Fallen Angels And the True Nature of Demons

Chapter 1 from Revelations from the Throne of Christ

The moral character of evil spirits All evils spirits except the human spirits of the evil living can be classified under fallen angels or demons. Evil spirits, whether fallen angels or demons have a similar moral character; if we distinguish character from personality. They are devoid of the ability to feel joy or happiness. In fiction they may appear as laughing and gleeful but this is purely fantasy. An evil spirit cannot feel joy, not even over its successes. Within themselves there is a well of unutterable misery and this is their constant state. This is because they have a moral nature. By nature, like all sentient beings, they can judge right from wrong and are created to naturally approve of and love what is right. By becoming evil – and evil spirits became evil they never started out that way – they have in their nature a natural misery at their own moral state. As evil spirits are perfect in evil they are perfect in misery –eternally so. Contrariwise angels in Heaven are perfect in holiness and happiness.

This misery too exists within the hearts or rather I should say the spirits, of sinners. Outwardly sinners do rejoice at both good and evil. Inwardly in the depths of their being in their very spirits their misery increases like a mountain as they progress in sin: Becoming in effect very similar to demons.

In this way God judges the wicked while they are yet alive, even if outwardly they are full of joy – as selfish, unconscionable people often are. ‘ God is angry with the wicked every day’, the bible says and until now no one has guessed how some of this anger is expressed, through the laws of nature, so that where sin is abundant so is spiritual misery.

There is an interesting verse in the bible that says, ‘they judged themselves unworthy of eternal life’, referring to those who did not believe at the preaching of the Apostles. The Apostles knew that in their spirits sinners are often so disgusted with themselves that they will not allow themselves the opportunity to receive salvation. Self loathing is a hallmark of the spirit of every sinner.

What I am telling you of course comes by the Holy Spirit and you cannot read about it unless you read this... ‘The mystery of evil’ that the Apostle refers to also has an element of this in it: Sinners are not those who love themselves too much as is often preached but those who not having real self love have self hatred. This is unconscious of course but effective in shutting out the light of Christ. Often an obstacle to be gotten over by sinners who hear of Christ is the pride that won’t allow them to accept His love. I hope therefore you are beginning to see something of the secret but powerful nature and influence of the inner spirit. Also, how much like demons the wicked become as they progress through life. For this reason some people in their spirits are so evil that they are almost demons and it is very hard, but not impossible, for God to save them.

This is one of my themes, given to me by God, to reveal the secrets of the human heart. As it is up to me to write what has only been shown me, as there are no more Apostles, and having that revelation that has been constant throughout my life I am not theorising but relating the reality of the

things of spirit and God – that you will also find help you to make sense of difficult passages and concepts of the bible.

What is a demon? So, here is a difficult revelation for some to receive but it makes perfect sense if you can comprehend the reality – the truth of it. Once the great American evangelist Jonathan Edwards said in his voluminous writings somewhere that in Hell the spirits of the damned gradually take upon themselves grotesque forms. That is he was suggesting that the horrible and monstrous looking demons are in fact the damned humans.

Reading this a long time ago I asked God if it were so and as time went by I learned what the truth of it is. That great evangelist was right, and clearly he had been revealed much by God. I have seen, by the revelation and incredible power of the Holy Spirit, that human spirits having descended into Hell will take upon themselves monstrous forms and it is these – the spirits of the damned that alone make up the legions of demons.

A demon therefore is the spirit of someone once human, but now deranged into the diabolical image of Satan by rejection of the Light and embracing the Darkness until they become Darkness itself. Let the reader understand as to the unspiritual what is spiritual is foolishness and empty.

All evil spirits then are either fallen angels or demons and all demons are humans. There is one last category which is a sub category. The spirits of the giants of the Old Testament that were destroyed in the Great Flood are classed among the demons even though they were the children of women and fallen angels. These giants of course were not folklore giants but extremely strong and large humans of exceptional intelligence and perception, brought up in evil.

It was through them the world was destroyed, for if you do not realise it God’s judgement upon the generation of Noah was primarily a judgment upon this mixing of fallen angels and sinners, from which so much corruption issued. The angel’s spirits were so mighty when they mixed with humans the resulting children were of extraordinary height and power, just as their spirits were greater....

It is possible to those with the rare gift of revelation into the spiritual realm to see not only angels and demons but even to see human spirits. I have noticed that a few human beings are in their spirits so evil that they are barely indistinguishable from demons. I call them pre demons and as I say they are very unlikely to be saved. Yet, I think of one of this kind who was saved not long ago so that in his spirit he was turned from Darkness to Light in a way so dramatic and startling that even angels must have caught their breath.

It is also true, which I say by way of encouragement, that there are some spirits of the saints so holy they are like Christ; and all spirits of true believers are to a large extent like Christ, far more so than outer persons. This is because the spirit is the dwelling place of God.

Can you understand then the burden of much of my teaching, given to me by God at this critical time, that within everyone there is a spirit and every spirit has its own moral character; being either holy or wicked? If you can begin to understand these things, and those who walk in the spirit will understand to some degree, then Christ will allow this teaching to open up the bible – as all good teaching is a kind of commentary, direct or indirect upon the bible: The bible is a commentary upon the heart of God.

I have other things to tell you about human spirits; things so wonderful that they must be for another time and book. Let us get back to our topic of evil spirits and their nature.

When a sinner has lost hope of salvation and their spirit descends into Hell (Gr. Hades) all their humanity that is left is ground out of them and they become devoid of the faintest spark of humanity. It is then, usually after at least one year, that they can be let out, usually by Satan himself to work as his demons.

As a matter of course such demons work among those they know. Often the demon that troubles a child is the dead spirit of a grandmother or father or uncle or neighbour: One that is more equipped with actual knowledge and experience of their own relatives to work more effectively, in their own utter misery, for the eternal misery of their descendants...

One of the motivations to do this evil work is fear. All evil spirits live in constant fear – contrary to the way they portray themselves. Demons fear fallen angels and stronger demons. Satan fears rebellion in his ranks, which is always happening! Most of all he lives in perpetual terror of God. Here is a revelation and it is a strong one, perhaps too strong to be shared and yet if I don’t?

Satan will confess Jesus is Lord: A prophetic vision. Once, in years that have rolled by, I prayed for an encouraging revelation from God regarding Satan so that I could share it. Soon after this I was, by grace, in the presence of God in Heaven, in spirit.

I stood in spirit upon the crystal floor of amethyst before the throne of Christ. He shone far more brightly than the sun and Jesus caused me to look deeply into His eyes. Having stepped up from His throne Jesus presented me to His Father on His left or my right. I did not have strength to look upon the Father until Jesus strengthened me my placing his hand on my shoulder. The face of the Father is filled with love so vast and deep.

I was lifted in the Power of God by the Father Himself and taken down into a deep pit. There Satan was in conference with some fallen angels. There were about ten- chief angels. God cast chains about Satan including one around his neck, as well as chains around four fallen angles. The Power caused me to draw them all up until we were in the presence of the throne room of God again. The four fallen angels were led off to judgment.

I made Satan bow down before Christ as I felt inspired to do. I forced him to acknowledge Jesus was Lord. Then a second time I made him say Jesus is Lord while placing my foot upon his neck, as I still held his chains. He was then let go and Jesus watched all this with satisfaction.

The four angels led away to judgment were Slaughter, Famine, Destruction and War. They suffered a temporary imprisonment in the Pit of Hell as a foretaste of the Judgment Day to come. Their plans that were interrupted as they were in conference; the very things they had been planning were abolished by God and so at that time the word had less of the famines and wars etcetera that it otherwise would have had. Three of these fallen angels are mentioned in the book of Revelation.

After this vision I remember that I had been praying for some time over the verse, ‘God will shortly crush Satan under your feet.’ I never expected it to be fulfilled so literally; and yet so symbolically too, as of course it was given to be shared. It is a gift of God for me to give to the reader in true love and faith

knowing that as my God is true there will be some that conquer and more than conquer Satan in this life.

You will see too, without my needing to quote, how this revelation given to you reminds you of a few bible verses; and you see too it is an example of God fulfilling His word faithfully in modern times.

Conquering Self I saidin the book Bittersweet that in battling Satan you must battle sinners with their evil human spirits in the service of Satan – even if outwardly they are regarded as good people or good Christians. Here I can tell you that your greatest enemy, the one that will do the most to destroy you, the one hardest to conquer, the one who will deceive you and beguile you so that some of you reading this will spend eternity in Hell - is Yourself.

It is not Satan but Self that is your worst enemy. Satan is easily defeated by the totally selfless Christian or the perfect Christian as there is no life of Sin. Satan’s power comes by sin. Imagine that you were perfect, what could Satan do to you? If you were deceived God would deliver you. If you were tempted you would not fall. The Spirit of Christ manifest in you would be so strong you would conquer all, as you had already conquered Self – the embodiment of Sin.

Now, in Christian history those who have claimed to have entered a state of perfection are few and I cannot now remember them but one, who said that all inclination towards the faintest motion to evil was annihilated within. Allowing for differences of opinion on the subject of sanctification this state of being free from the faintest motion of the will to even incline to evil - when looked at with eyes so discerning and deep... Can you imagine that?

The Crucified Self is the key to spiritual victory over evil spirits. Think of the single grace of humility as it says, ‘God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble’, and also, ‘Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God… and Satan will flee from you.’

Contrition, deep repentance, sorrow over sin, distrust of self, and humility as of Christ – this is what is missing for the Church and this is what you need for spiritual victory. In faith and repentance to God your own spirit is conquered and purified, indwelt of God but then you must press on to crucify the flesh with its evil desires. As Self is conquered by the power of the Cross and faith in the Cross, so Jesus presents Himself to your consciousness in great power, beauty and grace and you grow like a flower ascending to Heaven.

Total humility and spiritual power So, think of humility and its nature: How Moses who spoke to God face to face would not speak to men but used an interpreter, Aaron, because of his low opinion of himself...

It is often so in spiritual things that you need the opposite to what worldly wisdom would advise. We know the false teachers harp on about power and authority they do not have to deal with their theories about demons. Humble yourself before God every day and live humbly. As I said somewhere a humble man is better than a haughty god.

Everything I revealed about Satan was quite literal and really happened. It was not merely a symbolic vision but an actual event in the spiritual realm- a seeing vision. When I was younger, but at that time I had grown quite strong having been a Christian for thirteen years, I could not see the power of these visions. I accepted them factually and write of them in factual tones. Yet,

God hid from my eyes just how great the things He was doing through me really were.

I had to go through a period of reflection in recent years and it is only now I see that in so many things I was acting as if I were an angel in God’s service rather than an evangelist or missionary. What I am only I know and I know that I cannot be believed by the unspiritual or the super-spiritual but by those humble enough to accept that God works powerfully in men of flesh and blood.

My revelations are given as my gift to the world in the hope, and certain hope, that the world will be better for them. For, even if they are not read and I am despised, as I am, the power of the revelations holds true and God is moving the world through me. This is essentially the ministry of any person with Apostolic gifts.

In my factual tones reporting great things I may seem immodest but it is rather that I am too contrite to recognise what God has given me and just report things as they happened. I usually do not even feel the need to mention my unworthiness as I never feel anything but unworthy and give all the glory to God Whose I am and by Whose Spirit I live.

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