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Colgio Exato

Ipor, 07/04/15
Professora: Keissy Peres
Disciplina: Lngua Inglesa
Aluno(a):______________________________________________________________________2 ano
1. What are the clues on this billboard? Read the statements and choose the correct alternative.

I. The red line is a sign of vandalism.

II. There is an image of someone famous.
III. MLK is related to the name of the person in the photo.
IV. Dream is the name of a song and the image represents its singer.
V. The advertisement is meant to sell a product.
VI. This ad is probably about an event for a weekend.

(A)I, II and III are the only correct statements.

(B)IV, V and VI are the only correct statements.
(C)II, III and VI are the only correct statements.
(D)All the statements are correct.
(E)All the statements are wrong.

2. Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentences:

a. The baby drinks water _______ milk. There is no other alternative. ( but, or)
b. I like spicy food, ________ I dont go to Mexican restaurants because theyre expensive. (but, so)
c. This school has the best teachers ever, _______Im going to study here. (so, yet)
d. Hes never played baseball before, _________he seems to be a pro.( or, yet)
e. Her hair isnt that long, _______ is it short. Its shoulder-length.(nor, or)
f. My mom asks me to do so many things: wash, dry, clean, put away, help_______ study!(and, so)
g. She couldnt concentrate at work, ________the noise outside was too loud.(for, or)
3. Read some peoples opinion about technology. Choose FOR or AGAINST for each statement:
I. I love playing games. I need my DVD player because I watch at least one movie a day. ___________
II. I think technology is not that necessary. _____________
III. No, people become addicted easily. I dont like the way technology influences people in my family.
IV. I use it all the time. They are very useful especially for my studies and job. _____________
V. I use technology just because there is no running away from it, but I wish I could go back to the time
when it didnt exist. _________
4. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Use the comparative form (as as):





a) She is very good at Math and Physics. Math is ____________ Physics for her.
b) Bicycles are _______________not cars.
c) Jonas and Lucas can be models. Jonas is ____________ Lucas.
d) My brother is 70 and your sister is 35. He is not_______________ your sister.
e) I try to follow the recipe you shared but my cupcakes are not ___________________ yours.
5. Match the sentences from the two columns to form coherent dialogues:
(A)I walked for more than 2 hours to get there.
(B)I am not really hungry!
(C)I dont cook every night.
(D)She called Nice yesterday.
(E)I frequently go to restaurants for supper.
(F)I havent seen Joshua lately.
(G)Beth can swim really fast.

] I did, too. But she wasn't home.

] Me too.

] So did I. Were you tired?

] Neither have I.

] So can I.

] Neither am I.

] I don't, either.

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