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Chapter 2

Before you read

9.Describe how toy think Raskolnikoff will act and feel on the day after
he commits two murders.
While you read
10. Where is Raskolnikoff each of the four times he decides to confess
to the murders ?
11.Put these places in the order (1-7) that Raskolnikoff visits them in
Chapter 2
A Marmeladoff and Catherine Ivanovnas room

B a caf for tea and newspaper

C the police station

D Razoumikhins flat during a party

E a ruined building in a courtyard
F Alena Ivanovnas flat
G Razoumikhins flat for a chat
After you read
12. Make two lists:in the first,give reasons why Raskolnikoff should
be able to avoid being accused of the murders ;in the second,give
reasons why people might begin to suspect Raskolnikoff of the

13.In what circumstamces is blood referred to in Chapter 2 ? Why is it

an important symbol in this story ?
Chapter 4
Before ypu read
20.In your opinion ,is Porphyrius Petrovitch certain that Raskolnikoff
is the murderer ? Why (not )?
While you read
21. Mark each statement T (true ) or F (false )
a.Dounia and Svidrigailoff will both benefit financially from Marfas death.
b. Svidrigailoff approves of Looshin as a husband for Dounia .
c.Looshin believes he has been insulted by both Raskolnikoff and his mother.
d. Dounia appears to be very unhappy when her engagement to Looshin is
broken .
e. Razoumikhin accompanies Raskolnikoff to Sonias lodgings
f. Sonias faith in God is very strong .
g. Porphyrius Petrovich s friendly chat upsets Raskolnikoff
h. The painter ,Nikola,is Porphyrius Petrovich s planned surprise .
i. Raskolnikoff is cheered up by Nikolas confession and Porphyrius Petrovich s
j.Raskolnikoff mysterious accuser saw him on the night Alena was murdered.

After you read

22. Match the people with something they might have thought.
Svidrigailoff Raskolnikoff Razoumikhin Looshin Sonia Porphyrius Petrovich
a.What a relief to get away from all the love and understanding from my
mother and sister
b.I will protect Dounia from every danger ,especially from the man who
almost ruined her reputation.I love her

c.I expect Ill find out something about the murder case from this visit ,but I
ll go slowly and not frighten him
d.Perhaps I encouraged Marfa to eat and drink too much on the night she
died,but thats not murder.
e. Sonia offers me my only hope of redemption
f. I cannot believe that a poor girl Dounia would break our engagement .
g. I must see Dounia. Surely shell be tempted by my 10 000 roubles.
h. I must make him understand thata God can help him too
chapter 6
work with a partner.The tittle of this chapter is Fate .Discuss what you think
Raskolnikoff s fate will be .
while you read

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