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A. Feasibility Study


Start Date

Finish Date


November 30
December 31
January 15
March 31
April 30 2016

91 Days

B. Pulling up of
C. Registration

D. Renovation

E. Equipment &
F. Orders and
Receipts of
Console Gaming
G. Installation of
Equipment and
Other Supplies
H. Hiring and Training
of Personnel
I. Start of

September 1
December 1
January 1
January 1
April 1 2016

April 1 2016

April 30 2016

30 Days

April 1 2016

April 30 2016

30 Days

May 1 2016

May 31 2016

31 Days

June 1 2016

31 Days
15 Days
91 Days
30 Days

Project Schedule
Business purpose or objectives are set to be accomplished. Realization
of these objectives can be obtained through proper planning and scheduling
of specific business activities to be undertaker. The proportion of a project
schedule is very important. And to concretize the various process/sequences,
the proponents involved are a GANTT chart that will control and monitor the
Areas of consideration: Feasibility Study
Duration: From September 1 2015 to November 30 2015
The feasibility study will be completed within this period to which the
conducted a comprehensive study like interviews and surveys.
The also involves an analysis of market, technical and financial feasibility of
the business.
Areas of consideration: Putting up of equity

Duration: From December 1 2015 to December 31 2015

Collection of cash contribution from the proponents for the
capitalization of the business will take place within this period. Capitalization
ranges from P500,000 to P700,000, thus requiring more time to put up the
required capitalization.

Areas of consideration: Registration

Duration: From January 1 - 15 2016
Areas of consideration: Renovation
Duration: From January 1 2016 to March 31 2016
Aldecoa Drive, Brgy. Daro, Dumaguete City is the best location for our
business because university and other schools are near the place and it is
very accessible to the public. Furthermore, the place is surrounded by a
number a boarding houses for students. The building, intended as its
business locale is family owned.
Areas of consideration: Equipment and Supplies
Duration: From April 1-30 2016
The owner will have to canvas the console gaming equipment,
furniture and other supplies for the Gaming Cafe which aims to get the
lowest price but with high quality. The one who will give the better offer is
the first priority.
Areas of consideration: Orders and receipts of computer equipment
and other supplies
Duration: From April 1-30 2016
Orders of gaming equipments and other supplies should be listed for the
purpose of monitoring. Receipts should be issued to determine the mode of
Areas of consideration: Installation of computer equipment and other
Duration: From April 1-30 2016
Delivery and installation of the console gaming equipments and other
supplies/equipments to be used by the business for giving a quality service
should be done during this period.

Areas of consideration: Hiring and training of personnel

Duration: From May 1 31 2016
During this period, the partners will train its employees/workers for the
different jobs assigned.
Areas of consideration: Start of the Operation
Duration: June 2016
The business will start during this period. Its goal is to give quality
service at the most affordable price possible.