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Advantages of Globe Valves.

1. Full closing feature is good.

2. Throttling feature is good.
Disadvantages of Globe Valves
1. Compared to gate valves, pressure loss is higher.
2. They require a larger amount of force or an actuator with a larger torque, to close under
high pressure.
Advantages of Gate Valves
1. Closing feature is very good.
2. These valves can be used both ways in the circuit
Disadvantages of Gate Valves
1. They cannot be opened and closed quickly. To fully open or close wheel or gearbox
actuators, the shaft should be rotated as many as the full open revolution number. The full
open revolution number is equal to the pitch
2. Assembly, start-up and maintenance require large space.
Advantages of Plug Valves
1. They have simple design with few parts.
2. They open and close easily (except large dimensions).
Disadvantages of Plug Valves
1. Because of high friction, first movement (opening-closing) requires a large amount of
2. NPS 4 (DN100) and larger valves require a gearbox or an actuator.
The advantages of a needle valve include good flow control and the ability to allow high pressure ratings.
The disadvantage is the higher risk of clogging because of the entrained solids.
Advantages Good for fine adjustment throttling
Low accuracy due to the internal leakages which are not the same at
Pump 1 and pump 2 because they are under different load pressures.
This type of valve is noisy.

Used with chemical or corrosive

Throttling limited to low differential

Compact, lightweight design

Potential for cavitation and choke

Advantages of Diaphragm Valves

1. They are used or opening, closing and throttling purposes.
2. They provide good chemical resistance depending on the internal sheathing of the body.
Disadvantages of Diaphragm Valves
1. Valve transition has sets, preventing the pipeline from complete discharge.
2. The operation temperature and pressure have limits depending on the diaphragm
Advantages of Check Valves
1. They open and close automatically. They do not need exterior force to open or close.
They move quickly.
Prevents backflow

Advantages relief valve

Smaller package on the larger pipe sizes.
More options for control.

More complex, resulting in various fail-open failure modes.
More expensive at smaller sizes (starts to even out as pipe size increases).
Reducing valve

High water pressure, which is generally considered

anything above 60 lbs., has some advantage, such as in firefighting systems.
various type regulators available and the one best suited for your home.

home plumbing system, it can be damaging because water, with a strong push
behind it, can
erode or wear away many materials and cause water heaters to leak, banging water