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A professional image:

Successful people believe their success is attributable to a pattern of

mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships, as much as it is due
to technical skills or business knowledge. Your communication and
the image you present create the first impression - often the lasting
impression - on the people you meet. Want a more professional
image? How you present yourself is the first step in building that
mutually beneficial network of contacts.

A profession is "a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of

learning or science."
A professional is one who follows "an occupation as a means of livelihood
or gain," or one who is "engaged in one of the learned professions."
Professionalism is exhibited by one of the "professional character, spirit or
methods" or the "standing, practice, or methods of a professional as
distinguished from an amateur."

What are the major elements of any profession?

Professions have their own philosophy, which must be articulated in both
written and oral form.

Body of Knowledge
Professions must have a body of professional literature of research, study
and comment.
Professions have, both historically and currently, those who write about and
research the profession. Leaders can be writers, doers, role models and
those active in service.

Guidelines for Behavior

Professions have codes, guidelines, creeds, oaths, commitment statements,
belief statements -- such as statements on ethics and professionalism.

Admission Requirements
Professionals in many professions are licensed, certified, and have specific
initial and advanced education, as well as requirements for ongoing
education. In addition, many professions require both initial and ongoing
testing for admission and maintaining membership.

Many professions require support and/or professional development
opportunities outside the work environment such as associations or
professional organizations.

What is Professionalism?
these are included in professionalism.









There is an extensive period of training, often after a combination of formal
education, training and apprenticeship; usually in a higher education
The intellectual component is dominant
Professionals usually have autonomy in their work.
Professionals are in a position, given their training and education, to use their
own judgement in determining the appropriate approach to their clients or

They can work independently and charge fees or they can be part of an
Their abilities can provide a valuable service to society and operate with little or
no self-interest.
Professionals are dedicated to services and institutions.
They take pride in the quality of their work.

Professionals are considered experts.
Professionals have a high degree of generalized and systematic knowledge with a
theoretical base.

The primary orientation of professionals is to their public and/or community interest.

Professionals have a high degree of self-control of their behavior and are governed by
a code of ethics.

The code of ethics is a statement of values.

The code ensures a high quality of service.
The code guarantees competency of membership, honor and integrity.
The code is a direct expression of the professions' principles of service orientation.
The code emphasizes no personal gain and protection of the client or patron.
The professional's system of rewards is primarily a set of symbols of work
There is a system of testing the competence of members.

Geo news:
Geo News is a Dubai based Pakistani news channel, fully owned and run by Jang
Group. The channel started its broadcasting in 2005. It is considered as one of
the famous news channels of Pakistan with millions of 'Urdu speaking' viewers
around the world.

Corporate Profile
Our Vision
“GEO will be the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent. It will highlight the
issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion
and entertainment. GEO will propagate transparency of responsibility that will ensure its
position as the most credible and meaningful source of information, through quality
programming based on issues. GEO will provide entertainment audiences can relate to,
thereby creating viewer loyalty and response. GEO will forge an alliance amongst its
three stakeholders - viewers, advertisers and shareholders to maximize viewer ownership.
GEO will invest in human resources as it recognizes it to be the foundation upon which
the GEO future will be built. It is this very foundation that will allow GEO to attain and
sustain a leadership position, thus fulfilling the promise associated with its creation.”

Our Mission
GEO informs and entertains while celebrating cultures and prompting dialogue in the
spirit of "live and let live".

Introducing Geo TV
A resounding Success Story!
GEO TV was established in May 2002 Test transmission started on 14th August 2002 on
the PAS 10 digital satellite Regular transmission started on 1st October 2002 Geo TV is
the first South Asian Urdu language channel to provide content comparable with world-
class television broadcasters Geo is the fastest growing TV Channel in Pakistan with
ratings exceeding all satellite delivered TV channels in the market Geo has the widest
distribution on cable systems in Pakistan with 100% carriage within 90 days of launch

Newsroom Automation Service
GEO has state-of-the-art newsroom computer system designed to meet the challenges of
today's dynamic news environment. A powerful and comprehensive news production
system, it can be customized for use by everyone - from small news channels with just
one broadcast a day, to 24-hour, multi-channel news networks. It grasps and connects all
the elements of news operations. Newsgathering, feeds, wires, scripts, rundowns,
archives, contacts, video browser, on air schedules, personal work spaces, staffing and
much more created and formatted to meet individual requirements. Graphics System

Graphic system GEO is using is the leader in real-time digital graphics, integrated
enterprise content management and distribution tools for visual communication. Its tools
enable organizations to create their message once and deliver it simultaneously to
different media with major economies in production and increased impact. Systems
Products and solutions are used by major broadcast television networks, Internet portals,
museums and universities around the world. It produce software that enables the creation
and distribution of rich visual content for broadcast graphics, virtual environments and
quantitative visualization and information display across networks that are delivered to
different media platforms, including television, interactive television, the Internet, and
Wireless Application Protocol.

Automated Playout System

Over time the system GEO is using, has developed cutting-edge Products
including:STUDIO-D, a dubbing studio control system that controls and synchronizes
VTRs with audio multi-track recorders and digital workstations This System provides an
adapting operational function for any business model. This automation provides the full
spectrum of TV technology and networking functionality.

Media Server System

Media Server System is comprised of network interfaces, disc-based storage subsystems
and system software. These modular components attach to the network. They manage
data storage, and handle the connection of external devices to the network. The network
handles both isochronous audio/video channels and asynchronous data simultaneously,
and can scale to 3.2 Gigabit/sec on optical fiber.

Geo Firsts
Launched the first interactive infotainment programs in Pakistan, engaging and
empowering the viewer. Consistently scoops all rival broadcasters on major news events.
Besides seven bureaus in Pakistan a robust international network feeds live content from
New York, Washington and London. First telethon in Pakistan raising $100K in a twelve
hour period through call ins on a premium rate number. Engaging the viewers on festivals
like Eid with interactive quiz programs and traveling road shows. The largest and most
aggressive recruitment and training campaign in the history of Pakistan.

Formal multi-disciplinary training has been given to 500 members of GEO staff including
all producers, reporters, writers, camerapersons and editors by Intelligent Media
Its member team comprising of CNN, BBC producers, cameramen, editors and presenters
were split in Dubai and Karachi for 5 months to complete the training
Multi-disciplinary training provided familiarity with camera operation, reporting, editing
and production functions to reduce long term costs and to develop individual multitasking
ability within a teamwork environment
All personnel who have undergone training have signed a 2 year bond with the company
Continuous training cadres have been set up with regular workshops and quarterly
refreshers in all disciplines
PAS-10 Parameters:

Frequency TP 22 4124 Mhz

Orbital position 68.5

W.E flag East

Polarisation Vertical

Modulation QPSK

Symbol rate 19.85 MSPS

FEC 3/4

Information rate 27.4397 MBPS


Human Resources
Diverse cultural backgrounds and multi-ethnic origins add up to create a strong resource
base at GEO. Each member makes a valuable contribution while overall functioning as a
team. Committed to doing more for their country, GEO people remain dedicated and
passionate about their work. GEO people are focused on broadening horizons and
meeting new challenges. Creative and multi-talented, these fine individuals take pride in
shaping the future of Pakistan.

To build a reputable identity in a cluster of different channels in just a period of
four years was not an easy task. Geo is known for its unique entertainment, hot
talk shows, truth revealing news and informative programs.

Exclusivity of GEO
-National association of Broadcasters (USA). World’s largest association of
broadcasters has honored GEO with the “Award for Quality” declaring it an
international standard television channel.

-Some international newspapers, magazines and news agencies have

commented on the unique style of GEO and various have quoted it extensively.
These include NewYork Times, Washington Times, Financial Times, Washington
Post and Los Angeles Times.
Francisco Chronicle, AP, AFP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, Khaleej Times, Gulf News,
Times of India, The Hindu, Aaj Tak (India), Kyodo (Japan), Al Jazeera and other
important television channels. Even the US State Department often quotes GEO.

-Geo has been described as the CNN and BBC of Pakistan due to its enormous
news network within Pakistan and all over the world.

-Geo is the only independent and liberal channel with the unique honor of
consistently breaking news. The journal of Mass Communication, quotes that it
was the first to come up with the election results even beating the state channel,
while its interviews and analysis got top ratings among the viewers. It further
quoted that Geo offered new and innovative ideas not seen before on any
television channel.

-According to Gallup, Geo is highly rated and the most watched satellite channel
in Pakistan for its entertainment, news talk shows and flavored programs.

-NewYork Times, one of the most prominent newspapers of the world, has
quoted that Geo changed the media scene of Pakistan. It is the most popular
channel with the highest viewer ship in cities.

-Geo is based in Dubai and Is broadcast for south Asian viewers of M.E, Europe,
Canada, North America and UK. Besides of burros in Pakistan a robust network
feeds regularly. Life content from New York, los angles and London.
-Geo won a special award at the nouticaslo TV festival 2005.
-Geo has also been awarded best electronic mass media award 2004 by Pakistan
adv. Association.
-Business week one of the top 3 magazine of the world while including the news
of MSR in 25 stars of Asia wrote that “Geo has become the most watched TV
channel of Pakistan and its viewer ship is growing at the rate of 30% annually.

Corporate Profile
Using an exclusive affiliated partner connected to other media platforms, GEO IVR is a
service to its advertisers and viewers that adds interactivity to a branded program,
promotes launch campaigns, helps acquire consumer/ product research and feedback as
well as enables delivery of community data services. These services can be tied up with
multi-media campaigns, including television, radio, print and internet and include 0800
and 0900 services explained briefly below. Please contact GEO Marketing for a range of

Another first, Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain viewer poll was conducted to find out if Pakistan
was ready for Political Satire programs such as HSUSH. Live results were given on the
screen to reflect the voting. Final results were 92% yes and 8% no. Similar interactivity
can be added to your branded programs through polls and surveys or even as live
sponsored classifieds.

Promotional Scheme
LG World Cup Special was a promotional scheme that LG launched through IVR which
enabled them to get extended media coverage. GEO Eidi was also a similar example of
how clients such as LG and Tessori can use an IVR based program to generate interest in
an interactive medium which has a game show appeal. For a week long IVR campaign
GEO Eidi was officially the most successful IVR application of its kind based on call in
data. Instaphone Coverage Promotional Scheme was an IVR campaign in which the IVR
question was linked to its commercial that was currently running on GEO. Instaphone
was giving away 12 phones a day to GEO viewers who guessed correctly how many
cities Instaphone operates in.

Community Data Services

Election Results were given out LIVE using a 0900 number by GEO. However similar
data which is time sensitive, hard to find and entertaining can also made accessible by a
sponsor free of cost using GEO IVR. Data such as flight timings, children's stories, stock
market quotes, bullion rates and news among other information can be advertised using
print and TV campaigns along with Sponsor details.

Acquire Customer Data

Promotional campaigns and community based data services can include an option to also
include customer data such as addresses, name, telephone number as well as
psychographics and detailed information. This data can come in handy for further
research and focus groups. Product Research and Feedback
In order to improve a product along with continuous research, customer feedback is very
important. Many campaigns as well as the product itself can include 0800 number on
which customers can record their feedback, comments and suggestions, as well as their
customer information which GEO IVR can forward on a daily or weekly basis as raw
data on a CD or a detailed report format. Incentives such as prize draws can easily be