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March, 2014

To: Whom it may concern

Subject: RM Bridge Products Certification
The following RM Bridge products conform to the product certification standard mentioned below:
RM Bridge
RM Bridge Advanced
RM Bridge Advanced Non-Linear
RM Bridge Advanced Dynamics
RM Bridge Advanced Construction
RM Bridge Advanced Wind
RM Bridge Advanced Cable
RM Bridge Cast
Development of Bentley RM Bridge is guided by a thorough investigation of needs of the high level bridge industry and the
requests and suggestions made by our users. The requirements are assessed and analyzed in detail by our team of
experienced bridge engineering specialists. This assessment results in the preparation of the requirement specifications
describing in detail the , desired capabilities, and any constraints which the application will be required to obey. Functional
Specifications detailing how the application will work, the interface and how the user will interact with the application are
prepared using this basic information. Once completed and approved, the specifications are provided to the development
team. This intensive preparation and documentation process together with the close collaboration between the teams of
expert engineers and developers ensures that RM Bridge application will provide users with a solution which meets all of their
requirements for engineering analysis.
Throughout the development process, functional testing is undertaken by a team of structural engineers. Results are
compared with hand calculations and with automated tools for validity and accuracy. Unit testing throughout the development
process is performed by the software engineers. Testing plans are prepared targeting the planned enhancements and
implemented by a team of structural engineers. Final products are released to market after extensive testing including
automated regression testing testing against a set of standard input files developed and verified for accuracy over the
For more than 30 years RM Bridge has been used and tested in practical applications by top level industry experts, design
institutes, highway administration authorities, and construction companies all over the world. Each product license includes
comprehensive documentation, such as user manuals, online help, and application tutorials. The manuals provide in-depth
explanations of all features and uses of the application. The online help-system describes in detail the data management
requirements of the respective program functions and the tutorials provide insight into the application requirements in
different design situations. An integrated set of documented verification examples is also provided.
Major versions of RM Bridge are typically released once or twice a year when considerable functional enhancements have
been implemented. Intermediate upgrade releases are issued as necessary. We always strive to keep RM Bridge up-to-date
with the current industry specifications. Clients with active SELECT maintenance agreements are eligible for all upgrade
releases and may download upgrades through the online user portal.
RM Bridge products are supported by a dedicated technical support department. Members of our technical support team hold
advanced engineering degrees and are experts in both our software and the interoperability with other commonly used
industry applications. All technical support requests receive prompt responses.
Our rigorous development process and strict support delivery requirements provide users with an accurate solution which is
dependable and user-friendly. The entire RM Bridge product team is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of each user.

Shri Bhide, Director, BrIM Product Management