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Study skill

What is the meaning of study? Why we need to study? For passing the exam, it is not a good approach. The
only true goal for study can be knowledge. Examination is also a test of our knowledge. You must learn study
skills for achieving perfect knowledge of the subject. Here we are giving you some tips for you. Apply and
study smartly.
There are three major learning styles Visual
Visual learners think in shape of pictures. They like pictures, graphics, charts etc. If you are a visual learner
you can try these pointsMake graphics
Computer graphics
Make charts
Text with pictures
They learn better by listening. They like lectures, discussions. They like to read aloud. If you a auditory
learner, you can try these pointsDebates
Oral presentations
They learn by experience and feelings. They like writing. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you can try these
points Drawings
Make projects
Play games
Experiments and activities
Study room
Study area plays a vital role in effective study. Stop studying everywhere, if you want real role of the subject.
here are some valuable tips for youDecide a room for study and always read in the room.
Keep the room quite. Noisy place decrease your concentration
Keep the study place neat and clean
Never read on the bed, if you read on a bed you ever feel laziness.
Always use a table ad chair for study.
Keep your table free from unnecessary things like books, papers etc.
Group study

Group study is an effective study skill, if used wisely. Especially in exam time, It plays important role in a
group you can do following thingsAsk question and give answer to each other
Discuss any topic of any subject
A member can speak on a particular topic.
Ask question and give answer to each other
Help each other in problem areas of particular subject.
Exam time is not for learning new topics therefore just revise the points you know better. Here are some most
valuable tips for youMake a revision time table
Ask questions to yourself and try to give answer without the help of the book
Try to avoid read books in exam time, this time is for reading notes and key points
Dont leave a topic until you feel confident
Try to solve past exam question without the help of books. It will give you confidant certainly
Revise examples, diagrams, tables and figures

Exam Preparation Tips

We know that preparation for any exam is very stressful for any student. Exam preparation is not like a
regular study, it needs totally different approach. Here we are giving to you some most use full tips for your
exam preparation. These tips are not only for brilliant students. Every student can use these tips. These tips
also can be used in regular study.
Time management
Time management is necessary for every student. Who dont manage his time, feel stress in exam time. If you
dont manage your time, it is not late. Start from today. First determine how much time you have for
preparation then make a schedule for each subject. Determine your priorities; it helps you to make a
structured schedule. Set a goal for each month, week and day and try make schedule according to the goals.
Make short segments of time in the day for study. Dont study for long time, it may bore you. Dont be a book
worm, spend some time for relax.
Prepare a study schedule
A well structured study schedule is very necessary for effective study, especially in exam time. Make a
schedule for each subject. first determine the time you want to spend in every activity. Then decide activities
according to each subject. here are some examples of daily study activitiesReading a chapter of any textbook or notes.
Taking notes from text books
Group discussion
Writing practice
Solving past exam papers
Past exam papers
It is a god idea to solve past exam papers. If you solve exam papers, you will feel more confident and feel
less exam stress. You know that you will have to solve the exam paper in certain time therefore if you practice

to solve past exam papers in certain time, it would be good practice. Is you see last ten years exam papers,
you easily determine the important topics of the subjects and you will be familiar with the exam format.
Time of exam is not for learning new things, it is better for you to revise what you have learned. Revision
should also need different approach in exam time. Here are some most common techniques for revision in
exam timeRevise main headings of a large topic. If you keep main heading in your mind. Your mind will automatically
remember the Points under headings
Revise key points. Using key points in the exam, you can well explain any topic.
Learn diagrams, tables and lists. Our mind can easily remember these items in the comparison of large text.
Speak aloud when you read a textbook or notes.
Every wise student creates notes on every subject. Well prepared notes are extremely helpful for exam
Prefer these notes instead of text books
Rewrite and rearrange your notes.
Group study
Make a group with your friends for reading. It is an effective idea. Set a time for each day for study with this
group. You all can work on your weaknesses; can give a presentation of any topic. You can ask question to
each other and you can discuss any tough point of any topic.

Presentation skills
You can obtain good marks, if you present well your answers in examination. Practice for it. Consider points
and headings and use them in exam. examiner often read headings and just scan your description.
Diagrams, tables and lists also attract him, so use these items. Write neatly in answer sheet.
I know well fever
Never be over confident. Most students do this mistake. They think only about their weak points and forget the
subject in which they are in good position. It can be dangerous for exam success. It is true that you should
work well on your weak points but revision of every subject is necessary. Therefore revise every subject, every
lesson and every topic carefully. Without constant revision you may lose your command on calculations,
formulas, definitions etc.
Study place
Always use a study room for study. Room should be quiet, neat and clean room. A noisy place may harm your
concentration and memory. Many students think that they have weak memory. But many of these cases this is
only an assumption because memory is based on many factors. Study place is also a factor affecting your
concentration and memory. Always use study table for study. Never study on a bed. Keep TV away from your
study room.
Write more
Most of students prefer to read a text book or notes but it is facts that if you want to remember any topic for a
long time, write it. Write it again and again. It seems bit time consuming but is a more effective way to
remember anything. When you write a point your mind spend more time on an idea then reading therefore
write a topic you want to remember for a long time.
Healthy habits
A healthy body has a healthy mind therefore take care for your health. Take healthy meal, special in exam
time dont take junk food. Take proper sleep, some student read in night, it is not a healthy habit. If you make

proper schedule you can study in day effectively. Do exercise daily, it is not only helpful for your body but
also is helpful for your mind.
Think positive
In today`s time, carious student feel exam stress, many of them forget everything in the exam hall. Positive
thinking is necessary to avoid this situation. Never think about your past failures, dont think about your weak
points. If you worked well, what is the cause of worry? Believe on you
During the exam
Here are some valuable tips you can follow during the examsBe relaxed, confidant and positive
Read every instruction carefully
Read entire exam then start writing
Use diagrams and examples when needed. Sometimes examiner just see the diagram and assign marks
Dont get stuck in tough questions. First answer the easy questions
Write carefully with no mistakes. Examiners dont please with cut marks
Do rough work in particular place
Save some time for reviewing the answers and correct the mistakes
Never submit your answer copy before the time. Perhaps you will remember the answer of any unanswered

Note taking Techniques

A wise student always takes notes in class and he knows that how important notes are. A student, who have
notes of every subject never feel stress in exams. Effective note taking is necessary for students. Here we are
giving various techniques of effective note taking.
Purpose of note taking
Definite information of a subject
Easy to get information faster
Easy revision of the subject
Factors affecting note taking
Teaching style of lecturer
Interest of student in subject
Concentration of the student
Qualities of a good note taker
good hand writing
logical mind
good concentration and memory
good listening power
not hesitate to ask questions
Note taking problems
lecturer talker talks too fast
boringness of the mind of the student
lecture is not organize
lecturer used difficult terms
spelling problems

Abbreviations can faster your note taking. Use abbreviations instead of long words and sentences. It can be a
huge advantage to you. Some examples areAcid=Ad
Quantum theory=QT

Note taking Methods

Note taking Methods for students
Outlining is an effective way to note taking. This technique gives you a hierarchical way to organize the
main idea and data. Look an example1.Main idea
Sub headings
Mind mapping
Mind maps are also an effective tool for note taking. By using mind maps you can easily understand the
structure of the subject. you can draw mind maps of any subject by this way.
Draw a circle in the middle of the page and write in the main idea or topic.
When you need to add a topic related with the main topic. Draw a line from the circle. And give the label
according to your heading
You can add new branches in the sub heading line or main circle, when you need.
You can useColors
Cornell method
Note taking area
As you can see, divide the page in three columns, cue, note taking area and summaries
Write down the key points in the class.
Note taking area
You should take the notes during the lecture in this area. Choose your own style to taking notes in this
This area is reserved for brief summary of the notes.
Note taking tips
Before the lectures
Read the chapter before take notes. You will find easier to take notes
Review previous notes
During the lectures

Be attentive
If you have read the chapter and know the style of lecturer, you can choose appropriate method for
Develop your own abbreviation and symbols so you can write fast.
You must write the examples given by instructor
After the lecture
Review your notes after the class
If you take a view of notes of your classmates this would be a good idea.
Now you can rewrite your notes without abbreviations
Note taking from the textbooks
Decide main idea
First read the material and decide the main idea
Write in your language
Dont copy exactly from your notebook. Review the material and understand the central idea. Then write in
your own language.
Though underline the text is a better idea. But it looks same as you copy text from the test book. So use it
carefully. You may feel that everything is important to underline.
Read small section
It is true that a chapter is based on an idea there can be many ideas in that idea. There can be many sections.
Therefore read always small section and make notes.
Questions and logics
Read with a logical mind and always starts with a question. It will make your study active.

Exam Stress Management

Exam stress is a most common thing for today`s students. Even a intelligent student can feel exam stress.
When a student feels stress he loses his confidence and fell like he has forgot everything. Therefore it is very
necessary to face the exam stress. Here we are giving you some most valuable tips for reducing exam stress.
Often we feel stress in an uneasy situation. It is a common problem in today`s life. Stress is a response of body
in any situation. It can cause both positive and negative effects.
Signs of exam stress
Lack of confidence
Lack of memory
Fear of failure
Low self esteem
Poor concentration
Exam stress on students
There is No need for definitions of exam stress. Every student feels this and knows this. Here are some
common tips for students
Positive thinking
Think always positive. Think about your strengths.
Be confident
If you have studied well, what is the need for worry? Rise up your confidence. Dont scare with the structure
of the exam. believe in yourself. For raising the confidence it is best approach to solve past exam papers.

Dont live with negative people

Leave the negative people, who want to bother you. Leave the friends, who are ever ready to kill their and
your time.
Take action
If you are facing problems about course material, take some instant action likeAsk teachers
Ask class mates
Participate in group discussions
Take help of guides
Take proper breaks
If you read constantly, you will face exam stress certainly. Take proper breaks for relaxation.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, take healthy food and spend in exercise.
Exam failure is not the end
History is full of those people, who were an average student but achieved great success in their life. Therefore
marks in exams are important but it cannot stop you to achieve success in your life. So be worry free for
During the exams
Take proper sleep
Dont take unhealthy foods
Never learn new topics, this is the time for only revision.
Keep working on your weak points
Solve past exam papers
Dont take to pressure

Goal Settings
Goal setting is a process of setting and achieving goals. Goals are very necessary for achieve success. By
setting goals we can focus our energy and can achieve more success in related task with the goal.

Main steps of goal setting

Set goal
Steps for achieve the goal
Possible problems
Importance of goal setting for students
Goal setting is an effective tool student; there are various benefits for students of goal settings likeBetter performance
Academic Success
Success in life
Responsibility development
Time management skills
Better exam/test preparation
Facing challenges
Organization skills
Goal setting activities for students

Here are some goals setting activities for students. It can be given by teachers and student himself can
choose it. This activity should be completed in certain time.
Make some projects
Start to learn some hobbies
Prepare charts and diagrams according to subjects.
Collect the environment damaging factors
Goal setting tips
Write your goals
Write your goal in a paper. It is useful to organize your goal effectively.
Decide the ending
You should keep in mind the ending of the processing of achieving the goal.
You should about resource, which you want for achieving a goal
Never forget your limits
Never set big and impossible goal, it can harm your confidence.

Time management for student

Benefits of time management for students
Students can easily understand course material
Better preparation of exams
Relief from exam stress
It is useful also for professional future of student also.
Goals of time management
To control your time
Achieving goals
Know your priorities
Organized activities
Tips for effective management
Here are some goals setting activities for students. It can be given by teachers and student himself can choose
it. This activity should be completed in certain time.
Study the same time each day.
Set certain blocks of time like 45 minutes etc.
Always study in same place
List completed and pending school assignments.
Dont set impossible goals.
Dont waste time
If you consider, you have time of one year as a resource. If you use this resource mindfully, you can successful
easily in your study. Therefore the first step of your time management is stopping time wasting.
Enjoyment and rest
Spend some time in enjoyment and rest. It will increase your work efficiency and concentration, when you
Timing of works
When you practice time management, gradually you can set best times for every tasks like when to play,
when to read and when to relax
Set your priorities
You must know about your priorities for effective time management. You can set urgent, important task.
Easy and small task

If a task is very large, divide it in to small tasks and assign certain time.
Concentration and determination
When you set a schedule, follow that schedule strictly.
Spare time
There are many minutes; we often waste like lunch hour. Try to utilize this time also.
Time management tools for students
Students need some tools which are necessary for effective time management
To do list
To list is mostly used by many people for effective time management. Students can also use this tool for
organized and planed study. Here are some common headings in a to do list which can be changed
according to requirements of student
Name of task
Time of task
Category or subject
Daily schedule
You can make a daily schedule. With the help of this tool you can plan your daily activities.
Time chart
Time chart is a helping tool in to weekly activities process. You can divide 24 hours in to 1or hour and can
plan your activities for each part of time for a week.

Concentration and memory

Concentration power is most important aspect of study skills. Here are some useful advices for you to
increase your concentration label Interest
It is a very common fact that if you not interested in something, you lack your concentration. If you want to
contrite on your study material, take real interest in it, love it, and love your study.
This is a best hobby for everyone but for students this is an effective tool for increasing concentration. Read
some good books related with your subjects.
Find the time when you are most comfortable to study and study in that time
Create a study environment
Choose a study room and always study in that room.
There should be working environment in the room.
Always use study table for study.
Place every tool for study in the room.
Environment should not be noisy.
Set goals
If you decide a goal before you read, your concentration certainly will increase. You can set goal like
Number of pages
Number of question
Number of facts
Time management tools for students
Students need some tools which are necessary for effective time management

Dont take large study sessions

Large study sessions can tire your mind and then you feel lack of concentration. Always study, when you
enjoy it.
Be an avid learner
Think that you are a student and your goal is to achieve perfect knowledge. Dont make your study as daily
routine. Try new things to increase your knowledge.
Increasing memory
Memory of human brain has huge importance in human development. In today`s world many students are
facing lack of memory. Sometimes an intelligent student also feels memory weakness. We all know that
human brain is the greatest creation of God. the human brain saves every human experience like
Does memory ever work ?
We all have felt this experience, we often forget information like someone`s name, numbers like dates and
telephone numbers, it is a normal behavior of the brain memory. Many people face serious memory problems
and there medicines work better. But other cases the person feels lack of memory but he have not any serious
problem. There are many factors which can affect memory. Below we are describing these factors.
Can we increase our memory ?
Every person has not had equal power. Someone have excellent memory and many other not have such a
good memory. A student must have a good memory. If you work on your memory, you can increase your
memory. Here are some most common tips for increasing memoryInterest
This is a most considerable fact, read with interest. You cannot remember the subject in which you are not
interested. If you find a subject uninteresting, search the causes. Why your mind does not accept the subject.
Concentration level
Memory is mostly depends on your level of concentration. When you are in the high level of concentration
your mind can easily remember the facts. Try to increase your concentration level for better memory.
Exercise is not only beneficial for the body but it also beneficial for the mind therefore do proper exercise
If you not revise the subject for a long time, your mind removes the unnecessary information. If you want to
remember the subject for a long time you must revise it.
Central idea
Dont try to remember the book as it is. Read carefully the chapter and understand the central idea. And keep
in mind only central idea. It is the best way to keep mind load free.
Mind can remember well examples, diagrams, tables and lists. Try to convert every fact in these formats.
Use abbreviation to remember the long words and facts.
Study with peaceful mind
Never study, when your mind is full of anxiety, anger, worry and other strong emotions.


Question types
Here we are discussing about some important exam and questions types, for youMultiple choices type
It is a common exam type. Here is a question with multiple choices containing the right answer.
Studying strategy
If you dont know the answer, try to eliminate one or two choice.
True or false
Examiner gives a sentences and ask the student to declare that the statement is true or false.
Studying strategy
This type of questions wants deep study. You must truly understand the subject. All fact should be clear in your
Essay writing
In this type, you have to write an essay from one of the given topics. This exam is more favorable for students
because they can write the answer in their own words.
Studying strategy
Essay writing type looks easy in first sight but it is not true. In many exams, examiner gives a words count limit
for an essay. Many students find it difficult to limit the world count. It is a work of practice. Practice before the
exams for this. For write an essay on a topic. You must command the topic. Reading is the key for this type.
Read more and more, and then you will get the central ideas of the topic and key points
Fill in the blanks
In this type, you find a sentence having one or two words missing, you have to fill write in these blank areas. It
is a tough type. Because you have no guess here like multiple choice or match making types.
Studying strategy
For these questions, read the all subject and try to remember all key words like places, dates, events etc.

Short answer type

In this type, you have to answer of a given question in from one or two words to one or two sentences.
Use key words and logical answers
Give an appropriate and short example
Long answer type
You have to answer in detail about the topic.
use key points
describe the key points
use diagrams and examples
Reasoning Ability and Aptitude
Reasoning is a process of performing calculations, arguments and judge on a logical base. Most of entrance
exams test your reasoning therefore you need to practice and increase your reasoning ability. Here we are
giving some useful information on the reasoning for you Types of reasoning
Comparative reasoning
When we compare a thing with another, it is called comparative reasoning.e.g Compare height of the people
Compare the temperature
Compare past and future
Compare speed


Conditional reasoning
This reasoning is based on a condition using ifthan. The answer is based on a condition which can be true
or false. e.g A=10
1. A is greater than B
2. B is greater than A
These both sentence cannot be true, only one sentence is true. According to the assigned values we can
decide that second sentence is true.
Cause and effect reasoning
This reasoning is based on a cause and its effect. Something is to happen in based on the other thing. e.gIf you work hard, you will be succeed
If you give me your pen, I will give you a book.
Criteria reasoning
In this reasoning, we decide an argument according to a certain criteria. e.gI take only juicy fruits, now you can buy the fruits
Residue reasoning
We prove something by showing that other possibilities are not possible.
If there are four rooms is in a house and the honor is in the house but is not in the first, second and third
rooms, it shows that the honor is in the fourth room.

Aptitude means inherent ability in any subject. Aptitude test is a necessary part of most of entrance exams.
Some of the topics used in aptitude tests are Numerical
Abstract and inductive
Group discussion
Group discussion is an important part of most of entrance exams. Student sit in a group and a topic is given to
the group for discussion. Students discuss this topic for a certain time. The first speaker start to speak about the
topic and then other interject or complete the idea. There are no fixed rules. Any member is free to speak.
Rating process of a candidate is according to Fluency
Clear views
Leadership quality
Depth of knowledge
Meaningful contribution
How to prepare for group discussion ?
Preparation for group discussion is necessary before the group discussion. With proper practice you cannot
perform well in the group discussion. Here are some most useful preparation strategies for youFluency
Fluency is the key point to success in group discussion. If you fluently express your ideas you increase your
chance of success. Reading a book aloud is a god idea to increasing fluency. Speak before a mirror is
another excellent way to increasing fluency.
Mirror therapy
This therapy is used by lots of public speakers and who want to enhance their speaking ability. Stand in front
of a mirror, and try to speak about a topic as you are speaking in the front of a group of people. With this
therapy you can work on your following thingsYou can work on your body language clearly. You can work on you postures, hand gestures and face


You can see when you look confident and when you look shy.
You can work on your fidgeting
Your confidence will certainly increase by this therapy
This therapy will increase your fluency
You can work on your voice
There is huge difference between conversation with a person and conversation in a group. Therefore try to
make a group of your friends and discus about a current topic daily. It makes you familiar with environment of
a group. Think about others views analytically then express your views in your own way. use are speaking in
a informal group therefore you can practice without being nervous.
Read more
Read books on same topic, read books on different topics, read daily newspapers to get current news, read
magazines. This reading will increase your vocabulary, which is necessary for speaking in English. Second
thing is structure of a sentence; you will be familiar with different structure of sentences.
Develop your views
Develop your own views on any topics. Try to see any topic from different dimensions; try to think both
positive and negative sides of a topic. You can practice with your friends or family members. First speak and
say to other to oppose you. This practice will make your thinking fast and will increase your scope of thinking.
Group discussion content preparation
If you have no knowledge of the topic, how you can discuss the topic? Therefore you should prepare for all
probable topics. Usually examiner chooses current topics for discussion therefore keep in touch with
newspapers and magazines for current events and news. Here are some strategies for content preparationConsider last one or two years events and try to think on these events from different standpoints.
Read editorial page carefully in the newspapers.
Read different types of articles in magazines

Essay Writing
Essay writing is an important part of various exams. Effective essay writing is not an easy task. It needs
practice, organization and deep understanding of the subject. Here you will read about most necessary skills
for effective essay writingCharacteristics of a good essay
Clear introduction
Clearly defined purpose
Well explained technical terms
Well developed ideas
Should not let a question in reader`s mind
Clear and simple language
Essay writing process
If you want to write an essay, you have to complete the process of essay writing. Here we are describing the
basic process of essay writingThinking
The first step of the essay writing process is, thinking about the topic. Use your mind and get your original
ideas on the topic.
Then use resources to take help in key points, ideas of others, quotes, examples, stories etc. you can useText books
Other books



Decide the main ides

Now you are prepared, decide the main ideas of the essay. Think and planWhy you are writing this essay?
Which kinds of facts you will use?
What are the proofs?
Examples and diagrams
Which type of the conclusion, you want to reach.
You may write essay on any topic but it is necessary to introduce the reader that what is in the essay for the
reader. Poor introduction can cause bad impression on the reader therefore your introduction should be clear
and factual. You can use these tipsSay in brief about topic
Say about objectives of this essay
Write about Necessity of the topic.
You can use quotes and story but not stories.
This is the main area of the assay, here the writer describe the main idea of the topic. This area may contain
following pointsFacts
Tables, lists and diagrams
Arguments in support
Arguments in opposition
If a reader finds an essay without conclusion, he feels as he has been dropped from a mountain. Conclusion is
the part, where you complete all ideas, summaries all facts and describes a central idea of the essay. Here
are some tips for better conclusionGive your decision politely
All developed ideas must be finished in the conclusion.
Make better relation with the introduction and the body
It is not necessary that everyone will be agree with you but try to make a reader thinking on your standpoint.
Read again the essay. SeeIs order of paragraphs right?
Are you using diagrams and quotes on right place?
Are here any lose areas?
Can your introduction attract the reader?
Try to collect figures, points, views of other people. etc.
In the group discussion
Be an initiator and concluder
Try to initiate the discussion; it will give you extra points. Examiners test your leadership quality. If you show
this quality by initiate the topic, you will increase your chance. Dont forget to conclude the topic at the end of
the discussion.
Keep the discussion on track
When you see that discussion is going off track, try to bring it back on track. This quality is ever seen by

Always discuss with the group

Dont get personal. Dont criticize any person. Dont point to a special participant. Always be agreed and
disagree with the point, not with the person.
Listen carefully
Always listen carefully, if you want an active participation in the discussion. When you listen with care, you
find the central ideas of others view. After this you can decide the point to be agree or disagree
Be polite
Always be polite. Never use extra aggressive language. Look energetic, not arrogant.
Dont wait
Dont wait for your turn. No one will ask for your views. You have to show your interest in the topic. But
interrupt other member carefully and polite.
Essay Writing Tips
How to be a Good Essay Writer
Develop reading habit
This is the golden rule for writing that only a good writer must be a good reader. Constant reading polishes
your ideas and thinking. Read books of different topics, read news papers and magazines for current topics.
Comparative study
Comparative study is a good idea for writing skills. This study forces your mind to think logically. Use books of
different writers on same topic. Read or hear different views on same topics.
Can you protest and defend on the same time
Write an essay defending a topic and write an essay protesting the same topic. This is a great practice for the
The best tip for good writing is there is no tip. Just practice is the key. Write on different topics. Develop your
own style of writing.
Organize your ideas
Generally we think in an unorganized way about any subject but this approach is not good essay writing. You
must have the capacity of organization of the ideas, facts and point of views.

Use of diagrams, examples and quotes

Genuine use of quotes and diagrams make an essay readable and factual and examples makes subject clear
for the reader but extra use of these items May causes reverse effects. Therefore be careful.
Essay writing in entrance exams
Time management
In various entrance exams you must write an essay in certain time. For this time management is necessary. You
must practice to write an essay in certain time, before the exam. During the exam, think main ideas and
heading in first few seconds. Save some time for reviewing the essay and correcting mistakes.
Word count
In most entrance exams, you must write an essay in certain word limit. This is the testing of your critical
thinking and organization of your ideas. Before the exam you must practice for essay writing in certain word
limit. There is no other way for this except practice.
Exam Strategies
If you are thinking for participate in entrance exam, it is very necessary for you to make a proper study plan.
Here are some primary keys to prepare a good study planExam format
The most important thing to prepare for entrance exam is, to know about format of the exam.

Time you have

You should calculate the time you have for exam preparation. It will be helpful in managing time.
Study material
What kind of study material you need? Decide carefully. Always study with good quality material.
Trouble shooting
Know your problem areas as soon you can. Work on your problem areas.
Study criteria
When you decide format and study material for the exam. Divide the study material in to sections. Set certain
time section sections for each study section. Dont take too big study sections.
Causes, which can block your success
Bad study habits
Bad time management
Lack of schedule
Inability to choose most important from the study material
Spending time in games, watching television etc.
Not studying in a certain place and on a study place.
Lack of interest of the material.
Tips for exam preparation
Before the exam
Set a goal for your study and achieve it
Revise the study material
Practice enough
Study career magazines
Keep in touch with current events
During the exam
Read every instruction carefully and follow these instructions.
Then survey the exam paper. Dont start to write before you read all questions.
Answer easy questions first
Dont waste your time in tough question. Take easy questions first and if you have time try for difficult
Time division
After reading the question paper, divide the time for each question and try to give the answer in certain time.
It is necessary to review your answer once again. Remove mistakes and errors.

All the best for your public exam.