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Triveni Kalpam

Guruji Amritanandanatha
January 12, 2009
The IDEA is to spread awareness in young minds that Devipuram helps them connect to their own inner divinity through
pujas. Devipuram also tries to give them a taste of how it feels to be worshipped like a Goddess or God. Once the young
minds feel that, they will start empowering themselves and society. Bonding to goals of Devipuram (which is empowering
spiritual connections for harmony) will develop.
What is spirituality?
The clear answer can be found in Upanishads. "Asato ma sadgamaya = move me to truth from untruth, tamaso ma
jyotir gamaya= move me from darkness to light, mrityor ma amritam gamaya= move me from death to life, om santih
santih santih= peace be to self, environment and for gods to be" is the meaning of spirituality. Among them, life is easily
the most important. For, without life, nothing is important. And enthusiasm, enjoyment and vitality, are verily the juices of
Every person who is young and growing embodies many great qualities of life such as innocence, enthusiasm, freshness,
passion and love (of beauty, music, dance, power, intensity, intellect, curiosity, and adventure). Most progress has its
origins in innovation, seeking fun, curiosity and adventure. These are the qualities that make life worth living. They are
divine and deserve to be promoted. Recognising and bringing out the divinity in a person enhances vitality, the quality of
life. This process is called adoration, gratitude, or bhakti.
I have watched and enjoyed many times the Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel showing middle aged, male priests doing
abhishekam to Sri Devi, Bhudevi, and the gorgeous muslim woman Nanchari loved by Lord Venkatesha. The priests most
lovingly poured the five nectars: milk, curds, ghee, honey and fruit juices, on the bodies of the adorable Devis, applied
sandal paste, dressed and decorated them with flowers and ornaments with loving care. Enchanting light karnatic music
of Annamayya was playing in the background. How fortunate these pandits are!
I often used to wonder what would the priests do if the icons they were handling suddenly came alive? Would they run
away? Or would they enjoy even more? These thoughts haunted me. In my mind's eye, the deities were alive; they were
experiencing the feel of flowing fluids over their bodies, reacting to the hot and cold touches, enjoying the flowers and
perfumes of sandal pastes, and enjoying the attention immensely, and blessing the people who are giving them so much
recognition and happiness. If this was not true there wouldn't be any point in doing the puja, right?
If we are to believe the Upanishads which declare with one voice, that the " Body is the temple in which God lives and his
life is the Goddess. The Goddess expresses her different powers in different organs. So, keep the body and mind clean
and fit for the Goddess of life to live. "
There is absolutely no reason why bhakti should be confined to icons of god/desses alone. I think it may have been be a
mistake to do so. It is the right of every living person to be adored as a God/dess and then to live up to it. The more you
assert the right and demand it, the better it will be for all. Because, when all of us are recognised and grow to be gods and
goddesses, the society grows. Bhakti, adoration, appreciation, gratitude, expressed through recognition rituals holds the
single most important key to empowering the society. It converts every being in it to a god. The society becomes an
assembly of Gods. To empower a disciple, the Guru has to recognise and worship the divinity in the disciple. This is the
real function of every Guru.
Everyone craves for recognition. If we satisfy it, it becomes divine resource development programme, not merely a human
resource development. In fact, hrd is a part of drd. Are there examples of such pujas in our culture? Yes, indeed. In
Kamakhya Assam, there is the tradition of worshipping a 5-year-old girl as the Goddess until she atttains puberty. She is
the presiding Goddess for the period. In Bengal, there are many sects who worship girls (kanya puja) and women
(suvasini puja). Even some monks of Ramakrishna Mission do it in private. In South India, we do vratams, and honour the
ladies with gifts, saying, "the giver is who? gowri devi. The receiver is who? Gowri Devi" When people take (deeksha)
empowerment, they are not called by their personal names anymore, but by the deeksha names, such as "swamy,
bhavani, brother, padre, etc. " The idea that we are gods is deeply ingrained in our minds. It is hard to find the name of a
person that is not of a God or Goddess. When we read gotra namas, it sounds as an ashtottaram or sahasram. In
Devipuram we do a puja called Triveni to all who request it.

Triveni puja can be done in public. It is very attractive to watch, and is thoroughly enjoyed by the worshippers and
worshipped alike. We have tried this puja in public as well as in private. We have tried it in marriage functions. Including
the bride and groom, 2500 people received pujas at the same time in a recent marriage in Amalapuram and one in
Hyderabad. In every such instance, besides the enjoyment and fun, the persons who received the puja and bath with milk,
curds, ghee, honey, and friut juices invariably felt going out of the body to some place of transcendent peace, so
enjoyable that they took some time to come out of it. In short they have experienced some state of samadhi, nirvana or
Now I feel confident that this works in most cases. I want to take this wonderful process to large numbers of people,
because it can deliver the most desirable results in a most pleasant way in least possible time. Once a person
experiences transcendence, there is no going back, no need to believe, because it is a reality for the person. They will be
pulled into spirituality in a strong current of Bhava Samadhi, which ultimately benefits society.
Devipuram is organising public pujas every friday, giving a chance for 8 adults or couples to experience transcendence.
The feeling at the pujas is festive, yet pious. Each person or couple receives the following pujas in sequence. First all their
psychic lotuses are activated using vibrations of mantras. Cosmic powers of Fire, Sun and Moon are invoked into their
genital, heart, and cosmic communications chakras. Powers of all beings living on earth, in oceans, hot regions, air and
space are invoked into chakras 1 to 5. Time and eternal life are invoked into the command and life chakras. All
invocations are done with vibrations of mantras and nyasa. Mahavakyas are given to write off all sins committed so far,
and to begin a new spiritual life full of Rasa.
Then a most lovable bath and beauty session begins. While music flows, a head bath with panchamritas is given, followed
by shampoo, facial beauty treatments, fashion dresses and wearing ornaments brought by participants themselves. Puja
with Khadgamala, treating their body as a Sri Chakra follows. A beautiful arati concludes the puja. The people who had
these pujas done to them report amazing results. A full charging of all chakras and stability in transcendental experience
requires about 7 consecutive immersions committing one week every year for your contact with divinity.
To establish divinity in yourself fully a few suggestions, call them recommendations if you wish, can be made. 1. Just as
God lives in you, you live in your home. Just as you make your body and mind fit for God to live, you make your home and
things in it fit for you to live. Therefore throw or give away things which you don't use like old clothes, and other articles.
This creates more space and order for you to find things you want easily. It saves time. Also, give your home a thorough
cleaning making it a part of the ritual. 2. The ritual symbolises purification. Try consciously to remain pure in thought, word
and deed. Remember, purity does not mean you should make yourself miserable in any way. 3. Like gods, you belong to
everybody and everybody belongs to you. You commit to be happy and to make others happy. Let go a little from your
abundance to give to others, fast a little to feed others, and pray a little for better life to all. Set apart 1 week's wages
(about 2% of earnings) for giving others. 4. Try to minimise speaking and internal chatter. It will help in listening to your
own thoughts and discovering what is causing anger and hurt in you. These little acts go a long way to focus on well being
of all. It supports you in everyway. You will also realise that the world is your family.
I strongly urge you to make use of the opportunities at Devipuram to begin with and get an initiation into divinity through
an unforgettable puja experience all your own. The pujas are available only for adults above 18 years of age. I invite you
to make use of the excellent opportunities presented by Devipuram. Stay at Devipuram for a week, charge up your
batteries fully and return. If you help in this process, there is a possibility that this can become a great movement, a divine
mission on earth.
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