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Open to All Canadian IBOs in Ontario
Acquire 15 NEW
residential Planet Energy Electricity
and/or Gas customers in Ontario
and your residential Planet Energy
Electricity service can be FREE!

Simply acquire 15 electricity and/or Gas customers, in addition to
yourself, and your residential electricity service can be free.

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Ontario Electricity Rebate Program Requirements:
Energy Customers acquired since June 1, 2014
Who Can Participate?
• Must be an active IBO.

Calculation of Rebate

• Must have active Planet Energy electricity service at your residence.

• For those who are eligible to receive a rebate for their electricity service, the
rebate will be calculated based on qualified customers acquired since
June 1, 2014 by the IBO.

• IBOs own account must be flagged on their Personal Customer List with

The Planet Energy electricity account at your residence must be active,
completed one full billing cycle and not have a past due balance . Your
account is eligible if it was active either before or after June 1, 2014.

To receive a rebate on your Planet Energy electricity service you must have
at least 15 qualified Planet Energy Ontario electricity and/or gas customers.

See Customer eligibility requirements below.

Who are Qualified Customers?
The following customer eligibility requirements will apply:
• Ontario residential customers are eligible to count towards the promotion.

• Taxes, surcharges, past due fees and any charges by the local utility are excluded.
• The monthly rebate amount will be $45.00.
• The rebate will be calculated at the end of each month and a reward card for the
rebate will be mailed to the service address of the referring IBO within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do the points still apply for the rebated service?

• Customers with a past due balance will not count toward the promotion.

The Planet Energy account at my residence is not in my name. Am I still
eligible to receive the rebate?
Yes. The eligible account to receive a rebate is based on the IBO’s address so the
Planet Energy account can be in the name of the IBO’s spouse or someone else
at their address.

• We highly encourage each IBO to acquire and maintain more than the minimum
of 15 qualified customers in case one or more customers is no longer eligible to
count toward the promotion.

Does the account at my residence count as a qualified customer?
No, you need to acquire 15 qualified customers in addition to the account at
your residence to qualify for the promotion.

• Customer eligibility will be determined on the last day of the calendar month.
• Each customer must have an active Planet Energy account and completed one
full billing cycle.

I have a second home that also has a Planet Energy account. Can I use that as
a qualified customer?
Yes, each service counts as a qualified customer.
Planet Energy and ACN have the right to modify or end this program anytime at its

© ACN CANADA 2015 PYH_101415

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