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Barbie Almalbis

One of the most sought after artists under 12

Stone Records
A guitar player, a singer, and a prolific
Has recorded 8 albums including the debut
release of the Hungry Young Poets which hit it
big in the 90s
Became lead singer for the bands Hungry Young
Poets and Barbies Cradle
Her success and popularity paved the way for
numerous commercials/endorsements with
several companies like Smart Communications,
NIDO, Juicy Fruit, Sunsilk, Coca- Cola, Close-up,
Nescafe, Guess Clothing, Human Clothing, Bayo,
Johnson&Johnsons, SkinWhite, and DnD

Barbie Almalbis
Along with her band, she has also toured Dubai,
Singapore, Korea, and the United States.
Awards and Citations

PARI 19thAwit Awards (2006) Best Performance by a

Recording Artist for Just a Smile
MEG Magazine Teens Choice Awards (2006) Favorite
Female Artist of the Year
MTV Pilipinas (2006) Nominated for Best Female Artist in
a Video for Dahilan, Nominated for Best Animated Video
for Dahilan
MYX Music Awards (2006) Nominated for the following:
Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Media Soundtrack for Just
a Smile, Favorite Collaboration for High with The Speaks
19thAliw Awards Nominated for Best Major Concert
(Female) for Barbie Rocks the Big Dome
NU Rock Awards (2006) Nominated for the following:
Artist of the Year, Best Live Act, Vocalist of the Year, Song
of the Year for Dahilan, Album of the Year for Parade

In 2011 Barbie Almalbis released her fourth

album entitled Goodbye My Shadow under 12
Stone Records, her most personal album yet.

Barbie Almalbis
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The band was founded in March 2003 by fellow
church members and Christian rockers Teddy
Corpuz (on vocals) and drummer Jeff Cucullo.
Bassist Christian Sindico and lead guitarist
JuvenPelingon later on followed and joined the
2005 was the year of transformation from
Christian acoustic style to alternative rock
The spoken word element by vocalist Teddy
became Rocksteddys signature sound
Released their debut album
Tsubtsatagilidakeyn in 2006

Known for their popular singles "Gising Na," and
the Close Up single "Smile at Me and Lagi Mo
na Lang Akong Dinededma
Part of Ginebra San Miguel Incorporateds
Ginuman Fest together with fellow rock
royalties Calla Lily, Sugarfree, and Kenyo
The bands latest album, Instadramatic, was
released mid-2014. It features 5 songs and a
bonus Ginuman jingle

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Save Me Hollywood
An all-star Filipino rock/alternative band based
in Quezon City, Philippines
Formed in 2010, the band is a collaboration
between members of influential rock acts
Chicosci and Typecast
Bassist Carlos Calderon of Chicosci and
drummer Melvin Macatiag of Typecast are
joined by April Morning Skies guitarists Aaron
Corvera and Kenneth Aranza. Former MYX VJ
and current JAM 88.3 DJ JulzSavard, the rose
among the thorns, joins in as the lead singer of
the group
Band members were recipients of various
award-giving bodies in the field of music

Save Me Hollywood
Despite being together for only two years, the
band has already been featured in several
publications such as Pulp, Chalk and Meg
Has performed for various corporate events and
concerts by ABS-CBN, MYX, the Philippine Daily
Inquirer, and Channel V
The band is also being supported by Vans

Save Me Hollywood
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Absolute Play
Composed of 3 siblings, Alto Tanchanco on
Guitar and the main song writer, Murielle
Tanchanco on Vocals and keyboard, and Mato
Tanchanco on Drums
Now representing the new batch of up-andcoming bands.

Deeply rooted in music because of their father

Mr. Tommy Tanchanco, an icon in the rock
alternative and punk music scene in the country
This group of young musicians has already
composed 11 original songs in just one year
Youngsters including Highschool and College
students relate well and go crazy over the
bands fresh, nice-to-hear music

Absolute Play
They play honest to goodness youth-punk music
sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes,
and good values. They have already released
singles and music videos namely:
Hard Easy Semi-Correct
Little Miss Homewrecker (Latest Single)
Beautiful Star
Here Goes The Show
My Old Pal
Was invited to perform in a 200 year old pub
called Queens Arm Pub located in Barrow,
Cumbria, England and will be the bands first
ever international performance of 5 original
songs from their album

Absolute Play
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Alodia Gosiengfiao
Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao is the
countrys most popular and influential cosplayer.
Due to her huge following, she has been chosen
to endorse for several beauty and tech brands
both here and abroad, and was picked to be one
of the Ambassadors and VJ For Animax-Asia
known as the "Ani-mates".
Shes also a model, an actress, and a singer.
She has been featured in various magazines,
newspapers and TV shows locally and abroad.
She recently graced the cover of FHM
Philippines, and was ranked as the 20th Sexiest
Woman of the Philippines.

Alodia Gosiengfiao
She was named by UNO Magazine as one of the
Most Influential Women in the country.
With her great singing voice and strong fan base
(4.4M Facebook followers), Alodia is set to make
waves in the OPM Industry.

Alodia Gosiengfiao
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Bea Valera
Bea Valera (born on December 12, 1991) better
known as BV, is an Electronic Dance Music
(EDM) recording artist and songwriter born and
raised in the Philippines.
As a child, she started doing theatre in and
eventually made her way to UP Diliman to study
theatre arts.

In 2011, BV turned heads when she was

featured as the lead on a music video called
Biglang Liko by Ron Henley which currently
has over 18 million Youtube views. Eventually,
this led her to do more music videos for other
artists like Chicosci, Save Me Hollywood and
many more.

Bea Valera
Attending music festivals and watching foreign
EDM inspired her to make her own music and
collaborated with Kidwolf to make her first track
In December 2013, BV along with her producer
(Kidwolf) were asked to make the anthem for
the Summer Siren Festival 2014. The song
entitled Free entered the Myx charts and was
regularly played at different radio stations.
Staying true to her electronic pop sound, she is
currently working with young EDM producers
from all around the Philippines, hoping to take
original Filipino EDM the next level.
A true reflection of her music, she is free
spirited, colorful and ready to bring something
new to the table.

Bea Valera
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