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Lions Worldwide Week of Service dedicated to
make the future brighter for our children.


7 YEARS…………………..

Club Vice President, Leo Malsha Vithanage
recalls the journey of her Leoistic career..


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The power of

The ability to think, speak and
act your feelings within the bounds of dignity
shows your maturity.
The measure of your maturity is
how spiritual you become during the midst of
your frustrations.

The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita



Lions Worldwide Week of Service dedicated to make
the future brighter for our children #LIONS100

Date - 5h September 2015 | Venue – Saranankara Ground, Dehiwala
With the success of 15th installation ceremony left behind Club gathered its pace and was on
the track to do another worthwhile project on 5th of September at the Saranankara Ground,
Dehiwala to commemorate the Lions’ special week of service in order to benefit the children.
Lions Clubs International has suggested to Host a project that benefits children in our community. From health, education, and development projects, to helping friends and neighbors meet
their children’s basic needs.
So partnering with Colombo Youth Organization, we were able to donate 20 packs of Health
Care items and stationary items to a group of needy children who aged from 6 - 14 in Bodinawatte, Colombo. Also we were able conducted a session on good health habits which motivated them to follow and take good care of themselves and their family members. Their mothers who were also there joined the conversation later expressed their heartiest thanks to us for
organizing such an event for them.
During this discussion we learnt they also face numerous socio-economic problems for which
we promised to come up with another projects to find solutions. With the motive of meeting
again we said goodbye with hearts satisfied to the smiling kids who were holding on to their
happy mothers.

The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita

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2. Arunalu rays of hope
Date - 26th September 2015 | Venue – Camilla School Mattegoda

In order to build a state-of-the-art kitchen for the Children of Camila School
Mattegoda, we, the Leos of Polgasowita
took the first step on 26th of September.
The project was the first of its long process to collect funds to build a state of
the art kitchen in the Camilla School, one
that’s been inadequacy at Camilla which
provides a haven for the mentally challenged kids. On that day we released balloons in to air with the tags consisting of
the project’s information. This was one
avenue to collect funds & the idea was
to whoever finds these balloons will call
us up and will help us in this endeavor.

And we were able collect sum of Rs
48,000/- from the Lions and many
philanthropists. The project is expected to carry on throughout the year with
many more phases until the targeted
budget of around 1.5 million is achieved.

You too can help us in this great project through financial or material donations.
Contact 0712014716 (Leo Mudith Jayasekara) for further details
The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita


3. TEA
A tea party and a dinner were arranged
by the Leo Club of Polgasowita with the
contributions of the “Leo Chandima
Vithanage’s family” and Lion Kirthi Samarasooriya, at the Camila School, Mattegoda. The tea party is an annual project
of the club to assist and bring happiness to the residents in Camila School.
The tea party was funded by Leo Chandima Vithanage’s family while the music was
provided by Mr.Tisara Samarasuriya and
his generous friends. For the tea we gave
them the tea along with biscuits marshmallows and sponge cakes. After the tea
party we arranged a musical session where
the residents sang and danced with us.

The dinner which was fully funded by
our Leo Adviser Lion Kirthi Samarasuriya
was held within the Camilla School prem-

ises and the residents were provided with
Kottu and Hoppers with the highest quality
When we were departing some of the
residents thanked us with their gleeful
hearts while some invited us to stay with
them. But we have to disperse however
and so we did with the satisfaction in our
hearts after doing a worthwhile project.

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The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita


7 YEARS.. By Leo Malsha Vithanage


If I recall the starting point of my Leoistic career I have to go 7
years back to 2008 when I was inducted as a member of Leo
club of Polgasowita not knowing a single thing about leoism. But
as step by step I learnt the value it adds by being a Leo both to
me and to the society. Today when I look back joining the world’s
largest service organization is one of the best decisions I’ve ever
made in my life and I’m proud to stand up and say loud that “ I
am a leo”.
Being fortunate enough to work under seven past club presidents, being able to gain their knowledge and experience, and
being able to work with my fellow polgasowitians was the best
thing I got through leoism. The vast number of massive and worthy projects we’ve organized as a club, drove me to be innovative
and Leoism also taught me to look at the society through a different perspective which I think a very few of my age have had
the fortunate of encountering. Apart from that having a lionistic
family background and having a past district president in my own
family too gave me lifetime experience. And what matters the
most is the number of friends I’ve made, I would say having a
family who cares as much as your own is the best feeling anyone
could ever get. And that’s not only from your own club or district
from around the island and that would be from around the world as well. Thus a Leo is never alone.
I don’t think anyone who joined the Leo movement ever regretted being a Leo for the leadership, experiences and
opportunities they’ve had. Personally leoism has shaped me to who I am today by developing my skills and making
me more forward to face the society more confidently. In fact I’m really grateful to this movement for giving me the
opportunity to earn priceless things to, my life.
I’ve had great memories from the moment I joined Leoism, as it was a coincidence. And every second I spent with
my fellow Leos were sweet and special. As a polgasowitian Leo Gaya’s and Leo Upeksha’s years were highlighting
as they led the club for much higher standards by giving all the polgasowitians a wonderful memory. And of course
Leo trips and camps which are filled with joy, happiness, laughter and memories were the best times I’ve had as a
Leo. Especially Leo camps gave me a collection of amazing memories which is nice to recall. Apart from them, Talent
shows, sports meets, walks too gave me and my fellow leos a provided a platform to showcase our talents and skills
to the entire world , and strengthened the bond with leos of Sri Lanka.
There are certain things which makes me a happy polgasowitian. Mainly the unity within the club members and the
fact that we mainly concentrate about the quality than the quantity.
“while a good Leader sustains momentum, a great leader increases it”
-John c. MaxwellSo as that, the baton is now with Leo Mudith and I’m glad that he has already increased the momentum by following
the footsteps of our past Leaders to increase the quality of the club and the projects. And that is the main advice I
can give to any Leo.
Today I am very proud to be a part of leo club of Polgasowita for 7 long and worthy years.This year the Leo Club of
Polgasowita has entered its 15th year of servitude. And for 15 years together we has healed the wounded, enlightened the minds, inspired many, given birth to the leaders and achieved excellence by chasing behind perfection in
everything we do.
And the legacy will go on……………………..

The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita



15th Anniversary Celebration &
5. Installation Ceremony

In 2001 energetic band of youth from the Polgasowita area gathered up to form a Leo Club with
the help of the Lions Club of Polgasowita. Over the years, wounds were healed. Minds were
enlightened. Needy were reached. Hearts were touched. Leaders were made and a Legacy was
Leo Club of Polgasowita celebrated its 15th year of service to the community and country and installed its new board of members for the fiscal year of 2015/16 on 4th of September at the Lions’
Activity Centre, Colombo 7 in the presence of many Leo and Lion dignitaries.
The district president,Leo Pramod Wimalathunga, Multiple district president, Leo Dumindu Jayakodi, and the Past District Governor, Lion Arjun Abeysinghe graced the occasion as the chief
guest, Special Guest and Guest of Honor respectively.
Leo Upeksha Hettiarachchi, the outgoing president who chaired the occasion handed the control of the club ceremoniously to the incoming president Leo Mudith Jayasekara. Four new Club
members were inducted by the Special Guest, Leo Dumindu Jayakodi. And the club officers were
duly inducted by the Chief Guest, Leo Pramod Wimalathunga. After the induction a cake was cut
in order to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the club.
In their speeches Leo Dumindu Jayakody pointed out that the Leo Club of Polgasowita always attract other leos and set trends in the district as well as in the multiple because of their immense
dedication and commitment. Leo Pramod Wimalthunga, the district president went on to say
that he expects the high standards to be maintained and also gave the Leo Mudith Challenge to
increase the participation in the District events. Many who were present including M.D.V.P Leo
Rajitha Abeygunasekara, P.D.G Lion Kamal Senevirathne, P.M.J.F, Leo Adviser Lion Thulitha Piyasena congratulated the outgoing president Upeksha Hettiarachchi for her service and achievement
of making the club the most outstanding in the district. They also wished Leo Mudith success in
the coming up year.
So with the legacy of 15 years left behind and many more years ahead we all dispersed with the
hopes of meeting again in a worthy cause.

The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita

New Club Members Installed

Board mebers for the fiscal year of 2015/16


Shavinki Perera



Pamoda Imbulana

imm. Past president


Yasitha Harasgama

Vice president

– Leo Malsha Vithanage


Tharaka Rajeewa


– Leo Hashan Rahubaddha



– Leo Mudith Jayasekara
– Leo Upeksha Hettiarachchi

– Leo Dhanusha Rathnayaka
– Leo Banuka Vithanage

Leo Omila Munaweera

Leo Sathsarani Munaweera

Leo Pamila Bopearachchi

quenching the thirst of the community since 2001

Leo club of Polgasowita.

Quenching the thirst of the community since 2001

Editor's Note

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do
more and become more, you are a leader. - John Quincy
It is with great pleasure we present the August edition of the ICON,
Official NewsLetter of Leo Club of Polgasowita.
We thank everyone who contributed in making this Newsletter an
appealing one and a useful resource for anyone to gain something
to their lives.

- Leo Hashan Rahubaddha
The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita



The ICON | Official Newsletter of Leo Club of Polgasowita