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Bidding Manual

It refers to the process whereby using digital signature, Buyer is able to login on
eTendering Portal through respective User id & Password post which process of bid
submission is carried over.
Following may be noted:


It is mandatory for all the bidders to have class-III Digital Signature Certificate (With
Both DSC Components, i.e. Signing & Encryption in the name of authorized
signatory (who will sign the Bid)) from any of the licensed Certifying Agency
(Bidders can see the list of licensed CAs from the link ) to
participate in e-tendering of MORTH.


Users may test their class-III Digital Signature Certificate health (Both DSC
Components, i.e. Signing & Encryption) at under Test
Digital Signature Certificate link.

Please follow the below step-wise procedure held at various stages:

New Tender Appears in New Tender column.
Tender Consolidate View: Click on Blue icon under Action column to participate in the
tender and subsequently click on Proceed button to make tender payment(s) (i.e. Application
fee, Tender processing Fee).
Pay Application Fee (If Applicable) & Tender Processing Fee: To participate in bidding,
bidders have to pay Application Fee (non-refundable) as per the amount mentioned in the tender
document through online mode only and Tender Processing Fee (Non-refundable) through online
mode only.

Both Application Fee and Tender Processing Fee are mentioned in individual tender
document as published at MORTH eTendering Portal (
Click on proceed for further process.

Now Tender Appears in In process section at bidder dashboard.

Tender Consolidate View:

Click on Proceed

Download Price Bid Document

Click on Proceed

Add delete Items: (Applicable for RFP only) Select items as per requirement (If items are non
Submit Forms- Fill details asked in the screen like

In Bid common Form After Filled all details click on Save.

In Upload section, user can upload tender related documents (if required).

If Bid Item form is available then filled required details.

Price Bid: Fill details asked in the screen: (Applicable for RFP only)

Fill Prices required format.

In Upload section, upload Price Bid related documents (if required).

Then click on Save.

Pay EMD Fee (If Applicable): Fill details asked in the screen like

Payment fee


Instrument date

Draft Expire Date

Bank Name

Bank draft no.

Scan copy of D/D.

Vendor Undertaking: Accept vendor undertaking mentioned in tender document.

Envelop & Bid signing:
Click on Folder(s) (i.e Pre-Qualification, technical Qualification, Price Bid- whichever is

Verify envelops & signed digitally.

Fill Bid Submission Password and Confirm.
Click on Proceed to bid submission.
Confirmation of offer: Read details appear in the screen: Submission to Tender Box: Give
confirmation Are you sure you want to proceed if Yes click OK If No click cancel.
After Submission of Bid Successfully supplier are able to generate Online Bid Submission
Receipt with Unique bid No., generate application fee receipt, tender processing fee
receipt, EMD receipt (As applicable for tender).
Note: If required bidders can modify/ Edit/ withdraw their bids before tender bid submission
closing time.
Bidders are requested to ensure that there is ample time with them to submit/ edit/
withdraw their bid at MORTH eTendering portal (please refer tender calendar for
tender schedule).