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Curriculum Vitae

PERSONAL INFORMATION Bogdan Marius Tudosie Hortopan

Tietjntie 3B 88,02130 Espoo (Finland)
Phone: 0404701726
Skype bogdan.tud
June 2014 28 August 2015
EazyBreak Oy, Espoo, Finland
In this role I transitioned from a full time testing job to development, my main tasks
being resolving bugs in Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone),
investigating issues of the Web Application (using CodeIgniter 1, MySQL and PHP)
on a CentOS environment and also resolving them. Among my tasks I also started
learning PHP and implementing back-end code. My final task was responsibility for
the NFC Payment Terminals and their respective application and on occasion
interacting with restaurants offering them IT maintenance.
Currently my task is to implement changes as requested and debug existing Software
bugs on both Back End (PHP, MySQL) and Mobile Applications.
February 2014 June 2014 Trainee Test Engineer
EazyBreak Oy, Espoo, Finland
In this role I was tasked to create a testing infrastructure for the Web Application and
Mobile application stack, testing functionality and performance. I developed also Java
written Selenium test cases for the Web Application. Additionally I tested the mobile
application stack (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) producing bug reports and test
results documents.
June 2008 June 2013 Software Test Engineer for IBM Products
Berg Computers SRL, Timisoara (Romania)
My main occupation was the execution of testcases of several IBM Applications I
have been assigned to as part of the project.
Here I would mention the IBM WebSphere CEI Component which was tested on
various platforms such as Windows, Linux and S390/zOS.
Later I was assigned tothe TPC (TotalStorage Productivity Center) where I have run
both manual testing (Blackbox) and also handled the creation and execution of Java
automation scripts for the product. Finally I am currently working on the TPC
Integration bucket executing manual testing that verifies interoperation and
integration of TPC with other Tivoli Products such as ITM and TADDM.
Currently I work as part of an Agile Scrum team on the testing section. Here I was
tasked with generating acceptance criteria, testcases and running execution records on
assigned stories for the upcoming TPC 5.1 and currently Cognos and Tivoli Common

Reporting for TPC 5.2.

15 February 2008 15 May 2008 Junior Developer
Beast Studios SRL, Timisoara (Romania)
My attributions were the development of Console games for the Xbox 360, Nintendo
DS, Sony PSP and PlayStation, mostly handling the generic Game User interface
development. Here I worked on a project called My Pet Kitten for Nintendo DS where
I implemented several minigames. Also I have worked on a game called Galactic
Football where I wrote the main screen User Interface. Both games were for Nintendo
15 October 2007 01 February 2008 Customer Representative
InBusiness SRL, Arad (Romania)
During my time here I handled e-mail contact for the company's customers also proof
writing documentation used for various contracts.

May 2005 October 2006 IT Administrator

Diebi Shoes, Arad (Romania)
Working with Diebi Shoes from Arad, Romania as Network Administrator. My
primary tasks are to ensure network functionality, train the users to changes in the
local area network application used for production management, material
management of the company. The small application I developed as well, called DiebiManager.
15 October 2004 01 May 2005 Plasma cutter program developer
BTC Carpenterie e Trade, Arad (Romania)
Work contract with BTC Carpenterie and Trade from Arad, Romania regarding the
programming of their industrial plasma cutter. My primary task was to create
programs for the machine and put them into production.
01 December 2003 01 September 2004 Contract Developer .NET
Nocera Informatica, Arad (Romania)
Cooperation withNocera Informatica from Bergamo, Italy in the realization of
various software products like the InBroker Application used by insurance brokers
within Italy and several other EU countries and a .NET framework application which
was used internallyin the company.
01 October 2002 01 May 2003 Contract Developer
Mondo Virtuale, Milano (Italy)
Cooperation with Mondo Virtuale di Alessandro Maiolo from Milano Italy for the
GameOS project, an embedded systems operating system. My task was to debug and
add various modules to the system.
15 September 1997 15 June 2001
Highschool Degree, Junior Programmer Grade overall was

Panait Cerna Theoretical High school, Braila (Romania)

Programming, Relational Databases, Mathematics, Science, Languages, degree as
Assistant Analyst-Programmer specialized in C++/Databases and Operating systems
01 June 2009 09 June 2009 IBM Rational Function Tester Solution Designer
IBM, Timisoara (Romania)
Course and Certification as IBM Rational Function Tester Solution Designer
Sept 2013 May 2014.
Finnish language modules 2-4 from Axxell Monikulturisuuskeskus, Helsinki,
included course and certification (finished level B1).

Mother tongue(s) Romanian



Spoken interaction

A 2.2

Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Job-related skills
Computer skills IT Skills
Programming languages:

C++ - Intermediate level (used on several occasions, mainly for my Beast

Studios Job)
Objective C Intermediate level (developed a simple prototype application
which was later cancelled by my employer)
Java Intermediate level (used for automation testing at IBM and developed
several small utilities)
Python Beginner level (language basics, wrote a small archive manager
utility with it)
C# - Beginner level (developed UI elements for a Desktop application and
Unity Game).
JavaScript - basic level and completed AngularJS basic course.
PHP intermediate level (Language knowledge + basic knowledge of Laravel
and CodeIgniter 3)

Web Development:
HTML5 Basic to Intermediate level
CSS Intermediate Level
JavaScript Basic level
Node.JS Basic level

Computer graphics:
3D Modeling Basic modeling with materials and basic lighting (Used
Blender and 3DS max)
3D Animation Basic animation using predefined paths (Used Blender)
Operating systems:
Windows advanced
Unix/Linux intermediate use (installation, basic administration and use)
Mac OS X intermediate/advanced use and configuration

IBM DB2 Intermediate use (Installation, configuration and administration)
MySQL Basic use (installation and use)
Unity Engine (Basics) Currently working on a hobby game project I hope to
release for multiple platforms.
CryEngine (Basics) I have designed a few levels and did create a basic level.

Source control systems:

Git intermediate use.
Current interests: Improving my overall IT Knowledge such as Web
Development skills (currently learning Laravel and PHP, also improving my
knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript), Mobile Applications (iOS, Android) and
computer and video games of all sorts (working on a Unity Hobby project), 3D
Modelling (alas I am just a beginner), photography, films, social media, writing,
the outdoors, drawing all sorts of concept ideas.
Volounteer experience: Wargaming hobby club overseer in Matinkyl, Espoo