
b) 30 to 300 MHz*
c) 30 to 3000 KHz
d0 None is correct
The monocoque construction of the aircraft load is taken by
a) Longerons
b) Bulk head
c) Formers *
d) Both (a) &
The zone numbers are read from
a) From right to left *
b) From left to right
c) It can be both ways as directed by the designer
The landing gears are attached with the aircrafts with
a) Longerons
b) Bulk head
c) Keel beam*
d) Brackets
When de- fueling is done on the swept wing aircrafts
a) The tanks on ten fuselage are drained first
b) The tanks on the outboard are drained first *
c) The tanks on the in board are drained first
d) All tanks ate drained out together
Which instrument can be affected by the position error
a) Altimeter
b) ASI
b) VSI
c) Both (a) & (b)*
When the tail wheel aircraft is facing the wind
a) The elevators should be in fully down locked position
b) The elevators should be in fully up locked position*
c) The elevators should be in neutral position
a) Lateral leveling of L/A is more critical than H/A
b) Release the brakes to reduce possibility of incorrect weighing
c) Lateral leveling of H/A is more critical than L/A*
The interior cleaning of the aircraft is done by
a) Detergent or soap
b) Phosphoric acid
c) Vacuum cleaner *
d) None is correct