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benefits OF TesTORK

Torque Turn system components:

- Panasonic CF-29 notebook computer & printer.
- TTS Box.
- Junction box, signal splitter.
- Cables.
- Load cell.
- RPM ring.
Single person operation
The TTS will operate with all top drive systems
(hydraulic, AC electric and DC electric).

The system is easily portable and allows the TTS box can be
set in one place and the computer in another for the optimal
position of the operator.
System meets safety standards for Class 1 Div 2 rating for well
site operations (Zone 2). A Zone 1 TesTORK system is
available, suitable for offshore service.
The TTS can be operated on all Top Drive applications. In
addition, this system can operated with conventional casing
running tongs.

Panasonic CF-29 notebook computer:

- Multiple functions keyboard, mouse and touch-screen.
- Water and dustproof self contained case.
- Military field approved.
- Zone 2 approved.

Durable and reliable.

Easily portable.

Optimum torques are obtained by the Top Drive limit control.

There is no need for the conventional dump valve operated with
- Computer has multiple functions keyboard, mouse and
power tongs.
- Has manual start, remote manual start and auto start.
Controls and data recording provide for good audit trail of
- Connections can be force passed but the T/T system prompts
connection make-up.
for an explanation to be inserted for that connection for later
- Screen can be zoomed in on any portion of any connection
record to view details during the job or afterward from the
CD copy.
A running tally of casing run is achieved by entering the casing
length when prompted by the system, If a joint connection fails
it will not be added into the string.
Automatic flagging allows an accurate history and diary of
make-up events and prevents loss of discrepancy data and once
flagged data cannot be altered.
Reports in Imperial or SI units.

Torque calibration occurs at the floor and connection level and

can be done in approximately 10 minutes.
The T/T system is calibrated using an independent load cell on
the back up tongs at the beginning of the job and at intervals
Software accounts for any angle on backup line for calibration.
determined at the job site. This is a standard practice also used
for calibrating Top Drive Torques.

Better Ways to the Bottom

Corporate Headquarters
6204 - 6A Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 2B7
Tel: 403 692-5700 Fax: 403 692-5710

World Wide Operations
11330 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, Texas, USA 77041
Tel: 713 849-5900 Fax: 713 849-0075

Tesco Corporation / May 2006 / POD

Due to ongoing product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice
CASING DRILLING is a registered trademark and Casing Drive System & TesTORK are trademarks of Tesco Corporation

Data recording
- Torque vs. turns and vs. time.
- RPM from an independent RPM ring installed on the CDS
- Signal sample rate can be set up to 100 times/sec.
- Records torque with both time and turns at the same time or
- Joint counts are made automatically and comments can be
added to any joint for a later reference and once entered.
- Casing manufactures parameters are received from the
operator and entered into the system before the job.
Parameters can be modified any time during the job and the
system ear marks the joint when the modification was made
for later reference.
- Automatically detects, marks shoulder and records delta turn
while recording premium casing connections.
- Questionable joints are automatically flagged when makeup
occurs outside preset parameters. Force pass allows
continuing but T/T system prompts for operator comments
and the forced joints are documented for later reference and
once entered cannot be altered.
- Generates data and Viewer files that are copied to a CD post
job for the operator hard copies can be printed from the CD
or the TTS.