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(Fluid Lines & Fittings)

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If a tube bursts or cracks, it is generally the result of

(a) Excessive vibration
(b) Improper installation
(c) Damage caused by collision with an object
(d) All the above *
What are the major factor of adopting Al alloy for A/C plumbing
(a) Workability
(b) Resistance to corrosion
(c) Light weight
(d) All the above *
In high pressure hydraulic installation which tube to be used
(a) CRS tubing
(b) Copper tubing
(c) As in (a) either annealed or hard *
(d) As in (b) either annealed or hard
CRS steel tubing does not have to be annealed for
(a) Flaring or forming *
(b) Cutting
(c) Bending
(d) All the above
It may be necessary to test samples of the material for hardness by
(a) Magnet test
(b) Filing or scratching with a scribes *
(c) Nitric acid test
(d) None
When carbon steel is magnet tested the result will be
(a) Slightly magnetic
(b) Non-magnetic
(c) Strongly magnetic *
(d) Light magnetic
When CRS is magnet tested the result is
(a) Strongly magnetic
(b) Non-magnetic *
(c) Slightly magnetic
When Nickel steel is Nitric Acid tested the result will be
(a) Rapid action brown
(b) Rapid action green
(c) Rapid action greenish blue *
(d) No action
Bands of the colour code in tubing should be
(a) Less than 4 in width
(b) Not more than 4 in width
(c) As in (a) painted at the two ends
(d) As in (b) painted at the two ends and approximately midway between the ends of the
tubing *
Which colour band is used to identify 2014 Al alloy?
(a) White
(b) Red
(c) Gray *
(d) Purple
Which colour of band is used to identify 6053 Al alloy?
(a) White
(b) Black *
(c) Green
(d) Purple
Which colour of band is used to identify 5052 Al alloy?
(a) White
(b) Green
(c) Purple*
(d) Black
Which colour of band is used to identify 7075 Al alloy
(a) Blue and Yellow
(b) Brown and yellow *
(c) Brown and blue
(d) Black
Which tubing is used for general purpose lines of low or negligible fluid pressure
(a) 1100 or 3003*
(b) 2014 or 2024
(c) 5052
(d) 5052 or 6061
CRS steel tubing is used extensively in
(a) Low pressure hydraulic system
(b) High pressure hydraulic system *
(c) Medium pressure hydraulic system
(d) All the above
External brake lines should always be made of
(a) Steel
(b) Carbon steel
(c) CRS *
(d) None
Identification markings for steel tubing includes
(a) Manufacturers name or trade mark
(b) SAE number
(c) Physical condition of the metal
(d) All the above *
Metal tubing is sized by
(a) Outside diameter
(b) Inside diameter
(c) As in (a) measured in sixteenth of an inch *
(d) As in (b) measured in sixteenth of an inch
The length of hose assemblies with straight end fitting is taken as the distance between
(a) The extremities of the two nipples *
(b) The center of the bore
(c) The extremities of one nipples

Q. 20 In the case of elbowed end fittings the length is taken from

(a) The extremities of the two nipples
(b) The center of the bare *
(c) The extremities of three nipples
Q. 21 Which type of low pressure hose used on A/C for instrument lines
(a) The thin-walled textile-reinforced type *
(b) The thick walled textile reinforced type
(c) Rubber or canvas spirally corrugated hose
(d) All the above
Q. 22 The rubber or canvas spirally corrugated hose having a spiral of spring steel emedded in the
corrugation, which is often used for systems where
(a) There are positive pressure
(b) There are negative pressure *
(c) There are low pressure
(d) There are high pressure
Q. 23 What is the storage life of rubber or synthetic rubber hose, depending on the formulation of
the material
(a) Five to ten years
(b) Three to six years
(c) Three to five years*
(d) Four to six years
Q. 24 The storage life of hose supplied in bulk is calculated from
(a) Date of manufacture
(b) The cure date *
(c) Date of assembly
(d) Date of issue
Q. 25 The storage life of hose assembly is calculated from
(a) Date of manufacture or assembly*
(b) Date of cure
(c) Date of fitment
(d) Date of issue
Q. 26 Bulk supplies of hose are generally stored in
(a) Coils of small diameter
(b) Coils of large diameter
(c) As in (a) at temperature between 10 C and 80 C
(d) As in (b) at temperature between 10 C to 26 C *
Q. 27 To allow for shrinkage, vibration, movement of parts, all straight hose assemblies should be
at least ___________ longer than the maximum distance between the fittings to which they
are connected
(a) 2%
(b) 3%*
(c) 4%
(d) 1%
Q. 28 The date of manufacture is marked on hose and hose assemblies may be on
(a) The external surface
(b) Impressed on a tab
(c) Band secured to the hose
(d) All the above *
Q. 29 The purpose of self sealing quick disconnect valve, installed in the hydraulic system
(a) To prevent leakage of fluid from A/C to the ground trolley
(b) To permit connection of flexible hose from the test rig to the A/C
(c) To quickly disconnect the hydraulic system in case of engine fire
(d) All are correct *
Q. 30 Out of the following which synthetic material used for flexible hoses, has the excellent
resistance to the petroleum product
(a) Neoprene
(b) Buna-N*
(c) Butyle
Q. 31 The hose material of which synthetic material is not affected by any type of unknown fuel or
petroleum product
(a) Buna-N
(b) Neoprene
(c) Butyle
(d) Teflon*
Q. 32 The plumbing line marked as PHDAN carry
(a) The fuel
(b) Toxic material
(c) Dangerous goods like Oxygen and Freon *
(d) All the above
Q. 33 Yellow line of fuel in the A/C indicates for fluid line
(a) Lubrication *
(b) Hydraulic
(c) Fuel system
(d) All the above
Q. 34 The flexible hoses are used in A/C plumbing to connect
(a) The stationary parts with another stationary part
(b) The moving part with stationary part *
(c) The moving part with moving part
(d) The part, which are not subjected to vibration
Q. 35 Which compound is most suitable material for the flexible hose pipes to be with hydraulic
(a) Buna-N
(b) Neoprene
(c) Buna-S
(d) Butyl *

Q. 36 Which synthetic rubber compound made from petroleum raw materials

(a) Buna-N
(b) Butyl*
(c) Neoprene
(d) Buna-S
Q. 37 Butyl is used with
(a) Phosphate easter hydraulic fluid
(b) Silicon fluids
(c) Acetones
(d) All the above *
Q. 38 Buna-S is normally used for
(a) Phosphate easter hydraulic fluid
(b) Tires and tubes *
(c) Oil and gasoline hoses
(d) Weather seals
Q. 39 Which synthetic rubber compound which has excellent resistance to petroleum products
(a) Buna-S
(b) Buna-N*
(c) Neoprene
(d) Butyl
Q. 40 Neoprene is used primarily for
(a) Weather seals
(b) Window channels
(c) Oil-resistant hose
(d) All the above *
Q. 41 Buna-N synthetic rubber is used for
(a) Oil and gasoline hose
(b) Tank linings
(c) Gaskets
(d) All the above *
Q. 42 The size of flexible hose is determined by its
(a) Outside diameter
(b) Inside diameter
(c) As in (a) increments in one-sixteenth inch
(d) As in (b) increments in one-sixteenth inch*
Q. 43 The lines conveying fuel may be marked
(a) Toxic
(b) FLAM*
(d) None
Q. 44 In most instances, fluid lines are marked with
(a) 1 inch tape or decals *
(b) 2 inch tape or decals
(c) 3 inch tape or decals
(d) All the above
Q. 45 In AN fitting tube flare angle is
(a) 35
(b) 37*
(c) 38
(d) 39
Q. 46 In AC flared tube fitting flare angle is
(a) 35*
(b) 37
(c) 38
(d) 39
Q. 47 The AN fitting has a shoulder between
(a) Does not have shoulder
(b) The start of the thread and body length
(c) The end of the thread and the flare cone *
(d) All the above
Q. 48 The colour of AN flared tube fitting is
(a) Gray or yellow
(b) Yellow or blue
(c) Black o gray
(d) Blue or black *
Q. 49 The colour of AC fitting is
(a) Grey or yellow *
(b) Yellow or blue
(c) Blue or black
(d) None
Q. 50 Body length of AN fitting is
(a) Shorter
(b) Medium
(c) Longer*
(d) None
Q. 51 Flared-tube fitting are made of
(a) Aluminum alloy
(b) Steel
(c) Copper base alloys
(d) All the above *
Q. 52 For identification all AN steel fitting are coloured
(a) Black *
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Yellow
Q. 53 All AN aluminum alloy fitting are identified by __________ coloured.
(a) Black
(b) Blue*
(c) Red
(d) Yellow
Q. 54 The AN 819 aluminum bronze sleeves are identified
(a) Cadmium plated with black colour
(b) Cadmium plated and not coloured *
(c) Broze plated with blue colour
Q. 55 In threaded flared tube fitting, male end of a fitting is _________ threaded.
(a) Internally
(b) Not having thread
(c) Externally *

Q. 56 In threaded flared tube fitting, the female end of a fitting is ________ threaded.
(a) Internally *
(b) Externally
(c) Both (a) or (b) are correct
Q. 57 Flexible connector may be equipped with either
(a) Swaged fitting
(b) Detachable fitting
(c) Beads and hose clamps
(d) All the above *
Q. 58 Which connector often used for connecting oil, coolant and low pressure fuel system tubing
(a) Swaged fitting
(b) Detachable fitting
(c) Bead and hose clamp *
(d) All the above
Q. 59 Scratches, abrasion and minor corrosion on the out side of fluid lines may be smoothed out
(a) Brass wool
(b) Aluminum or burnishing tool *
(c) Copper wool
(d) Solvent
Q. 60 A new piece of tubing should be cut approximately __________ than the tube to be
(a) 10% longer *
(b) 15% longer
(c) 5% smaller
(d) 20% longer
Q. 61 Tubing under _____________ in diameter usually can be bent without the use of a bending
(a) 1/8 inch
(b) inch *
(c) 1/16 inch
(d) 3/32 inch
Q. 62 Small diameter of the flatlened portion must not be less than ______ of the original outside
(a) 25%
(b) 50%
(c) 75%*
(d) 100%
Q. 63 The ordinary production tube bends will accommodate tubing ranging from __________
outside diameter.
(a) inch to 1 inch
(b) inch to 1 inch *
(c) 1 inch to 2 inch
Q. 64 A crooked flare is the result of
(a) Weak joint
(b) Pull apart
(c) The tubing not being cut squarely *
(d) All the above
Q. 65 The flaring tool used for A/C tubing has male and female dies ground to produce a flare of
(a) 30 to 35
(b) 35 to 37*
(c) 37 to 39
Q. 66 An automotive type flaring tool which produces a flare of
(a) 37
(b) 40
(c) 45*
(d) 50
Q. 67 Double flaring is not necessary on
(a) Al tubing
(b) Steel tubing *
(c) Copper tubing
(d) All the above
Q. 68 The hand-beading tool is used with tubing having
(a) to 1 inch outside diameter *
(b) to 1 inch inside diameter
(c) 1 inch to 2 inch inside diameter
(d) 1 inch to 2 inch outside diameter
Q. 69 Grip-die method of beading is confined to
(a) Large tubing
(b) Small tubing *
(c) Medium tubing
Q. 70 The sleeve pilot should contact the tube or have a maximum clearance of _________ for
aluminum alloy tubing
(a) 0.001 inch
(b) 0.003 inch
(c) 0.005 inch *
(d) 0.004 inch
Q. 71 The sleeve pilot should contact the tube or have a maximum clearance of _________ for
steel tubing.
(a) 0.005 inch
(b) 0.015 inch *
(c) 0.010 inch
(d) 0.020 inch
Q. 72 The deep, permanent impression in the hose produced by the pressure of hose clamps or
supports is described as
(a) Flardening
(b) Cracles
(c) Cold flow *
(d) None
Q. 73 In assembly of sleeve type fitting, the clearance between the nut and sleeve is
(a) inch to inch
(b) 1/32 inch to 1/16 inch*
(c) 1/8 inch to inch
Q. 74 After assembly, always make sure all FOD is removed from inside the hose by

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(a) Blowing out with compressed air *

(b) Blowing out with hydraulic fluid
(c) Blowing out with oil
(d) None
Twisting of the hose can be determined from
(a) Identification strip
(b) Identification colours
(c) As in (a) running along its length *
(d) None
Hose must be supported at-least every _________.
(a) 10 inch
(b) 24 inch *
(c) 12 inch
(d) 26 inch
__________ of its total length must be allowed for freedom of movement under pressure.
(a) 6 to 8%
(b) 2 to 6%
(c) 5 to 8%*
(d) 8 to 10%
When under pressure, flexible hose _______ in lengths and _________ in diameter.
(a) Expands, contracts
(b) Contracts, expands *
(c) Expands, expands
(d) Contracts, contracts
Brass fittings plated with cadmium may be used with
(a) Aluminum alloy tubing *
(b) Steel tubing
(c) Cadmium tubing
(d) None
For corrosion prevention, Al alloy lines and fittings are usually
(a) Tempered
(b) Anodized *
(c) Nitrized
(d) None
Brass and steel fittings are usually
(a) Cadmium plated
(b) Nickel
(c) Chromium
(d) All the above *
Which support clamps is used to secure lines subjected to vibration
(a) Plain clamp
(b) Rubber-cushioned
(c) As in (a) prevent chafing of the tubing
(d) As in (b) prevent chafing of the tubing*
Which clamp is used where the deteriorating effect of hydraulic fluid or fuel is expected
(a) Rubber-cushioned
(b) Plain-clamp
(c) Teflon-cushioned *
(d) None
To secure metal hydraulic, fuel and oil lines in place which clamp is used
(a) Teflon
(b) Rubber
(c) Bonded clamps *
(d) None
Which type of clamps should be used for securing wiring
(a) Bonded clamps
(b) Unbonded clamps *
(c) Plain clamp
(d) All the above
Metal tubing is widely used in
(a) Fuel, oil and coolant
(b) Oxygen, Instrument and Hydraulic lines
(c) Both (a) and (b)*
(d) None of the above
Flexible hose is generally used
(a) With moving parts
(b) Where the hose is subjected to vibration
(c) Both (a) and (b)*
(d) None of the above
The magnet test is the simplest method for distinguishing between
(a) The annealed austenite and ferrite stainless steels *
(b) Carbon steel and pure nickel
(c) Carbon steel and ferrite stainless steel
(d) None of the above
Aluminum alloy tubing 1100 or 300s is used for
(a) General purpose
(b) Lines of low fluid pressure
(c) Lines of high fluid pressure
(d) Both (a) and (b) *
In the plumbing, All tubing should be
(a) pressure tested prior & Initial Installation*
(b) pressure tested after Initial Installation
(c) Inspect the tubing for any deformation
(d) None of the above
In A/C Plumbing, If a tube bursts or cracks, It is generally the result of
(a) excessive vibration
(b) Improper Installation
(c) both a and b*
(d) None of the above
Corrosion resistant steel tubing either annealed or 1/4 hard is used extensively in
(a) high pressure hydraulic system*
(b) Low pressure hydraulic system
(c) Instrument lines and ventilating conduits
(d) None of the above
Aluminium alloy tubing 1100 or 3003 are used in
(a) Instrument lines
(b) Ventilating conduits
(c) both (a) and (b)*
(c) hydraulic system

Q. 94 Teflon Hose is designed to meet the requirements on

(a) higher operating pressure*
(b) Low operating pressure
(c) Medium operating pressure
(d) None of the above
Q. 95 In Aluminium alloy tubing the painted colour code of 11,00 aluminium alloy number
(a) White*
(b) Red
(c) Purple
(d) Black
Q. 96 Lines containing toxic materials are marked
(b) TOXIC*
(d) None of the above
Q. 97 In identification of fluid lines the marking is done on lines in engine compartment where tags
being drawn into the engine induction system
(a) No marking is required
(b) Paint is used *
(c) Only taps or decals are put
(d) None of the above
Q. 98 Lines containing physically dangerous materials are marked
(a) PHDAN*
(d) None of the above
Q. 99 In Flare less tube Installation tighten the nut by hand
(a) until an increase in resistance to turning is encountered*
(b) until the nut is tightened
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above
Q. 100 All flexible hoses, under pressure
(a) hoses contracts in length
(b) hoses expands in diameter
(c) both (a) and (b)*
(d) none of the above